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Petition to My Girlfriend
I want to receive the Micheal from Jerusalem Read more

Jackson VanScoykMinneapolis, MN, United States
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Created November 10, 2021
As a product designer I care a lot about the design tools I use everyday. And Figma makes some of the best design software in the world. I don't want Adobe to make things worse.Let's look at Adobe's business and design choices over the last years and conclude none of their values or priorities will improve anything for Figma as a design tool.Let's send a message to both parties and let them know the design community has no message to this corporate greed. Keep Figma independent ✊Read more

Jonatan van der HorstNetherlands
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Created September 15, 2022
Petition to National Alliance on Mental Illness, Kimberly A. Lightford, Kimberly M. Foxx, National Institute of Mental Health
I am Sonya Davidson mother of Vauclan Thomas (25). We are from Chicago, IL. On February 20, 2021, my son began experiencing his first noticeable symptoms of psychosis. He has never been previously diagnosed with mental illness or exhibited any behavior suggesting evaluation should be taken. It was 3:26pm, and my daughter was headed to her father's house because he agreed to drive her and her brother plus a couple of friends to dinner to celebrate her birthday. (It is important to note that my daughter lives with me and my son lives with their dad). Coming from her makeup appointment, she hopped in the Uber and texted her brother that she was on the way. He responded very aggressively, urging her not to come. Confused, she asked, "Why?". He claimed he could not say, but was very adamant about her going back to my house , so she changed the Uber destination and came home without further questioning. As she walked in the door, she informed me about his strange behavior. We both concluded something was wrong, but didn't quite know just what. I called him on FaceTime and was bombarded with more of the same aggression, along with statements that did not seem to make sense. He claimed that his dad had a son he never told them about. According to my son, that son is rapper NBA YoungBoy. (Keep in mind, this is his psychosis speaking. When in this deluded state, his mind tells him things that are not true). We call dad and catch him up to speed. He told us that upon his arrival home, the entire living room was in disarray and his glass table, completely shattered. My son was the culprit. At this time, Vauclan was not home. He left to rent a car because he assumed his dad would not make it back in time to take them to dinner. It was not long before my son returned. He burst into the house and pulled a gun on his dad. (Vauclan posses a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card). Although not in the same home, my daughter and I overheard everything on the phone as it took place. Thankfully, no shots were fired, and my son went outside to sit in the car for a while. I called the police, but they were too late. My son had driven off before they arrived. We tried calling and texting, but he would not answer any of us. No one knew where he was. The next day, February 21, my son contacts me. He had driven to Wisconsin for some reason. He asked for $100 to get a plane ticket to Canada because he believed rappers Drake and Lil Durk had one million dollars waiting on him (again, psychosis). I told him to come home, and he agreed, but never showed up. On February 22, at 4:08am, Vauclan was arrested in Janesville, Wisconsin. Just to be clear, he does not, nor has he ever had a criminal record. My daughter received a FaceTime call from him at 9:14am, and spoke with a detective who filled her in. Due to my son’s delusions, he believed a snow plow was out to get him, and fired at it. There was a man inside, but luckily, he was not hit by the bullet. In addition, Vauclan believed he was the reincarnation of Michael Jackson, as well as the descendant of Egyptian pharaohs. I was also informed that the vehicle my son rented was stolen from Chicago Midway International Airport. Upon further investigation and reviewing of the surveillance footage, my son didn’t actually "steal" the car. He, somehow, convinced an employee that it was his, and they simply let him have it. My son was evaluated to find out what the issue truly was. His toxicology report came back clean, so the psychosis is not drug induced. After further testing, we received the news that my son is experiencing symptoms of Schizophrenia. He is currently being held at a mental institution in Wisconsin, and is feeling better, although not fully back to himself. Even though my son has been deemed mentally ill and did not intend to harm the snow plow driver, he is now being charged with attempted homicide, and has been shipped to jail. My family and I need to raise money to afford an attorney to fight Vauclan's case. Any donation or even a share would be greatly appreciated. Thank You All,Sonya DavidsonRead more

Sonya DavidsonUnited States
2,365 supporters
Created March 17, 2021
Petition to Bharti land Ltd, Manenka Gandhi, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Dear Friends, In a country who is making conscious effort to protect and conserve cow. To a contrary Bharti land ltd is axing down Aravali forest spread over 52 acres to create a concrete jungle. Making hundreds of birds and animals homeless.13 JCB's are working day and night as  to clear the jungle asap. Stake holders and concern Authorities have been approached in past(FIR was done 2 years back too) and even now. There complete ignorance and overlooking supreme court orders for case # 4677/1985 dated 13 Feb,2009. Our pleads are falling on deaf ear. We need to rise for the cause.  We need to act before we lose all. Rise for yourself and your future generations. Lets unite and showcase the Power of Common Man!! Pls support and sign the petition so that this petition can be shared to concered authorities.   @SaveAravali  http://www.facebook.com/SaveAravali        Read more

Anu RaoIndia
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Created June 27, 2017
Petition to Rick Scott, U​.​S. House of Representatives, Ted Cruz, Donald J. Trump, Marco Rubio
   August 2nd 2020, A very smart, handsome, loved Tanner Lake Wall lost his life from a invisible parasite called Naegleria Fowleri better known as brain eating ameoba. On the weekend of July 23rd -26th, himself and two little sisters,mother and step father visited a campground with a water park and a Lake where they enjoyed their family weekend. What every parent fears is the tragic loss of a child.       On July 28th Tanner had not been feeling well, bad headaches, vomiting, stiff neck. Just two days after returning home from swimming and camping. Seven days after their return he lost his fight against this invisible brain eating ameoba. So many people affected by the loss of this 13 year old young man. A older brother, a young brothers best friend. Two little twin sisters, girls who always look up to brothers for protection. A mother, a woman who  knows her children before anyone meets them for the first time. A father, a man who is proud to have that role, to teach and raise  young men and women. Step parents, who love and get to know each child as if their own. Grandparents, who wait their whole life for that title, raise their kids so they can have the honor to be grandparents. Freinds, who connect and feel as if family.       The current statistics on this particular rare infection or parasite, are currently at  38 cases reported in Florida since 1962. Symptoms begin to occur anywhere from 1 to 3 days but up to 7 to 15 days after exposure to contaminated waters, by entering the nose reaching the sinuses and then depleting  the brain.  It thrives and lives in warm fresh waters such as lakes, rivers, hot springs. Togther we can keep these numbers  low and not allow them to rise with awareness about  the brain eating ameoba.        The placement of signs allowing people to know the risks of swimming in lakes, rivers, hot springs is what we think will keep the constant awareness. Signs should be placed but not limited to campgrounds, rivers, local public swimming holes, Any where allowed to swim signs should warn parents,teens, boaters, of the dangers of the ameoba. From June to later part of  September is the most common month's this can be found in the waters.  This heat loving organism thrives in Temperatures reaching 115°F (46°c). These signs need to be placed. Maybe another family, child, brother, father, sister could be saved. Without these signs, the option of knowing is taken from peoples minds. You can not just look at water and know. The education on this is very important. Help us help some one else and protect them from the dangers of this rare infection.    Florida is a tourist state. Think of how many people that live here but do not know about this. Think of the families from other states, countries that visit but have never heard of the rare ameoba. The precautions that we can put out right now will and can make a difference for someone today, tomorrow, next year. Let's get the signs out and keep the number of cases where it is. We can not allow them to rise when we have the means to make more people aware right now. These signs are so important, our family born and raised right here in Florida. Hearing about this infection but not knowing enough because there is no signs. The lack of education about it. If there was signs our family may have not encountered this tragic incident.This is not just in Florida it is common in many other states.Texas and Florida have the highest risks.Please take the time to sign and  join our fight to bring awareness to this increasingly more common situation.     Read more

Nyanza WoodsInterlachen, FL, United States
1,779 supporters
Created September 11, 2020
Petition to SONY
The Walt Disney Company is currently buying assets from 21st Century Fox. This includes the first three Star Wars films and the prequel trilogy and the distribution rights to them, the Fantastic Four, X-Men and other Marvel franchise so that Disney can make them part of the MCU, among other things. This text here can tell you all the details. One thing that I worry about is that it would violate the Sherman Antitrust Act and upset such a number of Americans so much that they'll start riots. In my opinion, and probably others' opinions, these two studios are better off the way they are. I formed this petition to stop these monopolies that Trump is supporting in regards to his ideas that "it would save American jobs".Read more

Kaden VancielVisalia, CA, United States
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Created December 16, 2017
Petition to Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines, Kamala Harris, Richard Pan, Lois Wolk, Darrell Steinberg, Barbara Boxer, dan lungren, Doris Matsui, Tom McClintock
Bill AB-63 changes the rules and restrictions pertaining to obtaining a Driver's License in California.The bill accurately addresses many issues involving new drivers and justifiably maintains that these new drivers (specifically those over the age of 18) should have more regulations in place to ensure that they  are completing the necessary training courses and obtaining driving experience safely. However, the bill contains a clause that could potentially be very damaging to the lives and families of new drivers and infringes on the rights of adults 18 years and older. "This bill would, commencing January 1, 2020, raise the required age of the California-licensed driver to 21 years of age." We should all have three main contentions with this bill: 1) It places extreme travel restrictions on all provisionally licensed persons under the age of 21, such as curfews and passenger restrictions. A legal adult should not be subject to a curfew regardless of the fact that he is operating a vehicle. This is an attack on individual liberty and should not be allowed or condoned by the California legislative process. 2) It has the potential to severely damage the freedom and prosperity of thousands of young Californians. Young adults would be restricted from having passengers with them outside of the legal guidelines allowed (which are very limited). Continually, if these young adults are involved in an accident while carrying a passenger outside the law it could very well be grounds for dismissal of coverage by the insurance companies leaving many young adults with thousands of dollars in medical and automotive bills. We shouldn't be condoning any drivers to operate vehicles outside the law, but it's asking too much of young people to restrict their usage for potentially 5 years after receiving the licenses. 3) It is unequal treatment under the law. The fact is young adults, depending on the age they obtain there provisional license would require unequal amounts of time or "driving experience" before they are legally allowed to receive their license. There is no legal distinction made between a 19 and a 20 year old adult, yet if the 19 year old received his license on his 19th birthday he would require 2 years of having a provisional license, when, if the 20 year old (if he received his license on his 20th birthday, would only require one year of having his provisional license. It is unfair and unequal.   This bill should not be signed as it is an attack on personal liberty and the financial prosperity of young Californians.  Read more

Jaedon CarlisleUnited States
2,026 supporters
Created September 16, 2017
Petition to Hopefully , me
Vadakku take over of SPI cinemas, fondly and commonly called satyam is happening. PVR will shove nonsense Salman Kahn movies and try to appropriate our culture, along with SPI cinemas.  Our popcorn will become expensive. Our cola, diluted and just as we come to terms with paying 1000 rupees to watch a Vijay movie, there will be 30 minutes of ads and the movie will never start on time. what will we say at home when we’re back late from a movie? ”hey ma! Yea the movie started late” like hell she’ll believe that.  To all the people who bunk classes because satyam has the perfect show timings for us to be able to do that, to all the couples who go watch some random movie, for obvious reasons, To all the families, generations of which enjoy the popcorn,and the occasional overdramatic Cheran films, I humbly beg that you sign this petition so that we can some how convince satyam to not sell and, subsequently, I promise to print out this entire petition, signatures and all, and force PVR to eat it.    Cheers!  Read more

Brahadeesh SrinivasanErode, India
80 supporters
Created August 12, 2018
Petition to Phil Murphy
We want to prevent gun violence that leads to injuries for teens and children. Every week seven to up to twenty-one teens are injured, with a teen injured once or twice per day! This is our reason for promoting gun safety and safer storage of these weapons to protect the citizens of New Jersey.   For more information, go on our website.  Read more

NJFGV New Jersey Fighting Gun ViolenceSomerville, NJ, United States
139 supporters
Created May 21, 2019
Petition to Twitch
Mixer Partnered streamer looking to acquire Twitch Partnership & username "PigeonMAN" due to branding and inactivity of account. Twitch.tv/pigeonman  I'm looking to transfer my community over after announcement of Mixer closing this is to show proof of my community and my supporters! Thank you!  Read more

PigeonMAN MixerNew York, United States
286 supporters
Created June 22, 2020
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