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Petition to Good Morning Britain
Keep Piers Morgan for his common sense approach to life. He’s also funny!! He’s not afraid to speak out and says what a lot of us are thinking. Read more

Margaret LowryCambridgeshire, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 12, 2019
Petition to Bath and North East Somerset Council
COUNCIL DECIDE ON THE FUTURE OF BATH APPROACH GOLF COURSE. PLEASE SHARE AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE BEFORE Bath Approach Golf Course, ending decades of fun and affordable golf for locals and visitors, not to they are about to do something that NOBODY WANTS! ORIGINAL INTRO (JULY 2020) Bath Approach Golf Course Approach Course is popular, accessible, inexpensive, low-maintenance, provides excellent exercise and isRead more

Ben ReedBath, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 15, 2020
Petition to Gavin Williamson MP, Secretary of State for Education, Boris Johnson
At 10:30pm on Tuesday 11th August, Gavin Williamson announced a new ‘triple lock’ process for GCSE and A Level students in England, implying this was great news and they will receive the higher of either their calculated grade (by Ofqual, after their computations), their mock result, OR if they sit one, their autumn exam result.   This is UNFAIR, UNWORKABLE and DISRESPECTFUL of teachers and schools that put so much time into giving their recommended assessed grades. This petition is asking for  teacher-assessed grades to be used instead of triple lock if a student wishes to appeal.  UNFAIR - not all schools do mocks and virtually all students improve between mock and the real exams. English students will also be competing with Scottish students and Nicola Sturgeon has promised to override the Scottish results to reflect what teachers submitted - if the Triple Lock system is applied in England it could result in English students incorrectly being marked lower than Scottish students.  UNWORKABLE - not all mocks are equal or done at the same time of year with the same conditions so it is ridiculous to compare their results. DISRESPECTFUL and DISTRUSTING - teachers know their students best and have used a range of information to put in a realistic assessed grade, already including their mock result if it was appropriate. This announcement by Gavin Williamson ignores teachers' hard work, experience and knowledge.  Please support this petition, students in England deserve to get the results they worked so hard for, and teachers deserve to have their experience listened to. Read more

Lottie Beck JohnsonWorcester, United Kingdom
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Created Aug 12, 2020
Petition to Supriya Sule, Sharad pawar, pawar public school chandivali, Poonam Mahajan, CHIEF MINISTER, Devendra phadnvis
Approach road to Pawar Public School Chandivali is very dangerous and risky as it caved in twice / bmc or whosoever is concern to take immediate action on this and make an alternate safe approachRead more

Rupal BokeIndia
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Created Jul 3, 2019
Petition to Every Indian
The Ayodhya dispute needs a healing touch. This cannot happen with a court verdict.  Time is running out but it is not too late yet. It will be too late once the court judgement comes out. It will be too late when one side wins and one side loses. And when the winning side celebrates over the pain and loss of the losing community in a spirit of one upmanship.  And let us keep in mind that every single Indian will be affected by the outcome of the Ayodhya dispute, for many generations to come.  Politicians are not going to lose this opportunity to capitalize their political gains from the outcome of the Ayodhya decision. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking its going to be any other way. The Ayodhya dispute is a deep festering wound between the two communities. For decades now vested interests have taken full advantage of this for political and other gains and they have not allowed any peaceful resolution to take place. We see this happening again now! On the one hand there are people in both communities who don’t want this issue to resolve for this reason. On the other hand there are some who are feeling the urgent need to resolve this in a manner that will heal this wound between the two communities for all times to come. It was extremely heartening that Maulana Salman Nadwi responded so magnanimously to Sri Sri Ravishankar ji’s proposal to resolve the Ayodhya issue in a way that will bring the two communities closer together. For decades Ayodhya issue has been tool in the hands of trouble makers. Let us come together and support this beautiful “coming together" of the good forces on both sides. Let us bond and strengthen each other so that even the trouble makers are rendered ineffective. Would you not like to see the good leaders on both sides come together? The Ayodhya dispute has been a huge challenge for the peace and harmony of our country. It is now time to turn this long standing challenge into an opportunity. Time is short. Once the court gives its final verdict we will lose this opportunity. Too many lives have been lost because of this dispute. WE CAN NO LONGER ALLOW THIS TO CARRY ON.  We must not lose this opportunity. We can either remain stuck in the hurt, pain and humiliation of the past and lose this opportunity.....or take an intelligent TACTICAL DECISION Yes, this is a battle against the wrong forces in our country. On the chess board we have to make moves tactically and not emotionally. A wrong move right now could be tragic for a long time to come…… This is an appeal to every Indian to  support the coming together of Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and Maulana Salman Nadwi for a harmonious out of court resolution of the Ayodhya dispute so that the two communities can bond and strengthen each other in the true sense.      Read more

Yunus MohammedAL, India
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Created Feb 14, 2018
Petition to Glasgow Caledonian University
University to follow suit with Glasgow University in announcing a 'no detriment' approach to the assignmentRead more

Kayleigh BrownUnited Kingdom
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Created Mar 31, 2020
Petition to DFL ROADS, Jim shannon mp, Ards and north down borough council
FINALLY listen and do something to restrict the speed of cars on the approach to these lights. In myRead more

michelle mcgibbonNewtownards, NIR, United Kingdom
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Created Dec 14, 2018
Petition to CIDCO , NMMC , navi mumbai municipal commissioner, Mayor of Navi Mumbai, Eknath Shinde
, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. which is good welcome project. However, the present Approach road to the water Use this road for the approach of this commercial use for the water terminal. There is a PossibleRead more

Save Nature Protect Navi Mumbai - Jayant HudarNavi Mumbai, India
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Created Feb 12, 2020
Petition to Mr. Ajit Pawar Dy CM & guardian minister Pune
sight of the road or effort to build the same. There was a small approach road to Kharadi Bypass via; closed it by permanent barricades last month.  Now we are left with no approach road available for enter /approach to above mentioned societies due to non-availability of approach road. This is threatRead more

Umesh JaiswalIndia
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Created Oct 21, 2020
Petition to Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC), Rumson , The State of New Jersey
Many people of the Borough of Rumson have just learned about a gag ordered deal to rezone two large parcels for a developers personal gain under the name of Affordable Housing, while not actually providing any affordable housing units to the Borough. A meeting was held 1/14/20 and council is being forced to sign the developers agreement by 1/17/20 with no granted extensions for the public to intervene on a topic that affects public safety, public health, schools, taxes, and property values.  The Town of Rumson, the Residents, should have been given a chance to find alternative methods of satisfying affordable housing in compliance with COAH standards. This back room deal that the council and mayor worked on may have been done as a lesser of evils with understanding and risk assessment to avoid court ordered rulings, but residents have not been given a chance to organize to and present better community funded and supported initiatives. We understand our responsibility to comply with affordable housing, and would like the opportunity to move forward toward compliance as a community. Let’s start with a not-for-profit Community Development Corporation “Rumson Open Space & Affordable Housing, Inc” ROSAH for short. Together as a community we have resources, the wherewithal, and the support to see through a proper solution for the people.   Please visit ROSAH.org for more information. Read more

Thomas FuschettiUnited States
7,569 supporters
Created Jan 15, 2020
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