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even if we temporarily convert to delivery and carry-out, we lose most of our revenue and the tips our and Alpharetta, GA), Buxton Hall Barbecue and MG Road Lounge (Asheville, NC) Stephanie Izard, GirlRead more

American ChefsChicago, IL, United States
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Created March 17, 2020
Petition to Public events organizers
non-sustainable is not the barbecue you had last summer. The problem is the daily and regular practical tips about implementation): (1)  ensure that the food offered is entirely plant-based; (2 faithful to our own values and interests.    Tips for making a #PlantPoweredCommunity 1) Lead the change by advice and support. These people will probably be very happy to help you out, give practical tipsRead more

Andrea SangiacomoNetherlands
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Created March 22, 2018
Petition to Deb Stuart, Russ Whipple, Marlon Brown, Jon Droscha, Elaine Ferris, Rita Vogel, Mike Waltz
publish tips about things such as securing a home while on vacation, using a barbecue grill, car seat department and the community. 2. Provide a forum to answer questions and publish tips. Police officersRead more

Josh CurtisMason, MI, United States
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Created August 24, 2017
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