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PETITION TO COUNTY OF BRUCE REGARDING BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION IN WALKERTON WE, THE UNDERSIGNED CONCERNED CITIZENS, are very concerned about the impact the upcoming Walkerton bridge construction will have on residents, emergency services, local businesses, visitors/tourists, volunteer groups, Brockton taxpayers and the environment.  WE BELIEVE THAT WHEREAS:  1.      Bruce County will be constructing a Durham Street bridge in Walkerton to replace the existing 80+-year-old structure, with construction to take place over an 18-month to two-year period, and 2.      The citizens of all of the Municipality of Brockton, and many neighbouring jurisdictions will suffer irreparable harm socially, economically and environmentally without a temporary bridge for both pedestrians and vehicles or similar option across the Saugeen River during the construction period, and 3.      Bruce County must ensure timely response by First Responders, including Fire, EMS and OPP, potentially saving lives, preventing injuries and protecting property, and 4.      Bruce County must consider the detrimental effects on low income, elderly and ill citizens who will be unable to access goods, services and health care on a timely basis, and 5.      Disruption due to construction will have a significant effect on the success of community volunteer-run events, including fundraisers, sports tournaments and Homecoming (planned for 2026), and 6.      Brockton’s and Walkerton’s livelihood and vibrant communities depend significantly on businesses in Brockton and Walkerton, the majority of which are classified as ‘small business’ and are still recovering from financial loss during COVID, and 7.      Many of these businesses cannot survive economically over an 18 month to two-year period if a temporary bridge or similar option is not constructed, as many customers and visitors will avoid the area altogether, and 8.      Bruce County, through its Official Plan, is committed to protect and when possible enhance the quality of the natural environment, encourage economic development and prosperity, and encourage social, cultural and educational facilities and services, and FURTHER THAT re-routing traffic to Conc. Rd. 2N and Bruce Road 19 during the construction period WILL: 1.      Have a detrimental effect on response times of First Responders both locally and when called to assist neighbouring communities in emergency situations, and 2.      Have a detrimental effect on the ability of residents to get to work and school and/or participate in extra-curricular activities and after school jobs, especially during winter months and spring floods, and 3.      Triple current costs in time, fuel and vehicle wear and tear for Walkerton/Brockton residents and their families as well as business owners, delivery/trucking companies and regular visitors to the area, and 4.      Cause environmental harm due to thousands of tonnes of incremental greenhouse gasses from CO2 emissions, and  5.      Cause further economic and environmental harm and disruption for residents during the preparatory period including road remediation and traffic light installation, then THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the signatories to this petition demand: -        That pedestrians and vehicles shall continue to be able to cross the Saugeen River through Walkerton, unimpeded during the construction period, including First Responders of all types, and -        That Bruce County fund and construct a temporary bridge (or similar option) and, if necessary, approach both the federal and provincial governments for assistance, no matter what the cost, and -        That a detour costing millions of dollars not be considered unless absolutely necessary, and even then, in conjunction with a temporary bridge.Read more

Jason JacksonCanada
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Created June 10, 2023
Petition to National Railway Museum, City of York Council, York Central Partnership
Leeman Road was built to connect and support the community around it. The Railway Museum’s (NRM) plans to use public money to build a new “Central Gallery” over the road will limit pedestrian and cycle access by removing residents’ right of way outside of its opening hours. This will leave less secure, less accessible, and more time-consuming alternatives such as the riverside walk, or the new park which is included in the wider plans for York Central. We, the undersigned, demand the NRM and York Central Partnership change their plans so that they find a solution which does not limit this access, and works for both them and the community.Read more

Christine JohnsonUnited Kingdom
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Created July 3, 2018
Petition to Cornwall Council, UK Government, First Bus Kernow, First Bus Company, Transport for Cornwall, Plymouth City Transport, George Eustice MP, Scott Mann MP, Sheryll Murray MP, Steve Double MP, Derek Th...
Let's make Cornish Public Transport accessible and affordable for all! We need more people using public transport! People need to be able to rely on public transport!  Cornwall has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, but the infrastructure of Cornwall is failing. Cornwall needs ALL of your help to sign this petition to improve public transport and make it accessible and affordable for everyone who visits, lives and loves Cornwall.  Cornwall’s infrastructure does not support the amount of cars on the road. Car parks overflow every year throughout Cornwall, roads become congested, and residential areas suffer badly from overflow parking. To achieve more people using public transport we need UK Parliament and Cornwall Council to: Set up an Oyster card system that connects ALL the different public transport services in Cornwall (First Bus Kernow, Transport for Cornwall and Great Western Railway!). Increase public transport services during commuter hours! (Not just focused on tourism peaks!). Connect all rural areas around Cornwall via public transport (especially since most of Cornwall is rural!). Don’t forget: if fewer people can afford to live near their place of work, and fewer people can afford their commute to work; then fewer people can work!  After sharing these issues, the response I received from Chris Deakin - Senior Transport Officer (Cornwall council) said this is “largely outside of the control of the Council, but we will continue to review these issues with these commercial companies”.  A petition I made to improve public transport via the UK Parliament website, was rejected because apparently:  “It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not responsible for.” If the UK Government have told me they are "not responsible" for improving public transport, and Cornwall Council have told me it's "largely outside of the control of the Council" because the companies are commercial.... who is left to go to to change this....I don’t know what else to do other than this petition via Change! I’ve been on BBC spotlight twice now, and spoken on BBC Radio Cornwall...I’ve had two petitions rejected by UK Parliament. I met with my local MP Derek Thomas, 8 months ago, who has shown me no progress. I’ve contacted Cornwall Council who said transport companies in Cornwall are now commercial and so this is no longer their responsibility! I’m doing this for everyone who appreciates Cornwall. And I can’t do this on my own...this is my last try... By signing this petition you are supporting the future of KERNOW and making it affordable and accessible for everyone!  SIGN. SHARE. And SHARE AGAIN! FOR KERNOW! All the best,  Cheers now!Alice x P.S. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ORIGINAL LETTER SENT LAST YEAR TO CORNWALL COUNCIL AND DEREK THOMAS MP! CLICK HERE FOR HOMEMADE NEWS VIDEO TO SHARE THIS FURTHER!Read more

Alice Ellis-brayLamorna, United Kingdom
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Created May 25, 2021
Petition to The City of Martinez, Mark Ross, Lara DeLaney, Brianne Zorn, Debbie McKillop
(**note** please sign our petition, but do NOT donate any money on this petition, thanks!).  John Muir is known as the Father of our National Park System and he co-founded the Sierra Club in 1892. The land once part of his famous 2,600 acre ranch is threatened by development and needs your help. Please sign the petition and ask the City of Martinez to protect this beautiful open space for all future generations. The ridgeline in this photo is the highest elevation hill in the City of Martinez, and the only land once owned exclusively by John Muir.  Filled with huge heritage oak trees, rising 680 feet above sea level, imagine John Muir would watch the sunset from this ridgeline, feeling the sun's energy and wind that shapes the majestic trees.  How often did this hill inspire Muir?   Our nation's greatest environmentalists, who saved Yosemite, and who's legacy of preserving the wilderness is more relevant today than ever.   With 360 degree views, and home to federally endangered wildlife species, this land could become a historical tribute to John Muir, an urban wilderness open to the public to enjoy, not bulldozed for 106 homes and over 400 trees removed. The spirit of Muir is alive on the Alhambra Hills, let's save it!  Please sign the petition!  read more at:  http://baynature.org/articles/could-ghost-of-john-muir-save-alhambra-hills-from-development/Read more

Jamie FoxMartinez, CA, United States
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Created February 17, 2014
Petition to Tarrytown Mayor and Board of Trustees
I do not support creating a new zoning district (Station Area Overlay  or SAO), to allow further high density development in Tarrytown's station area without first performing a comprehensive traffic study to determine the impact of existing and potential future projects on Tarrytown's already crowded roadways.  If the SAO district is approved, there is the potential for up to 700 new residential units to be built in the station area which, in conjunction with the 1,177 residential units at Edge on Hudson, could have potentially disastrous consequences for vehicular mobility throughout Tarrytown.  WE DO NOT WANT MORE TRAFFIC!  Read more

Peter BartolacciTarrytown, NY, United States
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Created February 23, 2021
Petition to EA Sports
Gm connected was one of the most beloved game modes in the nhl video game world. There’s a huge market for sports video games and it’s only growing by the day. Gm connected is a mode for the NhlRead more

Matthew OlkhovetskyGreat Neck, NY, United States
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Created May 2, 2019
Petition to EA Games, EA Sports, NHL18
rid of an awesome game mode known as GM Connected. Please sign this petition to show EA that peopleRead more

Antonio LeporeUnited States
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Created July 12, 2017
Petition to City of Winnipeg, Matt Allard, Mayor Bowman, Emergency Operations Centre
Act Now! On July 7th, 2020, the City of Winnipeg is planning to shut down the few pieces of expanded emergency walking and cycling network started in response to COVID-19. This decision by the City is deeply disappointing to us. We need more healthy transportation options, not less. Now, more than ever.  With summer approaching, amid unprecedented uncertainty about our health and economy, individuals will be experiencing the long-term effects of isolation, working from home or being out of a job and families will be out and about exploring. Tens of thousands of people will have come to see Winnipeg in a new way only to have the few key, fragile, and rare pieces of a temporary healthy street network shut down without explanation and despite the overwhelming popularity of the facilities themselves and a clear window of opportunity to create change.  Cities worldwide are racing to open bicycle pathway networks using cones, flower planters, and jersey barriers - anything they can find. More cities are changing laws and fast-tracking their healthy transportation plans and expanding sidewalks to maintain social distancing. Meanwhile, the City of Winnipeg’s decision is to move backwards. Look at other Canadian cities: Montreal recently announced a plan to add 50 km in 2 weeks, totalling 320kms in just a few months. Calgary and Edmonton quietly increased their pathway networks by closing a few streets at a time throughout the crisis with more to come. Toronto continues to expand its walking and cycling network with its #ActiveTO plan. Meanwhile, Winnipeg is going back to the status quo. We are a city, at times, unwelcoming to people on foot or bicycle; we have no backup plan for transit riders who wish to keep their distance; we have no shortage of people who, having confronted their own mortality out of necessity, are rethinking the wisdom of driving a car so much for the sake of healthy air, mind and body.  The City of Winnipeg and the Emergency Operations Centre are not taking the needs of transit users seriously. If they were, we would see a plan. At the same time, they do not appear to recognize the bigger problem Winnipeg faces in the future of undesirable modal shift. We simply can not handle that many cars; it already affects our commute times and quality of life in measurable ways. For these reasons, we are taking the extraordinary steps of starting this petition. If driving is perceived as the only safe option, we all lose. That includes those of us who drive and will now face more traffic in front of us. It means young family members will be clamouring for a ride when they could have safely gone on their own. We deserve better options.  Once the pandemic lockdown hit, it became clear to an entire planet that large swaths of roadway were being used inefficiently mostly to move machines instead of people. A lot of them have said repeatedly they would prefer a better way. And when close quarters became untenable on transit and people were asked to stay, the folly of neglecting investment in the simpler human modes became clear.   Luckily, there is no shortage of space and plenty of willingness to try something different. Repeatedly, the majority of people in Winnipeg have said they would like to be healthy, stay active and feel safe. Nearly 3/4 of us say we would like bike lanes on major streets and it would get us to bike either “more” or "a lot" more; we'll take both, especially now. We know children are not capable of handling the high speeds on roads today. It will get worse if we allow it to continue. COVID-19 made things clear. There is a better way. Families are experiencing streets free of traffic for the first time. Some learned to ride a bicycle during the pandemic and won't look back. Bike shops are running out of supplies. Your own grandparents may have suddenly felt a little bit safer.  Winnipeg's cycling and walking networks have many gaps. We have to keep everything we have and expand them until it all connects.Read more

Anders SwansonTilburg, Canada
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Created May 26, 2020
Petition to Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Kevin Stitt
Families are shaken and torn apart with the recent Oklahoma DOC policy change disqualifying certain minors from visiting their incarcerated loved ones. As of August 28, 2019 DOC will no longer allows minors to visit unless they are immediate family member of the inmate. This means children who are nieces, nephews, cousins or family friends are prohibited from  visiting inmates who are in Oklahoma DOC custody. The connection with inmates and their loved ones is sometimes the only hope and joy for people serving time behind bars. Allowing minors, who now do not qualify, visit their loved one will be beneficial for the mental health of the inmate, the children, and all family involved. The end objective here is to keep inmates relationships with family and loved ones strong. Paying the price of their crimes is one thing. Tearing apart the hearts and families of those incarcerated is demoralizing. Review and research for over 20 years shows the positive effects of family visits on those incarcerated. The connection at visits promotes inmates well being, reduced prison rule breaking and helps with recidivism.  Prison visits are shown to reduce depressive symptoms in woman and adolescent prisoners.   This new policy will negatively effect the mental health of thousand of people.  This change not only compromises the mental health of the inmate but also impacts the children and their family or guardians who will also have to deal with the repercussions this policy has caused.  Please read below the recent change in policy. Sign and share this petition to keep loved ones as close as they can be.  IMPORTANT DOC VISITATION POLICY CHANGEEffective 08/28/2019CHANGES IN MINORS THAT ARE ALLOWED TO VISIT With the approval of the facility head, children under the age of 18 years may be approved to visit an inmate as outlined below: a.) Natural or adopted children of an inmate must be accompanied by an inmate's approved visitor. b.) All other children must be immediate family members of the inmate and must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.  In documentation; such as a birth certificate, to reflect parentage.   IMMEDIATE FAMILY IS AS FOLLOWS: spouse, natural or surrogate parents, grandparents, father-in-law, mother-in-law, children (to include step children and adopted children) grandchildren, siblings, and aunt or uncle. This means, if the minor is not the inmate's immediate family member they will no longer be allowed to visit.  No nieces, nephew, cousins, friend's children etcRead more

Chelsea ColwellTulsa, OK, United States
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Created September 1, 2019
Petition to Greg Hunt
Despite fears the COVID-19 pandemic will leave long-term mental health scarring, the government is set to cease Medicare-rebated telehealth services for all Australians on September 30. Gidget Foundation Australia is calling for the government to confirm the extension of the telehealth MBS item numbers past the current 30 September expiry date. New independent research reveals psychological telehealth services have delivered equal, if not better results, on clinical screening measures for depression and anxiety. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has seen Australian service providers turn to telehealth solutions to deliver vital services to those in need.  Despite Australian’s mental health in a state of despair, the government is set to cease Medicare-rebated telehealth services to Sept 30 for all Australians.During the pandemic, Medicare Benefits for telehealth services were expanded to cover all of Australia indefinitely.  Australian Psychological Society (APS) Chief Executive Officer Ros Knight says, “Psychologists see first-hand the impact of perinatal depression or anxiety on new parents, every day. With the added challenges 2020 has presented to us all, we have been relieved to be able to continue supporting these new mothers through the use of telehealth appointments.” With one in five (20%) mothers and one in ten (10%) fathers experiencing perinatal anxiety and depression, Gidget Foundation Australia believes that specialist perinatal counselling is a key step on the road to recovery. “When an expectant or new parent is experiencing those overwhelming feelings of anxiety or depression, sometimes a chat with the local GP just isn’t enough. It’s critical that when parents are in this fragile state, they’re getting support from professionals who specialise in perinatal psychological support. Our Gidget Foundation team can not only offer hands-on, practical advice but also connect them with other local services or support groups” (Arabella Gibson, CEO Gidget Foundation Australia).  One such parent that can speak to the benefits of the Start Talking telehealth program is Gidget Angel, Edwina Sharrock. “Having a baby is a huge time of transition for new parents and for some people, leaving the house can feel overwhelming. The priority during this time should be on rest, recovery, establishing feeding, and bonding with your new baby. The Start Talking telehealth services mean new mums don’t have to travel far away from their support networks, worry about navigating traffic or finding a park – they can just focus on getting the support and love they need from their session. The closest Gidget House for me is over 500kms away, so telehealth was really the only option for me to connect with a perinatal specialist as we just don’t have them in regional Australia,” Sharrock said. Please support Gidget Foundation Australia to ensure that expectant and new parents in need are able to access the support they need. Read more here About Gidget Foundation AustraliaRead more

Gidget Foundation AustraliaAustralia
748 supporters
Created September 8, 2020
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