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Petition to Valve Corporation
Heroes Of Newerth may be a small game that wasn't what it once was. But to the thousands of people who have spent the better part of a decade making memories and friends on this game, it means more to us than some might think. It may be unheard of, unpopular, but we love it. We love that it's a small community and the dedication that Frostburn Studios has put into it over the years, simply because they know how many people appreciate it. Unfortunately, on June 20th 2022, we will no longer be able to play it. We truly believe that it is a game worth preserving, worth sharing with others, and worth playing!  That is why we are asking the Valve Corporation to consider acquiring it so it may be available on Steam. So that we can continue to enjoy it, as well for it to grow and get new players.  We really hope this petition will allow both Steam and Frostburn Studios to see just how much we will miss Heroes Of Newerth.Read more

Majd RadwanMontréal, Canada
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Created Dec 13, 2021
Petition to Tanya Plibersek, Linda Burney, James Griffin, Ben Franklin
For more than eleven long years, Aboriginal women and their allies have been fighting property giant Roche Group to prevent the destruction of their sacred women’s sanctuary, the Butterfly Cave. In our final, last-ditch attempt to save the cultural bushland, we are calling on the NSW government and the Federal Government to buy the land from the developer and secure the Butterfly Cave and Journey Path. In the lead-up to the state elections, we call on candidates to commit to helping us protect our sacred space from the threat of desecration. The current state and federal government declarations meant to protect the Butterfly Cave do not protect the structural integrity of the Cave, do not include critical water sources that are necessary for of the Cave, nor do they include the sacred Journey Path. According to the current “protections,” Roche suffers no losses. Successive state and federal governments have failed to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage. They all have kept the interests of the big corporate over Aboriginal women. Right now, Aboriginal women who want to connect with culture or spend time at the Cave to heal, have to ask for permission from white men gate-keeping our cultural safe space. We feel violated every time we have to do that or we risk being fined for accessing our own cultural heritage. There’s no consideration for cultural need or urgency - for example, if a woman has experienced a traumatic event and needs to connect with culture. We're forced to send an email asking permission from Roche Group. It’s absolutely inappropriate. We are emotionally and spiritually exhausted. Every day, we experience anxiety, grief, and frustration. Every day, we are terrified that today will be the day the bulldozers will move in and destroy everything. This is a terrible way to live. We’ve done everything - endless meetings, submissions, media, filling in forms, and explaining repeatedly why the site is important over and over again. We want final protections now - state ownership of the land and guarantees for women to freely access the site. Every year in March, the Roche Group organises the Red Hot Summer Tour featuring iconic Aussie artists. This year, artists like Missy Higgins, Paul Kelly, Bernard Fanning, Mark Seymour, Vika & Linda, and Ian Moss & Troy Cassar-Daley will be performing. Many of these performers are active on social media saying they support Aboriginal issues. We are calling on them to support our fight for access to culture - please cancel your performances and stand against Roche’s bullying. Stand up for the Butterfly Cave and Aboriginal cultural rights! ------ In 2019, the Federal government recognised the deep cultural significance of the Butterfly Cave for Awabakal women. A Declaration was made under ATSIHP Act to preserve and protect the site. Now, the Roche Group is again planning housing development in place of our precious Cave. Please sign the petition to stop big corporates from breaching the Declaration. For ten long years, we have been fighting the giant property developer to prevent them from destroying our sanctuary. We thought that securing a Federal Declaration would be enough to keep greedy developers off our cultural sites, but it is simply a minor blockage for them. The Butterfly Cave is incredibly important to Awabakal women and the wider Aboriginal community. It is a source of spiritual and physical sustenance for us. The new housing development will breach the Declaration in a number of ways. We are furious and heartbroken. It feels like all our efforts were for nothing. The Federal Minister for Environment is the ONLY person who has the authority to enforce the ATSIHP Declaration. Please sign the petition and ask Minister Plibersek to enforce the Declaration NOW. For more information please visit: SAVE THE BUTTERFLY CAVERead more

Annie FreerAustralia
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Created Oct 8, 2015
Petition to Channel 9
I was shocked to learn that 32 women who were forced out of The Gatwick, to make way for Channel Nine's The Block, ended up homeless and in prison. I can't believe we let vulnerable people fall through the cracks just so a big network can profit from their TV show. I personally have worked for years assisting people at risk of homelessness, in Australia and overseas, including in the St Kilda area, and have seen first hand the importance stable accommodation makes to people's lives. Before transforming The Gatwick into luxury apartments and ratings gold, the St Kilda icon was last-ditch accommodation for many women. Women are particularly vulnerable to homelessness, and sleeping rough is incredibly unsafe for women. These women have been forced on to the street and put in jail because of poverty and homelessness-related crimes and desperation, and it all started when Channel Nine muscled their way into The Gatwick. Sometimes crisis accommodation like The Gatwick is all people have available to them and when it's gone all that's left is the street. That Channel Nine can profit off this and just put the money they made from their show in their pocket and walk away without having to take ownership for what they've done is obscene. They need to be answerable to the people they have affected by this. I'd like to see Channel Nine put the advertising and other the money they made off The Block towards housing the women they helped make homeless. Will you sign my petition and help me help these people? Read more

Jo BeaAustralia
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Created Nov 21, 2018
Petition to Students, Middlesex University, London Universities, Human Rights Campaign
We are pleading for Middlesex University to follow footsteps of other UK universities such as Exeter, Southampton and Warwick to implement a no-detriment policy, as well as the option to retake end of year exams and assignments for those whose performance has been negatively affected by Covid-19. Covid-19 is effecting every student, particularly their mental health. Many were unable to finish this year’s curriculum leaving us at an unfair advantage for exams in which we are unprepared for, as well as over £3,000 wasted on the final term. Furthermore, some cannot access facilities that are usually available, such as WiFi, libraries and overall adequate learning environments- this is as well as individuals becoming ill themselves or losing loved ones. All of these factors will impact our true ability and unfairly impact our futures. This policy will allow students average grade to not fall after the exams, reflecting the students true abilities rather than being lowered as a result of fear and anxiety. If students are able to do better in these final exams then their mark may be increased subsequently. And the option to retake the exams at a further date where facilities are available to every student is particularly fair for those unable to access necessities, such as computers, textbooks and fast Wifi connection. We understand that this pandemic is out of the universities control, but we need these measures to be taken across all universities in order to compete fairly in the labour market after we graduate. Middlesex University need to prioritise mental well-being and equality at this unusual time more than ever before. *adapted from other universities petitions that have been successful*   Any questions please email LC1118@live.mdx.ac.uk Thank you.Read more

Lucy ConnollyLondon, United Kingdom
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Created Apr 15, 2020
Petition to Ajit Pai, Donald Trump, Cheryl King
by selling your data that you pay them to acquire. Not to mention, Net Neutrality is down the toiletRead more

Daniel MeskinNew York, United States
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Created Jun 11, 2017
Petition to Scott Morrison
opportunity for all environmental organisations to acquire funding to aid in reef protection.Read more

Catherine LarkinAustralia
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Created Aug 10, 2018
Petition to Change​.​org
My name is Jillian Turnbull, a resident of Bremerton, Washington. Bremerton has become my home, my safe place. I am writing you in hopes of change. Specifically, I am asking for change in our police department. Bremerton suddenly doesn’t feel so safe to me these days. I have lost my friend, who I loved and knew to be a wonderful man, David Pruitte. He was unarmed, and killed by police in Port Orchard, and respecting the current/ongoing investigation, that is all I will say. But I miss him. This tragic event made me realize the hole in our system. Our officers that are supposed to keep us safe, who work consistently with citizens who are experiencing mental health issues, are not well-educated in mental health. A notification popped up on my Facebook from a “job hiring” group, notifying me that there is an opening to hire a new Sheriff for Port Orchard. After reading the qualifications, I was blown away. The idea that police officers aren’t required to have a college education is beyond me. So, this is the change I am asking for: that our  police have a college education in human services. Our police officers need real education, to understand mental health! If police have a better understanding of mental health, they will better respond to critical situations. Police work on a day-to-day basis with an extremely high percentage of people who have some type of mental health issue, whether it’s a situational, circumstantial, permanent, or drug-induced issue, it all points to some sort of mental health issue. Therapists require a masters degree. Social workers require a bachelors. Substance abuse counselors require a Bare minimum of an associates, but typically also require a bachelors degree. Why do our police, who work with people who have mental health conditions AND carry a gun, not require a college degree?! Well I believe that needs to change. We spend our tax dollars for them to take de-escalation classes that clearly are not working. It’s time to hold them accountable. They need true education. Wouldn’t you feel safer with educated policemen?     Read more

Jillian TurnbullBremerton, WA, United States
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Created Aug 23, 2020
In March 2021, Rogers and Shaw announced that they reached an agreement for Rogers to acquire ShawRead more

Kill The Deal CoalitionCanada
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Created May 27, 2022
Petition to General VK Singh, Sushma Swaraj, sushma swaraj, Shri Arun K. Chatterjee, Satish Chander Gupta
this petition in order to get permission granted to acquire a passport for my son. I am a singleRead more

Juveria Patniभारत
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Created Dec 5, 2016
Petition to Scott Morrison, Michael McCormack, Catherine King
(unlikely given post-COVID-19 travel forecasts), then the government would acquire an equity stakeRead more

Pat TrimboliAustralia
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Created Apr 4, 2020
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