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Petition to Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
concern.Therefore this petition emphasises on the creation of atleast four crematoriums for stray's in ourRead more

Shubhodeep SenIndia
11,789 supporters
Created June 29, 2021
There are plans to create a council-approved puppy mill just down the road from us in the community of Dogpound.    We are in a world right now where every rescue or humane society is over capacity and bursting at the seam and yet creating a business to breed more dogs is okay? We can not save them nearly as fast as they are being bred and then discarded away. Right now we need your help. The project has been approved by the Mountain View County Town Council however they are still accepting the public's feedback!     “The proposed fifty-five dogs encompass adult dogs and puppies. The breeding dogs are proposed at 25 to 28 females and seven to 10 males. This is thirty-five adult dogs for breeding and the remaining 20 is to account for puppies that may be on site.”     If you'd like to voice your concerns and feedback please send emails to the addresses below! legislative@mvcounty.com As well if you would like to come with us to the next town council meeting please send an email to founder@barcsrescue.com     https://www.mountainviewtoday.ca/mountain-view-county-news/850000-kennel-development-approved-in-mountain-view-county-5558533?fbclid=IwAR3hcH7aguJOl6PzJfPN2PpqWs_3NTXUbt0YmOFXAVmrEtnv3k3Thn_GncwRead more

Amanda ThomsonCalgary, Canada
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Created July 26, 2022
Petition to Apple, Shigetaka Kurita
We want to champion a simple, but vital addition to the emoji keyboard - the disco ball. There is a party popper, a confetti ball and a balloon emoji, but no disco ball. The centrepiece of any great party, this is one of the most-loved objects for all dancefloor lovers. Every Friday and Saturday night, there are millions of people around the world crying out for this emoji, the only emoji worthy of kickstarting their weekend. We are calling on you, the house and disco community, to join us in making this happen on the next iOS & Android update. Love,The Glitterbox Teamx https://twitter.com/glitterboxhttps://www.instagram.com/glitterboxibizaRead more

Glitterbox RecordingsUnited Kingdom
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Created February 25, 2019
Petition to Masidi Manjun
Sharks generate more money alive than dead for local communities.  Well designed, administered and enforced Marine Protected Areas have been scientifically demonstrated across the globe to benefit fish and marine ecosystems. While the fins from a dead shark may be worth US $100 to a local fisherman, through ecotourism, a living shark can support an entire island community and its surrounding ecology by bringing in over US $1.9 million over the course of its lifetime. Together with Shark Stewards, an organization dedicated to combatting the shark fin trade, we are collecting signatures from the online community to prove to governments and organizations that travelers have a tangible interest in seeing sharks alive.  We hope to begin saving sharks in my parents home country of Malaysia, in the heart of the coral triangle.  Ecotourism is a major economic product of Malaysia and has increased over 20% in 2015 alone. Surveys among dive tourists indicate they will pay more to dive with sharks and big fish. Without healthy sharks, sea turtles and reefs the dive business in Malaysia is likely to decline and local communities will suffer economic loss and ecological destruction. Saving sharks would not only help revitalize the ocean ecosystem but could open up an entire new industry of dive ecotourism. Shark Stewards have successfully combated the shark fin trade and implemented shark conservation policies including the ban of shark finning, and the regulation of the shark fin trade in the USA and the Pacific Rim. With your support and signature, we hope to support Masidi Manjun in his efforts of creating shark sanctuaries in Malaysia.    Five shark facts: Sharks are a keystone species and are responsible for the health of ocean ecosystems. They eliminate the weak, the diseased and the dead, maintaining the ecological balance and the future health of the ocean. Every year, tens of millions of sharks are killed by humans. On average, sharks kill less than 10 people a year.   Shark fins contain mercury and have nearly no nutritional value.  Most shark meat is unpalatable. It is mostly eaten as a status symbol by the Chinese. Currently, shark ecotourism brings almost US$1 Billion worldwide, and is expected to grow twofold over the next twenty years. There are over 450 species of sharks, most cause no harm to humans.   Saving sharks will help save the ocean and the future of ocean and human health. The ocean needs our top predators. Let's start at the top, by fighting to save them. #sharkshepherdsLearn more about the shoot here.      Read more

Benjamin Von WongSan Francisco, CA, United States
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Created January 6, 2016
Petition to Cyber Crime, Online scam
Approximately... more than 5 Lakh  people have been cheated  through this online scam all over India ... and nearly  100cr has been looted....   There were nearly  290 what's app groups... were now the group  admins are targeted now ... So please help signing this petition, so that we can stop these type to crime ...   Read more

Maneet ChiragBengaluru, India
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Created June 7, 2021
Petition to Twitch
Twitch announced their support for black creators but is still yet to add a better filter for username creations. It’s a well known and long over due issue. By not preventing this behavior, Twitch is making it easier for their creators to be targeted by hate speech while live. We’ve been asking for an improvement on filtering usernames without even a word from Twitch. Twitch asked us to hold them accountable and watch them closely. We have watched closely, but now it’s time to hold them accountable. They need to realize the damage this can cause to their creators and that it affects everyone. Even those who are not POC/LGBTQIA+ have these people show up in their chat to cause disruptions. While we can remove them from the chat, these usernames should not have been permitted in the first place. It’s reckless and encourages toxic behavior to still thrive in the gaming community.Read more

Third ArtifactIndiana, United States
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Created June 11, 2020
Petition to Dawn Hudson, David Rubin, Jim Gianopulos, Nancy Utley, Larry Karaszewski, Sid Ganis, Lois Burwell, John Bailey
I believe there’s should be an award for best cameo of the year and it’s should be named after Stan Lee, who had once said he was “ordering” it to be made. It would only be fair for the award to be named after the recently passed Stan Lee due to all of his cameos in the Marvel movies and TV shows and his success as a person overall.Read more

Kory BeldenFall River, MA, United States
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Created November 12, 2018
Petition to The law enforcement system of Eswatini
The Royal Eswatini Police Services needs to urgently establish a harsh policy on police brutality. A policy that will impose harsh consequences on police officers abusing power and brutally violating the rights of unarmed civilians..A policy that will spare the lives of many potential victims of police brutality in our country. A policy that will ensure that these criminals dressed in uniforms have their day in court and are locked away for eternity. A policy that will ensure that families of police brutality victims are given a huge lump sum as compensation for the death of their family member who chances are could have been the only breadwinner!!   Sign this petition and hope it gets amplified and voiced!! So cases like Bhuti Thabani,a young man who had dreams and ambitions are avoided in the future!Read more

Lando SkuEswatini
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Created May 16, 2021
Petition to Valve Corporation
This petition is for everyone who enjoys playing Dota 2, strives to play better, and uses mobile applications for Dota 2. BuilDota2 allows creating builds without internet connection, which can also be changed during the game or while watching Major tournaments. For more than a year, our numerous audience has been asking for the opportunity to add their own builds from their cell phones directly to the Steam account, and then use them as recommended during the game. We have already successfully implemented the synchronization of builds from the application with our buildota2.com website in order that the users of the mobile application could manage all of their builds on different cell phones or via browser. For you to add your builds directly to the Steam account from the application, we need the Valve Corporation to make a step forward and allow us to implement this feature (we need them to open API). We know, this is possible, since similar services (API) have already been opened (e.g., registration via Steam account, game statistics, etc.), and millions of players use them on other websites (such as dotabuff.com). Let’s team up all together and sign this petition to make the Valve Corporation give us the opportunity to use recommended builds created not only using their website dota2.com/workshop/builds/create, but also with the help of a cell phone, which is always at hand. And also please bump the Steam community post http://steamcommunity.com/app/570/discussions/0/1484358860938058454/ to let the Valve know that you care directly. P.S. “BuilDota2” is just one of the several applications of our team of professional developers (and fans of Dota 2) “A. G. A. T.” P.P.S. The success of this petition would guarantee further tremendous development of all our applications for Dota 2: BuilDota2, Easy Pick, Easy Items with a total audience comprising almost 1 million people. _____________________________________________________________ Эта петиция для тех, кто играет в Доту, стремится играть все лучше и пользуется мобильными приложениями для Доты.BuilDota2 позволяет создавать сборки без подключения к интернету, которые также можно изменять прямо во время игры или во время просмотра Major-турниров. Уже больше года наша аудитория просит предоставить возможность добавлять свои сборки с телефона сразу в Steam-аккаунт и затем использовать их, как рекомендованные во время игры. Мы уже успешно реализовали синхронизацию сборок из приложения на наш сайт buildota2.com, чтобы пользователи мобильного приложения использовали свои сборки с разных телефонов или через браузер. Для того, чтобы вы могли добавлять ваши сборки сразу в Steam-аккаунт из приложения, нам нужно, чтобы Valve сделали шаг навстречу и разрешили нам это реализовать (открыли API). Мы знаем, что это возможно, потому что подобные сервисы (API) уже были открыты (например, регистрация через Steam-аккаунт, игровая статистика и др.) и миллионы игроков используют их на сторонних сайтах (таких как dotabuff.com). Давайте объединимся и все вместе подпишем эту петицию, чтобы Valve предоставили возможность нам пользоваться рекомендованными сборками созданными не только с помощью их сайта dota2.com/workshop/builds/create, но и с телефона, который всегда под рукой. И пожалуйста бампните Стим-пост http://steamcommunity.com/app/570/discussions/0/1484358860938058454/ чтобы Вальв знало о вашем интересе напрямую. P.S. “BuilDota2” - это лишь одно из нескольких приложений нашей команды профессиональных разработчиков (и фанатов Доты 2) “A.G.A.T.” P.P.S. Успех этой петиции гарантирует дальнейшее бурное развитие всех наших приложений для Доты: BuilDota2, Easy Pick, Easy Items с суммарной аудиторией почти миллион пользователей.  Read more

BuilDota2 For Dota 2Украина
5,893 supporters
Created October 17, 2016
Petition to President of the United States
of its creation and/or its distribution;(2) This is to include the creation and/or distribution ofRead more

Louis TerranceTampa, FL, United States
9,789 supporters
Created December 31, 2010
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