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Petition to Kaja Perina, Editor in Chief
public evaluation. * Run a series of articles by other contributors that actively debunk women. Kanazawa has a history of writing biased and error-ridden articles that attempt to justify articles casts serious doubt about the trustworthiness of their publications as well as the rigor of crude articles such as Kanazawa's demonstrates a profound disrespect for anyone who turns to and repeatedly submitting racially biased articles to Psychology Today, including this most recentRead more

Alisa BierriaLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created May 16, 2011
Petition to Wikipedia (Josve05a), wikipedia​.​org, Jimmy Wales, Wikimedia Foundation, info-en@wikimedia​.​org
the world. Including more than 6,129,499 articles, it gives the readers worldwide an image of a articles independently. However, unfortunately, some provocators falsify the history of the region in Wikipedia’s articles using unscientific and baseless sources, which lead to false territorial claims delete articles) fake historical information through Wikipedia, Armenian Nationalists start laying falsifications and misleading articles, which lead to territorial disputes. Having the true history proved, weRead more

Leyli MagerramBaku, Азербайджан
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Created Aug 2, 2020
Petition to Government of Quebec, National Assembly of Quebec, Simon Jolin-Barrette
This petition aims to plead the National Assembly of Québec to remove the transphobic articles of, bureaucrats, employers, and possibly others made aware of what their genitals look like. The articles that need to be removed or rewritten are articles: 23, 24, 26, 30, 33, 41, 42, 43 and 247. Bill #2 signed petitions against the transphobic articles of the bill. As such, it is of extreme importance nationale du Québec pour qu'elle retire les articles transphobes du projet de loi #2 déposé le 21Read more

Chloe SenaMontréal, Canada
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Created Oct 22, 2021
Petition to Keir Starmer MP, Cherylin Mackrory MP, Scott mann, oliver dowden
written for people out of the public eye. Insensitive articles the same as these are still publishedRead more

tallulah poustiepadstow, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 10, 2021
Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, Starbucks
have partners wear their religious articles of jewelry.Read more

Gurjot KaurSouth Carolina, United States
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Created Aug 30, 2021
Petition to Gulf News, #gulfnews , @gulf_news , #gulf_news
Too many anti India articles published by Gulf News which are false and biased. It's a malicious desist from promoting such biased editors and their articlesRead more

Govind HaridasDubai, United Arab Emirates
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Created Dec 27, 2018
Petition to Sri Narendra Modi, Sri Amit shah
AMEND ARTICLES 29 AND 30 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA TO EXPAND THE RIGHTS GIVEN TO THE MINORITIES.             The sub-text of Constituent Assembly debates shows that the rights given in Articles majority.  10.         I therefore earnestly request that Articles 29 and 30 of the Constitution be amendedRead more

S J R KumarKochi, India
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Created Dec 1, 2019
Petition to United States House of Representatives
call upon our elected representative in the Congress of the United States to bring Articles ofRead more

William BrunerHillsboro, MO, United States
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Created Feb 5, 2017
Petition to Senior Partner of S. Bhandari & Co.
advisory and given work from home or holiday to their articles. There have been 9 positive cases of coronaRead more

Articles S. BhandariJaipur, India
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Created Mar 20, 2020
Petition to Institute of Chartered Accountant of India
SCENERIO: As read above the MAXIMUM working hours for articles is 35 hours in a week and 45 hours inRead more

Ankita AgrawalIndia
103 supporters
Created Feb 5, 2019
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