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Petition to Trip Advisor
Dolphins are intelligent and sensitive animals that are capable of communicating and establishing complex social structures. In their natural environment they swim hundreds of kilometers a day, whereas in captivity they are forced to circle around tiny fish tanks and play tricks for food. The inhumanity of this practice has driven several countries to ban dolphin shows. Until the last dolphin show has been abolished, we all have a responsibility towards helping these animals recover their dignity and their freedom. We believe that Trip Advisor can be the engine of an ethical revolution that will put an end to these cruel shows. As the world's largest travel site it has a great influence on consumer’s choices. Please help the dolphins return to their natural habitat by not advertising dolphin shows on your website.Read more

Roberto de la RicaPalma de Mallorca, España
4,688 supporters
Created Jul 15, 2018
Petition to Tom Jacobson/Montana legislature, Mary Ann Dunwell, Dennis R lenZ, Edward buttrey, Gordon Pierson, Kim Abbott, Jade Bahr, Barbara Bessette, David Dunn, Kathy Kelker, Forrest Mandeville, Terry Moore...
We want to allow medical marijuana providers to advertise the products and service they offer AllowRead more

darryl ostermillerbillings, MT, United States
1,102 supporters
Created Feb 10, 2019
Petition to Sony
as I said advertise in all of your products. Please acknowledge this petition and make the XperiaRead more

Dio BrandoSlovenia
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Created Aug 31, 2019
Petition to Doug Ford, AGCO , LCBO , The Beer Store, Justin Trudeau, The Ministry of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, The House of Commons
“Alcohol-related deaths remain a silent epidemic.” - Camille Bains, The Canadian Press (June 13, 2019). https://globalnews.ca/news/5386829/alcohol-deaths-hospital-study/ The media normalizes drinking culture at all legal and illegal ages, at all celebrations and many college movies or teen advertisements. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommends only having ONE or TWO drinks per day, with a TWO day sober break in between. Why isn’t this somewhere on a label like cigarettes or marijuana packages? Alcohol can be very dangerous to our health in many ways.  According to ourworldindata.org, in 2019 alcohol-use was responsible for 2.44 million deaths. What are we waiting for? https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/substances-risk-factor-vs-direct-deaths In my opinion alcohol distributors should be responsible for identifying the risks associated with binge drinking on each individual label. Might we even include a support line for those already addicted or on their way? Perhaps the CRISIS line, just in case? Please sign my petition and be part of the change! Thank you so very much in advance. Keep smiling :) Read more

Courtney GormanCornwall, Canada
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Created Jan 12, 2023
Petition to Colin McKay
In 2018, Google allowed Addictions Treatment centres to advertise on its platform in the United allowing addiction services to advertise on the platform or help educate the public on treatment solutions. Currently in Canada, big pharma companies ARE allowed to advertise in any capacity. These are the same crisis are not able to advertise. Now that Canada has been dealing with the pandemic for over a year treatment centres being allowed to advertise or educate the public, this crisis could be exacerbated.  JoinRead more

Jordan BoydCalgary, Canada
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Created Apr 28, 2021
Petition to Michael J. Massey, Michelle Friedman, Gregg Scanlon
Animal rescues and shelters are full of unwanted exotic animals, especially guinea pigs, because they are being sold as Christmas gifts and starter pets. Guinea pigs are FAR from being a starter pet. First, guinea pigs are herd animals and a minimum of two should be purchased. The optimum cage size for two guinea pigs is 30" x 50". Their diet requires unlimited hay supplemented with vitamin C and fresh vegetables. Furthermore, most vets don't even see exotics, but the ones who do are rather expensive which is an even greater burden to the pet owner. Without the proper instruction, potential pet owners have no idea that they are killing their new pet!  Petsmart sells plenty of wonderful supplies and really does not need to abuse animals by keeping them in inappropriate enclosures until they are purchased. I understand that is a major leap to take, so I'm only asking that they stop advertising purchasing pets as gifts.Read more

Gwen FordHigh Point, NC, United States
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Created Nov 17, 2016
Petition to Gumtree
Currently when browsing under the "Freebies" section at www.gumtree.com.au pets are shown in the results. I have no problem with pets being given away free to a good home but they should not be categorised under the free banner. This encourages spur of the moment, impromptu decisions, something definitely not desirable for any pet that obviously needs a life time commitment. Pets should only be allowed to be advertised under the appropriate pet category at any price, free if needed but not as "Free". Being free should not be the first choice when considering a pet. Find your pet under the appropriate category and if it's free then that's a bonus. Pets are NOT products and being free should be the last concern of any serious buyer. Only a non serious buyer would purchase a pet when he/she was just browsing for free stuff. I feel that Gumtree allowing this is the same as allowing non suspecting mall patrons seeing a cute puppy in the pet shop window and buying it without careful consideration. It shouldn't be allowed. I know this is only a small issue in animal welfare but it's only a small change that could make a big difference. Our attitudes need to change about pet ownership and Gumtree are not helping by effectively endorsing impulse pet buying. I have approached Gumtree about my concerns but they refuse to change their search algorithms to exclude pets from their Freebies section.Read more

Evan AtheaAustralia
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Created Jun 29, 2016
Petition to Myntra , Amazon, Flipkart, Group M, DDB Mudra, Dentsu Communications, JWT , Ogilvy & Mather
Conscious Advertising, when you advertise to us, keep us on your billboards and in your look-booksRead more

Lubhanshi JainDelhi, India
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Created Jun 9, 2020
Petition to Ian Scott
Rural communites do not have the luxury of reliable highspeed internet. Technology in 2017 relies on highspeed internet capability. Internet phones, cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. Without highspeed internet, we in the rural areas miss out and have to struggle with manual, outdated methods of communication.Read more

Georgie SheardToronto, Canada
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Created Nov 29, 2017
Petition to CRAIGSLIST, All caring people
Craigslist has irresponsibly fostered an entire new cottage industry that is resulting in worse overcrowding in already cramped animal sheltersCraigslist must require a legally registered non profit ID with every “rehoming” posting where post asks for fee over $100 , so irresponsible backyard breeders are put out of business. Read more

624 supporters
Created Apr 1, 2019
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