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Petition to Kipp Atlanta Collegiate High School
Hello, My name is Trey D. Carson. I am a 29 year male from Atlanta. I have been coaching track and field for 14 seasons. I have been coaching as a assistant coach for Kipp Atlanta Collegiate High is winning states! This petition is for not a paid coaching position but just being able toRead more

Trey CarsonUnited States
387 supporters
Created February 14, 2022
coaching facility, just 1 hour from Melbourne. Our facility is planned to be an Australian MTB your riding, supported by high end coaching. The aim is to build the foundations to allow you take commitment or other obligation in any way.    Petition in SUPPORT of the Joyride MTB Coaching Facility and advance our riding to highest level we desire, with access to quality coaching to ensure we areRead more

Cooper DowneyCarlton, Australia
2,094 supporters
Created May 10, 2022
Petition to Charleston County School District
Bud Walpole has been terminated from his head coaching job of the Academic Magnet Football teamRead more

Darius NwokikeCharleston, SC, United States
4,223 supporters
Created October 20, 2014
Petition to Boris Johnson
  Tourism is the backbone of this country , served by coaches . The coach industry has failed to receive adequate support as it doesn’t fit into any one category. The whole coach industry needs support . This country needs its tourism and the custom coach passengers bring .  Please help save this industry . It’s also the support staff, the supply chain etc They are not buses , they are coaches. You have helped buses, please help coaches . Who do you use during an election campaign to get your point across ? Rail replacement. Home to school , school trips and many more . Please extend the furlough period. Give the coach companies more financial help . Photo credit to RazzaHazzaPhotography and  Paul Webb who has restored the Shearings P306 VWR Volvo B10M VanhoolRead more

S BHastings, ENG, United Kingdom
16,801 supporters
Created April 24, 2020
Petition to NHS
Matt Parzero is the rock of Newton High school. A teacher that not only everyone appreciates, but everyone has great respect for. Mr. Parzero has taken a football program that has nearly accomplished nothing and won 4 straight division titles, brought the team to 2 State Finals, 4 straight Playoff appearances, and a record of 38-7 in 4 seasons. Coach Parzero is not just a teacher at Newton high school, he is everyone’s favorite teacher at Newton high school. The players of the Newton High School Football team do not just play for their school, their town, and their classmates. We play for Matt Parzero. And there’s not another person on earth we’d rather play for. Please sign this petition so we can keep Mr. Parzero. Read more

Aaron FantasiaUnited States
3,386 supporters
Created May 7, 2020
Petition to UK Cheer Supporters
On Monday some very serious, yet very false, accusations got 4 amazing coaches and the program advisor removed from their positions with UK Cheer. It is time we step up and have the backs of these 5 upstanding people and get them back where they belong. They do not deserve to have their names tarnished and the program suffer from false information. These 5 are some of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to. Help me, help these coaches and the program advisor!! Sign if you: stand behind these coaches, believe their removal from the program was unjust and demand the university exonerate them from these allegations. #truebluenodoubt #justiceforjomoRead more

Michelle RothwellPort Orange, FL, United States
17,736 supporters
Created May 19, 2020
Coach King has been a fantastic asset to the Havelock High Football team for many years, from his encouraging words on and off the field to his numerous connections with college coaches. Coach King has what it takes to help our student-athletes achieve their dreams of playing at the next level. Our football players, parents, staff, and community members want to see Coach King as the next head football coach at Havelock High School. The decision to select Caleb King as the next head coach at HHS will not affect Craven County School Board members after their decision. It will, however, affect the student-athletes of the Havelock High School football team today, tomorrow, and for the rest of their season.  Please sign this petition to encourage Craven County Schools Board members to make the decision that is in the best interest of OUR student-athletes and their futures.   Read more

Nishad StrotherNewport, NC, United States
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Created May 17, 2023
Petition to Squash South Africa, World Squash Federation, Paarl Squash Club, Western Province Cricket Club, Boland Junior Squash
Healthy lifestyles will beat Covid19. Squash is a 1vs1 sport, burning immense amount of calories. It only takes 45 minutes for a decent session.  It will be of immense benefit to players around the globe. It also fits in perfectly with our allocated exercise time limit in South Africa. There are a range of drills and routines that can be done to allow for great exercise while ensuring social distancing. Most venues can only accommodate 10 or 12 players in one session. So there cannot be mass gatherings. Read more

Darren Bruce-BrandPaarl, South Africa
1,117 supporters
Created May 3, 2020
period coaching I have remained unsuccessful. The AAA's position is that there is not enough requestRead more

Jason LambertUnited States
1,056 supporters
Created March 28, 2023
Petition to Harrisburg City, Patty Kim, Tom Wolf, Mayor papenfuse, Harrisburg Police Department
since he has been released, coaching and sponsoring a basketball group called Hoops 4 Hoops. ShymarRead more

Boli WesUnited States
812 supporters
Created September 6, 2020
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