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choking to death. Cough assists are used world wide, they push air in and pull air out like an artificial cough assists and then when done they're in the hands of the dhb seemingly meant for others but they're not. Where are all the cough assists and why can't we use them?  I want to bring this issue toRead more

Tarleigha GibsonNew Zealand
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Created April 29, 2022
Petition to Ontario, Doug Ford
Medical Laboratory Technician, Medical Laboratory Assistants and Phlebotomists are essential members of the medical care team. As an essential member of any care  facility we work directly in patient care and in the frontlines with all patients, especially positive patients. We are handling infectious samples and specimens to provide the testing to facilitate care for patients. We are responsible for producing accurate samples and results to physicians and patients so they can treated accordingly and appropriately. We are certainly frontline when it comes to Covid 19 . We are in Acute Care Hospitals, Emergency Services, Long Term Care always at risk . Please sign the petition for Laboratory Services. Please help us be recognized.  Read more

Nancy KuuskiviThunder Bay, Canada
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Created May 1, 2020
Petition to my team
Volleyball team got 2 assists that unfortunately were not included on her stats. Please sign this petition to bring awareness to this issue. Read more

Brianna DamstetterBuffalo, NY, United States
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Created November 14, 2021
The UCL Physics Intake-2020 Cohort believes an injustice has been committed regarding inadequate student support during the COVID transition from online to in-person exams. Our department is the ONLY department in UCL that enforced our exams to be in person, for our final year. We were happy to accept the department's decision under the condition that we would receive support to adequately prepare. With all of our previous years being online, we have no experience sitting in-person exams at University, hence we requested support in the form of legitimate mocks. This is how the university responded: -Forcing students to bring their own questions and writing material. -Refusing to provide students with any form of feedback for the mock. -Refusing to replicate exam conditions for students with disabilities and mental health conditions. -Limiting access to only 80 undergrad students (there are over 250 students) to sit the "mock".  In addition to this, we have been pleading for mocks since the beginning of the year and we were only informed of the details 9 days before the mock. Students feel that the lack of communication from our department proves the unwillingness to provide us adequate support to sit these in-person exams. UCL is ranked as the 8th best university in the world and is one of the top Russell Group universities in the UK. Home students pay over £9,000 per year and overseas students pay over £30,000. We expect better than this. Departments parallel to ours such as Physics with Medical Physics and Maths have chosen to support students with online exams as they understand there is inadequate time to support and prepare students for in-person exams. We feel this gives us a significant disadvantage to students studying in other departments in our final, most important, year. COVID resulted in students having their last in-person exams as GCSEs. This alongside our whole degree being online up until this year has caused many students excessive stress, especially students with mental health conditions and disabilities. We need your help to get an injustice changed. We are increasingly concerned with the impact this will have on our final grades and our futures! Over 175 distressed physics students who have been adversely impacted by the UCL Physics department's decision to not adequately support us during the COVID transition from online to in person exams this year have signed this petition so far. We are demanding online exams. We will protest until our voices are heard, with the first protest commencing in the coming weeks.Read more

Abigail AssistsUnited Kingdom
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Created February 10, 2023
Petition to Ed Sims
control. Please WestJet - come up with a solution that assists animal rescue groups to continue their work!Read more

D SEdmonton, Canada
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Created November 28, 2018
assists thrown off the backboard. It states that in the scorers' manual." He followed that up with, "IRead more

Jason GallagherChicago, IL, United States
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Created October 23, 2022
Petition to Jonathan Wilkinson, Caroline Ladanowski, Julie Spallin, Lesley O'Brien-Latham, Tom Soehl, Stephen McNeil, Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, Doug Forsdick, Iain Rankin
first, and destroying them as an absolute last resort. This not only helps the animals, but assistsRead more

Sam MitchellCanada
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Created June 14, 2020
assists disabled people to their seat when boarding a plane and needing to use toilet facilities). As IRead more

Jennie BerryHartlepool, United Kingdom
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Created September 23, 2022
Petition to Greg Abbott
of the volunteers who assists to rescue pelicans that end up stranded on the highway and cannotRead more

Renee LockettBrownsville, TX, United States
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Created October 20, 2018
Petition to Minister Kim Sung-Hwan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), President Geun-Hye Park, ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), Prime Minister Mr. Kim Hwang-sik, Minister Rim Che...
.  Dubious health claims are made about dog products, included the typical claim that it assists maleRead more

CJ CandlesUnited States
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Created January 31, 2013
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