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Petition to dean of Colfa Dr. Eric Morrow, Tarleton State University
audience members attend our shows due to the Covid-19 “protocol”. These are people such as family various locations on campus. We have requested several times to be allowed to have audience members thatRead more

SHIANN REESEOdessa, TX, United States
1,039 supporters
Created March 3, 2021
Petition to Cincinnati Public Schools, Sarah Trimble Oliver, Cynthia Egbahlnia
FROZEN, JR to host a limited live audience for their performances. We are asking that the districtRead more

MOLLY GRAYCincinnati, OH, United States
604 supporters
Created April 22, 2021
Petition to Mahmood Yakubu, Olusola Saraki
ProblemTo date, our President has only had a few appearances talking to Nigerians usually via pre recorded announcements.SolutionThe elections is fast approaching and Nigerians need to see all the candidates including the current president take part in a live TV debate. This is so Nigerians can collectively see how each candidate performs under pressure, that way citizens of Nigeria can make informed decisions.Personal storyI am starting this petition because I have family in Nigeria, too many times I have been defrauded by fake doctors herbalist, police have demanded money for the job they are supposed to do, nothing works in Nigeria, we now need to see all those who are running for President in a live debate that must be aired live to millions of Nigerians, we are tired of bad governance, it is time for Nigerians to decide.Read more

Ayo (CitizenAY) OgundimuEngland, United Kingdom
2,432 supporters
Created November 21, 2018
Petition to anyone
more likely you will enjoy the movie. But there is also an audience score which takes reviews from anyone at all which causes a big problem. Star Wars The Last Jedi supposedly had its audience score even seen it! So the audience score must go because perfectly good movies could/are suffering from internet trolls that want to see them fail!Read more

Euan AdamsAberdeen, SCT, United Kingdom
56 supporters
Created February 10, 2018
Petition to Mr. Brett Vogel
blogs,  Facebook les brindó la oportunidad de generar ingresos a través de Audience Network. Sin, Facebook gave them the opportunity to generate income through the Audience Network. HoweverRead more

Oscar Díaz QuinteroBogota, Colombia
195 supporters
Created June 20, 2018
Petition to youtubers, Content Creators, YouTube
general audience button. Yet YouTube doesn’t want to add it. Since they’ll lose money in doing it or something.  This petition is a way for YouTube to know how many people want a general Audience or Mix Audience option. YouTube and Google need to stop treating Content Creators like trash and givingRead more

The SaviourCanada
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Created November 27, 2019
Petition to Collin Peterson
The prohibition of cockfights in Puerto Rico will destroy an industry of thousands of jobs. And also attempt of Puerto Rico Culture. Read more

Jeovhanni NievesCidra, Puerto Rico
1,982 supporters
Created March 13, 2019
lockdown and quarantine. If we were to make every audience member wear a mask and have crew take temperatures at the door, there would be virtually no risk of spreading Covid at our show. If an audienceRead more

Kelsey BrownUnited States
605 supporters
Created March 22, 2021
Petition to Virginia Department of Health, Virginia Department of Education, Virginia Governor Northam
performing arts students can perform for an audience that is safe and appropriate for their particular performance opportunities (with an audience), are considered in the above-mentioned 'social gatheringsRead more

Annamarie BollinoFredericksburg, VA, United States
12,681 supporters
Created April 8, 2021
audience vote should at least be 75% of the say in Eurovision Song Contest! Sign now to make a change! Read more

Sara KankkanpääFinland
1,576 supporters
Created May 14, 2023
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