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Petition to Department of Education, University of South Africa
be changed to portfolios so our school work won't be behind.Read more

Semakaleng MalokaSouth Africa
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Created April 9, 2020
Petition to Premier
Baby Evie was bashed by her own biological mother left nearly dead covered in bruises and many other injuries also was threatened to be thrown from a balcony she was given a $500 fine and a 2 year good Behavior bond suspended if you click on this link which goes to her daddy you can find out more https://www.facebook.com/shane.mcmahon.982/posts/10214063321594997Read more

Hilda ChesterfieldAustralia
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Created September 7, 2017
Petition to Parliament of Australia
In the last decade, no Australian Prime Minister has served a full term.   This crazy game of political musical chairs needs to stop.  When the Australian people vote in a government, they are also electing a leader, and the expectation is that the leader becomes Prime Minister until the next election. Politicians from both sides of politics need to stop putting their personal ambitions and petty internal politics first.  Labor and the Coalition need to make a public and binding commitment to the electorate that they won't swap out an elected Prime Minister for any reason except for sickness or retirement. This commitment to political stability should be made by both sides before the next election because we are sick and tired of the circus in Canberra.Read more

Dave HunterAustralia
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Created August 21, 2018
  SUNDAY 7th MAY 2023 on the Limehouse Cut, Tower Hamlets - The metropolitan police publicly executed two dogs. The Independent Office for Police Conduct will investigate the public execution of Marshall and Millions. This is not enough. We, the Public demand a change to police policy and procedure for the management of dog related incidents. We demand a change to legislation that would mean an animal welfare representative must be present when police officers attend dog related incidents.     Marshall and Millions were American XL bullies. This breed IS NOT subject to prohibition under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Evidenced in videos and photographs, both dogs appeared to be healthy, cared for, loved and of reasonable temperament. When police swarmed the Limehouse Cut, the dogs showed NO SIGN of unprovoked agression. As documented in numerous recordings of the incident made by members of the general public, the dogs in fact appeared to be scared, and confused. In these videos it can also be seen that the police make no effort to de-escalate the situation - they approach and proceed in a threatening way.     REASONABLE AND PROPORTUNATE FORCE was not employed by the police. They can be seen in the videos recorded by the public to be escalating the situation, and increasing any potential risk by their actions. Although under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, vets, councils and police officers have the powers to euthanize dogs they "deem to be out of control", any vague signs of Millions and Marshall acting in a defensive way was as a direct result of SIX METROPOLITAN POLICE OFFICERS SHOUTING, POINTING A FIREARM AND ACTING IN A THREATENING WAY TOWARDS THE DOGS AND THEIR HUMAN. And keep in mind, these dogs were still technically puppies. 9 months old and 18 months old.     The needless public execution of these to pups was entirely heartless and inhumane. Horrified residents and members of the public watched as the police shot one dog (whose lead was tethered to the other dogs lead) and then shot and killed the other. These pups were on leads. They had collars on. They were controllable. The only reason their owner had dropped the leads was due to him being tasered by the police. THE POLICE CAUSED THIS SITUATION. THEY MISHANDLED THIS SITUATION. THEY USED UNREASONABLE DISPROPORTIONATE FORCE. Trauma and fear after observing this incident has rippled through the general public. Distrust towards the police among the general public and dog owners is undeniable. The actions of the metropolitan police has refreshed and exacerbated public distrust of this police force. Dog owners now live in fear of mistakes being made, and lack of investigation and evidence, leading to the needless destruction of their beloved companions. SAFEGUARDING TO PROTECT OUR DOGS FROM THE MISCONDUCT AND INCOMPETENCE OF THE POLICE IS NOW ABSOLUTELY AND EVIDENTLY VITAL.  POLICE OFFICERS ARE NOT ANIMAL BEHAVIOURISTS! POLICE OFFICERS ARE NOT QUALIFIED AND CLEARLY CANT BE TRUSTED TO MAKE THE SENSITIVE JUDGEMENT CALL ON WHEN ITS NECESSARY TO EUTHANIZE A DOG. WE, THE PEOPLE DEMAND CHANGE.            Read more

Hayley LovelockSouthampton, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 16, 2023
Petition to Tennessee Governor, Tennessee Department of Health, Tennessee Veterinarian Board
Warning Graphic Images!Laws need to be changed in Tennessee to protect horses. In Tennessee, it is be changed to prevent the suffering and death of equines (horses) and non-livestock animals.In August. 
In addition to the castration law needing to be changed, Tennessee needs to adopt a law likeRead more

Tawnee PreisnerHohenwald, TN, United States
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Created September 1, 2023
Petition to state lwgi
for far too long Brighton has refused to take action against abusers and rapists and have covered up instances of sexual assault and rape they refuse to protect the well being of victims and their classmates we would like to see the district held accountable for their negligenceRead more

Matt BurnsUnited States
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Created April 6, 2021
Petition to Scottish Government, John swinney, Fiona Robertson, SQA HQ
changed to a REALISTIC grade. From prelims to exams, the average student is to have a 10% increaseRead more

Jennifer Wallace-McDowallStirling, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created August 4, 2020
Petition to Rob Bonta, Chief of Police Michael R. Moore, Jonathan Lucas, M​.​D, District Attorney Geroge Gascon, US Department of Justice
evidence was found, then there is no reason that Marilyn’s death certificate should not be changed from longer alive!  The one thing that has never changed in over 61 years is the people involved, the timeRead more

Ariel InvestigationsLas Cruces, NM, United States
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Created June 9, 2016
Petition to pm Romanelli, Giuseppe Sala, Marco Granelli, Renato Saccone, Questura di Mi, Ministero della giustizia - Media, Charmaine Hili, Adrianna Gorska-Stukow, Tena Mišetić
**(don't donate anything while signing, the donation goes to Change.org!non donate niente quando firmate, la donazione va a Change.org!)**Firma questa petizione se credi che la legge non debba più tutelare le borseggiatrici ma debba proteggere i cittadini e far sparire (o quantomeno punire in maniera seria e definitiva) una volta per tutte i protagonisti di questa piaga sociale. Sign this petition if you believe that the law should no longer protect pickpockets but should protect citizens and make the protagonists of this social scourge disappear (or at least be seriously and permanently punished) once and for all. Done by MilanoBellaDaDio and PickPocketsEurope  (www.milanobelladadio.it (www.instagram.com/milanobelladadio  ; https://www.instagram.com/pickpocketseurope )EXPLANATION Pickpockets have become a European scourge. Testimony to this are the dozens of videos and reports from all parts of Europe that you can find on our Instagram portal @pickpocketseurope. The governments of our cities and states completely ignore the situation so much so that citizens are taking autonomous measures to protect themselves and prevent theft as in Milan and Barcelona where now established realities have sprung up (since 2013 in barcelona and since 2016 in Milan) that carry out the voluntary activity of reporting in real time both in the metro and on social media. Pickpockets are exploited by their husbands who in turn pay protection money to the international criminal organization based in Barcelona. When it becomes difficult for a pickpocket to stay in one city because of too many complaints then she moves to another city even from a different state. We have recognized the same pickpockets in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom. We have them on file and it is now easy for us to recognize them. Pickpocketing is considered a minor crime but only because it does not involve physical harm to the person. However, it can have catastrophic consequences in people's lives and all this still exists because our governments are too soft and uninterested in the matter. We want to act at the EUROPEAN level to curb this problem once and for all and put serious measures in place for this crime. We have already been to the European Parliament in April 2023.Please sign and share the petition because it is of interest to every single European citizen. p.s. do not donate when you sign because the donation goes to the platform, not to us (we are NO-PROFIT and do not accept donations, we are telling you this because it would be a waste of money for you) SPIEGAZIONE: Le borseggiatrici sono diventate una piaga Europea. A testimonianza di ciò le decine di video e segnalazioni da ogni parte dell'Europa che potete trovare sul nostro portale Instagram @pickpocketseurope. I governi delle nostre città e dei nostri stati ignorano completamente la situazione tanto che i cittadini stanno prendendo provvedimenti autonomi per tutelarsi e prevenire i furti come a Milano e Barcellona dove sono nate realtà ormai consolidate (dal 2013 a barcellona e dal 2016 a Milano) che svolgono l'attività volontaria di segnalazione in tempo reale sia in metro che sui social. Le borseggiatrici vengono sfruttate dai loro mariti che a loro volta pagano il pizzo all'organizzazione criminale internazionale con sede a Barcellona. Quando per una borseggiatrice diventa difficile rimanere in una città per le troppe denunce allora si sposta in un altra città anche di uno stato differente. Abbiamo riconosciuto le stesse borseggiatrici in Spagna, Francia, Italia, Grecia, Regno Unito. Le abbiamo schedate ed ormai ci viene facile riconoscerle. Il borseggio è considerato un crimine minore ma solo perchè non prevede un danno fisico alla persona. Tuttavia può avere conseguenze catastrofiche nella vita delle persone e tutto questo esiste ancora perchè i nostri governi sono troppo molli e poco interessati alla vicenda. Vogliamo agire a livello EUROPEO per arginare una volta per tutte questo problema e porre dei seri provvedimenti per questo crimine. Siamo già stati al Parlamento Europeo nell'Aprile del 2023.Firmate e condividete la petizione perchè è di interesse di ogni singolo cittadino europeo. p.s. non donate quando firmate perchè la donazione va alla piattaforma, non a noi (siamo NO-PROFIT e non accettiamo donazioni, ve lo stiamo dicendo perchè sarebbe uno spreco di denaro per voi) A Milano:Le ormai celebri borseggiatrici di Milano sono una piaga per cittadini e turisti. Operano indisturbate da anni perchè sono tutelate dalla legge grazie all’articolo 146 del codice penale: 146. “Rinvio obbligatorio dell'esecuzione della pena.”L'esecuzione di una pena, che non sia pecuniaria, è differita (c.p. /48; c.p.p. 684):1) se deve aver luogo nei confronti di donna incinta;2) se deve aver luogo nei confronti di madre di infante di età inferiore ad anni uno; MA SOPRATTUTTO • Grazie a una circolare del 2016 della Procura di Milano che chiedeva a Polizia e Carabinieri di sospendere l’esecuzione di condanne definitive saltando i passaggi tra carcere e procura:   “…in caso di donna incinta o di madre infante gli operanti dovranno sospendere l’esecuzione (della carcerazione) […]il condannato verrà lasciato in stato di libertà in attesa che il magistrato valuti il da farsi”.Nel Giugno del 2022 sembrava che le cose fossero finalmente cambiate, grazie ad una seconda circolare della procura di Milano che specificava che la disposizione prevista dall’articolo 146 c.p., doveva essere intesa nel senso che il magistrato di Sorveglianza deve procedere al giudizio di bilanciamento tra tutela dei diritti del detenuto (e del minore) e la tutela delle esigenze della collettività“. Quindi:  “il magistrato di Sorveglianza può adottare il differimento ‘secco’ ex articolo 146c.p. ma può anche disporre la detenzione domiciliare c.d. umanitaria in domicilio idoneo o la detenzione domiciliare speciale (anche in istituto a custodia attenuata)”. All'inizio del Marzo 2023 per la prima volta un membro della giunta comunale di Milano, Monica Romano (PD), si è espresso sul problema, ma contro i cittadini... chiedendo di smetterla di riprendere le borseggiatrici sulla metro e postare i video sui social perchè è una forma di violenza verso la privacy delle borseggiatrici. A seguito di queste affermazioni si è alzato un polverone in tutto il paese che ha coinvolto partiti politici e media, tanto che le borseggiatrici sono addirittura state invitate in diversi programmi TV come ospiti (cosa ridicola e scandalosa). Come spesso accade in questi casi in Italia se n'è parlato per un mese e poi il caso è scomparso sia dalle reti TV che dai giornali, rimanendo però nella realtà. Nell'Aprile del 2023 un Eurodeputato del partito Lega, Angelo Ciocca, ci ha invitati a Strasburgo per parlare del problema ma con scarsi risultati. Insomma, nulla è cambiato e i cittadini sono ESASPERATI.LA PAZIENZA È FINITA. Firma questa petizione se credi che la legge non debba più tutelare le borseggiatrici ma debba proteggere i cittadini e far sparire questa piaga. p.s. non donate quando firmate perchè la donazione va alla piattaforma, non a noi (siamo NO-PROFIT e non accettiamo donazioni, ve lo stiamo dicendo perchè sarebbe uno spreco di denaro per voi) @MilanoBellaDaDioRead more

Giovanni SantarelliMilano, Italia
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Created April 14, 2022
Petition to Ministry of Human Resource Development, President of India
town.  With time, names of cities like Calcutta, Bombay, Madras changed but their Universities are still known with their original names. Then why is the name of Allahabad University being changedRead more

Akshat SrivastavaIndia
7,518 supporters
Created May 9, 2020
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