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their community. The artist Sloe and his apprentice Ariel did an amazing job and if you can believe it share the petition So, if you love this mural as much as we do and want to help save our communityRead more

Robert CornejoUnited States
44,633 supporters
Created April 26, 2023
Petition to YAB Tuan Amirudin Bin Shari
Shah Alam Community Forest as a PERMANENT FOREST RESERVE for ecological, educational and recreational purposes. Shah Alam Community Forest (SACF) is one of the last remaining urban forests in Selangor. Apart from that, Shah Alam Community Forest forms a critical wildlife corridor that connects the two retaining the remaining largest and most important patch of unprotected forest - Shah Alam Community Forest. Saving Shah Alam Community Forest will achieve these:1) Provide a sanctuary and ecologicalRead more

Lai Chong HaurKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
106,429 supporters
Created December 27, 2018
Petition to YouTube
On July 30th, 2020, Youtube announced that they will be removing Community Contributions, a feature that the uploader has not. Community Contributions is a vital tool for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, as well as those who do not speak English as a first language. By disabling this featureRead more

Johnny .United States
72,232 supporters
Created July 30, 2020
Petition to Tumblr
TLDR: This petition is addressed to the Tumblr Community Officers as well as the base website support Tumblr has posted a message regarding their updates to the Community Guidelines. The post is environment possible for our community." According to SimilarWeb, a website that provides web about the method in which Terms of Service/Community Guideline violations are handled. Currently Community Guidelines, it could keep a sizeable portion of their userbase and as its always been, be aRead more

Astral JusFlorida, United States
147,163 supporters
Created December 3, 2018
Petition to Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust
NHS, to her community and to her colleagues - that midwives aren't valued and respected. This caseRead more

Community MidwifeUnited Kingdom
41,885 supporters
Created March 22, 2018
Petition to Google, Inc
content created in a language other than their own. Community captions have allowed these communities to come together and enjoy content they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Removing community. Community captions ensured that many videos were accessible that otherwise would not be. People from so calling on Google to reverse the decision to remove the community captions feature.Read more

Emma WolfeKIDDERMINSTER, ENG, United Kingdom
522,343 supporters
Created July 30, 2020
Petition to Mike Morhaime
Dear Mr. Morhaime, We are the team of Nostalrius Begins, a community dedicated to World of community from these threats, always devoted to helping people in your game which always amazed us with the players needs, seen as a friendly team by the community, as ID Software back in the days link between Blizzard and volunteer based legacy servers. We never saw our community as a threat community of fans that remains attached to future Blizzard games, as we have in no other gamingRead more

Nostalrius BEGINSÉtats-Unis
279,540 supporters
Created April 6, 2016
Petition to Wellesley Town Council
As a concerned citizen, I urge Wellesley Town Council members to act immediately to protect the dogs currently in licensed kennels. We are asking Council to demonstrate their commitment by placing a 10 year hiatus on the approval of any additional kennels; to limit the number of breeding dogs to be permitted at each kennel; to limit breeding cycles to one per year and to enforce a retirement age of 6 years with a humane succession plan for all breeding dogs; and to increase kennel inspections for bylaw compliance from yearly to quarterly with a third party inspector. We are asking Council to review the current kennel bylaws and make the needed changes to align with the industry standard: “A Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations” written by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA).https://www.canadianveterinarians.net/documents/code-of-practice-for-canadian-kennel-operationsRead more

Jan DammsCanada
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Created April 30, 2021
Petition to Rokhsana Fiaz, James Asser
We urge the Mayor and Newham Council to keep a Community Farm in Newham.  We consider our Newham City Farm to be a special place, a valuable asset and educational resource for the local community local community farm, many of our young people, who do not habitually travel outside their local local community for over 40 years. It provides an outdoor place to go and meet including for certain members of our community who cannot as easily benefit from what other green spaces have to offerRead more

Alison McLucasLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
48,201 supporters
Created August 21, 2021
Petition to Sandra Sagert
began harassing and threatening caretakers for simply feeding community cats; innocent creatures community.  Anaheim Fix Project/ OC Community Cats fought hard to get the law changed - and finally the ban care, fixing and feeding of many community cat colonies that were out of control and filthy but now are people to stop feeding and Anaheim Fix Project / OC Community Cats is trying to get the city to Sagart Community Preservation Manager: sseaton@anaheim.net More Info: Anaheim Fix Project is a projectRead more

Corina CalderonAnaheim, CA, United States
76,957 supporters
Created March 12, 2015
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