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Petition to The artillery clan
Simple If we get to 50. The mods have to declare the flag officially as our fist flagRead more

Ali HaydarArbil, Iraq
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Created Aug 26, 2018
Petition to Mr. Fearns, Mr. Lunceford, Mrs. Ballantine, Mrs. Pillitteri
At Denver School of the Arts, we (the students) want to choose our OWN schedule. We want this because some people are growing less close because they are not in any classes together! This needs to change and I hope you can help us.Read more

Tyler PoznanovicDenver, CO, United States
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Created Sep 30, 2021
For hundreds of thousands of years, coral has slowly laid the foundation for life in the oceans. Now, humans are threatening the existence of all species of coral. If coral goes extinct, many species will follow and humanity will suffer.  In a hypothetical world without coral reefs, tsunamis, hurricanes, and exceptionally strong tides have devastated coastlines across the world. Coastal communities have been swept away by the raging ocean or starved after the fish population died out and the oceans became barren. To understand how these catastrophic circumstances could come to pass, it is important to understand what coral is and what role it plays. Coral is alive and classified as a very basic animal. Individual corals (called polyps) fuse together to create coral reefs, which are living habitats. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates that despite covering less than 0.1% of ocean surface area, coral reefs support over 32% of all discovered marine species by providing food and shelter. Therefore, coral reefs are amongst the  world’s most biodiverse ecosystems (UNEP). The Great Barrier Reef—the largest and most complex reef system on Earth—single handedly supports an estimated 1,500 fish species, 4,000 mollusc species, and 6 of 7 species of sea turtle according to the Natural History Museum. Coral reefs are also a vital commodity to communities and countries that rely on fishing as a source of income and food. If a reef is struggling to survive, the number of fish available to be caught will plummet. Healthy coral can also generate more tourism, which sustains the restaurant and hospitality industries.  Coral also plays a crucial role in protecting coastlines. Coral reefs usually grow in shallow waters near the coast, and for this reason they are capable of reducing wave strength by as much as 97% (NHM). This is how coral serves as a barrier from storms and extreme weather events.  Globally, it is estimated that more than 1 billion people are directly reliant on coral reefs for their livelihoods, food security, and wave protection (UNEP). Coral health has been rapidly deteriorating in recent years. According to a 2021 study published in the scientific journal One Earth, 50% of the world’s reefs have died since 1950. The reefs that remain are also in peril; the UNEP warns that 90% of surviving reefs may disappear by 2050. These frightening trends are a result of overfishing, pollution, and perhaps most significantly, rising temperatures of ocean water (UNEP). Coral conservation is a choice. We need to be prioritizing the health of coral reefs on the global and local scales. As individuals, we can help protect coral by: Donating: There are many non-profit organizations dedicated to coral research and restoration. Organizations worth donating to include the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) and the Global Coral Reef Alliance (GCRA). The GRCA has made significant scientific contributions to coral reef restoration efforts, and CORAL is extremely dedicated to educating communities in Honduras, Hawaiʻi, and Mexico on how to care for their local reefs. Volunteering: Becoming involved with non-profits which are directly focused on coral reefs is ideal, but may not be possible depending on your geographic location. Other options include participating in efforts to clean your local watersheds, which will eventually empty into the ocean and may impact coral colonies hundreds of kilometers away.  Consume Responsibly: If your diet includes seafood, be conscious of what brands you are buying from. Overfishing and other harmful fishing practices are partially responsible for the destruction of coral reefs. Purchase from companies that embody sustainable fishing. For more information, check out https://www.fishwatch.gov/  Pressure Governments: Demanding action from government officials can prompt them to legally create Marine Protected Areas around coral reefs. If you are passionate about saving coral reefs near your home country, write open letters to your Minister of Fisheries and Oceans (or the equivalent office) to encourage them to do more for these valuable marine habitats.  Sign: By signing this petition, you will raise awareness for the dire circumstances facing coral and the people who depend on it.   Read more

Kadence J.Canada
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Created Jun 7, 2022
Even if the grass roots membership of The Conservative Party constituted a good cross section of our society, it would still be grossly undemocratic for such a small minority to choose the person who will lead the country and make decisions which will affect all of us.  At the last election no one was asked..Do want Rishi? Or Liz? So on the one hand we have ...The people who are happy as it stands!  Approximately 200,000(max). And on the other.... THE REST OF THE POPULATION!!   This petition calls for a change in the law. Any political  leadership election which results in a new prime minister would then be immediately followed by a general election. Mandatory! Members of the conservative  have the right to choose their own leader.  But a Prime Minister chosen solely by this select group has NO MANDATE!   The voice.of democracy is always present but not always heard. It needs US to speak up for it. So, Speak up for yourself. ...  And for Everybody! (apart from the lucky 200,000!!) Sign the petition.Read more

Christopher NormanWallasey, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 21, 2022
Petition to Dr Hassan Moustafa, Michael Wiederer, Joël Delplanque, Anna Rapp, Frantisek Taborsky, Narcisa Lecusanu, Dr Mansourou A Aremou, Bader Al-Theyab, Per Bertelsen, Ramón Gallego, Dietrich Spate, Françoi...
As an Aussie sports-loving woman living in Norway, I am really disturbed to see the Norwegian women’s beach handball team fined for not playing in bikinis at the Euro 21 match with Spain. Male players are allowed to play in tank tops and shorts. But the International Handball Federation (IHF) rules state women players have to wear bikini bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg”. IHF says the outfit is consistent with the ‘attractive image of the sport’. You have to wonder who the outfit is really designed to please. The European Handball Federation’s (EHF) disciplinary commission fined the team $1,500 euros for defying the rules by wearing bike shorts instead of bikinis– even describing the shorts as “improper clothing"! The team had asked to be allowed to wear shorts but was threatened with a fine and even disqualification. I love that the women went ahead with shorts anyway! I’ve always been a big sportsperson. I was involved in athletics from a young age and now I train and compete in triathlons here in Norway. I’ve always felt that there’s a big difference in how men and women are treated in sport - different expectations about performance, appearance and clothing. Why should female athletes be punished for wearing an outfit which is functional and practical allowing freedom of movement without being worried about possible exposure to a big audience as well as unwanted comments and sexual harassment?  Global research shows the number of girls playing sport is declining because they are self-conscious about their bodies and attracting unwanted attention. Forcing women to wear bikini bottoms sends a bad message to all girls that sport isn’t about fitness and enjoyment, but about putting your body on display. I’m not going to let that continue. That’s why I am launching this petition calling on the IHF to drop this harmful rule – and on the EHF to drop the fine - and let women wear shorts. Talitha Stone #dropthefine #letthemwearshortsRead more

Talitha StoneBryne, Norway
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Created Jul 23, 2021
Petition to Music City Center
Music City Center in Nashville, TN has sold out decency and common sense in choosing to host SafariRead more

Carrie LeBlancHenderson, NV, United States
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Created Feb 6, 2015
Petition to Chief Justice of High Court of Delhi, chief justice of supreme court of India, President of India
9th April’21: Neelu Mehta was mercilessly stabbed 25 times by her husband - Harish Mehta. The incident occurred in broad daylight in the middle of the street with by-standers watching him massacre the defenseless woman who was on her way to Safdarjang Hospital where she worked (Caught on CCTV camera). He stabbed her repeatedly while she was on the ground, left her for dead, and then sat on the side of the road to "take a break" from the exhausting task of killing another human.    Harish had been demanding that she quit working as a Doctor/Nurse/Resident so as to become a house-wife. His house-wife. Why? Stemming from mutated patriarchy, he had a hunch that she was having an affair and therefore wanted to continue working. The truth? She wanted to continue working. At a day and age where women have to struggle against families, patriarchy and a generally regressive society - we should not have to also deal with maniacal men/husbands who think they have the right to end the life of a woman because she dares to choose her career, that too a job as a healthcare professional and a caregiver. This does not compute.    We demand #JusticeforNeeluMehta by demanding #DeathforHarishMehta, her husband. Death Penalty is the only a logical/reasonable plea i.e. proportionate punishment/justice.     POINTS TO BE NOTED Death Penalty Is Not Revenge: The death penalty is not revenge because revenge is taken in the absence of justice. When the law is involved - then it is simply just and proportionate punishment.    Jail Can Reform Him: Data suggests that violent criminals who inflict aggravated violent physical attacks (only) are remorseless individuals who feel that the Law already does NOT apply to them. So, in such cases - when this cold-blooded individual is sent to jail - it is likely he turns into a more severe form of a remorseless killer, and upon release - will surely have no more value for human life than they did before. The police have also reported to the media that he was completely within the limits of his sanity and did this willingly and intentionally – there is no room for criminal insanity, when a sane individual blatantly also boasts to the police officers of his heinous act.   He Is A Product of Society: He maybe a 'product of society' but he is the one who manifested it by acting upon it so violently, so gruesomely, so brutally and so publicly, with very little concern for the horrific act of taking a life. Millions are responsible for the oppression of women and this regressive mindset but by showing mercy to this violent criminal shows a broken system that has resigned itself to its regressive ways. He should be denied all forms of mercy - just as equally as he denied it to Neelu. He maybe an example of the latent malignant oppressive society, but that does not mean that the society/law will not mete out the necessary measures when someone breaches its humanistic boundaries.    Death Penalty Is Not A Deterrent for Future Crimes: Death penalty is NOT MEANT to be a deterrent to other offenders (this is a utopic theory). The Death penalty is a reasonable claim considering the gruesome and gutsy nature of his  crime. It is time we see Death Penalty as proportionate corrective measure.    A death penalty for him may not be a deterrent to others but denying him that penalty will be yet another shining example of how we - as a society - perpetuate this malignant oppression.   ·       Legal Precedence The four convicts of the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape is an unforgettable example of oppression of a gender onto another where the court ruled for death penalty and the President dismissed appeals for mercy. Crimes punishable by death in India include aggravated murder. Supreme Court has ruled that mandatory death penalty is unconstitutional – we abide by this ruling and continue to seek #JusticeForNeeluMehta by demanding #DeathforHarishMehta given the circumstances of the day-light murder and the context of the brutality of the crime. Oppression of gender has been a constant battle in India and many parts of the world – to ensure we are guiding the future of all the genders – we need a multitude of well-established education+sensitization programs. As on date – this system is woefully inadequate and insufficient. We are petitioning to plea to the legal system to assess this gruesome crime with the severity it deserves and request the honorable courts and judges to not pardon this crime as it will set a different example in the minds of many Indians who need more than educating, who need to know that crimes warrant repercussions of committing such crimes and understand them as a crime   What is SIMPLY clear - His actions are clear and indisputable as caught on CCTV footage. We demand that you consider this malice in broad daylight - in its true form - and make the death penalty a reasonable verdict for Harish Mehta. He is beyond criminal; he is in all true senses simply insidious. Please sign this petition, so that Neelu, receives the justice she deserves, and Harish receives the punishment that he has earned.Read the Story:https://www.thequint.com/news/india/neelu-mehta-harshid-mehta-stabbed-to-death-budh-vihar-rohiniRead more

Sangeeta PatnaikIndia
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Created Apr 17, 2021
Petition to Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Traffic department
Discriminatory Treatment given to Passengers choosing to Travel by Privately owned Luxury Bus AllRead more

Prasanna PatwardhanIndia
1,814 supporters
Created Oct 10, 2018
off of it's previous method of choosing applicants. The previous method would base it off of who are passionate about the career of their choosing, as well as the students who have worked hard choosing method to ensure those who attend Great Oaks are willing to put in the effort and ensure their future.Read more

Racine, OzlynWashington Court House, OH, United States
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Created Mar 9, 2023
Petition to Mona Astra Liss
association or group of their choosing, or from collective bargaining." Because IKEA owns this companyRead more

Taylor LeakePhiladelphia, PA, United States
83,264 supporters
Created Dec 8, 2010
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