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. Hospitality doing business as "Michael's on the South River" a sports betting facility license. SWARC specifically cites that betting venues led to an increase in local crimes, and went on to say that the betting venue within one of the few that exist would deny families another such neighborhood. Increased" betting venue will make traffic difficult all year round, and stagnant during the summer months has already awarded 12 online sports betting licenses, and 7 facility sports betting licenses. HowRead more

Luis RicardoUnited States
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Created February 6, 2023
Petition to Patrick Kennedy
Paddy Power are currently offering odds on the fact that Oscar Pistorius may not be convicted of the pre-meditated murder of his partner Reeva Steenkamp on February 14 2013. They are running ads in the national press that read "It's Oscar Time. Money Back If He Walks." The brutal death of a woman at the hands of her partner is not "sport" or "entertainment" and promoting the opportunity to make money from it is a vile and offensive act which anyone with a sense of human dignity and respect for human life must reject. 138 women died - in the UK alone - as a result of male violence in 2013. This type of random carelessness for the lives of women by Paddy Power is an affront to those women and their families. I am a survivor of domestic violence and abuse and I know how many women around the world are suffering right now thinking that they are lucky to be alive when poor Reeva Steenkamp is dead. Paddy Power are putting all survivors and the families of those who died through even more pain and anguish and they must stop.Read more

Jean HatchetLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 2, 2014
Petition to Gambling Commission
some campaigners that restrictive affordability limits are introduced to betting accounts held by recreational sports bettors. The reason for our concern is what we would define as skilled betting on games have comparatively higher rates of problem gambling than, for example, horse betting. Introducing affordability checks for sports betting will simply drive punters to unregulated markets and hit events betting from that in online casinos and reject intrusive affordability checks. The Smart Betting ClubRead more

Peter LingManchester, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created January 15, 2021
Petition to Kentucky State Senate, Kentucky State House, Kentucky Governor
pass a bill that will allow Sports Betting to be legalized in the state of Kentucky. We have seen some of our surrounding states we border, pass bills that allow Sports Betting to be legalized in the helping our own economy grow and prosper.  Currently, horse betting is legalized in the state and it comes with it's own benefits. It is NOW the time to act and add Sports Betting to the list as well.  Please help me in signing this petition and sending it to our fine lawmakers in our Commonwealth congress to show we support Sports Betting.  Read more

Commonwealth RoxLouisville, KY, United States
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Created December 10, 2021
Petition to California State Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
-acca-80c22bbee96f_story.html The sports betting market in California is projected to be worth over $4 billion a month — more than an entire year of betting on horse races, which has declined 18.5 wagers collected. https://www.lineups.com/betting/california-sports-betting/ With this projected market size, betting on human sports could readily fund retraining and job/housing placement for workers in in putting a Proposition on California's November 2022 Ballot to repeal the legalization of bettingRead more

Martha SullivanSan Diego, CA, United States
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Created October 2, 2021
Petition to Canadian Parliament, the House of Commons and the senate, Justin Trudeau
It is illegal to bet on the outcome of a single game. Let's take the money out of the hands of organized crime and use it to create jobs, build infrastructure, fund education and health care. Give our casinos the competitive advantage that we need over our neighbours to the north.Read more

Al ChristieCanada
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Created May 8, 2016
The sports betting markets are rigged. Sports fans are being cheated ! This is disgusting & needs to be stopped. Sign this petition, and be part of the solution to fix sports betting & help to do it. This petition was created by members of live sports betting community inplayLIVE.com. What’s the problem? Governments legalized betting - exposing tens of millions of people to the sports betting world… …without giving them fair betting markets to participate in. It's time for them to makeRead more

inplayLIVE (www​.​inplayLIVE​.​com)Canada
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Created May 6, 2022
We Say NO to more gambling and betting activities in Palmers Greeen. We the residents of Palmers PROPOSED ADULT GAMING CENTRE and change of use for yet another betting shop in the premises should come to shop, relax and socialise. We already have a dense concentration of betting shops on 33)  states that "There should be a minimum of five non-betting shop units between the proposed site and the next betting shop premises, or at least 25m, between them, whichever is greater." InRead more

Giorgia ScaturroLondon, ENG, Gran Bretagna
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Created July 2, 2023
Petition to federal government of canada
money away from the offshore betting sites and the illegal bookmakers. Legalized sports bettingRead more

Roy McDonaldToronto, Canada
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Created February 7, 2021
Petition to Kay ivey
It is time to allow the state of Alabama to be able to do sports betting. During times like this itRead more

Daniel VanEmmerikHuntsville, AL, United States
31 supporters
Created January 10, 2022
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