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Petition to Shiv Sena, Udhay Samant, Aaditya Thackerey, Varsha Gaikwad
We all know, the SSC students never got justice in their life. We always had to struggle when it comes to our marks. We don’t have any problem, grudges or any jealousy towards the ICSE Board. As we know that recently the ICSE results came out and NOT A SINGLE student got below 70% or 65%. Wanna know the reason? Because their TOUGHEST exams including Science 1, Science 2, Maths 1 and Maths 2 got cancelled. On the other hand, we SSC students spent hours and days and months studying and understanding this subjects. All we need is equal marks, percentage and majority just like ICSE students. We are not jealous the only thing is we are scared because the paper which got cancelled was the most scoring among any other paper. I, on behalf of every SSC student among Maharashtra, demand for equality and equal justice. By using my right to speech, I request our respected Chief Minister, Shri. Uddhav Thackerayji to take some necessary measures for the youth of India, for the youth of Maharashtra. Jai Maharashtra.Read more

S Mmumbai, India
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Created July 11, 2020
Petition to Wrestling families
If you’re reading this, you’re most likely wondering what could be so special about the high school sport, wrestling. It doesn’t matter if you don’t play it, or have never watched a match in your life; what matters is the discrimination the WIAA is hurling at wrestling participants across the state of Wisconsin. With the stress of COVID-19, it is easy for us to understand that many sports will experience large changes in their schedules to protect the health of students. What is not easy to understand is the regulations the WIAA has posted for winter sports, specifically targeting wrestling. Every other winter sport gets a pretty normal season with few stipulations of how many games can be played. Wrestling is allowed 7 total matches for the whole season - one match per week. The question here is simple: Why is wrestling treated so much differently? And that is the question I am asking all of you to ask yourselves. Why should another sport be treated so much better than another? Just because wrestling involves possibly more physical contact than basketball, won’t the virus still be brought into the school because of other sports? And, why, WIAA, are you targeting wrestling??  The reason I care so much about wrestling getting a fair season is because my brother just happens to be a senior. He’s wrestled since he was 3 years old and has been training hard to be the best for this year. He will never wrestle another match again if this year doesn’t continue. He will never reach his goal of getting 100 wins if there are only 7 matches throughout the season. He will never get the shot to go to state, become a conference champ, or to be a captain, because all of that will be cancelled, too. I’m asking, practically begging, each and every one of you to sign this petition. Picture your own kid, brother, sister, or close friend, completely devastated because they do not get a senior year. Put yourself in my brother’s shoes. The point of this petition is not only for wrestling, but for the hope that it will give an equal opportunity to all sports. Everyone deserves a fair shot. By signing this petition, I’m hoping that with enough signatures, the WIAA will reconsider its decision and make it equal to other sports. Thank you.Read more

Onalie DennisUnited States
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Created October 22, 2020
Petition to Bill de Blasio
the cameras in 2012, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent compared withRead more

Stanford FranklinAlva, FL, United States
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Created July 23, 2014
Petition to UK Parliament, RSPCA, The British Council, BBC
It is now unfortunately very apparent that dog theft and pet crime in society has been thriving ever since the UK lockdown: this being one of the most devastating effects of it. Pets are a huge part of the family home and it’s barbaric that at most, those who commit such crimes often end up with a fine and little to no jail time. Fraudsters and scammers have been finding extremely efficient ways in luring people in with fake ‘adoption/rehoming’ posts via Facebook and Instagram and have been sharing them to a number of established dog pages for publicity which in turn has resulted into many falling victim to these scams. Dog theft is not a particular offence and the crime of theft carries a sentence of up to seven years according to the Theft Act 1968 and this doesn’t target our issue. Dog theft needs tougher and stricter punishments.  Over 2000 dogs are stolen each year on average with less than 5% resulting into a conviction and a heartbreaking 22% are only ever reunited with their owners.  The Kennel Club reported a 168% increase on people searching puppies for sale which has made lockdown the prime time for thieves as so many of us have yearned for a furry companion. Having said this, fined penalties are no way enough to justify the trauma that families are left suffering and it’s paramount that we have a tougher justice system regarding dog theft. It’s not at all ‘misdemeanour’ it is a crime ! That is infact very calculated and we need to treat it like one! Lets make dog theft an offence! Once and for all!!Read more

Louisha TaylorLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 18, 2021
Petition to Governo Federal
to the Brazilian Space Agency, this year the number of Amazon forest fires increased 84% compared toRead more

Gabriel SantosRio Branco, Brasil
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Created August 21, 2019
Petition to Governo Federal
to the Brazilian Space Agency, this year the number of Amazon forest fires increased 84% compared toRead more

Gabriel SantosRio Branco, Brasil
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Created August 21, 2019
Petition to Total Health Care, Health Net
People who take drugs such as herion are able to get low cost medical treatment by getting a prescription for a low dosage of methadone for as little as $35 AUS per week, unless given a subsidy where there is no cost at all. This is because the types of people dependant on this treatment are low-income earners. Then you have people living with cancers such as leukaemia that require a lot of medical treatment, this can cost up to $100 000 per year. However the government says they are going to lower the costs to $38.80 per month and $6.30 for those wuth a concession. However this is only targetted at one specific medicine for people who suffer from the most common form of leukemia. Imbruvica, which is used to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Does not include any help for the costs of other cancer treatments suchs as chemotherapy. This is all very good and well but let's now look at the families that require their children to access treatment and the costs for them to seek accomodation to be nearby their sick child. The costs for families to stay in places such as Ronald MacDonald House is $25 per day considered as a donation, if they are unluckly to not be asked to stay at no cost. Lets think about this, a person dependent on methadone treatment may only need this treatment for no longer than 10 years. So if the person pays $35 per week for 10 years the total cost they will pay is $18 200. Whereas a person who needs cancer treatments will most likely require this for several months. Lets say a person with the most common form of leukemia needs the Imbruvica medicine for 2 years, this is a cost of $931.20 or for concession holders $151.20. This is considerably less than a person who requires methadone treatment for a maximum of 10 years, but what about the costs of other treatments? Chemotherapy for example can have a cost for initial treatment as little as $7000, the costs can vary depending on a persons stage of cancer, the specific drugs required and any other factors relevant to the person. Sometimes the treatment can be as high as $30 000 over an eight week period. Obviously a cancer patient will more than likely require therapy for longer than eight weeks so this then costs the person and their family a lot of money. If we think about this over a 2year period, initial treatment is $7000, then a minimum cost of $30 000 over an eight week period adds up to $202 000. Some people may not even survive this long so this could become considerably less.  But now let's think about the families of children who need to go through this treatment. They clearly cant just work to fund this sort of money plus funding the costs for if they require to stay nearby. $25 a day may not sound like much but if your child is in hospital for a year this accounts up to $9 125 per year. Now that you are aware of the costs involved in my petition, I would like to see the government funding those that need it most. It's very unfair that people who choose to take herion get more help than people who didn't choose to have cancer.  Its time the goverment started helping families and people living with leukemia and seeking these expensive medical treatments with better funding. I'm hoping that if i get enough signitures that we as a country can get the attention of the government to make a change for those that need it the most. Please stand with me.Read more

Deon FergusonAustralia
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Created February 11, 2018
Petition to United Nations (UN), European Union(EU), NATO , Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, European Parliament (EP), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Turkıc Council, Gulf Cooper...
people migrated have much worse conditions when compared to other refugee camps around the world. It isRead more

Hikmet Anıl Öztekinİstanbul, Türkiye
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Created August 29, 2017
Petition to Kevin Cook, Home Lending Executive Supervisor
scheduled It has been estimated that at foreclosure, Chase may lose over $30,000 compared to thisRead more

OccupyNashville HousingProtectionFranklin, TN, United States
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Created January 8, 2012
Petition to Walmart, Adam Vaughan, Liora Freedman, Jennifer Keesmaat, Councillor Mike Layton
Major commercial developer Riocan wants to build a 7-story shopping mall with 3 floors of retail including a suburban-size Walmart and massive parking lot at Bathurst and College right between Kensington and Little Italy. Everything I love about my neighbourhood is threatened by this proposal: the human scale of the streetscape, the skyline, its walkability, the local independent businesses that give Kensington Market and Little Italy their character. A mall this large will flood one of the most exciting pedestrian areas of the city with cars. At 129,000 square feet, the proposed mall is 130 times larger than most of the stores on College and in Kensington Market. I’m especially concerned for my neighbours who own family-run businesses. As City Councillor Adam Vaughan pointed out at a public discussion, Walmart is known to use predatory pricing and other practices that put small independent stores out of business, making them the only game in town. This is one of the reasons so many communities have rallied to keep Walmart out of their cities. We can stop the mall. The City's Official plan doesn’t permit malls like this to be built close to residential neighbourhoods, which is why the Ontario Municipal Board has already once rejected the mall. But Riocan is pushing ahead anyway, applying to have the area re-zoned to let them build the mall. The re-zoning could be approved if we don't fight back. Toronto City Planning Division has the decision-making power to put a stop to this. Sign my petition to the city planning division demanding they respect their own Official plan and by-laws and stop this inappropriately large retail-only developement. Riocan’s application for re-zoning is part of a disturbing trend in our city. Exception after exception has been made to allow developers to bring in chain store retail in the downtown core that has a serious impact on the independent business that are the heart and soul of our neighbourhoods. If the communities around Bathurst and College win this fight against Riocan we will have set a precedent that could empower other neighbourhoods in Toronto to face down developers in the future. It's a battle we can't afford to lose. Update: We’ve just learned that Riocan has quietly submitted an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), challenging the current bylaw preventing development on Bathurst for one year, and asking the OMB to allow the site to be rezoned to let them build their mall. If the OMB rules in Riocan's favour, there will be nothing left stopping them from building the mall and bringing Walmart to the border of Kensington Market.   Click here to help the Kensington Market community commission independent planning and economic impact studies to level the playing field against "goliath" developer Riocan at the OMB hearing: https://projexity.com/projects/view/Save-Kensington-Market-from-Big-Box/18"     Update: On July 19th, City Council passed an Interim Control By-law covering both sides of Bathurst St. for a period of one year. It is a pause in development to allow for the Bathurst Street Study to be completed and new and updated rules put into place for the corridor. You can read more here: http://mikelayton.ca/interim-control-by-law-for-bathurst-street. We are pleased to see the city and the planning department slow down to take a look at what is appropriate for Bathurst Street. There are still concerns, however, that Riocan or any developer with projects in this corridor could appeal the by-law to the OMB. It's more important than ever to be prepared to counter Riocan's claim that the shopping mall will have no negative impacts on adjacent neighbourhoods and shopping districts. To that end, Friends of Kensington Market has teamed up with Projexity to crowd-fund professional studies showing realistic business and traffic impacts on Kensington Market and other adjacent areas. To learn more and contribute: https://projexity.com/projects/view/Save-Kensington-Market-from-Big-Box/18  Read more

Dominique RussellToronto, Canada
92,045 supporters
Created June 2, 2013
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