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Petition to The Duffer Brothers
Eng | Indo This is a petition I have started to bring back fan favourite Eddie Munson. The Duffer Brothers have unfairly killed him off and many other fans and I think he deserves to be brought back and not just as a flashback, please sign this petition to spread awareness. Stranger Things fans are kindly asking Netflix and the Duffer Brothers to bring back the fan favourite character Eddie Munson.Read more

the fans of eddie munson <3Australia
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Created Jul 1, 2022
Petition to World Wildlife Fund, International Animal Rescue, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
This incident happened on Monday, June 28 when Bruno, a black playful Labrador, was brutally beaten to death by three youngsters, two of whom were minors, who also shot the video of the dog being beaten with sticks while he was hanged to a fish hook.  Bruno was at the beach and he chose to rest by a boat when 3 men (who probably own the boat) caught him and killed him, to eventually dump his body in the ocean.  Bruno belonged to Mr. Christuraj. The sources tell that Mr. Christuraj filed a case against these criminals at Vizhinnam Police Station but because of political influences, these criminals didn’t present in-front of the police. The family has also been getting death threats ever since they have filed the complaint. One of the officers made a statement that “there’s a minor involved in the act” which basically means that the police isn’t gonna help Bruno or his family get justice, which is the reason why we need to come together and help Bruno’s family get justice. Please sign and share as much as you can.  There’s evil out there. But that shouldn’t let the ‘good’ NOT do its work. A little change goes a long way. We need #JusticeForBruno because Bruno deserved a happy life. No one should have to go through that kind of pain and torture. Please keep education yourself and do the right thing. This is the first step. Do your part.  If you can’t donate, share. Read more

Simrandeeep KaurBarrie, Canada
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Created Jul 1, 2021
Petition to Sveriges Television
Drakens värld var en älskad klassiker, och en del av det svenska kulturarvet. Jag tycker att det är skam och skandal att detta verk skall falla ur folkets hjärtan. Jag föreslår därför att SvT för en gångs skull lägger skattepengar på något vettigt, och sätter ett gäng programerare på att koda om drakens värld till HTML, eller till och med gör en uppföljare? :)  Vi minns alla vårat första möte med bolibompadraken. Han formade våran barndom, och våra värderingar, för att inte tala om Älgen. Älgen är ett praktexempel på att även inavlade värmlänningar kan få plats i det offentliga rummet. Kossan som äger mjölkbaren var mitt sexuella uppvaknande, kanske var det även ditt? Vill du verkligen att kommande generationer skall gå miste om denna fantastiska upplevelse. Icke, säger både jag och nicke. Så vad väntar du på, skriv under idag, och forma en bättre framtid! "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" -Blockislandets kung   Read more

Natanael VetterGrästorp, Sweden
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Created Dec 7, 2020
Petition to Heritage Golf & Country Club
; Country Club in Chirnside Park, Victoria, that their beloved local kangaroos would be slaughteredRead more

Alyssa KimberleyLilydale, Australia
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Created Apr 29, 2021
Petition to António Guterres
Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him) is the most influential personality ever on globe. All Muslims believe in his Prophet hood, in his finality, respect him and love him.  The recent Blasphemous actions by President of France are not at all acceptable and injured hearts of Billions of Muslims. We demand UN secretary general to ask France to respect other religions and ask him to seek apology for his unacceptable approach towards its Muslims and avoid Blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).        Read more

Fahd HameedIslamabad, Pakistan
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Created Oct 27, 2020
worst of all, the horribly gruesome images of our beloved dogs shot dead and skinned. We live with obviously pet dogs followed but the disgusting desire to taxidermy a family’s beloved missing pets while. Cimo and Lieben were very clearly beloved family pets. They were not the coloring or size of coyotes the search for Cimo and Lieben, and for the patience everyone has had while waiting to hear what happened to these two beloved pets.            Read more

Justice for Cimo and Lieben Beloved PetsConnecticut, United States
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Created Feb 26, 2023
Petition to Diocese of Leeds and Ripon
My name is Mrs Pauline Teasdale, I live in Leeds, I have a grave at St Chads Church Headingley for my husband, but now heartbreaking regulations are forcing me to remove items that I've put on his grave. I thought a cemetery was where you laid your loved ones to rest and then it was somewhere to go to "talk" to them and pay your respects. I go maybe twice a week, he has fresh flowers every week and nice small plants, I even cut my own grass around his grave and passers by always comment on how well I look after the grave.  For 16 years I have had 6 wooden stakes and 5 white plastic chains around it to keep dogs, cats etc. from messing on it and pulling out the plants. At the beginning of December 2020, I received a letter to ask me to remove the stakes and chains, which I did straight away, but then we noticed that dogs were messing on it and digging the plants out, then came the snow and we then saw people were walking across the grave and cycling over it.  It broke my heart when I saw this, I went straight and told the vicar and I put my wooden stakes and chains back around the grave, and I thought that was that and that was the end of it. But last Friday the 25th June 2021, I received another letter advising me again that the wooden stakes and plastic chains had to be removed, it is not just my graves but others in the cemetery are having the same problems, they are even saying that you cannot have a polished headstone.  I need people to support me on this so I can leave the grave as it is, with it's wooden stakes and plastic chains on, as it is no different from so many other cemeteries in Leeds. Please try to help me with this by signing this petition for me so I can leave my husband to rest in peace? Please help me with this for me and my two sons, God Bless You. Read more

Steven TeasdaleLeeds, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 30, 2021
Petition to Jack Dorsey
For those of you who are unaware, Vine was thought of by very many to be the best app on the entire app store. This can be proved by the vast expanse of RIP vine compilations posted to the video sharing platform YouTube. It was a platform where users could share genuinely funny 6-second video clips for other users to see, and even perhaps like or "revine" a video, similar to retweeting. However, on a fateful day in mid-January 2017, it was shut down. There were no more loops. No more revines. No more likes. No more legitness. Who was affected by this? Everyone. That fateful day was one of the worst of my entire life. Without vine, I have no meaning. Many have lost their sense of love. Sign the petition, make a difference in not only my well-being, but everyone's.Read more

Joshua EllenbergFlemington, NJ, United States
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Created Nov 28, 2017
Petition to Elmore county pd, Elmore county DA
worst day of my life. On Monday, July 16, 2018, the life of our beloved family pet, a two year oldRead more

Denise CrowderMcCalla, AL, United States
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Created Jul 23, 2018
Petition to Tai Ceredigion
proceedings. We can then continue to enjoy our home life and keep our beloved pets."Read more

Nia JonesAberystwyth, ENG, United Kingdom
2,982 supporters
Created Feb 3, 2018
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