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restricted to gendered, binary performance categories - especially during a season in which several trans forced into erasure by the means of these outdated award categories and recognition practices. AgreeRead more

Jae WeitNew York, NY, United States
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Created February 2, 2023
Petition to U.S. Department of State
authorization document (EAD) and AC 21. In 2007, the Bush Administration did make all the EB categoriesRead more

Shah PeerallyNewark, CA, United States
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Created November 18, 2016
Petition to U​.​S. Department of State, US House of Representatives, US Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives, Department of Homeland Security, U​.​S. Senate, Joe Biden
categories 2 (EB 2) and (EB3).  Unlike many other countries, India has the highest backlog in the entire States government to change the waiting time on Employment Based Categories for India and China. ShahRead more

Shah PeerallyNewark, CA, United States
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Created March 18, 2015
Petition to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, ABC
On Tuesday, February 22nd, in a letter to Academy voters, AMPAS president David Rubin, announced the following catagories would be presented in the Dolby Theatre one hour before the telecast was to begin:Best Documentary Short-SubjectBest EditingBest Make-Up & HairstylingBest Original ScoreBest Production DesignBest Short Film (Live-Action)Best Short Film (Animated)Best Sound Mr. Ruben's letter states that they plan on weaving the presentations smoothly into the telecast because the upper echelons are conscious of 'equity' and the 'indispensability' of every category... uhaaaa, no. Sorry, that's a hard one for movie lovers to believe. Why? After last year's embarrassing telecast, one could accuse those who are in charge of honoring movie making with not appreciating filmmakers or their craft.Mr. Rubin's letter talks about making the show "more entertaining and more thrilling," — yes, filmmakers are entertainers. Yes, the Academy Awards is a celebration of movies. Yes, we want everyone to enjoy the show... and that definitely will NOT happen when the art of filmmaking gets sidelined in lieu of advertising and gimmicks. This concept applies to every single profession: when the central focus gets diluted, the whole suffers. Movie lovers are painfully aware that the Academy is dealing with the dilemma of extensive running time and decreasing viewership, yet short changing the filmmakers is the worse way to address the problem.  Consider the following: the current plan is to edit in the presentations that will happen off camera. The irony is that Best Editing won't get presented live. Last year, the five songs were performed before the show began (some were disappointed with this), however the Oscars honors filmmaking, not musical performances. Therefore, doesn't seem strange that this year's Best Song musical performances will be incorporated into the telecast, but the composers for Best Score get bumped? For all the actresses that will be getting made up for the evening, please ask the people who will be doing your hair and makeup their opinion about Best Make-up & Hairstyling getting presented outside of the telecast. For all those indie filmmakers who may not have seen the fifteen shorts, do they have any thoughts about the low-budget shorts getting placed outside of the telecast? Finally, it would be interesting to ask all the stagehands, who are right now conceptualizing and constructing the set-pieces for the show, their opinion about Best Production Design getting cut?The theme of the 2022 show is Movie Lovers, Unite. Therefore, we shall. To ABC, the advertisers, the Academy voters, the maintenance staff of the Dolby, the security, the gift shop clerks, and the guy making a coffee run down to the Starbucks in Hollywood & Highland... every single one of you are tasked with the honor of celebrating America's premiere art form. There are countless other ways to solve this problem, and we strongly caution you against slighting the filmmakers in attempt to increase viewership. Honor the craft, honor the artists, honor the history, and you will bring forth a massive audience. Sideline them, as you are now... and movie lovers will begin to lose faith in you.Read more

Michael JollsChicago, IL, United States
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Created February 22, 2022
Petition to Amazon​.​com
categories. Unfortunately, Amazon’s support team provides the same answer to every request for change: “Currently we can't add new Categories to our browsing lists, but feel free to check back from time toRead more

Breaking Night PressUnited States
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Created May 2, 2021
Children’s & Middle Grade and Graphic Novels categories from the 2023 Goodreads Choice Awards.  Books for young people matter. In your statement, you made clear that these categories don’t have as much urge you to reinstate both the Children’s & Middle Grade and Graphic Novels categories for this year’s awards. Sincerely,Read more

Faye BenderUnited States
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Created November 17, 2023
books from a range of nations and cultures worldwide, sorted under a number of categories under World Amazon.com can stand with Ukraine by centering Ukrainian writers and creating distinct categoriesRead more

Mary MykhaylovaSan Francisco, CA, United States
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Created June 14, 2022
Petition to Yearbook at El Camino
We the seniors of El Camino Fundamental HS would like to change the senior favorites categories. We would like to: Abolish the shortest and tallest categories Add the following: Most athletic MostRead more

Abigail PriceCarmichael, CA, United States
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Created September 17, 2019
Petition to Bandai Namco
the Categories in dokkan battle are very bad designed.  Ex: broly (movie) agl is on rapid growthRead more

mavar navaEspaña
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Created December 27, 2020
Petition to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
It is completely unjust that the Academy has decided to take away four categories from the liveRead more

Adrian NunoCrystal Lake, IL, United States
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Created February 12, 2019
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