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Petition to Mark Harper MP, Gloucestershire county council, Forest of Dean District Council
We demand  Easing of Congestion at Over Gloucester for commuters and Business from the Forest of dean and surrounding areas traveling the A40 and A48 between the hour's of 7.00AM and 9 00am Monday to Friday The Strain of travelling this route makes employment difficult in Gloucester and beyond being always late for work and the possibility of being considered unreliable. Employers think twice before locating their businesses in the Forest of Dean due to the difficulty of transporting goods in and out of the area making the area uncompetitive and putting it at a disadvantage A task force needs to be urgently assembled to tackle this problem head on to include councillors, traffic authorities and commuters to help resolve this problemRead more

Douglas ScottMitcheldean, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 19, 2019
Petition to CMS School Board, Myers Park High School
During this unprecedented and extremely difficult time, students have been forced to assimilate to learning from home. Although that transition has been hard, it is a transition we all had to make. However, collectively as students we feel that we are being extremely overworked and as a result we are neglecting our physical and mental wellbeing. As a student body, we are petitioning to ask that our workload be alleviated to the point where we are not staying up until 3am working, where we can have time to spend with our families, and have time to simply care for ourselves. It is the mere third week of school, and yet students are drowning in unbearable loads of work. Many students take 8 classes year round, and seniors are studying for the ACT and SAT while concurrently applying to colleges. These times are hard to navigate and we recognize that, however we also recognize that we are being overworked and need something to change. Read more

Sadie Weisscharlotte, NC, United States
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Created Sep 2, 2020
Petition to Simon Harris, Ursula von der Leyen
We the people, are advocating for the Legalisation of Cannabis for Medicinal purposes, across all member states and non member states of the European Union. It is a basic fundamental human right for people to have the choice of an alternative to traditional medicines. Especially when the medicines currently available have proved ineffective and unsafe, with horrendous side effects. Canada and the United States have afforded their citizens the right to choose, with great results. Leading to significant improvements to peoples health and wellbeing. Please Legislate for Health.Read more

Brian O' SullivanCork, Ireland
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Created Mar 26, 2019
Petition to Jack Bland, Senior International Registration Manager
The purpose of this petition is to open a discussion around the current English requirements set out by the NMC for Overseas nurses. The Migration Advisory Committee has recently published a letter that confirms that nursing remains a shortage occupation in the UK. With the number of vacancies escalating across the NHS and Independent Healthcare sector. Employers have to rely on the recruitment of Overseas nurses to maintain safe staffing levels and provide quality care to patients. Staff shortages impact patient care and staff morale. Staff shortages can also lead to higher patient morbidity and mortality.  We believe, and from feedback on the ground from nurses who want to work in the UK, or are already practicing in the UK - the language requirement remains a significant barrier to register with the NMC.  We agree with the NMC that communication lies at the heart of patient care and its importance cannot be underestimated. We also agree that IELTS remains a robust tool for assessing language competence.  However, we need to weigh the impact on patient care. Current shortages are currently escalating as a result of the introduced language requirements and are creating a backlog of nurses exacerbating the shortage further. We need the NMC to review the following concerns we have with the current requirements: OVERSEAS NURSES HAVE DIFFERENT LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS THAN EU NURSES The NMC will only require a language test on European trained applicants, if they are unable to provide sufficient evidence of language skills – such as having trained or worked in an English-speaking country. Overseas Nurses with a Bachelors or Masters Degree taught in English are equally competent to communicate in English than a European trained nurse who studied in English.  We would suggest that EEA and Overseas nurses language requirements are integrated into a  single requirement, instead of a dual system where one set of requirements applies to a certain geographical group and another set of requirements to yet another.This may ameliorate the  process and establish a single standard for language requirements against which candidates are measured. CONSIDER ALTERNATIVE  LANGUAGE COMPETENCE SYSTEMS In the light of these concerns we request the NMC to look at alternative, or supporting language testing systems.  For example: The OET Occupational English (developed Cambridge University) is definitely worth investigating as the exam itself has been developed around the communication skills needed within the nursing setting.  It is currently accepted in Australia and New Zealand nursing regulators because it is more relevant to role of nurses, whereas the IELTS cannot at present provide this extra layer.  There are other fit for purpose language tests being developed and Canada Nursing regulator  for example has also produced its own exam. Perhaps we in the UK should be working on our language test that is tailored to British healthcare needs? Reviewing the IELTS requirement may contribute to more nurses being eligible for NMC registration and enrolment on the register. Current nursing shortages creates a culture where nursing is seen as an overworked and underpaid profession and may lead to fewer nurses considering nursing as a career, or some leaving the profession altogether. Nurses face increased work related stress due to shortages. This impacts their practice and exposes them to situations where they may make mistakes, possibly fatal - and may lose their license to practice.  We submit our views on this matter to you for your urgent consideration. Before the nursing shortage escalates into a crisis, we urge the NMC to consider our requests and suggestions, in the interest and safety of the public. We hope to resolve the current nursing shortage by collaborating and sharing ideas how best to address these pressing issues together. This letter is written on behalf of all our clients (Private & NHS healthcare) who are in desperate need to recruit Registered nurses to provide care to their patients. Read more

Chandni KaramchandaniNadiad, India
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Created Apr 19, 2016
Petition to Toyota Motor Company
Recently, the catalytic converter was stolen from my Prius. I was astounded at how prevalent this crime is, and how costly it is to repair and replace the part. Many thousands of Prius owners have been in this position, and it is only getting worse. These repair bills are more than $2000, and it takes a thief less than three minutes to abscond with the part. TOYOTA is responsible for this problem. There should be no part of a car that is both so costly to replace AND so easy and profitable for thieves to steal. I wouldn't leave my laptop sitting on my car seat in plain view, and how dare Toyota install something just as valuable and tempting directly in reach of thieves. This is a RECALL issue. An independent company has invented a solution, while Toyota has been utterly negligent in addressing these pervasive and costly concerns. Cat Security ™ manufactures a shield to prevent theft, and it should be Toyota's responsibility to pay for and install them onto every Prius in the world. Furthermore, any new model of Prius should include theft deterrents by design. Instead of doing what is right, Toyota has been greedily profiting from a more than 2000% increase in catalytic converter sales since 2019. Like many Prius drivers, I could not afford such a surprise expense, and the pervasiveness of this crime is built into the very design of the car itself. It is time for Toyota to address AND redress this issue. Give us catalytic converter security now!    Read more

Tina HylandSan Diego, CA, United States
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Created Jan 16, 2021
Petition to NCDOT , City of Raleigh, CAMPO
Updated February 11, 2019. thank you for taking the time to look at this petition, it is greatly appreciated.  The motive for creating this petition is to allow the local residents to voice their concerns about the traffic and road condition, on and around the buffaloe road, in North East Raleigh. We have signatures, Comments, and these few paragraphs that were written collectively by the residents of the neighborhoods surrounding buffaloe road. What the people are saying We have heard from many of the residents in the neighborhoods surrounding buffaloe road,  and are all in agreement with the following statements:  Emergency Vehicles: There are areas of the road in which when in heavy traffic Is not passable for emergency vehicles due to the degradation of the shoulder of the road.  Heavy Traffic: At least twice a week residents say they have timed themselves spending an additional 15-35 minutes in traffic upto the buffaloe forestville intersection. Development: Residents are concerned about the massive amount of development taking place in the area. It is clear that along the buffaloe road corridor, and the roads that feed off it, there is a large number of stores, subdivisions, and apartments being built or with plans to be built. This has, and will continue to dramatically increase traffic. Residents want access to stores, they want more people to be able to move in, BUT due to the Magnitude of traffic some have balked at the idea of building up the NE Raleigh area. The Development plans have continued un-abated. Cleary with this amount of development we need engineers to re-examine buffaloe road.  NCDOT doesn't plan to do anything to buffaloe road until 2045. This will stifle growth and home values. Please Sign this petition, and please contact NCDOT, CAMPO, CAC and City Of Raleigh to help the People's Voices get heard.Read more

Cole LyonsRaleigh, NC, United States
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Created Feb 7, 2019
Petition to United Nations
on all living beings. A pragmatic solution to alleviate man-made suffering without any religious alleviate only that strand because not only over the past few thousands of years this strategy has awareness of man-made suffering and there negative consequences has the potential to alleviate man-made simultaneously, it is possible to create a virtuous cycle which will eventually alleviate man-made applications and how it can help alleviate man-made suffering is discussed.   Totality - Any action orRead more

Rohitha HerathLeatherhead, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 21, 2014
Petition to School Administration
This year, ESA's administration has made a statement regarding new highly restrictive policies on cellphone use. We believe that this is in contradiction with ESA's longstanding values of self responsibility and freedom. If students should take pride in the lack of locks on lockers and ease of access to the outdoors, why does it make sense to place heavy and strict guidelines on electronics out of the blue? As students, we want to be proud of our school and the freedoms it grants us. Criminalizing cellphone use will undoubtedly hurt our morale, especially as we return from covid-19 excited for a more relaxed and unrestrictive atmosphere, not one where policing electronic use is harsh and unnecessary.Read more

Jane DoeUnited States
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Created Jul 23, 2021
Petition to Maryland Governor, Andy Harris, Maryland Transportation Authority
Please sign to help make a change to the current Bay Bridge toll and construction patterns! Might we suggest: 1.  Electronic Tolls - This may speed up the process at the toll booth and is successful in many other states.   2.  Construction hours - Perform construction during night hours as it has been in the past.  Another alternative is to open the westbound lane during morning and evening rush hours if possible.   3.  Any other suggestions?? Many people commute over the bridge for work while living on the Eastern Shore.  My husband and father of 3 is one of them.  He’s been commuting over the bridge to DC for 12 years.  Commuting 4.5 hours one day this week and 3 hours two other days is unacceptable for everyone.  This can not continue for the next 2 or more years!  There have been many times during the summer we endure the same traffic back up.  This should not be a part of daily life.  This impacts our lives, schedules and more importantly time spent with family. This new traffic norm is also causing risk to those in an emergency situation.  How are emergency vehicles supposed to get through or to the hospital?   There has to be a better way!  Please consider signing to make a change and to spread the word to our officials.  Read more

Alyssa HMaryland, United States
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Created Sep 28, 2019
Petition to Highways England
A ten second delay to be added to the traffic light at the end of Padiham Road, which would allow traffic to enter the roundabout from the end of Pendle Way.Read more

Matt WhiteheadBurnley, ENG, United Kingdom
196 supporters
Created Jan 28, 2019
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