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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor
Governor DeSantis,   First, I would like to thank you for all that you have done, and are continually doing, to help protect Floridians in this unprecedented time. The steps that you have taken to ensure the safety of our citizens will surely help our medical workers, and those who are in vulnerable populations, as well as lay ground work for a speedy recovery, and I’m sure more preparedness for similar situations in the future. For that, and many other things, I’d like to thank you. I am writing you, representing a population of Florida citizens that have been affected by this pandemic, and our new social restrictions, in a unique way and we all believe that you have the ability to help us to bring back a semblance of normal life in this very unusual time. I am talking about the surfers that call the waters surrounding Florida, home. For a large number of Florida surfers, surfing is more than just a hobby. Surfing is a time for us to be alone with our thoughts, away from the struggles of everyday life, away from stress, anxiety, depression, and most importantly at this moment in time, people. We believe that it is necessary that Florida waters remain open and available to those of us who do not crowd the sand with tents or large groups of people, but instead only use the sands to walk from cars to the water. Once we are in the water it is actually quite difficult to be within 6ft of any person. With moving water and a surfboard under us that is more often than not larger than 6ft, we believe that there is very little, if any, risk to our health or the health of the communities around us, in having waters open to people who truly need it. There have been a handful of activities listed that are still allowed during our social distancing and stay-at-home orders like golf, swimming, hiking, running, and biking. We, as a community of Floridians whose ties and commonalities lie deeper than lines on a map, feel that surfing and access to Florida waters are essential to our way of life. At the time of me writing this, most beaches (if not all) in my local area of North East Florida have been shut down and it has been over 2 weeks since my toes have touched the sand. I’m sure by now you’ve seen, or at the very least heard of, members of our community claiming that they will find a way to the water no matter the laws set before us, but this is a small fraction of Florida surfers. Most of us will follow your guidelines no matter how much we may disagree with them. We will continue to not access waves no matter the negative effects it will have in our everyday lives. That being said, we think that there is a solution that we can agree on as citizens and elected officials. We are asking that all of Florida’s water be open to state residents from sun up to sun down in our respective counties; allow access to the beach only to walk from car to water, and water to car in counties where we are residents. This is something easily enforceable and easily identifiable. No lingering on the sands. No hanging out in parking lots. Just access to what we have found to be, our state’s most plentiful source of joy and effective form of therapy, the ocean. It is essential that all of Florida waters be opened and not just a few counties, to prevent travel and unnecessary contact among surfers across county lines. Attached are signatures from surfers all across the state, respectfully asking you to allow us to once again feel the joy of being in the ocean, and vowing to accept the responsibility of still maintaining safe distances while we partake in something that is so much a part of who we are.   Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter.  I realize that for many Floridians, this may seem like a trivial request by a small percentage of our population, but for those of us who love surfing in Florida and have grown up as part of the ocean itself; this is one of the things weighing most heavy on our minds and in our hearts during this time.   Thank you again, Gregg Matthew Mattson (and thousands of other Florida surfers)      Read more

Gregg MattsonUnited States
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Created Apr 2, 2020
Petition to Mike Bloomberg
The world getting old, so many disasters caused by plastics. Let's save the world for our next generation by support go green activityRead more

Dewi ArradiniSolo, Indonesia
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Created May 27, 2020
Petition to Hudson County Schools of Technology, Joseph A Giammarella, Kathleen Young, Michael Ra, Amy Lin - Rodriguez, Barbra Mendolla, Hawa Dahn Saw, County Prep High School, High Tech High School
Due to the current pandemic we are facing, many students and families are encountering rough times financially. Parents and guardians are losing their jobs as they are trying to make ends meet to live comfortably in this new “normality”. It is extremely absurd for students to pay a high demand for a $350 fee during financially unstable times. This is unacceptable. Me, Quin Pizarro along with many other students attending High Tech High School and County Prep High School feel the same animosity towards this preposterous situation. As freshmen, we paid a fee of $300 or more. The fee was to include our laptops, and other basic necessities to shape our school experience. As an incoming senior, it is extremely unfair to pay a due of $350, and for what exactly? High Tech High school built a brand new building totaling to $160,000,000. If there was no money within the schools there should be no reason to purchase a $160 million dollar school and demand the students for their money.  Within the email, it states this money will be used for “Educational Field Trips”, “Transportation”, “Guest Speakers”, “After School Activities”, “Structured Learning Experiences”. I will tackle each of these subjects one by one. My entire 3 years in this highschool, 540 different days, I have only been on 1 field trip. Out of my 540 days, I was only presented 1 opportunity from the school to attend this field trip and during the trip, the students along with myself had to pay dues of $17 for my movie ticket, and food. Aside from that, we were also charged $5 for transportation even though the movie theater is located in Secaucus as is the school. We attended a history documentary that was beneficial to my learning experience. So, if we are paying for “Educational Field Trips” where is our money really going due to the fact we are paying for our own trips?  These 2 high schools are BOTH public county schools. Students all over the entire county attend both schools. This should not be in our budget to pay fees for living far away. This is something that should be covered by the district. You guys chose US to attend YOUR schools in conjunction to us choosing you, and this was not what we signed up for. We should not be paying a fee for transportation. And what about the students with cars? Or Who walks to school? Or who has parents to drive them every single day? Not everybody uses the school buses to get to and from school, making it impractical to deduct money for this cause. This money should be deducted from the Board of Education, but this is simply not our fault. If you have to support bus services this was something you should have thought before making a school designated to the county. Within the email, it states “structured Learning Experiences”. I would like to ask you… what learning experiences? These are Technology based schools therefore I have never taken a textbook home since 8th grade. The students are mandated to use online learning. There are no personal textbooks to help enhance student learning. We are told part of the money will be used for “afterschool activities”. Personally, I take part in 0 after school activities. So I would be funding programs I am not involved in? As a culinary major, for funding, we host bake sales and raise our own money. Drama majors along with dancers and singers host shows, after school where they raise their own money. Many other academies inside of the school raise their own money. Why do you need all of our money to fund your programs most of us are not involved in? Due to being a senior, we already are required to pay and fund our senior experiences out of our own pockets which is reasonable. Cap and Gown, Graduation Pictures, Yearbooks, Prom, Class rings are some dues which we have to pay, now on top of $350.Read more

Quin PizarroJersey City, NJ, United States
1,730 supporters
Created Jun 16, 2020
Petition to Muirhead Tenants & Residents Association
Summary: The Activity Centre is under threat from a "Community Asset Transfer" on behalf of Dundonald Gymastics Club. The issue: The Activity Centre is under threat from a "Community Asset Transfer activity centre for the continued benefit of the children, adults and various clubs that have beenRead more

Muirhead ResidentsUnited Kingdom
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Created Oct 25, 2018
Petition to Gary Gensler
abnormally high dark pool activity, such as AMC and GameStop. On 10/19/2021, AMC’s dark pool activity reached ~75%. GameStop also suffers from significant price suppression. If that wasn’t enoughRead more

Suo MynonaUnited States
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Created Oct 20, 2021
Petition to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam Coimbatore
In the view of the rising numbers in covid-19 positive cases in the country we the students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,Coimbatore, would like bring into notice the situation most of the students have to face. Not all students are keeping well, both mentally and physically due to this pandemic. Many of us have lost our close one’s or are infected by the virus. We are facing a great difficulty in attending and understanding the online classes due to the mental pressure this pandemic has created. We are also facing medical issues due to the constant exposure to the screen for straight 6-7hrs a day. Keeping the above effects in mind we request the management of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to please give a break until the situation in the country attains some stability. Also we would like them to give some short break so that we can spend some time with our families in order to release some mental pressureRead more

Anonymous ActivityHyderabad, India
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Created Apr 29, 2021
Petition to Instagram, Facebook
this kind of activity on their site, by having a "pedophile activity" option when choosing to report a post or account. The closest option is "Nudity or sexual activity" > "involves a child common that Instagram will turn a blind eye to these posts. By adding a "pedophile activity" optionRead more

Emily KleinerAustralia
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Created Aug 19, 2020
The five Girlguiding activity centres - Blackland Farm, Foxlease, Glenbrook, Waddow Hall andRead more

Jenni SchumannClitheroe, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 18, 2023
Petition to Newcastle city council, Grenwich Leisure
Activity Dome has a long and positive history in the heart of Walker. It is our DOME!! TheRead more

Hannah TaylorNewcastle upon Tyne, ENG, United Kingdom
1,204 supporters
Created Sep 2, 2020
Petition to College of William and Mary
favorite 1-credit Kinesiology activity classes are being terminated in Spring 2018, and the College transparency and a continuation of this beloved activity program. Sign this petition in support of this cause if you believe activity classes have real value to student education, well-being, and happiness and-adventure-games-in-defense-of-wms-activity-classes/ Other ways you can help: Share stories about your personal experiences with KINE activity classes in the comments! Write your own letter to theRead more

Carolina MayWilliamsburg, VA, United States
986 supporters
Created Dec 2, 2016
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