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Petition to n/a
In 2016, Schwan’s Company committed to transitioning over to 100% cage-free eggs by 2020. 2020 passed, and it didn’t keep its promise. Instead, Schwan's Company pushed back its deadline to 2025. And now, as 2025 approaches, Schwan’s Company shows no progress toward fulfilling its animal welfare know Schwan's Company won’t fail the animals again?  Had Schwan’s Company honored its commitment Company publicly report progress on its cage-free egg transition, other than the fact that it’s theRead more

The Humane League (THL)Maryland, United States
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Created Nov 17, 2022
Petition to Quaker Oat Company
Monsanto's weed killer, Roundup, which contains glyphosate has been detected in Quaker Oat products - including popular kid's oatmeals.  Quaker claims that the levels of glyphosate in their products are "safe" and can be consumed. Any amount of potential carcinogen should be unacceptable in our foods.  Quaker should be socially responsible and provide us with foods without any level of dangerous ingredients.   Read more

Robert LukachickAtlanta, GA, United States
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Created Aug 16, 2018
Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
issues. We're collecting signatures for have a support for an impeachment against this company. InRead more

Sergio Garcia BoteroManizales, Colombia
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Created Aug 28, 2019
Petition to FKE , Federation of Kenyan employers, All Kenyan employers
A number of PWDs need jobs in Kenya and although they have the required skills and knowledge, most Companies ignore them.  The Federation of Kenyan Employers(FKE) can assist in ensuring every employer has at  least 5% of employees as PWDs.Read more

Ngina Gathechanairobi, Kenya
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Created Nov 2, 2018
Petition to Solicitor General Sylvia Jones
This past week, Limeridge Mall and Dinos and Friends hosted a petting zoo with animals out on a hot tarmac in 37 degree weather with little to no shade and little to no water. Animals were seen in distress, panting and trying to keep cool. Due to many calls to action by the surrounding communities, the animals have been removed from the exhibit. However, these animals are owned by Tiger Paw Exotics, who have had many complaints lodged against them over the years, including in Sturgeon Falls and Aurora. They were also forced to shut down in Aurora due to unsuitable conditions (link below).  The Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act in Ontario covers offences, including causing or permitting distress to an animal causing harm. Basic standards of care that apply to all animals covered under the act, include requirements for adequate and appropriate food, water, medical attention and care, ventilation, light and protection from the elements, including harmful temperatures, sanitary conditions and space to enable natural movement and exercise, pens or enclosed, andtransportation in a manner that ensures an animal’s physical safety and general welfare.  Tiger Paw Exotics have not abided by these laws and should be forced to close down on the basis of these events and their mistreatment of animals. Please consider signing this petition and helping these animals, they need our help! https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ontario-street-festival-cuts-ties-with-petting-zoo-after-public-complaints-1.2935233?hootPostID=3413b424f17a43c590638f23edf34950  Read more

Taylor ValeeKitchener, Canada
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Created Jun 29, 2021
Petition to Trinidad and Tobago citizens
Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited. It was reported thereafter that Colin Piper and other personsRead more

Vanessa SoobrattieChaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago
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Created Mar 1, 2022
Petition to Tractor Supply Company, Hal Lawton, Seth Estep, Christi Korzekwa, John Ordus, Colin Yankee
that Tractor Supply Company could take to increase animal welfare, reduce animal mortality, but they consumers across the country. Please sign this petition to hold Tractor Supply Company accountable andRead more

Morgan GoldPeacham, VT, United States
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Created Mar 24, 2021
Petition to All'amministratore delegato di Cidiu S.p.A. Dott. Marco Scolaro
disposal company CIDIU S.p.A., where she has been working for 10 years, it has jumped to our eye and looks really absurd. It is not possible to dismiss and denounce an employee of a waste disposal company, Lisa made the company save on the costs of disposing of the old monopatt in question. Given these Ounnadi, 40, for all Lisa, in the company. For more details refer to article on Repubblica newpaperRead more

Sergio BarbestaMilano, 25, Italia
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Created Sep 29, 2017
Petition to The President of the United States
Motor Company to clean up and restore this beloved jewel of the New Jersey State Park system, ensuring the Ringwood Mines/Landfill Superfund Site in Ringwood, New Jersey, the polluter, Ford Motor CompanyRead more

Edison Wetlands AssociationEdison, NJ, United States
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Created Jul 30, 2011
Petition to Queensland Parliament, Queensland Health Minister
production company, which employs approximately 50 staff members from the local community, purchases milk sustainable footprint to the long term business model of the company. Maleny Dairies has been overlooked the tender, it would have ensured the safe guarding of the local work force employed by the company company. Norco experienced a similar situation when their tender for the local hospitals was denied, as a company they challenged the decision which was later rescinded and Norco won the tender. As wellRead more

Leigh ShawRothwell, QLD, Australia
58,706 supporters
Created Jan 16, 2020
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