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Petition to Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Nara Chandrababu naidu
ProblemI have witnessed many times unnecessary plexes and banners are keeping across the roads related to politicians and wishes etc.But, they are simply tieing on the lighting poles.Due to improper supports,unsafe methods and instability ,because of wind or in rainy season.It is falling on roads.Which will cause injuries and road accidents to travellers.My friend mom & dad got injured because of this.Due to sharp edges on iron frame many people experiencing injuries.So, government has to impose strict rules for keeping the plexes and banners in designated areas only to avoid further injuries and accidnets to people. .SolutionControlling plexes and banners across the roads to avoid accidents and injuries to peoplePersonal storySiva MatsaRead more

Siva MatsaIndia
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Created Nov 17, 2018
Petition to Ajit Pai, Mignon Clyburn, Mike O'Rielly, Brendan Carr, Jessica Rosenworcel
Net Neutrality affects everyone in the U.S. who uses the internet.   The current FCC chairman, Ajit Pai (appointed by Trump) is planning to hand over control of information flow on the internet.  It will flow according to which companies can pay the most to Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc. The current FCC would like you to believe that Net Neutrality is an Obama construction,  which is false and misleading.  During the Obama administration, Net Neutrality (which has existed from the very beginning of the internet) was being threatened and the Obama administration just responded to the threat and created  rules to prevent its demise.   Protect your right to view any organization's, company's, agency's, institution's information on your web browser without the interference ($$ censorship) of Comcast or Verizon or AT&T; picking and choosing what you can view by who can pay them the most money. Telecom companies will be able to play favorites and slow down or speed up service depending upon who can pay them off the most.  There are a number of highly respected organizations and companies opposed to the new FCC intentions, just a few listed below.  Please sign this petition and join the people who want to keep the internet free and available to all!  EFF - Electronic Frontier Foundation - founded in 1990 -they have been working to keep the internet free for much longer than the current FCC would have you  believe. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/11/today-and-every-day-we-fight-defend-open-internet Google  Amazon Microsoft https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/22/16691506/portugal-meo-internet-packages-net-neutrality-ajit-pai-plan Portuguese mobile carrier Meo. “In Portugal, with no net neutrality, internet providers are starting to split the net into packages,” he wrote.Read more

Nancy GundersonIssaquah, WA, United States
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Created Nov 23, 2017
Rainford girls with skirts completely unrolled and in the right size are getting punished for their skirt being above thier knee . Parents during a cost of living crisis are being forced to buy new skirts or risk the children being suspended from school, in a school that constantly preaches the importance of students attending school and lessons they find suspension a suitable consequence which is completely contradictory to the schools aim, school is supposed to prepare us for the workplace however when we see teachers in the school walking around their workplace with skirts not following these same rules it seems very junjust. Also given the fact the pupils are being treated almost as animal being almost headed into a penned in section in the auditorium to be inspected seems very demeaning and almost inhumane to the female students being inspected by the male staff. I understand the fact that some skirts are too short and incredibly revealing and are not suited yo a school setting however unless these extreme violations occur I don't see why girls legs are much of a problem to the school community and how girls with skirts that are an inch above the top of the knee are deemed unacceptable and these perfectly fine skirts are being forced to be replaced which see is wasteful. I hope school realises that there are a lot more important issues than trying to control the girls skirts and would also like to know the reasons why the skirts length is effecting the schoolRead more

Lexi PenningtonUnited Kingdom
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Created Feb 20, 2023
Petition to UK Parliament
Britain is supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. However, this doesn't seem to apply to landlords who frequently specify ‘no pets’ in their listings.  Due to a change of job, I am relocating and looking to rent a modest 3 bedroom house for myself, two daughters and two rescue cats in a Yorkshire town. When I search for houses in my price range there are about 50 possibilities. However, when I remove those that specify ‘no pets’ there are just 2. That's right, 95% of properties specify no pets. It is simply unreasonable that so many landlords should seek to control their tenants in this way.  The mental health benefits of owning a pet are well known and it is wrong that landlords should seek to deny their tenants these benefits. All this, presumably, to protect their valuable bricks and mortar. However, all it takes is simply an assurance from the tenant that any ‘damage’ done by a pet is made good at the end of the tenancy. That said, in my experience pets do little or no damage, and certainly less than some children and no one suggests that landlords specify ‘no children’!  I would like to request that a law is passed making it illegal for landlords to specify ‘no pets’ when putting a house up for rent.  Read more

Peter GrantHarrogate, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 18, 2020
Petition to Chrissy Gonzalez
Bowie County in Texas is in the middle of a crisis that only a small population is fighting.  This crisis is the over-population of stray, free-roaming dogs.  Anywhere from 100 to 200 dogs (including puppies and stray litters) monthly are found as strays or dumped dogs in our county.  This number was taken from a poll solicited on the Facebook group “Lost and Found pets in Texarkana” on March 3; this number does not include the number of dogs that are picked up by animal control in Bowie and Miller County in Arkansas.  The overpopulation of these dogs leads to an increased number of dogs free-roaming the streets and wooded areas without adequate food and water.  This overpopulation of dogs roaming the streets ends up leading to: The spread of dog diseases (parvo, distemper, rabies, etc.) Uncontrolled breeding of strays Road traffic accidents Dog nuisance Physical and mental trauma to those that are fighting this crisis The only way we can combat this crisis is through effective dog management within our county.  Our community can make a difference and this is our start.  Those that are fighting this seemingly never-ending fight want to see change and believe we can turn this crisis around by implementing legislation that will address all the problems noted above.  Legislation will improve the health and welfare of our dog population, reduce the number of free-roaming dogs to an acceptable level, promote responsible dog ownership and prevent harm to our environment and other animals in our community.  So, what kind of legislation will help our community control this overpopulation? We can do this through reproduction control, identification and registration, and providing access to resources to responsible pet owners.  We need legislation to ensure that the programs we put into place are actually followed through.  Here are some ideas that we have come up with: Establish a regulatory framework for dog breeding and ownership Making the abandonment illegal and punishable (and enforceable) Establish penalties for those that break the rules Establish and enforcing requirements for registration/licensing and individual identification of dogs Providing our community with low cost or free spay/neuter options (and making the process easy to sign up) Keep in mind we realize some rules have already been put in place, but they are not being enforced.  Therefore we would ask for funding to help our government agencies enforce these policies, funding to our veterinary communities to provide free/low-cost spay/neuter, funding to provide the ability to register a dog, and funding to educate our community.  Read more

Christina GonzalezTEXARKANA, TX, United States
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Created Mar 10, 2019
Petition to All HOA's in the Berwick Plantation Property Owners Association, Chatham County GA, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), us fish and wildlife services
Resident Canada Geese are being rounded up each year and euthanized by the thousands. From May until August of each year Canada geese will nest, lay eggs, and raise their young in the ponds in our neighborhoods. Once Canada geese start to molt, they are unable to fly. This is when they are rounded up, put in cages, and euthanized. We are being told these Canada geese are being relocated. This is false. It is just a feel good campaign so they do not get any push back from the area residents. Our objectives are to manage resident Canada geese through population stabilization, habitat modification, and site aversion. Create a model program that is sustainable, economic, effective and non controversial which engages the whole community in a coordinated, cooperative effort. Educate the public on the history of Resident Canada geese, their unique behavior and why feeding geese and other wildlife is bad for everyone involved. Resident Canada geese are different from migrating geese. Resident geese must nest in the area where they are born, this is the reason they cannot be relocated. If we do not take charge, the Canada geese may become extinct as they almost did back in the 1960's.  Help us!Read more

Lucy CafieroGeorgia, United States
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Created Oct 15, 2020
Petition to bargainingcode@accc​.​gov​.​au , josh​.​frydenberg​.​mp@aph​.​gov​.​au , Paul​.​Fletcher​.​MP@aph​.​gov​.​au
towards controlling the information we access through Google search and Facebook, in order to protect the priority position so we see their 'core news content' before anyone else's, controlling whatRead more

Mel KMelbourne, Australia
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Created Aug 17, 2020
Petition to Sri. Nara chandra babu Naidu
I have witnessed many times unnecessary plexes and banners are keeping across the roads related to politicians and wishes etc.But, they are simply tieing on the lighting poles.Due to improper supports,unsafe methods and instability ,because of wind or in rainy season.It is falling on roads.Which will cause injuries and road accidents to travellers.My aunt and uncle got injured because of this.Due to sharp edges on iron frame many people experiencing injuries.So, government has to impose strict rules for keeping the plexes and banners in designated areas only to avoid further injuries and accidnets to people. .Read more

Ponaka bhanu pradeep kumarNellore, India
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Created Sep 28, 2018
Petition to Sri Narendra Modi, Sri Narendra Modi
Respected Sh Modi ji, This is regarding the news of arbitrary arrest of a Branch Manager of Kahnuwan Chowk, Gurdaspur branch of some Bank, on 9th April Thursday, at the personal instance of the Deputy Commissioner, Gurdaspur, and the news item carried by the newspaper’Tribune’ in its 10th April issue under the caption” Banker detained for failing to enforce distancing norms”. The fault of the Manager, apparently seems to be that he was unable to ensure the social distancing of customers queuing up to be served in front of his branch.Under such circumstances, this particular Branch Manager or for that matter any other Branch Manager, normally had two alternatives viz either to close his branch in protest by warning his waiting customers that he was doing so since they were not following the required social distancing norms or to have the facility of adequate security/police arrangements for enforcing it, though every branch does not have the luxury of Bank provided security personnel. However, in the former case, he ran the risk of his branch being vandalised by the mob of provoked customers or likely to being pulled up by higher authorities for disrupting the provision of essential services. Whereas for the latter case/ solution, the Deputy Commissioner, while appreciating the difficulties and constraints under which this, his fellow front line warrior of Covid-19 war, was also fighting, could have easily provided him with the necessary police arrangements, instead of proceeding to teach him a lesson and making a public display of it, by summarily ordering his arrest and dragging him to his office in the police vehicle escorting the DC. Alas! This kind of a system too, Covid-19, seems to have wrought about In its wake! In the name of fighting it, some officials having got almost absolute administrative powers, seem to have simply gone berserk, so to say, in cavalierly and  irresponsibly using these powers. And sometimes, even if not for any other, than just for indulging their ego, go about harassing and publicly humiliating ordinary citizens, even including those who are also similarly engaged in providing essential services to our distressed society. Are we then already really having a state of undeclared constitutional emergency, abrogating all our basic fundamental rights and absolving the powerfuls from their all and every accountability! Is making our system justice-compromised the only way to keep us from becoming immuno-compromised! If so, then one day we all would certainly become victims of auto-immune malady! By the way, what are these incidents of high-handedness, if not already the emerging symptoms of it! Yet, the least that the DC concerned can now still be made to do, is to immediately withdraw the case against the wronged Branch Manager and try to sooth his hurt emotions and to repair his tarnished public image in the selfsame manner- ie by tendering him a personal apology in public! Thank heavens that here I’m not talking about the instituting of legal remedies against the DC for the wrongful detention of the BM, which could otherwise run into staggering consequences against the errant official in any civil and law respecting society. Therefore, kindly ensure an early, timely and appropriate action to deter any other arrogant power drunk official mulling similar abuse! In fact, a more disgraceful instance of humiliation and manhandling of a banker at the hands of Police in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, has also come to notice! With Respectful Regards, Yours Sincerely,Ahlawat KSJaipur-302017.Email-<ksahlawat@yahoo.com>Read more

Ahlawat KSJaipur, भारत
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Created Apr 14, 2020
Petition to Environment Canterbury Regional Council (ECan)
The Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2016 ECan changed the rules surrounding the retention, sale and purchase of moorings and imposed what we believe are unreasonable obligations and conditions on all mooring owners in Canterbury. In particular You can no longer sell your mooring. If you express the desire to sell, your mooring authorisation will be revoked and reallocated by ECan to the next person on the waiting list. You can sell your block and tackle but if the person allocated your mooring doesn't want it, ECan can require you to remove the block at your expense.  Moorings left unattended for six months may be seized by the Harbourmaster. Reg 25.5 Previously you invested in your mooring and were able to re-coup this on sale provided you complied with inspection and repair requirements imposed by ECan. This is a bureaucratic policy to take away fundamental proprietary rights of the owner, and will make it even harder for people to obtain a mooring as the people who own them currently are at a great disadvantage when wishing to sell.  If you live outside Canterbury could your Regional Council be next to stop you selling your mooring? What about your boatshed or slipway? We are dissatisfied with the lack of consultation, we want these Bylaws reviewed and our rights reinstated.  Please sign our petition.  More information can be found here:  https://www.ecan.govt.nz/do-it-online/harbourmasters-office/swing-moorings/ https://boatingnz.co.nz/articles/mooring-madness/  Read more

Tui ScottNew Zealand
809 supporters
Created Jul 1, 2018
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