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Petition to Univerisity of Hartford in Connecticut- Hartford Police, Hartford Police Department
a lie in an attempt to ‘appear funny,'” according to the Courant. She said she did not intend toRead more

Joh L.Orlando, FL, United States
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Created Nov 1, 2017
Boris Johnson is attempting to curb the neutral powers of the courts when they make decisions that the government does not like. In effect, this means that a government minister can manipulate the law to serve their political agenda, without being challenged at all. This is not democracy and in the face of countless cases of the Govt clearly acting as they wish with no accountability, the idea of this becoming law could have horrific implications. This is a quite from an article in the Sunday Times ...  "Downing Street is to begin a fresh war with judges, over a plan to let ministers throw out any legal rulings they (the ministers) don't like.  Boris Johnson wants to curtail the power of the courts to overrule decisions by ministers through the process of judicial review. (This was after clashes between the Justices and the Govt over Brexit where the Govt didn't get its way.)  The Prime Minister has ordered Dominic Raab, The Justice Secretary, to toughen powers to reform judges powers to rule on the legality of ministers decisions.  An option is for MP's to pass an annual "Interpretation Bill" to strike out findings from judicial reviews with which the government does not agree.    This petition is to ensure that this does not happen and that the "Interpretation Bill" never comes into law. Please consider the possibilities that an unaccountable government that has constantly shown contempt for the people it represents would have access to, simply because a minister or prime minister does not like it when the law, our law, tells them "No".  By signing this petition, at least we have a chance of stopping it and maintaining a level of "check" on this and every other Government. Read more

paul hornsey-pennellHollington, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 7, 2021
Petition to Attorney General's Chamber, Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar
that suicide attempt victims should suffer for the time being. People are already suffering to the halt prosecutions of suicide attempt cases. It is the least the government can do now to show theirRead more

MISI: SolidaritiMalaysia
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Created Jul 12, 2021
Petition to Brian Higgins, New York State House, Andrew M. Cuomo, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, New York State Senate, Catharine Young, New York Times, FOX News, Charles E. Schumer, Adriano Espaillat, Peter T. King, ...
The citizens of New York are facing a bill proposal that will Ban youth tackle football in all of New York state. If we allow this we will be taking away an amazing sport from our children.  Football teaches our youth so many great lessons.  Teamwork,  Determination,  sacrifice,  work ethic,  sportsmanship and so much more. Studies show that concussions do not just occur in football.  They can happen in any sport/activity.  In fact soccer and cycling have the 2 highest rates of concussions.  Youth football teaches kids proper techniques that they will carry with them throughout their career and will lower the chances of injury as they move up in football. Secondly we must not allow our government to dictate to us as parents what choices we can make. That is our right, and if we allow them to take that away what is next? We as parents must be allowed to gather as much information as possible and be allowed to make the choices we see fit for our children.  DO NOT let New York state take away our rights. It is time to take a stand and show our government that we will not allow this. Please sign the petition and let's stand together as one large strong NY football family!!!Read more

Dennis EpolitoHamburg, NY, United States
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Created Nov 1, 2019
Petition to Lebanese citizens, Lebanese Government
On Monday, September 2nd, Lebanon's political leaders will convene at the Presidential Palace in Baabda. Many media reports and anonymous sources are expecting new taxes to be added, a bigger burden on the Lebanese citizens and businesses. This petition aims to call upon the Lebanese government to refrain from adding more taxes and, instead, stop the corruption and unnecessary expenditure to minimize the budget deficit.  يوم الاثنين ، ٢ أيلول، سيجتمع القادة السياسيون في لبنان في القصر الرئاسي في بعبدا. بحسب العديد من التقارير في وسائل الإعلام ومصادر عديدة، سوف يتم إقتراح إضافة ضرائب جديدة، مما يشكل عبئًا أكبر على المواطنين والشركات اللبنانية. تهدف هذه العريضة إلى دعوة الحكومة اللبنانية إلى الامتناع عن إضافة المزيد من الضرائب، وبدلاً من ذلك، وقف الفساد في إدارة الدولة والنفقات الحكومية غير الضرورية لتقليل العجز في الميزانية إلى الحد الأدنى.Read more

Marwan AbdallahLebanon
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Created Aug 30, 2019
Petition to Florida State Senate, Tim Kaine, New York Times, Washington Post, Arizona State Senate
ALEC ( American Legislative Exchange Council) is a private organization founded by conservative Republicans, which allows state legislators and private sector representatives to formulate draft bills and laws that may be passed by states if in favour of the suggestion. Laws such as “Stand Your Ground Law” which protected George Zimmermann in the state of Florida after murdering Trayvon Martin. The voter ID act, made to suppress Indigenous and rural voting. Bill sb 1070 was a bill that was pushed by ALEC that encouraged “legal racial profiling” by state law enforcement. The law allowed officers to ask for legal documentation during an arrest or stop, and apprehend a person based on suspicion of their race, to push towards the “capture” of illegal immigrants in the United States. This organization favours Republican views and the oppression of minority groups, both economical and racial. These model bills are in favour , directly and indirectly, of the biggest issue in the United States, which is Institutional Racism. Though ALEC has much power of the population, financially and politically, the model bills are being passed and they go against civil rights of minority groups in America. Read more

Olivia CallariOttawa, Canada
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Created Jun 5, 2020
Imran Khan is the will of millions of people and the bullets fired at him were also thrown at the will of millions.  support the signature campaign and claim your willRead more

Ramazan İzolTürkiye
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Created Nov 29, 2022
Petition to Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Raj Kumar Singh
are we (The UPSC CSE 2020 and 2021 last attempt candidates). We are signing this petition to request you to grant 2 compensatory attempt and 2 years age relaxation to us. Many of us are either age entry into the services. We demand 2 attempt and 2 years of age relaxation . That's our Fundamental right to life and equal opportunity. Read more

Rohan Singhnew delhi, India
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Created Apr 15, 2021
Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP
John McDonell has asked for 1'000'000 people to take to the streets of London in protest at the result of the general election.  This is totally unacceptable for a senior member of the shadow cabinet and indeed a senior government official.  This kind of protest will lead to civil unrest, will undoubtedly will lead to violence against our police officers and other persons involved in the security of London.  If one million people did take to the streets would the security services be able to cope if a large group of attendees decided to commit violence against a government minister or security staff assigned to that person.  It is factual that the type of groups that will attend this march would include factions that have no respect for UK law and will be dressed and equipped for violence when they leave their homes.  The shadow chancellor will be responsible for any injuries, damage or deaths should this march occur.  His position is now untenable  Read more

John SharplesBristol, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 15, 2017
Petition to Animal Activist Association, trivan animal arvalars, dog lovers kulumam, ketiyan animal kulumam
of Mr.kothari who is cotton broker in a nearby market,when they were in an attempt to break into the over his head and face.An FIR had been filed in the local police station for attempt robery andRead more

Priya JayaramChennai, India
11,232 supporters
Created Jul 24, 2019
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