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Petition to Snapple Corporate Headquarters
Snapple has recently switched to plastic bottles, rather than the former glass bottles. Like otherRead more

Evelyn BlackmanDallas, TX, United States
24,321 supporters
Created Dec 17, 2017
Petition to Uhuru Kenyatta
the shocking amount of bus drivers and pedestrians throwing plastic bottles onto the ground about the reusable plastic bottles - I have had mine for quite a number years. You may be wondering 'Why we can't just keep these disposable plastic bottles?'. Well believe it or not - these bottles actually expire. The water inside these bottles becomes contaminated with the chemicals from the bottle, which causes the water to become toxic and unfit for consumption. To replace these plastic bottlesRead more

Yvette HupjeKenya
39,434 supporters
Created Mar 10, 2019
Petition to Theo Spierings
bottles each year, plastic that we currently can't even recycle since China ceased taking our plastic good reason wine and spirits are stored in glass: purity of taste.  Milk supplied in glass bottles! Let's bring back glass milk bottles, New Zealand! Please sign and share this petition to help reduceRead more

Drew CopestakeTauranga, New Zealand
80,564 supporters
Created Aug 9, 2018
Petition to Coca-Cola
to 200,000 bottles a minute. In 2019, it was found to be the most polluting brand in a global recycle as many plastic bottles as possible by 2030, they are still flagrantly contributing to the plastic bottles. Sign and Share today to say NO to Coca-Cola's Plastic Plans.Read more

Ashley BoekaSherman oaks, CA, United States
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Created Jan 24, 2020
Petition to James Quincey CEO Coca Cola
bottles. In 2016, 480 Billion plastic bottles were produced globally. Of these 110 Billion were made by positive impacts on the future of this planet. They make 22.9% of the world plastic bottles.  For facts see here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-42264788 There are many bio-degradable bottlesRead more

Frank MeehanLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 11, 2017
Petition to Jon Jarvis
: pushback from Coca Cola, a major park funder. According to the article, plastic bottles make up 30% of moving forward? Here's the problem: Beyond the pollution plastic bottles cause in the park itself including disposable plastic bottles and bottle caps. Upon my return, I promptly quit my job, began. Plastic PET bottles pose a clear and present danger to the overall health of the environment and by immediately banning plastic bottles from the canyon.  Read more

Stiv WilsonPortland, OR, United States
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Created Nov 11, 2011
Petition to Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Dirjen Perlindungan Hutan dan Konservasi Alam, KLHK, Edhy Prabowo, Kardaya Warnika, Sareh Wiyono, Siti Nurbaya
bottles so they could be shipped abroad, came to light. We need your help to shut down Indonesia’s illegal discovered dozens of endangered cockatoos sedated and jammed into water bottles. The rare animals -- thereRead more

Conservation Policy Working GroupIndonesia
815,090 supporters
Created May 8, 2015
will have died because of plastic pollution.  One major contributor to this crisis is plastic bottles, as over 100 billion plastic beverage bottles are sold in the U.S. each year, with only about 20% actually being recycled. Plastic bottles also take on average 450 years to decompose, leaving them to of oil are needed to produce plastic water bottles each year in the US, enough oil to power over a million cars. Although we may not (yet!) be able to ban plastic bottles from being sold across theRead more

Ana P.Atlanta, GA, United States
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Created Jun 28, 2021
Petition to Games Workshop
, and the bottles are technically larger (15ml over 12ml). But the diameter of the base is much smaller on the bottles. If you have only one flat surface to store paints on you can get many many more bottles than Games Workshop pots. You can replace the lid and spout These things aren’t perfect and something about the bottles that just make them look a whole lot tidier than the Games Workshop Pots paints have been in bottles for 5 years now and are still nice and fluid. Adding an agitator to aRead more

Ross GrahamNottingham, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jan 20, 2020
Petition to East Lothian Council
We are Ella and Leo, aged 7 and 5, and we're saying no to having plastic water bottles in school plastic bottles is bad for the planet. Also, as a family, we spend a lot of time at East Lothian's bottles into children's lunch bags every Friday (roughly 400 bottles a week for our school alone for P1-P4)! At Haddington Primary School, we all take our own reusable water bottles every day, which weRead more

Philli ThorneHaddington, SCT, United Kingdom
35,408 supporters
Created Nov 8, 2021
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