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Petition to PLUS Malaysia Berhad, Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Competition Commission, Anthony Loke
Starting October 15th, Malaysian PLUS highway will NOT allow prepaid Touch & Go (T&G) to be topped up at highway entrance or exit after refused to accept cash payment years prior. This was aimed at reducing congestion at the two choke points. However, users have experienced FRUSTRATION, STRESS, & ANXIETY with DIFFICULTY  in finding T&G prepaid top-up points, especially for users away from KL such as Johor, Perak & Kedah where such stations are sparce. For instance, users from Johor Bahru to Pagoh can only top-up at Machap R&R. More frustratingly, top-up providers are often "offline", or the self service terminal is full of cash that it refuse to accept it anymore. Worst, both happened at the same time! Online top-up for T&G never existed. Users often have to conduct multiple stops at different places, only to learn that the top-up points is not working. This service providers also plotted with credit card providers to offer "Zing" service, charging RM2 for each RM50 reloads, a 4% charge. This fee does not contribute to overall quality improvement of PLUS service. PLUS and T&G should prepare ample top-up stations, drive thru kiosks, and online top-up to ease the stress, anxiety & grievance experienced by users before even executing the blanket rule planned on 15th October. Malaysia Competition Commission should fine both Plus and T&G for misusing their position as Monopoly for the payment method & sole provider for highway between Northern & Southern Malaysian Peninsular. Court battle between PLUS, Touch 'n Go & CIMB should not be at the expenses of users! Read more

Muhammad AzmiJohor Bahru, Malaysia
16,116 supporters
Created Oct 10, 2019
Petition to CIBC
Walking downtown in Englehart, Ontario early this afternoon, I noticed someone reading a notice at CIBC. I stopped to see what this notice was all about.In short, in November of this year, they are going to close the CIBC branch location in our small town. They are going to leave us bankless in less than a year and want us to travel pretty much a half an hour away just so we can do our everyday banking. That does not seem like everyday banking to me and isn't that one of their mottos?It definitely will not be that. With the way gas prices are now and how expensive it is getting, it might be once a week, or even twice a week. People have lives and jobs and they can't spend a half an hour one way, do their banking, and then spend another half an hour to get back. People work until 3:30, 4 p.m., or even later, how are they going to do their banking and be able to talk to anyone before the branch in New Liskeard even closes. People also have families as well and this is a lot of time taken away from families with newborns or helping out with homework, etc.A lot of these people are senior citizens, they might not have transportation or are able to get to New Liskeard as easy as other people. How do you expect them to get to the bank and actually talk to someone about things?Going onto the CIBC website, right in the top lefthand corner beside the red and yellow logo are the words "Banking that fits your life." This is banking that absolutely does not fit our lives. This is banking that seems like it fits the big corporation's lives and not the every day consumer's life.CIBC, you are making an absolutely big mistake in closing the bank. You are not only affecting the lives of the average person, but you are also affecting the lives of all the business owners that rely on the bank every single day.Please CIBC, don't shut the bank down. #saveEnglehartCIBC  Read more

John LearEnglehart, Canada
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Created May 16, 2018
Petition to Snapchat
a backup and demand a much easier not complicated way to use this app. The old Snapchat was, better, and less complicated Snapchat back to us by the end of February and if not we will stop using this app until it is replaced by its older self.Read more

Craig Wallace, KnightAlabama, United States
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Created Feb 7, 2018
Petition to Tanganyika Millard
After many minor alterations to the bell schedule late into the 2016-2017 school year, many thought things couldn't get any worse. Now, they have. The WPHS Administration recently released a video explaining the new bell schedule, and it is an absolute catastrophe, with a bunch of specific rules that only serve to further complicate transit between classes. 1) There are now 8 periods, but really only 7 because period 3 doesn't actually exist. This means period 3 is no longer every day, but only on silver days. 2) Period 3 has been replaced by an even split of what is essentially homeroom and a rotating period, which students must keep track of. 3) The order in which the homeroom and the rotating period occur also depends on which number day it is. Normally, homeroom comes first, followed by the rotating period. However, on days where the rotating period is 5, instead of simply sending people to period 5 for rotating period, and then letting them stay there for actual period 5, the schedule calls for the order to be swapped, with students going to 5th, then to homeroom, then back to 5th. 4) WT no longer exists, even though many students used it to spend time in classes and with people they normally wouldn't be able to as much/at all. Dear WPHS Administration, this petition is intended to persuade you to revert the schedule to its original form, and make it far easier to work with. As the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Read more

Austin HouckAlexandria, VA, United States
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Created Aug 15, 2017
Petition to New Zealand Government, Jacinda Adern, Andrew Little
Issues are: The Adoption Act 1955 is outdated for modern NZ. It is complicated and not clearlyRead more

Christian NewmanAuckland, New Zealand
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Created Aug 16, 2018
Petition to Port Townsend School District
    If you´re here it means you show interest in this cause and I thank you for that.             Mathia has been around since 2018 and ever since then students stuck with the program have struggled. As a student, I can verify that Mathia isn´t an effective way of teaching students. We are often left confused or staring at the same problem for upwards of 10 minutes. This is because of Mathia's odd and overcomplicated problem-solving tools that are required to complete a problem and buggy software that will correct you with the same answer that you just typed.               And the issue isn´t just with the students. Often when requiring help, parents, teacher assistants, and even in some situations; teachers, cannot understand a set of problems or workspace. If a program is so confusing and hard to understand to the point where even the person assigning the work cannot understand it, why should the students have to do it?               One of many solutions that could be applied to the issue is that instead of using Mathia, the school system could use a different form of learning from the Carnegie Learning program. We are aware that the school system purchased Carnegie for the next few years, but that doesn´t mean that a positive difference cannot be made.                 Mathia clearly isn´t positively affecting students and it shows. Keep in mind, this petition is to get rid of Mathia, not Carnegie Learning. Students have described how they abhor this way of learning and so have teachers in response. And it´s always the same answers with a few altercations: ¨Its out of my hands.¨ But it's in someone's, and this message is for them. Read more

Samuel MugrageUnited States
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Created Mar 18, 2021
Petition to Ramesh Pokhriyal, Ministry of Human Resource Development
it. Our minds are no less complicated, just like the benefits physical education brought about inRead more

Anto PhilipIndia
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Created Jun 28, 2020
Petition to Wrthless
It good song me want coverRead more

Grant OakleyUnited Kingdom
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Created Jan 22, 2019
Petition to diane.bellemare@sen.parl.gc.ca , marc.gold@sen.parl.gc.ca , peter.harder@sen.parl.gc.ca , larry.smith@sen.parl.gc.ca , PM@pm.gc.ca , andrew.scheer@parl.gc.ca , jagmeet@ndp.ca , Elizabeth.May@parl.g...
psychologists understand more about the complicated ways different people respond to traumas like rape. TheirRead more

Lou JurgensToronto, Canada
62,910 supporters
Created Jun 26, 2018
Petition to Andrew Cuomo, David Carlucci, Kenneth Zebrowski, New York State Department of Health
tattoo laws that were passed, bill S1421-2015. The wording regarding single use inks is complicatedRead more

Bridget PunsalangClifton Park, NY, United States
48,876 supporters
Created Aug 25, 2015
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