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Petition to Maneka Gandhi, Narendra Modi, PRANAB MUKHERJEE, Lok Sabha, Maneka Gandhi, Rajya Sabha, sushma swaraj, bandaru dattatreya, pmoindia
With the Rajya Sabha passing The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016, six months of maternityRead more

Jincy VargheseMumbai, भारत
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Created October 16, 2016
Petition to David Cameron
Smith is justifying benefit sanctions. What is the full impact of these sanctions? Are they workingRead more

Gill ThompsonStevenage, United Kingdom
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Created July 29, 2014
Petition to HiRez, Evil Mojo, Paladins , Hi-Rez
English:I have been playing paladins for more than 3 years and after many videos consulting with my twitch and youtube community, we have all realized that paladins are no longer fun. Many of us have grown tired of waiting for this game to improve, but the only thing we've received is excuses from the Evil Mojo workers. We know that there are changes that are very difficult to make, but we are willing to help. Below I will tell you what changes we need for paladins to have fun again. For these changes you surely need more money than you have, the idea that we have are to make a beneficial stream with the aim of improving the game, everything that is obtained with the stream will go exclusively to improve the following things: -Competitive: The competitive is what moves most in paladins, people prefer to see good people a thousand times than normal people, but the competitive of paladins is not fair, and there are very good players who cannot leave diamond or platinum for people who only play to annoy. Solution: The least expensive and most practical solution is to put an option for people to play what they want, put 4 options for players to choose the role they want to play, and put an estimated time of what it may take to find a game. So the people who want to play soon will choose the one with the least waiting time [Possibly the tank role] and if it is possible to improve the MM. -Game modes: The community is tired of the monotony of always playing the same and we need something new, a game mode that bears no similarity to current game modes. We know that this has a lot of work behind it, so we have thought that you can put game modes that have already been in paladins, such as survival or PVE, they are game modes that most of the community misses playing. And since we know that you are concerned about the waiting time of the queues to enter the game, we are going to give you an idea, and that is to put the rotating game modes, so often that the game mode changes or leaves, so that there are not many people waiting to enter the game and especially not having 20 game modes inside paladins to play. -Bugs: Everyone knows that paladins have bugs, and in some cases it spoils the gaming experience, we can give you another opportunity to fix the bugs, but don't focus only on that, many people despair at not seeing bug improvements inside of the game and gets angry to think that you are focusing on bug fixes and then go into paladins and that there are bugs even to find a game. Some of us have thought of a somewhat drastic but possibly the most effective solution. Hire programmers quite specialized in the subject of video games to completely rewrite the game. -Skins: We know that the main factor to earn income is skins, and it is difficult to get the whole community to agree to make a skin. But we are a little tired of the skins for the same characters, we prefer skins for champions who have been without skin for years than skins for the same [Maeve and Ying]. The community would buy a lot more if at least the skins that come in to paladins were worth it. Example: Mal´damba Wickerman, Maeve Raeve, Barik Swashbuckler, Terminus Steel Forged, among many others. -We need you to listen to the community, it is true that you have sometimes listened to us, many other times you have not. And it is something that annoys us because if you search a little bit you will notice that people run out of patience and many of them abandon paladins. And it is no mystery that paladins cannot afford a large player drop. I hope you take these points into account for future updates. In case you want to contact me to clarify any point or something similar, here you have my twitter:https://twitter.com/Jaimerasplay Español:Llevo mas de 3 años jugando a paladins y tras muchos videos consultando con mi comunidad de twitch y youtube, todos nos hemos dado cuenta de que paladins ya no divierte. Muchos de nosotros nos hemos cansado de esperar a que este juego mejore, pero lo único que hemos recibido es escusas de parte de los trabajadores de Evil Mojo . Sabemos que hay cambios que es muy difícil de realizar o hacer, pero estamos dispuestos a ayudar, a continuación os comentare que cambios necesitamos para que paladins vuelva divertir. Para estos cambios seguramente necesitéis mas dinero del que disponéis , la idea que hemos tenido que hacer un stream benéfico con el objetivo de mejorar el juego, todo lo que se obtenga con el directo se ira exclusivamente para mejorar las siguientes cosas: -Competitivo: El competitivo es lo que mas mueve en paladins, la gente prefiere mil veces ver a gente buena que a gente normal, pero el competitivo de paladins no es nada justo, y hay jugadores muy buenos que no pueden salir de diamante o de platino por gente que solo juega para molestar. Solución: La solución menos costosa y mas practica es poner un opción para que la gente juegue que lo quiere, poner 4 opciones para que los jugadores elijan el rol que quieran jugar, y poner un tiempo estimado de lo que puede tardar en buscar partida. Asi la gente que quiera jugar pronto elijará el que menos tiempo de espera tenga [Seguramente el rol tanque] y si es posible mejorar el MM. -Modos de juego: La comunidad esta cansada de la monotonía de jugar siempre lo mismo y necesitamos algo nuevo, un modo de juego que no tenga ninguna similitud con los modos de juego actuales. Sabemos que esto tiene bastante curro detrás, asi que hemos pensado en que podéis poner modos de juego que ya han estado en paladins como supervivencia o PVE, son modos de juego que la gran parte de la comunidad echa de menos jugar. Y como sabemos que os preocupa el tiempo de espera de las colas para entrar en partida, os vamos a dar un idea, y es poner los modos de juego rotatorios, cada cierto tiempo que el modo de juego cambie o se vaya, para así que no haya mucha gente esperando a entrar en partida y sobre todo no tener 20 modos de juego dentro de paladins para poder jugar. -Bugs: Todo el mundo sabe que paladins tiene bugs, y en algunos casos estropea la experiencia de juego, podemos daros otra oportunidad para arreglar los bugs, pero no os centréis solo en eso, mucha gente se desespera al no ver mejoras de bugs dentro del juego y se enfada al pensar que os estáis centrando en arreglos de bugs para luego entrar en paladins y que haya fallos hasta para buscar partida. Algunos de nosotros hemos pensado en un solución un poco drástica pero posiblemente la mas eficaz. Contratar a programadores bastante especializados en el tema de videojuegos para reescribir totalmente el juego desde 0 para cerrar el tema de los fallos de una vez, ya que hay bugs casi en todos los apartados de paladins. -Skins: Sabemos que el principal factor para obtener ingresos son las skins, y es difícil poner de acuerdo a toda la comunidad para hacer una skin. Pero estamos un poco cansados de las skins para los mismos personajes, preferimos skins para campeones que llevan años sin skin que skins para los mismos [Maeve y Ying]. La comunidad compraría muchísimo mas si por lo menos las skins que sale dentro de paladins mereciese la pena. Ejemplo: Mal´damba Wickerman, Maeve Raeve,Barik Swashbuckler,Terminus Steel Forged, entre muchos otros. -Necesitamos que escuchéis a la comunidad, aun que es verdad que alguna vez nos habéis escuchado, muchas otras veces no. Y es algo que nos fastidia por que si buscáis un poco en las redes sociales os daréis cuenta de que a la gente se le acaba la paciencia y muchos de ellos abandonan paladins. Y no es ningún misterio que paladins no se puede permitir una bajada grande de jugadores. Espero que toméis estos puntos en cuenta para las próximas actualizaciones. En caso de que queráis poneros en contacto conmigo para aclarar algún punto o algo similar aqui teneis mi twitter: https://twitter.com/JaimerasplayRead more

Jaime MartinezEspaña
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Created April 23, 2020
Petition to Senators, Representatives, insurance lobbyists, Illinois Governor, Illinois State Senate, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Illinois State House
. While her insurance does cover some in home care, she needs access to her full benefit as she would receive if in a facility.  The right thing to do is for insurance companies to open up full benefitRead more

ann mordineOrinda, CA, United States
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Created October 20, 2020
Petition to James Lamerson, Councilmember of Prescott
My name is Tom Ashcraft, father of Andrew Ashcraft and fallen Granite Mountain Hot Shot. He was a full time employee working for the City Of Prescott, Az. on June 30th, when the fire overcame him and 18 of his brothers. 19 firefighters were killed in the fire. We are all heartbroken beyond words can say.  Just as all the families are doing we too must press on to help secure the future of Andrew's wife Juliann and his four children and help them endure the difficult times ahead.   In addition to this tragedy, the city of Prescott has officially denied paying out his benefits claiming he was not full time. This is not accurate at all. He had been working his scheduled 40 hour weeks, he had obtained their goals required of full time status and had been given a raise above that of a seasonal employee.  Because of that,  his employee file had been forwarded onto the city managers' office with the endorsement of his supervisors. Unfortunately, they too perished in that fire and cannot confirm this. The delay in the process is the primary reason for their not approving his status.  Nonetheless, he was verbally assured of his status, he was working his required schedule as a full time employee, being paid as a full time employee therefore is due full time benefits.   It is not only our family's belief, but our community, as well as many around this great nation that the City of Prescott, specifically the Mayor and City Council, should immediately approve Andrew Ashcraft's benefits that will provide a secure future for his wife Juliann, Ryder (6), Shiloh (4), Tate (3), and Choice (18 mo).    Please stand with us, our family, our community by signing this petition to enforce the prompt processing of his benefits. With your help, together we can make this change.   Mayor and City Council, agreeing with the words on his bracelet that Andrew wore until he perished - you too now have the opportunity to "Be Better".    Thank you, Tom AshcraftRead more

Tom AshcraftPrescott Valley, AZ, United States
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Created August 4, 2013
Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP
The government are wanting to stop free school meals . By law children are expected to attend school every day so it should fair that they receive a free school meal while there there . Some children come from very poor family's so if the government do decide to remove the free school meal then some of theses children probley won't eat at all and for some children theses hot meals might  be the only hot meals they've ever tasted . So rather than be looking after others I do think we should be looking after our own first and for most !!! ........Read more

Julie WaldronWolverhampton, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 19, 2017
The UK Government and DWP should pay a fair living wage benefit to cancer patients as soon asRead more

Maria ThomasUnited Kingdom
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Created April 12, 2023
Petition to Nirmala Sitharaman, Narendra Modi, Employees' Provident Fund Organisation
Now in India Petrol price 80rs per ltr, and medical coast every month min 2000, EPF pensioners got 1000 pension this is very sad please save old people of INDIA. Please change pension to Rs 3,000 per month. Sign my petition. NTUC national vice-president and former Rajya Sabha member Dr Ramachandra Khuntia has urged the Central Government to hike the pension amount to minimum Rs 3,000 per month under the EPF scheme. In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Union Labour Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Khuntia drew their attention to the miserable condition of 65 lakh pensioners in India, including 1.62 lakh from Odisha, who are getting a very meager amount under the EPF scheme. Khuntia told that the pension scheme was started at the time of the Congress Government at the Centre in 1995 which covers around 6 crore EPF contributors in the country at present. Lakhs of employees and workers working in public and private sectors are getting Rs 600 to Rs 3,000 per month as pension, although the decision of the Government was to fix Rs 1,000 as minimum at that time. He said many pensioners are even getting less than Rs 1,000 per month and asked how these people would manage with such a low pension. Sign my petition. Khuntia referred to the Koshiyary Committee report which had recommended for payment of Rs 3,000 per month as minimum pension , besides that of a judgement of the Supreme Court asking for paying higher pension on actual salary. Khuntia said now the Government of India has floated pension scheme for all unorganized workers fixing the pension at Rs 3,000 per month. “The EPF has no fund deficit. It has corpus fund of more than Rs 13 lakh crore and Rs 4,000 crore as unclaimed fund. In 2014, around Rs 2,300 crore was required to give Rs 2,000 as minimum pension to all EPF pension holders,” said Khuntia, urging the Central Government to provide budgetary support for the scheme so that the pension amount could be hiked. Read more

gopal bobbyIndia
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Created January 9, 2020
Petition to Kirsty Duncan, Bill Morneau, Navdeep bains
regenerative medicine will be the first to benefit. Their populations will be first in line for new therapiesRead more

Lisa WillemseCanada
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Created October 3, 2018
Petition to Boris Johnson
subject to a BENEFIT CAP. In theory, the maximum benefit you receive (including child benefit, will benefit cap reduction. It is frustrating as this benefit does not recognise that some rents of social the benefit be capped in a fair way? The rent is paid, that is what the money is for. If my benefit.  I suggest the benefit cap disregard the housing element and be reduced to a fair amount to liveRead more

Marta ObrdlikovaBushey, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created April 9, 2020
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