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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald J. Trump
It needs to be a law that current (and people waiting for American citizenship) that join Isis willingly and then want to return after participating in anti-American protest etc...should not be able to. When they join ISIS (or any other anti-American regime) to harm innocent Americans(daydream about killing Americans, plotting ways to participate in terrorist activities). When they join the group at that moment they lose thier right to remain a citizen. Thereby denouncing thier citizenship in that momentRead more

Shawnette CarterFort Worth, TX, United States
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Created Feb 21, 2019
Petition to Rockville City
Is to make shopping for food convenient for the residents. Having this supermarket hereRead more

Anya TahiUnited States
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Created Aug 14, 2018
Petition to Dog owners, General public, Waterloo Region Municipalities, Mississauga Policy Makers, Waterloo Region Policy Makers, Mississauga Municipalities
What if there was an easier way(when your dog does the doo),To pick up after him…without saying “P.U.”?Sick and tired of stepping in dog poop? Get your city on board with our groundbreaking poo pollution solution and see our environmentally friendly units in YOUR neighbourhood and parks today. Dog poop is the greatest contributor to fecal bacteria in urban areas - by far. It adds 3.2 billion cubic feet of methane gas to the air per year, with 3.5 CN Towers in weight of it becoming direct marine or land pollution. Let's face it: it's gross. Since only 59% of people actually pick up their dog poo, it ends up on our shoe more often than we'd like. And, calling all dog owners: who else is tired of having to carry doggy doo bags for their entire walk, only to have to dump them in a trash can that’s already overflowing with bags?! So, what's our poo pollution solution? SUTERA’s fully in-ground dog waste units are aesthetic, sanitary, and, believe it or not, actually help the environment! Our dog waste stations hold almost 500 pounds of dog waste–underground. And, when we empty the units, the poop is used for clean, renewable energy!  We need to take action to clean up our neighbourhoods and help save our planet - and we have the perfect solution. So let's get the attention of OUR local policy makers and municipalities. Sign and share this petition to see SUTERA dog waste units in YOUR neighbourhood today.Read more

Mike KasijCanada
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Created May 11, 2021
table and schedule announced to make convenient to students.Read more

Ssit StudentsIndia
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Created Dec 3, 2020
Petition to JOHN BUSH
Now is the time to Speak UP about convenient access to local food options in the Town of Blacksburg be allowed that was produced or grown outside of 50 miles (limits convenient access for all: ·    Keep the definition simple; ·    Ensure the Zoning Ordinance protects our right to convenient access input on this issue and now is the time to ensure we PROTECT OUR RIGHTS TO CONVENIENT ACCESS of local community who fights for the growth and convenient access of local foods! Thank you for taking timeRead more

Emilie TydingsBlacksburg, VA, United States
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Created Mar 2, 2014
Petition to Dee Bradbury
Women shouldn’t have to choose which part of the rugby game they need to miss in order to navigate the lengthy queues for toilets at International events. It can regularly take over 15 minutes to access substandard facilities on match day.  The balance of male/female match goers has changed dramatically these last few years, yet there are still more facilities for men. Please consider signing some of the gents’ blocks as ladies’ blocks on match days. Read more

Ali CarberryGlasgow, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 18, 2018
Petition to Landlords, Students, UNIVERSITIES
We want to help Landlords secure student tenants much more easier, definite and  conveniently manage placements online at the reach of their fingertips at the same time fighting local unemployment. Through our services, tenants can pick, pay and find location to their desired all at convenience of their phones. PROBLEM First year students encounter much frustration and stress then tend to spend excessively in trying to find accommodation. After students are registered, they may find that they did not get placement in the University residence. This means that, if they do not live nearby, they will have to find accommodation closer to the University and this often results in having to find accommodations by spending money on transport and airtime moving from one place to another. This leaves the students vulnerable to crime. Fraudsters defraud them by falsely informing students that they can guarantee accommodation if students pay them a certain amount of money to move their names to the top of the list or speed up the process of helping them find accommodation. Some students are not familiar with the area  where they will attend University and often rely on people walking by on the streets to direct them to nearby accommodation, again leaving them vulnerable to crime. SOLUTION We want to help. All this unsafety and uncertainty can all be avoided. Finding and securing accommodation can be a few clicks away. We want to give landlords a chance to secure student tenants at ease without spending money on advertising and dealing with undecided tenants on whether they are taking the accommodation or never mind too many phone calls. ideally, landlords will indicate how many rooms they have, students will take the accommodation offered and after payment, simultaneously decrease the number of rooms available then notifying the landlord.  Unemployment is a problem that needs to be addressed soon. It is one that needs everyone to work together in tackling it. We believe that we can play our part in fighting it. As such, we kindly ask of landlords to contribute R20 per month for 1 year or R200 once off per student who uses our platform to get accommodation. This will help stimulate our local economy. We want to allow landlords and student tenants an opportunity to invest in the App guaranteeing that, initial investments made by student tenants or landlords will be secured should our App fail and will be returned should our app fail. Having said such, we implore landlords to show support for this initiative  by signing and sharing this petition as sign of show support to our local economy and care for their tenants. Thank you.Read more

Kagisho ModisakgosiSouth Africa
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Created Jan 26, 2020
Petition to AMP Leasing
We are local community members and Marrickville Metro shoppers. We need TEKS and other discount convenience stores to remain within our Centre. TEKS are a long standing tenant and service everyone in the community by selling affordable household goods and amazing Halloween outfits and things that we parents need for our last minute school projects! We are happy to see the retail offer expand with the new building and additional great fashion stores and food outlets, but we also need the loyal stores and their bargain offers. Seriously AMP, please don't alienate your existing customers - listen to your local shoppers and reinstate TEKS lease. Read more

Fiona MathieMarrickville, Australia
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Created Nov 21, 2019
Petition to Mike Perry, Smith Holland, Peter S. Ruggiero, Rick Stringer, Stacy Gabrielle
Every year, Crayola makes about half a billion markers -- enough markers to wrap around the earth more than three times! -- and sells them all around the world. Millions of kids use and love Crayola products -- including the students at Sun Valley School, where I volunteer. That's why we're asking Crayola to make sure these markers don't end up in our landfills, incinerators and oceans. “I love your markers, but I’d like to tell you it’s polluting. So can I please send some of your markers back? I love your product, but hate pollution," Zachary, age 9. Around the world, people are starting to realize the massive problem of discarded plastics. It's not only a waste of resources -- it is detrimental to our wellbeing. Plastics, which escape into the ocean, are entering our food chain as they are weathered and broken down into smaller and smaller pieces. By establishing a take-back program for their plastic markers, Crayola can stop millions of markers from becoming pollution and waste. “I want to let you know that I am not a useless little kid. I can make a difference! By telling you to recycle your pens," Dante, age 10. ”Will we ever be able to fix the hole in the ozone layer? I don’t like pollution because it hurts the Earth," Georgia, age 7. “If we all came from the Earth… Then why are we hurting it so much? Earth is all we have left," Olivia, age 11. We want Crayola to "make their mark" by starting a “take-back” recycling program for their markers. If Crayola can do it, we know other companies will follow. Crayola can be a leader for the environment. Sincerely, Mr. Land and his “Kids Who Care” from Sun Valley School  Slide show about this petition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eDz6RQlUFQ   Credits: Video courtesy of David Levine www.davidzvilevine.com/ Plastic marker image courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr http://thomashawk.com/ Video music courtesy of Moby Gratis, slide show music courtesy of iPhoto stock musicRead more

Land WilsonSan Rafael, CA, United States
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Created May 8, 2012
Petition to Atty. Martin Delgra III, Senator Grace Poe, Secretary Arthur Tugade, Senator Bam Aquino
The concept of ridesharing is relatively new here in the country and in 3 years since Uber Philippines was launched it served thousands of riders and drivers and made millions of trips in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Uber, together with other ridesharing applications, is so new in the Philippines that it shakes the decades-old transport laws in the country. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, the government agency mandated to control and regulate public transport, has recently issued a suspension order against Uber, citing laws that apply only to PUVs (like jeepneys, taxicabs, and buses). There is a current debate if ridesharing platforms, like Uber, fall within the current definition of PUVs: something that only the Congress can define by updating our existing laws. In the absence of such laws concerning ridesharing platforms, I urge the Department of Transportation and the LTFRB to lift the suspension order in the name of the riding public whom they both serve. If it is the safety and welfare of the public they have in mind in coming up with their decision, I urge them to listen to the commuters. Uber is not perfect. Just like all human inventions, it has its own flaws. But Uber is the best we’ve got. As a commuter, I choose Uber. I don’t want that option taken away from me, from us. #WhyWeUber #UberOn #WeWantUberRead more

Paul QuilétManila, Philippines
56,724 supporters
Created Aug 14, 2017
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