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Petition to Baroness Vere of Norbiton, Nick Harris, Susan Hinchcliffe
It’s not easy to see Queensbury Tunnel as more than just a grotty Victorian relic, but we hope you’ll help us realise our positive vision for it. Built in the 1870s to take a railway from Halifax to Bradford and Keighley, this historic engineering work - almost 1½ miles long - has been redundant for the past 60 years, leaving parts of it in poor condition. But if repaired, the tunnel could play a central role in a future active travel route linking Bradford and Halifax, and the communities in-between. However, without Ministerial intervention, it will have been put beyond use before then as a result of abandonment plans being progressed by its custodian, National Highways' Historical Railways Estate (HRE). The cost of that work is likely to exceed £10 million - funded by us, the taxpayer. We’ll get nothing back for that expenditure; it’s just money poured into a black hole. There is an alternative though. In the summer of 2018, a specialist engineering team commissioned by Bradford Council developed a proposal which would see the tunnel proportionately transformed from a liability into an asset, ensuring Queensbury Tunnel could double our investment over time through social, environmental, health and economic benefits. Bradford and Calderdale councils formally support the greenway proposal; however we are not seeking any funds from their coffers - we just want the money already allocated to abandonment to be spent in a way that isn’t destructive. Our aim is to secure the tunnel for future reuse, delivering maximum benefit and value for that £10 million. It’s about the legacy we leave for future generations. It’s now or never for Queensbury Tunnel; HRE started preparatory works in October 2018. Abandonment itself requires planning permission but, if granted, the opportunities presented by the tunnel will be lost forever. There is no going back. We are asking the Department for Transport and National Highways to suspend abandonment and work with stakeholders to carry out a broad assessment of the tunnel’s great potential and its associated challenges. Please sign if you share our vision. And, when you've done so, could you also please OBJECT to National Highways' planning application for abandonment. You can do this via Bradford Council's planning portal at www.tiny.cc/TunnelPlans Make sure you record your 'Stance' as 'OBJECT'. Many thanks. More information about the tunnel campaign is available on our website.Read more

Queensbury TunnelUnited Kingdom
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Created Nov 30, 2016
Petition to The head of my school
The head of my school is refusing to let my friends and I put together a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) club because he doesn’t wanna make “controversy” or a “blunt message.” That is coming across as homophobic and disrespectful to the LGBTQ+ students and allies in the school that would enjoy and benefit from a GSA club and an experience that it has to offer. “I spoke with a couple of other educators in other schools and they immediately knew what a GSA was and shared their common assumptions about what it meant for it to be in the school... exactly the kind of blunt message and misinterpretation that I would like to avoid.” -The Head of my SchoolRead more

Noa PergamentOak Park, MI, United States
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Created Mar 11, 2021
Does anyone have bad anxiety, mental health issues, or anything that could possible bring you down during your school day? I think our school should allow a therapy dog in our art room for Mrs.kies and a bunch of other students who struggle through out the day/days. A therapy dog is very useful for MULTIPLE things. With Mrs.brown we barely saw newton and was always with the teacher.  I think having Mrs.kies therapy dog is a big and HELPFUL step to this school. Not only can kids come and have the comfort of a dogs touch to calm themselves down, but to also give a wonderful and positive dog to the students who will need it. Obviously going 24/7 as an excuse to skip class will not be provided BUT to come during free time only, or while your in the art room. Times such as tutorial, lunch, or in the morning and at the end of the day. This could help a lot of students and im willing to make this happen!Read more

Bre O’DellCorning, NY, United States
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Created Jan 9, 2023
Petition to Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, Chief George Kral, The City of Toledo
clinically proven to be beneficial to their health and safety.  The Chief's basis of the decision wasRead more

Admin IstratorUnited States
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Created Feb 10, 2020
Petition to Mark Furner
Hi, my name is Taylor, I'm 13 years old, a local Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia resident, and very passionate about shark conservation. Help me fight to save our local wildlife by saying "no" to shark nets and drumlines as they are very ineffective, unsustainable, not eco-friendly on our local wildlife, and don't protect swimmers and provide us with false security. Shark nets and drumlines (The Shark Control Program) are placed on beaches across NSW and QLD in Australia to help "protect" beach users, shark nets are 124-186m long with only 6-4m of depth and are placed in 12m of body water with a gill nets size of 50cm. Scientific evidence has shown that the sharks have a 96% chance of making it to the beach because they are able to swim under or around the nets. A drumline is a buoy that is attached with a line and a baited hook, and its goal is to hook targeted species of unwanted sharks. Although they are meant to keep beach users safe... they don't, they are false security and have been since 1935.  Last October I witnessed first-hand a whale entanglement in Noosa Main Beach (Sunshine Coast, QLD, AUS) shark nets. The baby whale calf was very lucky as it got freed (still had multiple buoys and rope attached) after a long 12 hours wrapped in the control program. However other migrating humpback whales that got caught in the Shark Control Program last whale season weren't as lucky. This is another massive reason why we must find other ways to co-exist with our local and migrating marine life.  One of my favourite alternative solutions is a non-lethal, eco-friendly and effective barrier to replace the nets and drumlines is called a "Eco Shark Barrier". This barrier has been installed at Coogee Beach, NSW, Sorrento Beach, WA and Cottesloe Beach, WA (Australia). This article (https://www.ecosharkbarrier.com.au/?p=390 comments by Mayor Phil Angers (Town of Cottesloe) about the increase in tourism due to the Eco Shark Barrier installation. The main advantage of this solution is that it is a physical barrier that the community can visually see separating them from bigger species such as sharks. It also goes from the waterline to the sea floor, unlike the traditional shark nets which are placed in a body of water 12 metres deep, only covering half the depth (6 metres) allowing bigger specifies to travel under and around the nets. The non-lethal barrier installed in Cottesloe Beach was 310 metres in length, this solution could be replicated on Noosa Main Beach which is approximately 500 metres long. Overall, it is extremely important to get rid of the shark nets and drumlines and get them out of the water. We can REPLACE them with a more effective, non-lethal and eco-friendly alternative, that will keep us all safe! Please help by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends and family. Also, help me by educating people... and making this problem a conversation. Education is key to success and fixing this problem! Also by you signing this petition, I will be able to approach decision makers and show them that we are ready for change. #LETSCOEXIST #NETSOUTNOW Read more

Taylor Ladd-HudsonAustralia
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Created Oct 11, 2021
Petition to The St. Vrain Valley School District administration
Everybody wants to have fun Halloween night. The majority of us will be likely to stay up late on Halloween and not want to get up the next day. By sending us to school we may not perform as well and it will be hard for us to focus. By signing this petition you are supporting no school the day after Halloween. (SVVSD only)Read more

Kaeleigh KillianErie, CO, United States
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Created Oct 23, 2019
Petition to Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District
We, the LVJUSD High School students, are strongly opposed to the addition of required instructional time on Wednesday mornings. This decision was based upon feedback from parents and excluded the input from the majority of students. We are young adults, who should be able to voice our opinions on matters that directly affect us. The school district is not considering how this additional time will negatively impact our mental and physical health. In the adopted handbook, it was stated that, "It is important to us that students do not become fatigued through the overuse of webinar-based instruction."  The school board, in making this decision, has not taken into account a number of factors:  Disrupting an already established routine  Some students must provide childcare  The damage screen time causes to our eyes  Assuming that students have the attention span to spend additional hours in front of a computer screen  The negative impact on mental health, such as: less time outdoors, additional workload, and fewer hours for self care  Financial hardship to individuals who use this time to provide for their families and/or themselves Wednesdays have typically been used to complete homework, study for an exam, or as time away from a computer screen to relieve stress The hours required by the state (as adopted by LVJUSD) are already being satisfied with the current schedule; therefore, adding additional Wednesday class time is not a necessity   In conclusion, we demand our voices to be heard, especially since the board's decision negatively affects us. We are in favor of our schedule to remain as it was before Winter Break.   Read more

Stephanie LeeLivermore, CA, United States
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Created Dec 30, 2020
Petition to PayPal Pte. Ltd, National Bank of Ukraine, The Government of Ukraine
countries because of the limitations. Extending the features would be beneficial to all concernedRead more

Yevhen MykhalchukOdesa, Ukraine
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Created Apr 29, 2014
Petition to Department of Education, UK Parliament, Gillian Keegan
TRIGGER WARNING - Domestic Abuse This petition and campaign call on the government to extend RSE to KS5 students (sixth form and college students aged 16-19) and make learning about domestic abuse, healthy relationships and coercive control a mandatory teaching requirement among this age group to ensure that our young people are able to identify the early signs of abuse and seek the relevant support.  My name is Faustine, I am a university student and young survivor of domestic abuse. As an older teenager, I would have benefited from being provided with RSE after year 11 and an adequate education surrounding the early warning signs of domestic abuse, the different forms abuse can take, and places to get help. Teaching on domestic abuse and healthy relationships is a compulsory part of the Relationships and Sex Education( RSE) curriculum in all state secondary schools. This covers Years 7 to Year 11, also known as Key Stage 4 (KS4). However, the current model completely ignores sixth formers, apprenticeship students and college students, as it is NOT a mandatory requirement for RSE to be taught beyond KS4 level. Students aged 16-19 (KS5) are at a crucial and vulnerable age in their lives and therefore must be offered comprehensive lessons on domestic abuse and healthy relationships and signposted to local support services. It is important to note that in 2022, 2 women per week were killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales.  Sixth forms and colleges have a duty of care to protect their students of all gender identities and backgrounds from falling into the vicious cycle of perpetrating or suffering abuse.  Education on domestic abuse saves lives, and prevention is the most effective solution to the problem.  Please sign this petition to help protect all of Britain’s youth, as domestic violence does not discriminate.  Read more

Faustine PetronEngland, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 29, 2022
Petition to U.S. Senate
confusion between marijuana and hemp and clarify the myriad of beneficial uses of industrial hempRead more

Micah NelsonDenver, CO, United States
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Created Jun 6, 2016
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