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Petition to Chinese Government, Indonesian government, Korean government, Cambodian government, Animal welfare and rights in China, Thailand welfare and animal rights
animals. Endless and sadistic torture of animals by cooking, torching, skinning them live must stop!!! We such as practice of cooking live animals! A full stop of exotic animal trading wether it is for food consumption or medicine! The 'reason' that is given for cooking animals alive is that they simplyRead more

Natalie FugelsnesOslo, Norway
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Created March 24, 2020
Petition to Rishi Sunak
enough energy, free – to cover the basics like heating, cooking, and lighting – to give us all theRead more

Diane SkidmoreUnited Kingdom
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Created February 4, 2022
Petition to Donald J. Trump, Kim Jung Hyun
Killing Dogs Read more

zach cumminsAustralia
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Created October 29, 2018
Petition to BBC
Let's get plant based cooking & Vegan Chefs on BBC Television  Despite having a large range of (instead of always cooking with animal produce) Consider a vegan chef to have their own primetime cookery just "regular chefs" cooking plant based recipes. It's now more important than ever that vegan chefs and plant based cooking feature in existing shows or that we see a modern vegan chef with their ownRead more

Olivia CaraianLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 3, 2021
Petition to Principal Ferrals & the APS
A Cooking Elective to show people in Doral Academy who want to pursue a career in the industry. I will suceed as cooking is extremely fun for people. It will add a very hands on class that addsRead more

ash = thotHialeah, FL, United States
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Created October 1, 2018
Petition to dogx and cats, Central Government
Poor dogs and cats are being boiled alive to eat. Dogs are being skinned alive and eaten raw. Cats are thrown in boiling water. Please stop this barbaric torture of animals in China. There are no laws in China to prevent unimaginable cruelty to animals or to aid in their welfare. The fur trade in China begins with the live skinning of millions of dogs and cats annually, which then die a horrible death. These furs are then exported to countries such as our own. Dogs are regularly beaten to death on the streets, all perfectly legal. Each year China holds their “Animal Olympics” where horse fighting often ends with the horrific death of these beautiful creatures. Live animals such as sheep and cattle are thrown to the Tigers, solely designed to entertain the collective crowds. On a commercial street in China, little tortoises are found packaged as souvenirs. These tiny tortoises are still alive and swimming inside a permanently sealed herbal solution where they die after 1-3 months. The population of China still seems to enjoy the cruel spectacle of animal suffering. Every year they have a festival called the Yulin Cat and Dog meat festival. Why do they have to eat these poor innocent animals? If an animal is killed, it should be killed without giving the animal any serious pain. People who do use these animals, kill them in such cruel methods, either by electrocuting or slitting their throats and then boiling them in boiling hot water.Read more

SUKI TatlaHounslow, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 21, 2020
Petition to The People
Selena Jinn almost burned down her kitchen and her cooking insulted the grilled cheese and foodRead more

mr birbDoha, Qatar
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Created April 27, 2020
Petition to George Eustice MP, Sonia Phippard
Primarily sea food, crustaceans: crabs, lobsters, shrimp, prawns and shell fish (molluscs): clams, muscles, oysters, scallops & Octopus & Squid, are COOKED ALIVE. They feel pain. Studies have shown how Octopuses have a real intelligence, profound emotions and can form relationships with even humans.  Lobsters and crabs try in futility to escape boiling water. Lobsters are commonly kept live, starving, pincers bound, in tanks waiting to be chosen to be cooked alive. While bivalves seal themselves into their shells for survival but are steamed or boiled to death, releasing their grip on their life as their shells open with death. Oysters, prized open and chewed.....alive.     IT'S SIMPLY WRONG and BARBARIC   Please help to stop it. Sign this petition to Defra in the UK.       Read more

Lorraine WilliamsNeedham Market, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created April 9, 2018
Petition to Cape Charles Town Council
As many of you know Love + Rosemary, a wedding catering company here in Cape Charles VA, has been completely impacted by Covid-19 with basically the cancellation of almost the entire 2020 wedding season. In order to keep earning some revenue and to serve our community we have been offering pre-ordered catering meals delivered fresh and hot right to the doors of our residents here in Cape Charles. We have been successfully serving our neighbors and our community, especially those who are at high risk and cannot dine out. Due to an unspecified complaint to the zoning board, we must appeal to our town council who have the power to give us a special use amendment. Can you help us convince Town Council that Love + Rosemary is providing a welcomed service that benefits the community, the town through taxes raised and us to help us get through this time of Covid. Thanks in advance for your support!!! Please sign our petition! Read more

Rocco DeBellisUnited States
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Created July 15, 2020
The College of Mount Saint Vincent’s Cooking Club, What’s Cooking?, is a thriving club on campus WHAT’S COOKING? AND WANT THEIR REQUEST TO THE BOC FOR ADDITIONAL FUNDING TO BE RECONSIDERED. Read more

Whats CookingUnited States
35 supporters
Created April 28, 2022
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