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Petition to Greenpeace
An Hoax Or Disclosed Truth ?? "Progress is Impossible without change,but if via harming our  Environment  there might be nothing left to Progress"   “Radio frequencies from wireless radiations have been classified a class 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is not only a concern because it’s hazardous to our health . The telecom companies say the radiations emitted aren’t harmful & and also it will kill cancer causing germs in humans body , which is exactly contradictory to the data's provided by various scientists. National Toxicology Program (NTP) concluded there is clear evidence that male rats exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation (RFR) like that used in 2G and 3G cell phones developed cancerous heart tumors As compared frequency of 5G is highest.  (reported on 1 July 2018 by  national institutes of health). “5G is an emerging technology that hasn’t really been defined yet. From what we currently understand, it likely differs dramatically from what we studied,” said Wyde .   FACTORS TO WORRY; As the frequency used is very much higher than compared to 3g and 4g networks the dissipation of the information and signals will be more and the signals will last up to few distance only , hence to prevent “MIMO’s (multiple input output) will be planted in area which will work as tower helpers. As a result the radiations level will increase apparently also it will produce thermal heat likely, all other radiations transfer devices. As all the electronic devices are going to be connected it will lead to large amount of cell penetrating radiations .                                                                                                          RADIATION IS NOT THE MAIN PROBLEM; As the frequencies of the 5g waves increase the distance of approach very much decreases compared to todays 4g and 3g network as the frequencies emitted are 27 times higher than to the previous ones . As 4G networks use frequencies below 6 GHz, but 5G uses extremely high frequencies in the 30 GHz to 300 GHz range. Hence the line of communication and connectivity decrease rapidly to small  distances. To overcome these companies will implement small towers like reflector to reflect the radiations to long range by devices called as MIMO'S which will ultimately lead to thermal heat increment in ecosystem as the radiations will be all much increased as there will be MIMO's in every electric pole.   EFFECTS ON ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM; The high frequency radiation is deemed as dangerous experiment to health the wireless has been said to be adversely affecting on animals , insects and even microbes. There has been evidence of Cancer, DNA damage , Cardiomyopathy the precursor in heart failure and neuropsychiatric effects. The 5G network offer revolutionary  speed due to much dense wireless network radiations. These radio frequencies can not travel over longer ranges nor they can travel trough solid objects also some IT  people say rain can be hindrance for this radio waves to travel .  Hence this will lead people to constantly being attacked by more continuous and higher radiations exposure. As 5G cant travel through solid objects large amount of trees will be cut down on the sides of the streets. One such example was Sheffield where thousands and thousands of trees were cut down by the council to initiate the 5G network. These technologically generated frequencies are scrambling the balance of the human electromagnetic electrical communication systems. This creates a state of disharmony and disease which plays through to physical, mental , emotional and psychological diseases. The higher state of radio frequencies also beats up the cells more. The microwaves from these cell towers can interfere with the body’s own emfs and thus the ideal distance between a residential area and a tower is 50 meters which is being neglected during the new 5G network upgrade.   SHEFFIELD DISASTER (Do 5G play role in it ?)             As 5G radio waves are dense waves hey can't pass through solid objects like buildings ,tress.So to  make it more efficient urban/mature habitat might be chopped off for better signals such an case is assumed to the Sheffield one . Ahead this year estimated 5000 tress were  being chopped off by name of urban development by the firm and council in Sheffield could be due of overgoing testing of 5G project said by journalists. #saveourenviromentRead more

N&an GadhethariaIndia
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Created August 22, 2019
Petition to Ahmed Hussen, Ahmed Hussen
Significant Delay in Processing of Express Entry Applications at CPC Ottawa due to eligibility factors REVIEW REQUIRED.  We, the undersigned, permanent residence applicants whose applications through EXPRESS ENTRY program have far passed the normal processing time, kindly draw the attention of the honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to the following: 1. Although the normal processing time of permanent residence applications in Canada for Express Entry is 6 months, for many of us this is over 12 months now.  2. The response from IRCC to our enquiries about our applications is "eligibility is still under review". While we understand this is an essential stage of the process, we believe this may be done in a certain time-frame. 3. IRCC does not provide any time-frame for completing the eligibilty for files that require further REVIEW.  4. We have have commitments, jobs, kids attending schools, family plans, etc that are on hold based on CPC OTTAWA final decision, our lives are at pause, we do not know if we are staying in our places of residents or if we are moving. 5. Some applicants had to redo the medical exam, WHY?  because the file was reopened just 1 or 2 months priror to the expiray date. We have jobs to resign and we need to give at least 60 days in some countries. They should rather extend our medicals rather than requesting a new one. 6. IRCC at the same time is able to process files that were submitted in 2019 whilst there are some people with parked files from June, July, August, Septmeber,October, November, and December 2018. 7. The delay in processing of our applications, without any clear reason and deadline, has not only negatively affected different aspects of our lives but also caused us emotional distress ourlive is really on pause. We respectfully request: 1. To receive a clear response regarding our situation and our applications processing time. 2. To expedite our applications since our applications has already passed the posted processing time.We need your final decision no matter what it is.  3. To receive the final decision from CPC Ottawa. They should REOPEN the files of 2018 applicants and CLEAR IT.  4. Communicate with the applicant in case there is a review required in their eligibilty & ask for the missing information, because we only get to know hwy our files are parked by ordering GCMS notes.  5. This is emotionally draining & depressing, the endless wait is killing us every week that goes without any update from CPC Ottawa is killing, we have plans that are on pause based on their final decision.  We hope the liberal government of Canada hear our voice and support our case.Read more

Fadwa MalikSudan
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Created July 18, 2019
Petition to Rep​.​JanelleBynum@oregonlegislature​.​gov , Rep​.​KarinPower@oregonlegislature​.​gov
HB3088 is a pending bill repealing crimes of prostitution, commercial sexual solicitation and promoting prostitution. We believe that those in our state who are directly impacted and endangered by the current status and definitions of "prostitution" have a right to speak directly to legislators and testify at a hearing. Regardless of personal viewpoints on sex work, the judiciary committee represents the people and the people need to be given opportunity to testify. The citizens of Oregon are asking the committee to break the pattern of systemic oppression towards those directly involved with sex work. This bill is currently sitting in the Oregon House Judiciary Committee with a deadline of March 19th, 2021 for the members to move it to a hearing. We are asking our legislators to take action by the deadline and not allow this bill to die in committee.Read more

Erica LeroyeUnited States
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Created February 28, 2021
one cares about kids and our right to get a normal road. This is a Road approaching Chrysalis HighRead more

kumar anubhavIndia
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Created June 8, 2022
Petition to Iceland PM Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Iceland President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, Government Offices of Iceland, Iceland Prime Minister's Office, Iceland Parliament, Hafnarfjörður Mayor Haraldur L. Haraldss...
Disclaimers: I am not in control of the signature goal. This is an automatic milestone set by change.org themselves. Whenever we reach our goal, it automatically bumps it up. The goal is now 1,000,000. I did not set this number.                                      Help this go down in history.  Petition for actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson (Robbie Rotten) to get a statue in his hometown of Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, to forever immortalise and honor his amazing legacy. Stefán Karl Stefánsson is mainly known for his role as the villain Robbie Rotten in the children's show 'LazyTown', a show that was a part of my childhood, and maybe even a part of yours, too. News Heartbreaking to fans, Stefán has developed stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has been hospitalised. Stefán is already being immortalised online, In which I, and various others are showing support for him. I am not from Iceland,  so I am unfamiliar with many things. I am not sure what officials should be seeing this (Iceland PM/President may be a bit extreme for a simple statue), but if you are aware who should be contacted please let me know. Stefán Karl is such a wonderful human being, he has helped children (and even adults, too.) all over the world, and made even more children happy. (Just like young 2004 me) He has even been raising awareness for bullying. This man does not deserve what he is going through. If you support this, Please share this wherever you can!  Mr. Stefánsson, in the unlikely chance you ever get to the read this, I would personally like to thank you for the incredible impact you've had on my childhood and present life. (and by chance, Mr. Stefánsson has now saw this petition!) . Please help get this man something as simple as a statue in his hometown to honour him. Please help this go down in history. Stefán was, is, and always will be, Number one.  -Adam As of writing this, on the 21st of August 2018 Mr. Stefán Karl Stefánsson has passed away from stage IV bile duct cancer. Rest in Peace, Stefán.Read more

Adam A.United Kingdom
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Created June 28, 2017
The Undergraduate Library's doors will be closing forever on May 13, 2022, just as finals wrap up for the spring semester. With a farewell on the horizon, many students aren't ready to say goodbye. Since the University announced its plan for the library renovation project in spring 2021, the closure of the Undergraduate Library has faced great criticism and disapproval from students. While the library was initially planned to close in January 2022, this has recently been delayed to the end of the semester as architectural plans and town hall meetings are being held regarding the project. The Undergraduate Library is a piece of living history. Classes upon classes of students have called the UGL home, and studied, learned, and succeeded with the help of the space. It doesn't seem right to remove a space that lives in the hearts of students past and present. What would it really take to overturn such a seemingly drastic decision?  We won't know if we don't try! Show your support by reaching out and voicing your concerns!   Read more

Savannah PHampshire, IL, United States
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Created May 4, 2022
Petition to Byron W. Brown, Mark C. Poloncarz, Andrew M. Cuomo, Charles E. Schumer, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, New York State House, New York State Senate, Darius G. Pridgen
law and neither is approaching a cop to talk to them. No laws were broken. This is inexcusable! WeRead more

Lisa KrakowskiBuffalo, NY, United States
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Created June 4, 2020
Petition to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, CONAPESCA, CONANP, CONABIO
watching as the endangered vaquita porpoise in the Sea of Cortez is approaching extinction. This is ourRead more

Marcus WernickeCanada
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Created June 9, 2018
  In the summer of 2021, I visited my auntie with my family, who lived in Georgia at the time it was a 15-hour ride. As we rode through the state of Georgia we saw things, and faced things no black American should ever go through. We saw confederate statues.  As a young black 17-year-old kid, I always knew my blackness in America would make people upset, and I never want future generations to feel this way. Or see people filled with hatred be seen as legends in America. So I propose that the statues be taken own, put in a museum, auctioned off to the highest bidder, or given to an organization. America prides itself on being a melting pot of cultures, but can you let a bunch of people who rebelled against this country be celebrated? So I ask the people of America to approach the past, to make a better future.Read more

Mya HarringtonUnited States
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Created December 16, 2022
Petition to Delaware State University, President Tony Allen
As current band members and students of Delaware State University, we have been deprived of many resources that are necessary in our growth as musicians.  In order to obtain structure within our program, it is essential that the band is provided with proper leadership and direction. During the time span of our program being under new leadership, current band members have noticed a decline in the progress shown by both individual musicians, as well as the group as a whole.  Across the board, there has been minimal instruction, education, and clarity provided to the band members from the new leadership. There has been a clear lack of attention to building musicianship to the collegiate level, and maintaining that university standard of musicianship. In the beginning of the band season, there was an entire team of staff members whose intentions were to help assist with the new director’s vision for the band. Unfortunately, students noticed a clear lack of communication between these staff members and the new leadership, creating an uneasy atmosphere, and resulting in confusion and lack of preparation across the band. Along with the lack of proper leadership, we have been deprived of the funding necessary to provide us with presentable uniforms, proper maintenance of uniforms and new equipment, and efficient scholarships for the band. We would also like to address the lack of attention regarding tradition, culture, and climate within the band program and the university. Effective alumni involvement can potentially be the key to success for a university band program. However, the current director of bands has eliminated the avenue of alumni to come home and volunteer effective services to our program. Alumni have the ability to provide us with assistance in musicianship skills, educational studies, and mentorship. The results of the season have clearly shown the program’s need for an increase in funding, more alumni involvement, and the replacement of current leadership. If the concerns that we present to the administration and leadership are not addressed in a timely manner, we will withhold participation in all performances.Read more

Approaching Storm Marching Band StudentsDover, DE, United States
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Created December 4, 2021
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