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Petition to Amtrak
Amtrak recently ended its Veterans Advantage 15% discount to veterans, active duty military, retired military and their families. Veterans Advantage was founded by Vietnam Veteran Scott Higgins and. Please sign this petition calling on Amtrak to reinstate the 15% Veterans Advantage discount today.Read more

Andrew FletcherDavis, CA, United States
46,848 supporters
Created April 9, 2018
Petition to Superintendent Of ICBC
ICBC is the only car insurance company currently in all of BC Canada which is the exact reason why Monthly payments are too high. With a average of $300 + a month. We need to take this issue to the Supreme Court of BC, and the Parliament to make better changes! As citizens of this country we all have our rights to our own insurance and should let other corporations into the province to lower prices!Read more

Marcello ValentinoVancouver, Canada
94,743 supporters
Created September 13, 2014
Petition to Eoghan Murphy T.D. , Richard Bruton T.D
some rooms, which could cost up to €255 a week, taking advantage of the current state of the rentalRead more

Aaron HarperGlasnevin North, Ireland
19,382 supporters
Created March 26, 2018
Petition to All LP&L CUSTOMERS, Governor Abbott
I am starting this petition to remove the monopoly that is LP&L. The corrupt company that has all the customers potentionally living in poverty due to the constant increase in rates which results in unrealistic bills. We as citizens of Lubbock are stuck due to the lack of having the option of power companies. Please sign and lets get the Governors help to bring down the local corruptions that basically enslave us.Read more

Joseph LeeUnited States
14,662 supporters
Created July 19, 2017
Petition to The Walt Disney Company
Due to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fall Advantage participants have been Advantage program for 2021. While we want to underscore the severity of this situation, the Disney Advantage the chance to participate in a shortened version of their program. Most have already beenRead more

Kay MulhareNewington, CT, United States
6,558 supporters
Created April 7, 2020
Petition to MCPHS
MCPHS offered an advantage program for students who obtained a Bachelor's degree within 2 years of school. The MCPHS Advantage Program should still be free for students who obtained a Bachelor'sRead more

Gianna TivinisBoston, MA, United States
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Created August 27, 2021
Petition to Frederick W. Smith
Boycott the NRA. Sign this petition to demand FedEx cut all business ties with the NRA. Currently, NRA members receive up to 26% discounts on FedEx products/services. Stop using FedEx for your shipping needs until they cut ties with the NRA. Voting with your dollar is far more powerful than voting at the voting booths.Read more

GARY STONESaint George, UT, United States
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Created February 24, 2018
 CBA advantage is a program created for students enrolled in the year 2020 or later in the business useless and pointless "points" that have zero benefit.  LMU argues that they leave CBA advantage open the CBA Advantage point requirement for the business program. Read more

shaye StevensUnited States
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Created November 8, 2022
Petition to Laura Trott, Sevenoaks Council, John Grant, County Car Parks Ltd, Nick Burgess
Swanley residents are now facing "parking fines" for simply driving on Nightingale Way and not parking in any of the car parks on Nightingale Way.There are no signs stating that this is a toll road and County Car Parks Ltd are claiming that "they do not believe any fines have been issued incorrectly" and they refuse to give a blanket cancellation of all fines to date as requested by Swanley Town CouncilCCP Ltd state as the road is part of the private land, the cameras have been positioned deliberately to capture images on entry and exit of the site.  Using Nightingale Way to park in Aldi (which is free) is likely to incur a fine. As is dropping somone off at the Dr's surgery as CCP have advised you are not to stop on Nightingale Way - this cannot be right and must be challenged. There is a thought that this is what the land owners want... Swanley folk not using the car parks, then they can use the data showing the car parks are not needed and turn the land into flats.... Is that why we have this strange system for fining people just for using the road. Would this also explain the 30% increase in parking charges? We need transparency from the land owners, LCP Properties, who have appointed CCP Ltd. Sign the petition, give us your views, add your voice. Read more

Colin BreenSwanley, ENG, United Kingdom
2,993 supporters
Created March 22, 2021
Petition to Square
already small margins and takes advantage of small, community minded business owners all over theRead more

Maxwell MooneyEverett, WA, United States
8,436 supporters
Created September 25, 2019
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