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Petition to The University of Sheffield.
We understand the resistance and controversy that can often surround brand redesigns. This is not a petition against change, it's a petition against what we believe to be a bad brand decision, specifically with respect to the choice of colour scheme. We completely acknowledge and understand the need to simplify the shield for scalability in branding and introduce accessible fonts to meet modern accessibility standards, however the new colour scheme (violet/purple) is just a replication of so many other (mainly northern) universities across the country. Examples include Manchester University (purple), Leeds Beckett (purple), Loughborough (purple), Durham (purple), etc.  The Sheffield “blue” means so much to so many (past and present) and the new brand identity instantaneously removes any individual identity or sense of ownership students, staff and alumni have over their much loved institution.  We request that similar to Cambridge, St Andrews, Bristol and Edinburgh, you retain the colours of the original shield, default to a black font and use the original (or a minor adaptation of the) “Sheffield University” blue, and reconsider this drastic colour change.  For further information on the branding changes, see: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/brand-toolkit/colour#our-core-colours  Read more

Uni of Sheffield StudentSheffield, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 27, 2022
Petition to Sachem School Board
While we the parents of Sachem School District appreciate your endeavor to enrich our children's extended school day we the below feel you have fallen short in one very important aspect. With the stress placed upon children today with the advanced curriculum as opposed to years ago and the testing that is placed upon them to do well it is an injustice to their overall well being to shorten their lunch periods. Many of our children will not be able to finish their lunch, especially if they are buying. Younger children sometimes need help as do those in special ed classes. Their brain and bodies need nutrition and some relaxation in order to perform well academically. By shortening their lunch/recess time and spreading it out to other areas how much in those areas are they really gaining and at what expense ?Now instead of spending a relaxing period they are being placed under more undue stress. The special ed child is under enough stress throughout the school day and many times feels defeated. Now add to their frustration by not being able to have the help with their lunch that they may need and leave the cafeteria still hungry and for some students, lunch may be the only full meal they get for the day. Do you really want to take that away? You need to feed your body to nourish your mind. Please take to heart our concerns and reconsider this new policy.         If you agree please sign so that it can be presented to the Sachem School Board.      Read more

Linda HardingHolbrook, NY, United States
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Created Sep 5, 2019
Petition to Administration , Daniel Andrews, Ellen Sandell
We as members of the public request that the Victorian coroner conduct a full inquest into the death of Courtney Herron including all factors which may have contributed to her death and to then provide recommendations on addressing those factors to minimise or eliminate similar deaths as the normal investigation into the death may not cover the following issues as part of the investigation. Specifically: -Courtney is believed  to have requested help with housing and had no place to stay at the time of her death. Did the housing process contribute to her death, if so what can be done to ensure this doesn't happen again. -Courtney is believed  to have requested help with addiction, was delay in accessing help a contributing factor to her death and what can be done to ensure it doesn't happen again? - The person  accused of killing Courtney had multiple assessments conducted by mental health services in the years prior due to what's been described as psychotic episodes and increasing aggression over time. Was the accused risk assessments conducted by mental health services done correctly? Does the assessment criteria for involuntary treatment need to be changed and does the mental health system have the ability to effectively assist people? If not what needs to be done to ensure people do get treatment for things that the community itself may not be able to help with and to prevent further deaths. - The person accused of the murder of Courtney has had multiple interactions with the police  in the years prior to her death. Is there anything which could have been done by police to prevent his behavior from escalating and what can be done in the future to detect and prevent escalation of behaviors which can lead to deaths. -Statistically  women are at greater risk of lethal violence towards them regardless if it's in a public or private setting or if the attacker is known to them or not, it can be described as social attitudes towards women in particular.  Is this a contributing factor to Courtneys death and what should be done to change attitudes in society in relation to violence which can lead to deaths. We also request that the coroner investigate any other contributing factor to the death of Courtney Herron. *Premier Daniel Andrews and the local MP Ellen Sandell for the Parkville area are now listed as decision makers on this petition as well as the coroner.Read more

John SmithMelbourne, Australia
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Created May 30, 2019
Petition to The owners of the site and the council could make this happen
Aspects leisure park in Bedford has not been invested into in the past 20 years. So this campaignRead more

Samuel churchmanBedford, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 19, 2019
Petition to Pride Toronto, socialmedia@pridetoronto.com
On July 3rd 2016 Black Live Matters(BLM) protestors stopped the Toronto Pride parade for 30 minutes in order to protest their agenda.  In order to get the parade moving Pride Toronto Executive Director Mathieu Chantelois signed a list of their demands which included removing Toronto Police Services(TPS) presence from the parade itself(and any float they may wish to enter along with Police booths around Pride festivities.  We believe Toronto Police Services has become an invaluable ally to the LGBTQ2A community and should continue to participate fully in Toronto Pride festivities including the parade.  Mr. Chantelois has signaled that he himself will not exclude TPS or anyone from the parade and that the board makes the decision.  Please sign this petition signaling your support to have TPS participate in the 2017 Toronto Pride festivities.Read more

J RSaint Catharines, Canada
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Created Jul 4, 2016
Petition to Michael Friisdahl
accessible, and all aspects of their venue, not just the concert area itself. We paid to meet him, and disability from fully participating in all aspects of society because of his or her disability, including aRead more

Falum GibsonCanada
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Created Feb 27, 2016
Petition to David Grevemberg
dialogue with the CGF and Birmingham to ensure some aspects of our sport will be included.” Ed SolomonsRead more

Charlotte PetersUnited Kingdom
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Created Jan 16, 2018
Petition to Dr. Juan Olivarez
*PETITION UPDATE* Thanks so much for your support for my campaign! Since I started this petition, there has been some exciting progress; college administrators agreed to help find a hotel where foster and homeless students were able to stay warm and safe during winter break . But even more importantly, Aquinas' administration agreed to establish a dialogue with experts and other universities to work toward a formal policy and solution on this issue-- both at Aquinas College and other small colleges whose students face similar challenges. I'm looking forward to working with Aquinas to secure safe and stable housing for those who are in need in the long term. For now, I've closed the petition while we work together on a solution. I hope you keep you updated about our progress! ******** As an unaccompanied homeless youth, there were many barriers to getting into (and staying in!) college. Now that I'm lucky enough to be in my senior year at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I'm about to face another challenge this winter break: I'll have nowhere to go when campus housing shuts down for winter break. Because I was a homeless youth when I was finishing high school, college was a goal that I was not sure I would ever reach. Sure, I had thought about it, and knew that continuing my education post high school was one of the greatest keys to building a future for myself. I was excited when I was able to apply for and was accepted to a small college in my city, Aquinas College. While there were many challenges, with the help of a great organization in my community, Arbor Circle, I was able to secure on-campus housing and started at Aquinas College in the fall of 2010.  Since then, there have been numerous obstacles faced and countless challenges overcome. But one of the main barriers remains: housing. One of the most tricky situations for foster and homeless students in college is what to do for break periods. Conceded, this is also a difficult situation for schools. Aquinas College provides opportunities to rent on-campus apartments during the summer months, and allows international students and in-season athletes to maintain their housing over fall and spring breaks. However, homeless and foster students are not included in the spring and fall allowances, and are left without options for the two-to-three week period during Michigan's cold winters. Colleges across the country have combatted the issue of break housing in multiple ways. Some have chosen to keep one housing unit open for the break to provide shelter to these students. This cuts down on the utility use for the college, and is one of many ways that the college could ensure safe and stable housing for a very vulnerable group of students throughout the year. Last year, I spent part of my winter break sleeping outside on campus and I know that I don't want to face the same experience again this year -- and I'm sure there are other students who also fear the same. As a senior, I am anticipating to graduate this upcoming May with a double major in Sociology and Community Leadership. I have overcome many challenges, and cannot wait to dance across the stage in celebration of the work that I have done. However, it is my greatest hope that students who are in situations similar to mine, including several freshman with whom I share a dorm currently, are alleviated of this one major barrier during their college years. Plus, there are thousands of other students -- some who are homeless, some who were in foster care, others who have lost their parents or guardians -- who are also affected by this issue across the country. I am so proud to be an Aquinas College Saint, will be even more proud to be an Aquinas College Alum, and would be so beyond grateful if my Saints would put forth the effort to show that they are proud and supportive of students like me, as well. Thanks for signing my petition, and as always-- GO SAINTS!~Jessie McCormickRead more

Jessica McCormickEast Grand Rapids, MI, United States
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Created Oct 19, 2013
Petition to Boris Johnson
future, our oceans, countless ecosystems and vital aspects of our lives that we need to surviveRead more

Max HilhorstLondon, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 17, 2021
Petition to Council of the European Union
unprecedented changes in all aspects of society. All of us recognize this environmental emergencyRead more

marta brustengaBarcelona, España
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Created Jul 21, 2015
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