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Petition to Governor Andew Cuomo
On April 9th executive order 202.6 closed all golf courses in New York State, considering it a non-essential business. Prior to the closure, golf courses were taking extreme measures to ensure the of all golf courses. We can understand their frustration. Their daily recreational activities were is not closing golf courses. Instead, let golf courses set examples for other businesses that need the seasonal nature of the business, many golf courses will not be able to operate if they areRead more

Ryan EvansSmithville, NY, United States
35,124 supporters
Created Apr 13, 2020
Petition to Education Minister John Swinney, Education Scotland, The sqa, Fiona Hyslop
At the end of the academic year 2018, the BA Honours Acting and Musical Theatre courses, currently arts courses is one that will have a major impact on young emerging artists across Scotland. It handful of options available to students looking to further their training. The BA courses at New funding. Since their inception, the BA courses at New College Lanarkshire have provided students audiences of over 17,000. Losing the BA courses will have an impact not only on the student’sRead more

L Boglasgow, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 9, 2017
Petition to Gretchen Whitmer
Please re open Michigan golf courses  michiganders love to play golf and we have many courses  keep can still comply with the 6ft rule  the courses need the money and michiganders need the exercise  It’s wrong to close the courses Michigan has more courses than 47 other states (#3 in the nation ) 650 golf courses 4 Billion dollar business  losing our courses would horrible to the state  give the courses a new set of rules to follow  if walking around in parks is ok on a 3ft path where you mustRead more

Xander DobreffUnited States
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Created Mar 25, 2020
Petition to Doug Ford
Closing down Golf Courses in Ontario is unnecessary and irresponsible by the provincial government Courses in Ontario!  Ontario Government: These numbers are true to this lockdown. Every signature on hereRead more

Scott CostelloBarrie, Canada
43,367 supporters
Created Apr 16, 2021
Petition to Ruth J. Simmons, John Sharp, Greg Abbott, PVAMU , Prairie View A&M University, David Allen, Dr. Timothy E. Sams
Dear Panthers, We need to come together and initiate a change. We must use our voice to evoke a change on how the remaining HALF of the semester is conducted. The abrupt end to the current semester had immensely affected the social life of students, the Graduating seniors and the overall quality of life of all students on campus. COVID-19 has created an unprecedented crisis for PVAMU students, for which many have had their access to the university and academic success hampered due to inequities in resources, failure to comply with disability accommodations, increased joblessness, the need to support our families, and a continuous battle with remote learning. Given the current climate, it is not reasonable to expect students to produce adequate work or perform at their optimum, when they are fearing for their lives, battling what could be toxic home lives, and managing with mental strain and stress. We need As now! The extension of P/NP and late drop deadlines is not enough, nor is P/NP across the board P/NP mandate. We have students who are being faced with withdrawing from the school, faced financial cripplement, and faced with the possibility of having to take additional semesters to get off of academic probation or fulfill graduation and professional school requirements. The pandemic continues to exacerbate both the physical and mental health of students and their family, and health comes before academics, as to how one can perform at the highest degree with deteriorating wellness and consistent worry. My proposal is that PVAMU students be granted the modified Triple-A Model, wit the first third of the class receives an A+,the middle third an A, the bottom third A- and the bottom 10 percent receive a B+. We feel that this is the best decision to prioritize student wellness as well as commitment to academics. We ask that PVAMU continues to be the leader in the COVID-19 response.  Read more

Verbin Young IIIUnited States
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Created Mar 19, 2020
Petition to UK Parliament
courses had already made changes to the pins and cups on greens so no one had to touch them. You turn upRead more

Daniel PalmerRoyston, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 23, 2020
Petition to Doug Ford Ontario Premier
Courses. BC has opened many golf courses along with the US opening many courses. Our Public are being go through this mentally stressful period. We can book our tee off times online and walk the courses Premier does not allow golf courses to open shortly this will certainly put a strain on the businessesRead more

Bill WhalenBurlington, Canada
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Created Apr 14, 2020
Petition to San Diego State University Officials, Eugene Olevsky
consideration changing all in class courses to online courses as we are feeling neglected in terms of ourRead more

San Diego State StudentUnited States
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Created Mar 8, 2020
Petition to Laurent Lessard,
', organisent des 'courses' de cochons graissés où des cochons apeurés sont lancés dans une arène pour moment de ces courses indignes et encore, quand ils n'auront pas le groin enfoui dans la boue par leurs. Besoins et intérêts qui ne sont nullement pris en considération lors desdites courses. Nous demandons auRead more

KARA KebɛkAnimalRightsAssociationMontreal, Canada
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Created Mar 1, 2016
Petition to Alberta
Covid-19 has changed our way of life with nice weather just around the corner everyone will be asking what is essential and what is non-essential. Activities, where people are in close contact, is obviously dangerous. Golf however already takes social distancing into account. People are separated by 10-15 mins. In fact, the flow of individuals is more regulated at a golf course then people self-regulating in a grocery store.  A golf course can easily take payments online or over the phone, they can easily manage the execution of tee-offs, remotely. Closing beverage services, pro-shops, and restaurants would be a small price to pay for an industry that could be decimated by this pandemic.  There are very few activities we can do during this pandemic, golf happens to be one that is safe and manageable.Read more

Mark GrahamCalgary, Canada
54,044 supporters
Created Apr 10, 2020
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