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Petition to President of India
Discriminatory Article 35A must go Valmikis (Dalits) were brought to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in state. All of this is happening due to the implementation of Article 35A in the state of J&K. This article is unconstitutional, discriminatory and biased. जानिए इस दलित लड़की को क्यों नहीं मिल सकती सरकारी नौकरी !! What is Article 35A? Article 35A enables the J&K Assembly to define ‘permanent legal sanction to discriminate even among the PRC holders. Article 35A is that part of theRead more

Pankaj GuptaIndia
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Created February 20, 2019
Petition to President of India
Article 370 has given us only grief, deaths and constant conflict.   The article 370 of the indian China, there's no point in the context of prevailing circumstances to continue the article 370. Article keeping J&K a separate entity. http://www.indiandefencereview.com/news/article-370-the-untold-story/Read more

Hitesh RangraShimla, HP, India
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Created February 17, 2019
Petition to European Parliament
Article 13 will affect millions of content creators from making content that you enjoy it will impact you from watching your favourite content creators. Please help us to stop article 13 from taking away what we love. #saveyourinternetRead more

Jason CarvalhoRome, Italy
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Created November 24, 2018
The Article 370 of the Indian constitution provides special autonomous status to the state of Jammu approves them.  Article- 370 (In brief) 1)Assembly for 6 yrs 2)Different State flag 3)Dual Citizenship 4 government to strike down the Article 370 and integrate Jammu and Kashmir with the nation. Kindly signRead more

Tanaya ShindeIndia
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Created February 19, 2019
Petition to Theresa May MP, UK Parliament, UK Government
Theresa May has signed the official letter, article 50 of the Lisbon treaty, which formally beginsRead more

Jack DartTorquay, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 28, 2017
Petition to BBC
, it’s not worth reading. Everyone I know with a disability is upset after reading this article their disabilities. BBC told the people they were interviewing this article would focus on the toxic and and article, BBC chose a clickbait title accusing influencers of faking their disabilities for interviewed by this article, but plenty of my friends were personally affected and are now experiencing moreRead more

Melody OlanderTempe, United States
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Created August 12, 2021
Petition to The Government, We all can!
. Continue to decide against directives similar to Article 11 and 13 or which restrict freedom ofRead more

BAN Article 13Denmark
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Created November 27, 2018
Petition to Narendra Modi
To stop violence in Jammu & Kashmir (as 370 is one of the main root cause )Read more

Nitish GuptaMumbai, India
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Created February 15, 2019
Petition to Axel Voss
is in the meatworld.  If article 11 passes, our right to share news and information with each other will be hampered. The article suggest to introduce an extra copyright for newssites. This gives the publisher of an article the right to demand a fee everytime somebody shares their articles. The fee demanding a fee from their users in return, or censoring the links.  Article 13 wants to force platforms to, like free and collaborative software. This article will put up barriers for the development of sourceRead more

Isabelle Kokkalis LindbladSweden
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Created September 26, 2017
In an age where women are being raped and killed in the streets I find it incredibly disturbing that a national newspaper would feel brave enough to print such abusive, vile words. This was written in the Sun Newspaper by TV personality Jeremy Clarkson. Whatever your thoughts about Meghan this is an absolute a disgrace. Newspapers have an ethical responsibility to follow the five laws of journalism.  Truth and Accuracy. “Journalists cannot always guarantee 'truth' but getting the facts right is the cardinal principle of journalism. ...Independence. ... Hate speech covers many forms of expressions which advocate, incite, promote or justify hatred, violence and discrimination against a person or group of persons for a variety of reasons. It poses grave dangers for the cohesion of a democratic society, the protection of human rights and the rule of law. If left unaddressed, it can lead to acts of violence and conflict on a wider scale. In this sense hate speech is an extreme form of intolerance which contributes to hate crime. They have to be held accountable for language like this. I am victim of rape and online abuse and this was incredibly disturbing.  Please sign the petition to fight against violence and abuse against women in the British media! Please sign this petition so that we can take this to government to discuss legislation surrounding misogyny and hate crimes, specifically in context of the British Media. Sign this petition for accountability for the Editor of the sun Newspaper and Jeremy Clarkson.  Thanks !        Read more

V V BrownLondon, United Kingdom
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Created December 18, 2022
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