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Petition to Kolkata Municipal Corporation
Bathroom access might be the most visible battle right now in the wide ranging fight for transgender civil rights, but the issue is more complex than many people realize.  Gender-neutral bathrooms are the most inclusive option, bringing health benefits to all, but the very idea of gender-neutral people is hard for many to accept.  Non-binary people are those whose identities are outside the gender binary. They, regardless of their biology or clothing, are neither men nor women, and many use "they" as a singular pronoun instead of "he" or "she." Some argue that non-binary people should be allowed to choose which bathroom they want to go to, forming a status quo and considered to be a pragmatic solution; however this does not respect the identity of the third option, they may not be comfortable or safe. It has been reported that about 68% of transgender surveys show that respondents were verbally harassed and denied access to  gendered bathroom. Since public places today do not legally have to build gendered bathrooms only, why should the non-binaries be treated differently? Why must they be subjugated to such an extent that they are denied the most basic of human rights? And why do they not have an avenue to report this? Why do they feel scared to use a BATHROOM? The transgender community fights alone, with support from a very few, but are they not human? So what if we differ physically; we all are equally the same, we are humans. Why are lawmakers who do not understand what they're going through making laws for them? This is the very agenda of this petition, to gain equality for the transgender community with the smallest step, a way through which through which the third option can have safe access to their rights, because whoever we are, we are humans and have the same rights.  Read more

Rhea SethiaIndia
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Created Oct 13, 2019
Petition to The man the myth the legend
So my friend kovid who is a 19 year old college student has the opportunity to change his user name from @thrivingweed to @kovid-19 but hasn't done so yet. I feel like he is on the verge of greatness but is unwilling to achieve it. So, it'd be great if you sign this petition for him to become a legend and change his Instagram username. He's my best friend and i want him to get what he deserves, GREATNESS!Read more

Prerak SharmaDelhi, India
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Created Mar 18, 2020
Petition to NASA, Charles Bolden, Barack Obama
We need the eighth moon mission. Recently, NASA has been contemplating their future mission to Mars, but realistically, we need more knowledge of space before we create a "New Earth." First of all, we need to be more responsible with what we leave in space. So much junk has been left in outer space, that anything could come falling back to Earth at any second. Charles Bolden, the CEO of NASA, and NASA astronauts, are assuming that the trash will burn up as it enters the atmosphere, but if it doesn't, this would be added to the many hazards of going outside.  Second of all, there have only been seven missions to the moon. Does NASA really think they have enough knowledge of outer space to begin civilization on other planets? Another mission to the moon may be able to fix this. We will be able to get more knowledge of outer space, and help clean up what we have left there. Six out of seven missions to the moon have been successful, so shouldn't we add another victory to the list? Also, if we don't clean up space, a lot of the junk will end up in our oceans. In other words, fish and other sea animals will consume this trash, and the junk will end up in our food. Obviously, this is very unsafe for humans. If this petition helped you understand why so many people think we need the eighth mission, help us achieve it. Read more

Cassie HanohovLos Angeles, CA, United States
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Created Mar 15, 2016
Petition to WWF Indonesia
Our country, indonesia is one of the most garbage infested countries in the world. Of course, its not always the governments fault. Citizens of indonesia is having an issue with garbage and stink coming from the closest landfill in the cities. It causes a disturbing smell and makes the places close to it unpleasing to see.  Solution? Im just a 13 year old. What could i say? I only know a few things about country problems that is stopping us from going forward. But according to what my parents always say, 1000 problems, a billion solutions. So if indonesia is filled with bright individuals that has the brains and power to making the world a better place, why arent we? Khansa#indonesianRead more

Justagirl 1Bekasi, Indonesia
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Created Jun 16, 2019
Petition to Albion College
After the various racist incidents happening in the college's residential facilities, we demand the institution to begin conversations and actions to implement cameras within all living facilities. This would ensure quicker identification of the suspects of such racist actions and promote student/institutional accountability in facilitating a safer environment for marginalized communities on campus.  When considering the logistics of the implementation of cameras, we also request the following... The cameras sole purpose is to ensure students safety and not to police or micro manage the students activity/life The cameras should be strategically placed in order to balance both interests in promoting student safety and student privacy There needs to be transparency and active updates by the institution in regards to the needed conversations and process they must undergo to implement these cameras  Read more

Mauricio Perez GarciaAlbion, MI, United States
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Created Apr 6, 2021
Petition to reynusha458744@gmail​.​com , prakashvalli_07@yahoo​.​com
Zero Hunger is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as considered one of the main area to be achieved by 2030. There was a steady decline of hunger in people in past few years but now the pandemic Covid-19 has created slippage potentiality . The food supply chains need to be retained, developed and increased to mitigate the risk of large shocks and impact to humankind, especially the poor and the most vulnerable one. Many implementations are being initiated by Food and Agriculture Organization like meeting the immediate food needs of the vulnerable populations, boosting social protection programmes, enhancing global food trade, increasing domestic supply chain and supporting farmers to increase productivity of agricultures. Sad but true, by research 1 in 10 people is in hunger! Something to worry about especially the children who are going to be the next generation. Can we join together to make some initiatives workable as we could to make the goal happens by 2030https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rSTdiEG8-yCKj1x4kiQXGPP0e3ouW-Dw/view?usp=sharing?Read more

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Created Sep 12, 2021
Petition to Nancy Pelosi, U​.​S. Senate, Kamala D. Harris, Mike Garcia
Did you know people with Down Syndrome have a drastically less amount of privileges? They are discriminated against and judged based on their condition on a daily basis. In the classroom, at work, benefits, and more.  Getting a decent job as a person with down syndrome is hard enough, but listen to this; "Current law allows employers to pay as little as $1 per hour, or less, to workers with disabilities if they can’t perform a job as well as a person who is not disabled (the current federal minimum wage is $7.25)." Could you make a living salary off of $1 an hour? No, didn't think so. Another quote reads, "There are about 153,030 workers with disabilities in the US who can be paid less than minimum wage under federal law, according to data from the Department of Labor. Some workers earn as little as 4 cents an hour."  As if those aren't both enough, the discrimination backtracks into the classroom as well. It is legally allowed for school administrators to segregate students based on disability. One family in Tennessee even had to take to the court back in 2018 to insure that their son wouldn't be placed in a school that had no educational curriculum.  Around 15% of American adults believe that those with Down syndrome should not be able to vote, buy a home, or even get married. People with down syndrome are not any less than everyone else. They can do jobs just as well as everyone else if not better, learn in the classroom, do homework, and much more. It is absurd that people segregate them and take away basic privileges in employment, education, and community based on their personal judgement of their abilities.  The list of rights and discrimination against people with Down Syndrome goes on. Below I will link articles about the unfair laws and rights that go against their attempt to live a normal life. Things need to change, and we should be ashamed that in 2020 it is legal to discriminate against anyone based on something they are not in control of.  https://www.vox.com/2018/5/3/17307098/workers-disabilities-minimum-wage-waiver-rock-river-valley-self-help https://www.eeoc.gov/newsroom/papa-johns-discriminated-against-employee-down-syndrome-eeoc-charges-suit https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2017/08/many-people-with-disabilities-are-being-paid-way-below-the-minimum-wage-and-its-perfectly-legal/ https://www.webmd.com/mental-health/news/20170125/should-a-mental-disability-keep-patients-off-organ-transplant-lists#1  Read more

Ayden SullivanCalifornia, United States
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Created Jul 22, 2020
Petition to The Government of India, the people of india, Narendra Modi
Hey, Have you ever felt scared to post something online, because of the fact that people may harm you due to the post? Have you felt scared to voice out your opinion because of the fact that it's just that? YOUR OPINION? We live in the second most populated country in the world, which may change in the coming years. We, the People and Government of India, have been labelled the largest democracy in the world, The question is, are we really living up to that Reputation? In recent times, the resolve of the people and the government has been tested by the various events in our surroundings, and i'm very emotional in saying this but we fail every time. One of the biggest freedom our constitution grants us is the Freedom to Speech and Expression. It does bear some limitations, but it tells us that we have the right to question and speak out. A democracy cannot function without this freedom. But this freedom is being hampered by a lack of humour in our society. Nobody takes things in their stride and moves on. They get offended and use means unthinkable of, to prove their point. It really is starting to feel like the only people who can criticise anything are the people closed in a room with one guy standing up, but remember that also failed once, with the offended party also being okay with it. "Cough" The AIB Roast. We have a Parliament, where if, anyone speaks something even slightly hurting someone else's own personal dilemma, they would start hurling sandals or cause chaos during the session. Our Parliament should take a lesson from the British Parliament as they turn those insults into a funny gesture and have a good back and forth at it. I talked to a Jaisalmeri recently about Padmavati as well, while most are scared to even open their mouth about the topic in Rajasthan. They have pride about their queen, but he had accepted the fact that the movie will release somehow or the other in Rajasthan, and the limits to which the protestors had taken it was really a bad call. This was just a movie, what if someone opens their mouth about the protestors themselves on national media? That's close to a death wish. Now we will know if someone learnt the lesson when Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika approaches. We look around everywhere, and in foreign lands like the US, there is such a high level of humour amongst people that even the President of the US is criticised and he takes it on the chin. Can we as ordinary people have that here? Are our news journalists the only ones that have a right to criticise politicians on media? Are we, as the general public, relevant only during the elections? The Politicians themselves need to open their ears to us and learn to listen to criticism whether it be at the national level or the state level or even the district. The solution lies in strengthening and taking action against those who are shutting down the people who are trying to open up! The government needs to empower the general public to speak their minds without fear of retribution. Empower the regulatory bodies so that they can pass judgement without fear. Having a better sense of humour starts with yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror and have a laugh about your imperfections, that is when the change starts and truly all change starts with us. I've made this petition to try to change the way our society thinks. We need to open up, because if we don't open up to change now, our country will never progress in the direction we want it to.  Wishing for a more light hearted future! Read more

Raj TaprialIndia
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Created Feb 19, 2018
Petition to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, NASSCOM , Debjani Ghosh
90 days of notice period in IT and ITes industry is cruel and creating a situation of bondage labour in India. I have served software industry in leadership positions for many years now. I personally know of many cases where people were not even getting interview calls because of their long notice period. They had to resign without having any offer in hand just to make themselves eligible for interviews. Imagine the stress and anxiety these people would go thru. It is also causing huge productivity loss for the industry because when people are checked out how can they focus on work for 90 long days? The long notice period is not helping our startups ecosystem because they are not able to find right talent quickly and at the same time employees are losing opportunities. The 90 days of notice period is creating an artificial barrier for people to switch jobs nothing else. India IT industry mostly serves US IT industry which has an "At will" employment policy. So there is no justification why Indian IT companies have 90 days as their notice period.  The same companies who have 90 days as their notice period expect people to join in less than 30 days which is just not fair. It is also a breach of equal employment opportunity act where people with 90 days of notice period are not invited for interviews. Mr. Minister, we humbly request you to look into this issue and  bring down notice period to 30 days which is more than enough to do a smooth transition. This will help Indian IT industry achive its potential.  Read more

Nikesh JainBangalore, India
61,860 supporters
Created Oct 5, 2020
Petition to Administration at Muskingum University, Muskingum University students
Muskingum University's mission is to "educate the whole person for the whole world". In order to educate students for the whole world, we must equip them with the necessary tools to adequately prepare them for an inclusive society; such as recruiting & retaining a diverse student body, provide necessary support systems, and providing continuous education to faculty and staff. In the past, there have been multiple attempts to discuss possible solutions with university administration.  While verbal meetings have been the plan of action for the university, it is time to implement solutions. Effective implementation requires our most senior level administration to take action, and our letter addressed to administration is a call to do so.  Muskies are made for impact, and signatures in support of this can be incredibly beneficial towards a truly positive change in the dynamics on our campus.  We are asking for your signatures in support of this critical work. Read more

sydni trudoSaint Clairsville, OH, United States
157 supporters
Created Apr 30, 2021
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