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internet connection in the whole ASIA and ASEAN, like a turtle and like a sloth that moves very, very wow, we are entitled like this but the speed of internet connection in the Philippines is just so slow it is very vital for us, but do we really deserve this kind of internet connection? Sometimes because of slow internet connection, we don't have a choice but not to use the internet, but what if you to give up. With the rate of speed of internet connection in the Philippines, you'll just gonnaRead more

Jazzeu HerreraCavite, Philippines
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Created February 8, 2017
Petition to Parliament of Kenya, Ministry of Health, National Assembly, Government of Kenya, Esther Passaris, Dr Ekuru Aukot
Many patients after being diagnosed with various types of cancer are left with no hope of survival due to the VERY high cost of cancer medicines and treatment regimes. It is not right for a citizen of Kenya to resign themselves to death, it is not right for citizens to lose hope In life because they cannot afford the medicines and treatment to cure the disease due to the high cost of buying them.  Medicines and treatment are a HUMAN RIGHT! HELP us fight for Kenyans ,from the catastrophic financial costs of cancer treatment, low funding towards cancer prevention and treatment as well as the lack of adequate cancer diagnosis and treatment facilities in our country.  We are loosing over 100 people to cancer every day, due to lack of treatment, misdiagnosis due to lack of proper diagnostic equipment as well as recommendations on the previous  NCD report that haven’t been implemented to date. This can be achieved by Zero rating cancer medication n medical equipment.Majority of Kenyans living in the slums cannot afford to leave the country to go seek care.  We as LIMAU and Citizens of Kenya- refuse to loose our loved ones again to cancer,and demand that Cancer patients be made “ A PRIORITY “. Sisi Ni Wa Maana” - Cancer Patients Lives Matter.  Read more

Limau Cancer ConnectionNairobi, Kenya
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Created November 12, 2018
Petition to Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, Dialog
Urge Sri Lankan ISPs to introduce unlimited/fiber or high-speed internet packages without FUP & with less tax. Then people can work from home without worrying about data usage. Before 2010, Sri Lanka had true unlimited packages. Even SLT, Dialog, Lanka Bell provided such packages, but now all are limited, so this limit is not enough for young entrepreneurs. Please discuss with local ISPs, or encourage local ISPs to connect with foreign root/regional ISPs to make the optimal use of international data back bone, if main bandwidth is not sufficient for Sri Lankan unlimited internet providing. Especially more bandwidth or new back bone cabling for Sri Lankan ISPS with the help of local/international internet service providers and the government.  Read more

Susantha SagaraSri Lanka
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Created January 1, 2020
Petition to Montgomery Township Committee
Our beloved Kid Connection, serving our community for thirty years, is at risk of closure. This quality of life can be negatively impacted by this potential loss. Please sign to show your support for Kid ConnectionRead more

Mae PottsBelle Mead, NJ, United States
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Created June 22, 2019
MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW. Join our call to the President of South Africa: “Stop all offshore oil and gas projects in our ocean NOW. #OurOceanOurFuture #OilAndWaterDontMix  #WhoStoleOurOceans Join the call to stop offshore oil and gas exploration in the ocean and call for sustainable, renewable energy solutions.  #OurOceanOurFuture for those who depend on it.  BE THE MOVEMENT. BE THE CHANGE.  For more information, read below.  STEL JOU 'N WÊRELD VOOR MET STRANDE VOL OILIE! STEL JOU 'N WÊRELD VOOR SONDER 'N LEWENDE OSEAAN! RAAK ONS TYD UIT. VERSTREKE? LAAT JOU STEM NOU HOOR.  Sluit aan by ons oproep aan die President van Suid-Afrika: "Stop NOU alle buitelandse olie- en gasprojekte in ons oseaan. #OnsOseaanOnsToekoms #OlieEnWaterMoenieMeng #WieOnsOseanegesteehet Sluit aan by die oproep om buitelandse olie- en gaseksplorasie in die see te stop en vra vir volhoubare, hernubare energie-oplossings. #OnsOseaanOnsToekoms vir diegene wat daarvan afhanklik is. WEES DIE  BEWEGING.  WEES DIE VERANDERING. Vir meer inligting, lees hieronder. KHAWUBE NOMFANEKISO-NGQONDWENI WELIZWE ELINEELWANDLE EZINEOYILE!  KHAWUBE NOMFANEKISO-NGQONDWENI WELIZWE ELINGENALO ULWANDLE OLUPHILAYO! INGABA SIPHELELWA LIXESHA NA? YENZA ILIZWI LAKHO LIVIWE NGOKU.  Zibandakanye nekhwelo lethu eliya kuMongameli woMzantsi Afrika: "Yekisa onke amaphulo ezoshishino e-oil ne-gas kulwandle lwethu NGOKU. #UlwandleLwethuIkamvaLethu #OilNaManziAzixubani #NgubaniObeIilwandleZethu Zibandakanye nekhwelo lokumisa ukuhlola i-oil ne-gas elwandle kwaye umemelele izisombululo zamandla azinzileyo, ahlaziyekayo. #UlwandleLwethuIkamvaLethu kwabo baxhomekeke kulo. YIBA YINTSHUKUMO.  YIBA LUTSHINTSHO. Ukuze ufumane inkcazelo engakumbi, funda ngezantsi.   ALERT!!! SOUTH AFRICA’S OCEANS ARE BEING LEASED OFF TO OIL COMPANIES WITHOUT MEANINGFUL PUBLIC DIALOGUE. STOP STEALING OUR OCEAN! BE INFORMED! Government makes various decisions on developments which pose a risk to ocean health, potentially undermining existing livelihoods which depend on a healthy ocean.  Some of these decisions have been made without meaningful public participation by those most likely to be affected, undermining the constitutional right to procedurally fair decision-making. IS IT TOO LATE? The potential negative consequences of these decisions are often overlooked, with government promoting oil and gas exploration for the “development” it promises. As a result, the large oil companies are the ones benefiting, while coastal communities bear the risk of negative social and economic consequences. That’s why the people, especially those whose livelihoods could be directly affected, are having to go to court to claim back their rights to be informed and have their say.  STOP OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS EXTRACTION NOW – THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING! Oil and gas are fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and are a major cause of climate change. If we continue to use fossil fuels for energy, it will lead to more floods, heatwaves, droughts and storms. Thus, negatively impacting food and land security. Fossil fuel pollution (of air, land, and the ocean) also affects human health.  The evidence about the risks and negative impacts associated with offshore oil and gas exploration – particularly regarding the ecosystems – is growing.  For example, science shows that physical harm to various species - such as concussion, haemorrhaging and hearing damage - are linked to seismic survey sounds. Oil spills release toxins into the ocean, can cause severe health problems such as heart damage, immune system effects, etc. Oils spills can also result in the death of species that are unable to avoid it, such as birds and fish. NOT JUST A BEACH PARTY While the ocean may, for many of us, have mostly a recreational and religious or cultural value, we must also remember that a healthy ocean is critical to life as most of our oxygen (50% to 85% is produced by ocean plants/and plankton).  The ocean also helps us cope with climate change – it is our main buffer, absorbing heat from global warming (warming needs to stay below 1.5/2 ̊C).  NOW IS THE TIME FOR A JUST TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABLE RENEWABLE ENERGY “Oil and gas developments” continue to be promoted despite the economic risks. The World Bank studied 12 Sub-Saharan countries that discovered considerable oil and gas resources between 2002 and 2020 –  in each of these countries the oil and gas finds were overvalued, the timeline from discovery to production took much longer than promised, and that government revenues were lower than predicted. So why ignore the research and keep repeating the mistakes of the past? Fossil fuels are the past and South Africa should not be left in the past, but can grow new jobs and economic opportunities in sustainable renewable energy.  PROTECT EXISTING JOBS And for a country struggling with unprecedented high unemployment rates, we also need to protect existing jobs. #OurOceanOurFuture  Thousands of small-scale fishers in the four coastal provinces rely on the ocean to feed their families and develop economically viable livelihoods, while Tourism provided 175000 jobs in 2019 in Western Cape alone.  Organizations in support to oppose offshore oil and gas exploration are; Masifundise, South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, Eastern Cape Environmental Network, 350Africa.org, Amadiba Crisis Committee, Oceans Not Oil, KOBUSH ONTWIKKELINGSVERENIGING, Extinction Rebellion, Save Langebaan Lagoon, Support Centre for Land Change For more information, go to www.thegreenconnection.org.za WAARSKUWING!!!  SUID-AFRIKA SE OSEANE WORD AAN OLIEMAATSKAPPYE VERHUUR SONDER BETEKENISVOLLE OPENBARE DIALOG MET GEAFFEKTEERE GEMEENSKAPPE.  HOU OP OM ONS OSEAAN TE STEEL! WEES INGELIG! Die regering neem verskeie besluite oor ontwikkelings wat 'n risiko vir seegesondheid inhou, wat moontlik bestaande lewensbestaan wat van 'n gesonde oseaan afhanklik is, ondermyn.  Sommige van hierdie besluite is geneem sonder betekenisvolle openbare deelname deur diegene wat die meeste waarskynlik geraak sal word, wat die grondwetlike reg op prosedureel billike besluitneming ondermyn. IS DIT TE LAAT?  Die potensiële negatiewe gevolge van hierdie besluite word dikwels oor die hoof gesien, met die regering wat olie- en gaseksplorasie bevorder vir die "ontwikkeling" wat dit beloof.  Gevolglik is dit die groot oliemaatskappye wat bevoordeel word, terwyl kusgemeenskappe die risiko van negatiewe sosiale en ekonomiese gevolge dra.  Dit is hoekom die mense, veral diegene wie se lewensbestaan regstreeks geraak kan word, hof toe moet gaan om hul regte terug te eis om ingelig te word en hul sê te sê.   STOP NOU DIE BUITELANDSE OLIE- EN GASONTGINNING – DIE KLIMAAT IS BESIG OM TE VERANDER! Olie en gas is fossielbrandstowwe wat koolstofdioksied en ander kweekhuisgasse vrystel, en is 'n groot oorsaak van klimaatsverandering.  As ons aanhou om fossielbrandstowwe vir energie te gebruik, sal dit tot meer vloede, hittegolwe, droogtes en storms lei.  Dus, 'n negatiewe impak op voedsel- en grondsekuriteit.  Fossielbrandstofbesoedeling (van lug, grond en die see) beïnvloed ook menslike gesondheid. Die bewyse oor die risiko's en negatiewe impakte wat met buitelandse olie- en gaseksplorasie verband hou – veral met betrekking tot die ekosisteme – neem toe.  Die wetenskap toon byvoorbeeld dat fisiese skade aan verskeie spesies – soos harsingskudding, bloeding en gehoorskade – aan seismiese opnamegeluide gekoppel word.  Oliestortings stel gifstowwe in die see vry, kan ernstige gesondheidsprobleme veroorsaak soos hartskade, immuunstelsel-effekte, ens. Oliesstortings kan ook die dood van spesies tot gevolg hê wat dit nie kan vermy nie, soos voëls en visse. NIE NET 'N STRANDPARTYTJIE NIE Alhoewel die see vir baie van ons meestal 'n ontspannings- en godsdienstige of kulturele waarde kan hê, moet ons ook onthou dat 'n gesonde oseaan van kritieke belang is vir lewe aangesien die meeste van ons suurstof (50% tot 85% deur seeplante geproduseer word/en plankton).  Die see help ons ook om klimaatsverandering die hoof te bied – dit is ons hoofbuffer, wat hitte van aardverwarming absorbeer (verwarming moet onder 1,5/2 grade Celsius bly). DIT IS NOU DIE TYD VIR 'N REGVERDIGE OORGANG NA VOLHOUBARE HERNUBARE ENERGIE "Olie- en gasontwikkelings" word steeds bevorder ten spyte van die ekonomiese risiko's.  Die Wêreldbank het 12 lande suid van die Sahara bestudeer wat aansienlike olie- en gasbronne tussen 2002 en 2020 ontdek het – in elk van hierdie lande was die olie- en gasvondse oorwaardeer, die tydlyn van ontdekking tot produksie het baie langer geneem as wat belowe is, en dat staatsinkomste  laer was as wat voorspel is.  Waarom dan die navorsing ignoreer en aanhou om die foute van die verlede te herhaal?  Fossielbrandstowwe is die verlede en Suid-Afrika moet nie in die verlede gelaat word nie, maar kan nuwe werksgeleenthede en ekonomiese geleenthede in volhoubare hernubare energie laat groei. BESKERM BESTAANDE WERKSGELEENTHEDE En vir 'n land wat sukkel met ongekende hoë werkloosheidsyfers, moet ons ook bestaande werksgeleenthede beskerm. #ONSOSEAANONS TOEKOMS Duisende kleinskaalse vissers in die vier kusprovinsies maak staat op die see om hul gesinne te voed en ekonomies lewensvatbare lewensbestaan te ontwikkel, terwyl Toerisme 175 000 werksgeleenthede in 2019 in die Wes-Kaap alleen verskaf het. Organisasies ter ondersteuning om buitelandse olie- en gaseksplorasie teen te staan, is; Masifundise, South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, Eastern Cape Environmental Network, 350Africa.org, Amadiba Crisis Committee, Oceans Not Oil, KOBUSH ONTWIKKELINGSVERENIGING,  Extinction Rebellion, Save Langebaan Lagoon, Support Centre for Land Change Vir meer inligting, gaan na www.thegreenconnection.org.za ISILUMKISO!!!  IILWANDLE ZASEMZANTSI AFRIKA ZIQESHISELWE KUMASHISHINI E-OIL NGAPHANDLE KOTHETHATHETHWANO OLUNENTSINGISELO NOLUNTU.  YEKANI UKUBA ULWANDLE LWETHU! YIBA NOLWAZI! Urhulumente wenza izigqibo ezahlukeneyo ngophuhliso olubeka emngciphekweni impilo yolwandle, olunokuthi lujongele phantsi ubomi obukhoyo obuxhomekeke kulwandlekazi olusempilweni.  Ezinye zezi zigqibo zenziwe ngaphandle kokuthatha inxaxheba koluntu okunentsingiselo ngabo banokuchaphazeleka, kujongelwa phantsi ilungelo lomgaqo-siseko lokwenziwa kwezigqibo ezinobulungisa ngokwenkqubo engenamkhethe. INGABA SELE KUSEMVA KWEXESHA? Iziphumo ezibi ezinokuthi zibekho ngenxa yezi zigqibo zihlala zinganakwa, urhulumente ekhuthaza ukuphononongwa kwe-oil ne-gas "kuphuhliso" aluthembisayo.  Ngenxa yoko, amashishini amakhulu e-oil ngawo axhamlayo, ngelixa abantu abahlala kwiindawo eziselunxwemeni bebelekiswa umngcipheko weziphumo ezibi kwezentlalo nezoqoqosho.  Yiyo loo nto abantu, ingakumbi abo ubomi babo bunokuchaphazeleka ngokuthe ngqo, kunyanzeleke ukuba baye ezinkundleni zomthetho ukuya kubanga amalungelo abo ukuze baziswe kwaye baveze izimvo zabo. MISA UKWEMBIWA KWE-OIL KUNYE NE-GAS ELWANDLE NGOKU - IMOZULU IYATSHINTSHA! I-oil ne-gas ngamafutha asuka kwizimbiwa akhupha i-carbon dioxide kunye nezinye ii-gas ze-greenhouse, kwaye zingoyena nobangela wokutshintsha kwemozulu.  Ukuba siyaqhubeka sisebenzisa amafutha asuka kwizimbiwa ukwenza amandla, oko kuya kukhokelela kwizikhukula, amaza obushushu, imbalela kunye nezaqhwithi.  Ngaloo ndlela, kuchaphazela kakubi ukuba khona kokutya kunye nokhuseleko lomhlaba.  Ungcoliseko lwamafutha asuka kwizimbiwa (lomoya, umhlaba, nolwandle) nalo luchaphazela impilo yabantu. Ubungqina obumalunga nemingcipheko kunye neempembelelo ezingalunganga ezinxulumene nokuphononongwa kwe-oil kunye ne-gas elwandle - ingakumbi malunga ne-ecosystem ekukuphilisana kwezinto ezikwindalo - buyakhula.  Umzekelo, izenzululwazi zibonisa ukuba ukwenzakala ngokwasemzimbeni kwiintlobo ngeentlobo zezidalwa - ezifana nokudumba, ukopha kunye nomonakalo wokuva - zinxulunyaniswa ne-seismic survey eyenza izandi nenyikima.  Ukuchitheka kwe-oil kukhulula ukungcola ukunetyefu elwandle, kunokubangela iingxaki zempilo ezinzima ezifana nomonakalo wentliziyo, ukuphazamiseka kwamajoni omzimba, njl. Ukuchithwa kwe-oil kunokubangela ukufa kweentlobo ezingakwaziyo ukuziphepha, ezifana neentaka kunye neentlanzi. HAYI NJE ITHEKO LOLWANDLE Ngelixa ulwandle lunokuthi, kuninzi lwethu, lube nexabiso njengendawo yokuzonwabisa kunye nendawo yokuqhuba ezenkolo okanye inkcubeko, kufuneka sikhumbule kwakhona ukuba ulwandle olusempilweni lubalulekile ebomini njengoko uninzi lwe-oxygen engumoya esiwuphefumlayo (i-50% ukuya kwi-85% iveliswa zizityalo zaselwandle / kunye ne-plankton).  Ulwandle lukwasinceda ukuba simelane nokutshintsha kwemozulu – sesona sithinteli, lufunxa ubushushu obuvela kubushushu behlabathi (ukufudumala kufuna ukuhlala ngaphantsi kwe-1.5/2 degrees celcius). NGOKU LIXESHA LOTSHINTSHO OLUFANELEKILEYO KUMANDLA AHLAZIYEKAYO AZINZILEYO "Uphuhliso lwe-oil ne-gas" luyaqhubeka lukhuthazwa nangona kukho iingozi zoqoqosho.  IBhanki yeHlabathi yafunda amazwe ali-12 ase-Sub-Saharan afumanisa i-oil ne-gas eninzi phakathi kuka-2002 no-2020 - kwilizwe ngalinye kula mazwe i-oil ne-gas efunyenweyo yayixatyiswe ngokugqithisileyo, ixesha ukusuka ekufunyanweni ukuya kwimveliso lithathe ixesha elide kunelithenjisiweyo, kwaye nengeniso karhulumente ibisezantsi kunoko bekuqikelelwe.  Ngoko kutheni lungahoywa uphando kwaye kuqhutyekwa ukuphindaphinda iimpazamo zexesha elidlulileyo?  Amafutha efosili ayinto yakudala kwaye uMzantsi Afrika akufuneki ushiywe kwixesha elidlulileyo, kodwa unokukhulisa imisebenzi emitsha kunye namathuba oqoqosho kumandla ahlaziyekayo azinzileyo. KHUSELA IMISEBENZI EKHOYO Kwaye kwilizwe elitsala nzima ngenxa yamazinga aphezulu entswela-ngqesho angazange abonwe ngaphambili, kufuneka sikhusele imisebenzi ekhoyo. #ULWANDLELWETHUIKAMVALETHU Amawaka-waka abalobi abakhasayo kumaphondo amane aselunxwemeni athembele elwandle ukondla iintsapho zabo kwaye baphuhlise ubomi obunoqoqosho, ngelixa uKhenketho lubonelele ngemisebenzi engama-175 000 ngo-2019 eNtshona Koloni kuphela. Imibutho exhasa ukuchasa ukuphononongwa kwe-oil kunye ne-gas elwandle yile; Masifundise, South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, Eastern Cape Environmental Network, 350Africa.org, Amadiba Crisis Committee, Oceans Not Oil, KOBUSH ONTWIKKELINGSVERENIGING,  Extinction Rebellion, Save Langebaan Lagoon, Support Centre for Land Change Ukufumana ulwazi oluthe vetshe, yiya ku-www.thegreenconnection.org.za  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTubeRead more

The Green ConnectionCape Town, South Africa
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Created July 22, 2022
Petition to Simon Moore
support! Join us!The 10th Kingdom Connection | Official Fan Group - FacebookThe 10th Kingdom Connection - InstagramThe 10th Kingdom Connection - YouTube#The10thKingdom #The10thKingdomSequel #T10K2Read more

The 10th Kingdom Connection Official Fan ClubCalifornia, United States
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Created August 15, 2017
Petition to Detroit City Council, Mayor Mike Duggan
-Berlin Connection is leading efforts to end the decades-long dance curfew from 2 to 7:30 a.m. in theRead more

Detroit-Berlin ConnectionDetroit, MI, United States
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Created September 17, 2019
Petition to Kay Ivey
Powerline Road is essential for relief of traffic pressure headed to Perdido Beach Blvd. This can also be used in transporting people to hospital facilities or evacuation if deemed necessary. This road was initially recognized but not developed before it was used only to maintain electrical lines. The city of Orange Beach has requested and submitted many plans to build a raised structure or "bridge" to not obstruct animals and other wildlife inhabiting the area. It is crucial to the infrastructure that we get ahead of the curve on more people moving to and visiting our island. Please join this as a first line of offense to get the ball rolling for action to be taken in this matter. It is up to the citizens to show initiative to get the governing bodies to respond.Read more

Jeb SmithOrange Beach, AL, United States
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Created September 4, 2019
Petition to Martin Schulz (SPD)
To whom it may concern We are outraged by the cruelty, brutality against dogs and cats in Romania and also against people who care for cats and dogs. It is a disgrace for a supposedly civilized country and a disgrace to the whole of Europe ! What monstrous example given to children who become adults will do the same for them as the cruelty and brutality is normal and accepted ! We know that many people in Romania are against this barbarism encouraged and rewarded by the Romanian state and these people must have a lot of courage to show they love animals. What we see of Romania is monstrous and unworthy of a country that claims to be civilized. Most countries in Europe and elsewhere are shocked and want that Romania stop the killing of dogs. Most countries boycotting Romania and rightly too ! No more human welfare for Romania we support only animal welfare and people who protect animals because of this brutality and injustice to people who care for animals and to animals.     Below you will see pictures of the horror, the unbearable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f-ntpllt5A#t=99 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE04bPJInnQ Dr. Annamaria Grabowski My Blog Straydogsworldwide | http://straydogsworldwide.wordpress.com/  Read more

Annamaria Dr. Grabowski M​.​A.Gundelshausen-Kelheim, CA, Deutschland
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Created November 8, 2013
Petition to 8990 Deca Homes and PLDT
boxes for PLDT just to provide reliable internet connection for the home owners but since PLDT is still internet connection which is very slow and expensive for consumers. There are times P2P is not usable when and P2P is not a good connection for call center agents, freelancers and business person who works connection as COVID evolves employees to work from home it is imperative to have a reliable internet connection as soon as possible. Some even got to the point who got laid off from work, or have to travelRead more

Marvin MahilumBacolod City, Philippines
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Created November 27, 2021
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