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Petition to The consumers, Public, Users
Plastic wastes has been a major problem and despite of all the ban, people still continue to use it. May because they are not aware of its hazardous implications for the planet and the intoxicating affects, or they simply ignore it, or sometimes they don’t even have an option or access to other other alternate means. It’s high time to understand and inspite playing a blame game, it’s we who need to understand and cut down on the use of plastic to as minimum as possible. One of the simplest way is to avoid using plastic straws in restaurants or otherwise. They are made in 10 minutes, used in 20 and remain on earth forever since they are not biodegradable. About 90% of marine animals have eaten plastic straws and have died. It takes a lot of energy and a great amount of non- renuable resources to make a plastic straw. If we as consumers don’t use their products,the production will automatically go down and hence we can save our planet from all the toxins. It a sincere appeal to each and everyone to not encourage the use of plastic straws. Anyway how difficult is it to place an order of juice saying ‘no sugar’, ‘no ice’ and ‘no straw’. Quite easy right?  Read more

Ashumi JhaveriIndia
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Created Mar 22, 2018
Petition to Schools
Nationwide surveys conducted in recent years have shown that children in Singapore are consumingRead more

Joyce LimSingapore, Singapore
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Created Feb 13, 2019
Petition to WHO World Health Organization.
It is scientifically proven that the ingestion of wild animals can transmit deadly viruses to the human population. Since the great famine of Mao Tsetung, communist China has become accustomed to ingesting all kinds of domestic animals (such as cats and dogs) and wild animals (such as snakes, rats, bats, etc.). The World Health Organization must demand the authorities of the Chinese dictatorship, the prohibition of the intake of these foods to the Chinese population, which put at risk the survival of the world population.Read more

Adam SmithEstados Unidos
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Created Apr 2, 2020
Petition to Indonesians
This petition is proudly made by Joseph, Evan, Michelle, Nael, Rachel, students of 9 Joshua, Saint John’s Catholic School BSD from our collective concern and love for the preservation of our local fruits and plants.   Background Written by Michelle Tony Indonesia, a tropical paradise with the seemingly perfect weather, plenty of both rain and sunshine. Paired with the possession of fertile lands, there would be no question that Indonesia would have agriculture as its strong factor in its economy. Agriculture has been a very important sector in Indonesia’s economy and welfare, currently holding 30% of its fertile land for agriculture and 41% of the total Indonesian workforce labour.  Although most Indonesian work in the agricultural sector, consumption of local fruits has sunken drastically compared to the consumption of imported fruits. This has led farmers little-to-no choice to reduce the production of local fruits from the lesser known fruits such as Menteng and Gandaria, even to the more well-known fruits such as Rambutan and Durian. This deduction of local fruits production lessens the variation of fruits to increase the consumption of said fruit, not able to fulfill the demand of their few consumers. Problem Written by Joseph Myron Tjandra Several problems are affecting local fruit production. First is consumer taste. Along with the growth in people's income, the need for fruit is also increasing. However, people are increasingly critical of the quality and type of fruit they want to consume. “Papaya for example. Currently, there is a phenomenon of the need for small papayas because ordinary, large papayas cannot be eaten out in one consumption. It would be wasteful if the fruit can not be finished. Mango is the same. The mango right now is too big, wet, and also sweet. The second problem is local fruit branding. Indonesia is very rich in fruit but there is no clear consistency in the marketing of the fruit brand. "95% of Bangkok papaya is produced in Indonesia. Hawaiian papaya is also 70% produced domestically. Therefore, we need a positive image of the fruits produced in Indonesia. The banana fruit is one of the famous local fruits on the market. The Indonesian plantain is recognized by the world as the best banana. However, it only happened 1 second after cutting. Why? The process of cutting, transporting, and storing these bananas before placing them on the market is very poor. This causes the banana's shape and quality to be damaged. Fruit quality is the main element that consumers pay attention to. A problem that is also in the spotlight is the need for sustainable research and development of fruit research.   Impact Written by Matthew Evander William The impact of the loss of local fruits is very detrimental, because it has many negative impacts on plants. Here are four impacts:  First, it can cause the extinction of fruit species, because Indonesia is diverse, there are some fruits that can only be found in Indonesia which is very heartbreaking. Second, it causes suffering for the farmers in Indonesia, they will suffer from the crop failure. Third, this could trigger an economic crisis in Indonesia because the agricultural sector is the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Fourth, it can cause an increase in the price of fruit, which occurs because fruit production will decrease and many people want it. Our suggestion Written by Nathanael Gustav Pratama Our suggestions are everyone should include local food as daily consumption. With this, agriculture will automatically advance and farmers will prosper. We also give farmers the opportunity to develop their land potential, including by using polyculture. This method uses the same land with alternating planting periods. In limited land, you can do urban farming. The types also vary, such as verticulture, hydroponics, community gardens with residents, or large scale greenhouses.  By growing food crops such as vegetables and fruit, you are not only promoting local food consumption, but also providing food at home independently. The source of carbohydrates does not only come from rice. It is better if you try other food ingredients to increase the variety of preparations. Rice can be replaced with yams, corn, sago, and even sorghum. Closure Written by Rachel Aurell Azella Taking everything altogether, with what would happen if we don't act soon enough, the problems will deteriorate as the year passes by, and Indonesians may cause a gigantic loss of organic products in the event that if we don't start making moves. The misfortune we face is sustenance inadequacy, which is a much needed for human wellbeing. Just as bad as the issue including economy issues. The younger generation of ours should begin making basic moves, for example, devouring local natural products. That is the least we can do. We have to avoid the paddy fields regarding to the mechanical advancements as this rates up the occurence of losing the variety of food plants in Indonesia in light of the fact that the land to recreate plants are removed. By that we should raise import food burdens so that individuals purchase more neighborhood nourishments, and in this way the state can benefit from anybody bringing in nourishments. What's more, give nearby ranchers more help by giving them what they need, assistance transport the products. Increment the land required for the plants to develop. We believe you can sign our request of and get this message heard so no such issues will be experienced later ahead as it very well may be exceptionally harming the impending ages, in wellbeing and even naturally. We put our trust in this problem will be settled soon.Read more

Michelle Tony stubsd9Indonesia
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Created Nov 20, 2020
Petition to The linking of a women's self esteem to body size
Today I had the pleasure of walking across the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge with my good friend Anita. We enjoyed stimulating conversations about women in politics, careers, families, love and unmet expectations. After our walk in the sunshine we arrived at Wynyard Station in the city of Sydney, ready to take a train back to our car. Mid sentence, I paused; horrified by a gigantic, obscene and disturbing poster displaying a photo of a very happy, young and thin girl frolicking on an Aussie Beach. The Slogan "SELF ESTEEEM, Powered by Protein". It was a campaign for Protein Bars by 'Aussie Bodies'. I wholeheartedly object to the linking of self esteem to a trim body. Real self esteem comes from within. It comes from valuing our own gifts and knowing that each of us, not matter how we look , are indeed very important. Everyone is important. Everyone has internal gifts that have the potential to contribute to a better family, society and world. Why is this company supposing that self esteem for women comes from being beautiful and having a great body? At best this is simply false advertising. At worst it is giving our young women the impression that they can not be happy and confident unless they are beautiful on the outside. That is a travesty of justice and as a society we should not tolerate this kind of harmful marketing which is targeted at our most vulnerable in society; our young which have not yet learned how important, powerful and wonderful they are; outside of external influences. I am pleading with the greater good of society to join with me in banning this repulsive and misleading advertisement before it impacts just one of our impressionable young women. If just one women is affected by this advertisement then a travesty of justice has occurred; for the sole reason that they may cease looking within for their natural gifts and start looking outside of themselves for self esteem. You are important and this is important. Please support me in bringing this misleading campaign to an end.Read more

Kristyn HaywoodNorth Wahroonga, Australia
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Created Sep 18, 2013
Petition to The US government, State Governments, State Legislature
Daily, We Are Dying do to "The War We Ignore",  created by the Opioid abuse across the world and we need to bring awareness to what is going on right here in our country and demand a state of emergency!  We must take initiative and demand action and get an active response from our Community, State Governments, and Law Makers.  Along with encouraging the development of programs that will help Heroin addicts get treatment without the red tape that only helps ignore the seriousness of this Genocide that is underway....Right here In America!!!!!!!Read more

James GoodingLake Worth, FL, United States
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Created Mar 25, 2017
Petition to Everyone
Stop Consuming Corporate Media The aim of this pledge is to render the corporate media machine this I pledge to completely stop consuming corporate media (MSM) regardless of what political identity I, or the shows I used to watch, have.  I pledge to first and foremost stop consuming corporateRead more

Born Alchemist
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Created Nov 5, 2021
Petition to To all the parents
Being a pediatric dietitian Im really worried about the younger generation. In this fast generation people blaming they don't have time, instead of that ready to eat, supplementary foods had come.  Now I have seen an advertisement that one spoon will give you one whole egg protein. Just think all the products which keep for a long time it will decompose, if it doesn't decompose on time what the thing is happening, they adding chemicals and preseverative too keep it long.  Im making this petition in a layman language that all the people must know. Kindly avoid packed foods don't trust blindly energy drink makes your child stronger, sharper.... Changing health drinks never give your child immunity... Health drinks only to sick child,  normal child should eat all the foods in a natural way not in a preserved manner. I kindly request all the parents must aware what they're providing to their child, are they feeding food or slow poison to their kids. If you like to provide slow poison to your kindly please go ahead with all the energy and artificial drinks.  Stop drinking health drinks unless it's not necessary. Read more

Vedha SrinivasanChennai, India
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Created Sep 27, 2018
Petition to Commercial Gillnet Fishermen
Gill Nets cause extensive damage to the environments in which they are used. These nets unselectively capture any fish unlucky enough to swim through the mesh of the net. Additionally, sea turtles easily become entangled in the nets and drown. The same happens to many dolphins. It's time to use our power as consumers to put an end to the use of gill nets as a commercial fishing tool. Signing this pledge signifies a commitment to stop buying fish caught via commercial gillnet fishing.  But how do you know if the fish was caught with a gill net? There are only a few fisheries in the US which still use gill nets. These fisheries are as follows: monkfish, spiny dogfish, smooth dogfish, bluefish, weakfish, menhaden, spot, croaker, striped bass, large and small coastal sharks, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, American shad, black drum, skate spp., yellow perch, white perch, herring, scup, kingfish, spotted seatrout, and butterfish. If you avoid buying these specific seafoods, you run no risk of buying gill net-caught fish. Some alternatives to these include Mahi Mahi, sablefish, Atlantic mackerel, pacific sardines, or shellfish of almost any variety. Together we can bring an end to commercial gill net fishing. Read more

Blaine ParkerSt. Petersburg, FL, United States
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Created Nov 22, 2021
Petition to Wall Street
run since. We demand justice, that Brian pay his debt to society by consuming a single dog turd soRead more

Sam PaytonUnited States
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Created May 30, 2021
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