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Petition to Government
During the coronavirus outbreak, Childminder’s have been told, by government to close their business to help prevent the spread . Yet we have NOT been offered sufficient compensation . We have been insulted with a possible £97 per week . We can care for key worker children only . Meaning in most cases, a very drastic reduction in our wages (some loose their income altogether ) The government will continue to pay funding for funded children (which is only £3.86 an hour anyway, so already underfunded) but not all minders have funded children anyway and so many rely solely on their private paying families . The government is giving employed people 80% of their wages paid . Which is great, but We are being offered to claim for universal credit and if eligible ,will receive, the equivalent of ssp per week (£96!)  We are NOT eligible for ANY of the grants available for self employed people as we don’t get small business rate relief &/or are not in the leisure industry . On top of this, many of us are with a large childcare insurance company , who ARE NOT paying us for loss of earnings or business interruption for Covid-19. We are professionals who are Dbs checked , pay to be registered  with Ofsted, pay to be kept up to date with regular training, and help keep the economy going by offering families affordable quality childcare solutions, allowing them to work, On my last inspection I was awarded outstanding from OFSTED, my business is my pride and joy , yet the lack of support from the government is driving thousands of us ,out of business, It is not only grossly unfair, that we are this undervalued , but equally short sighted of the government, as, when this is all over , there will be a huge shortage of childcare, meaning less people will be able to return to work . On a personal note, I have 14 families I look after , right now I am only allowed to care for 3 and only for a couple of days a week instead of full time & have an assistant to pay for - £96 (possibly ) from the government is an INSULT!  Please help us, get this to Parliament , we just want fair compensation, for our businesses being forced to close . Thanks in advance for your support . Sarah xRead more

Sarah DunnClevedon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created March 21, 2020
Petition to Indiana State House
The climate crisis must be treated as the crisis it is by the state of Indiana. Despite multiple powerful and passionate student-led events last year, including West Lafayette's climate strike on September 27, Youth Climate Action Day on January 28, and a climate strike at the statehouse, we have seen little action by our state government. We have had enough. We demand that our politicians at the statehouse identify the climate crisis as a crisis and declare a climate emergency, that state legislation is passed to set a goal for statewide carbon neutrality, and that legislation that works to eliminate environmental racism and the unequal effects of the climate crisis in primarily minority communities in Indiana.   The Confront the Climate Crisis campaign is a statewide campaign aimed at engaging organizations and student-led action groups across the state in statewide climate action. By bringing youth to the forefront, we know that we can create the change that we need to see and take the next step in protecting our future. The voices of those throughout Indiana who are most affected by the climate crisis will be brought to the forefront in campaign efforts. We will begin the campaign by delivering a powerful and action-based letter to our statehouse legislators to begin putting the pressure on our lawmakers in addition to more actions and initiatives, which we will expand upon in a moment. We have the power to confront the climate crisis - and that is what we will do. FYI: If you sign this petition, you will automatically sign our letter to the statehouse. We also have gotten signatures both locally in Indiana and globally in 7+ countries. We appreciate all of your support!Read more

WL ClimateWest Lafayette, IN, United States
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Created September 23, 2020
Petition to Tony Abbott MP, The Hon. Mike Baird MP, The Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, The Hon. Adrian Piccoli MP
The nine of us have all struggled for years to get back on track. Some have mental illnesses, others come from poor backgrounds – now, there’s funding cuts to the only education service that can help us.  If it happens, it’d shatter my world. I won’t be able to graduate, and the arrangement means I’ll probably lose my house too. I’m one of nine young women trying to finish my HSC at Rosemount Good Shepherd Youth Service. They provide alternative education programs to students who suffer mental illness or disadvantage.  We are a really diverse mix of young people but we have one thing in common: we’ve struggled for years, and now we just really want to finish school. Ending of the Rosemount service would mean going back to square one for the nine of us. I don't want that to happen. We've all worked so hard. I’m the eldest of 6 siblings. I couldn’t go to a regular school because I had to put every ounce of energy into helping my mum raise the other kids.  Now - at Rosemount - I’m finally on track to graduate, so I’ve actually been able to secure a place to live.   Some of my school mates are amazing. Like Taylor, who is a 17-yr old Aboriginal student, when she passed year 10 she became the most qualified person in her family. Now she's training to be a nurse and on track to do medicine! Or Grace, who is also 17 and battles crippling anxiety and depression but has fought her way back for months and is now a chance of doing nursing. When the funding stops, some of us will be just 6 months away from completing high school. It's not just about education – but all my counsellors are here too – everyone that supports me. I just want Tony Abbott or Mike Baird to give us a chance. It's a tiny amount of money, but means so much to us, it's our future. I'm asking them not to force us nine young women out of Rosemount and our last chance at achieving an education. Please sign this petition and help me save my education, my house, and my future. Sophia MazzitoRead more

Ina MullinAustralia
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Created June 2, 2014
Petition to Tallahassee City Commissioner’s office
Hi everyone, due to the second day of the month of June, being pride month i felt It just to make a petition about Tony McDade. Tony McDade was a transgender Black man that was brutally murdered by a Tallahassee police officer on Wednesday, May 27th. This petition is calling for and DEMANDS the release of the officer/ murderer’s name to the public, and for them to receive the highest amount of consequence. We have to say their name too and come together for Black lives will not receive retribution until ALL Black lives do. Transgender people of color and Black people have been oppressed and separated from the Black community as a separate entity for being true to themselves and living their true life. If the Transgender community is not heard, they will continue to be oppressed at the hands of the police and our own community. We MUST not let this happen. Please share this petition as much as you can to get Tony McDade’s name into the list of Black people that have been murdered by police, and burn into their heads that Tony had a soul and a future that was taken away from them. We need to SAY THEIR NAME TOO. Please contact the Chief of police Lawrence Revell and Tallahassee police department (850-891-4200)and make It known that WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. Read more

Starr FelderArlington, MA, United States
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Created June 2, 2020
Petition to Elon University
Our friend and classmate Gabriel Noble is just eight credits shy of being the first member of his family to graduate college. His parents, both US Marines, faced unexpected financial hardship in Gabriel's senior year and he was unable to receive the financial support necessary to pay for his tuition to complete his degree. During his time at Elon University, Gabe has been a dedicated friend and student. He is truly a role model to his peers as a passionate and creative leader. We are kindly requesting that the administration of Elon University helps our classmate finish his Elon education. Gabe is an important member of the arts community at Elon. Gabe was a DJ and station promoter for WSOE. He worked in the English Department as an office assistant and in Residence Life as a member of the new-student orientation team. He acted in several student films and danced in the 2013 spring dance concert, Moving Visuals. He had two original works published in Elon's annual journal Colonnades. While at Elon he has greatly improved his skills as a writer, dancer and actor. Gabe hopes to use these skills to have a career promoting art within local communities. Even as a student, Gabe has been heavily involved in service within the Burlington community. He volunteered at the Burlington Housing Authority and worked on the production team of the local Christian film Find a Way. Currently, he works for the after school youth program at the Burlington YMCA and is a mentor to a local youth with cerebral palsy. Gabe has become a part of our Elon family. He is always supportive of our creative endeavors and has a warm and compassionate spirit that inspires those around him. To see our friend abandon his education at the finish line is a tragedy. His actions as an engaged learner and student leader merit the financial aid necessary to walk across the stage with us at graduation this spring.Read more

Andrew RileyElon, NC, United States
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Created January 22, 2014
Petition to Global Partnership for Education
committing to mobilise the money necessary to achieve it.  #WithMalalaRead more

malaka gharibwashington, DC, United States
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Created August 26, 2015
Petition to Global Partnership for Education
committing to mobilise the money necessary to achieve it.  #WithMalalaRead more

Malala YousafzaiUnited Kingdom
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Created September 12, 2015
Petition to Chairman Martin B. Delgra III, Honorable Justices
Help #SaveAngkas and support the Filipino riding public On December 12, 2018, the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against a previous RTC injunction that prevented the LTFRB from apprehending Angkas riders. The TRO does NOT suspend Angkas' operations, but merely allows the LTFRB to once again apprehend Angkas bikers if they choose to do so. The LTFRB, through various channels, has made clear its intent to crackdown on Angkas bikers, citing a very narrow interpretation of the law, and its supposed lack of options to aid Angkas and its bikers. Yet we have on various occasions presented the LTFRB with various options to move forward together. Last December 2017, Angkas voluntarily suspended its operations to dialogue with the LTFRB. We proposed a pilot program of the Angkas service with the very purpose of determining its feasibility for the Metro under the agency's close watch and supervision. The proposal was declined despite evidence presented of our safety track record and the genuine service we were able to provide to hundreds of thousands of commuters. Then in May 2018, Congressional committee on Metro Manila Development chaired by Hon. Winston "Winnie" T. Castelo urged the LTFRB to include Motorcycle Taxis as a type of TNVS, citing the precedent of the LTFRB allowing private 4-wheeled vehicles to be used for passenger services as in the cases of Uber and Grab. They were given 30 days to review the legal and regulatory implications of such a move, yet no action was taken. The LTFRB has, on at least 2 occasions, passed up the chance to work with Congress and the private sector to provide safe and efficient transport alternatives to Filipinos, despite having numerous setbacks and delays in their own efforts to modernize mass transport systems in the country. Thus far the LTFRB continues to insist that motorcycles are unfit for passenger transport due to safety issues, yet has consistently ignored Angkas' safety record as well as proof of the precautions it takes to ensure passenger safety, including biker training, quality helmets, and accident insurance. Angkas' safety record currently stands at 99.997%, above and beyond the rates cited by government agencies to claim otherwise. It is a testament not only to the viability of using motorcycles for safe passenger services, but also of the massive improvements that a single committed organization can make to professionalize an industry. The LTFRB continues to insist that safety is its top priority, yet we beg to insist otherwise: their first priority should be moving the Filipino people, then figuring out how to make them safe while doing so. Habal-habal has been around for decades, and will continue to exist so long as Filipinos continue to lack decent transport options. And while the LTFRB insists their crackdowns will fix this dismal situation, we ourselves have already trained and educated over 70,000 motorcycle drivers – free of charge - all over the country in less than 2 years. There are over 14 million motorcycle drivers all over the Philippines, most without any formal training. Only by working together can we hope to make more of them better and safer, without having to take away their only means of transportation.  Read more

George RoyecaMakati, Philippines
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Created July 6, 2018
Petition to Helen McGlashan
To open the vacant spare rooms for the homeless or vulnerably housed to use over Christmas. This can be implemented by giving them a temporary lease for a month, I believe that this is important as part of the mission statement of the University was to "tackle homelessness" in the city. We could open up the Alan Hall and parts of Owen Park, such as the top of the tower or other elements of the student accommodation that is not being used. This is essential in the coldest winter since 2010, to make sure that people don't die on the streets.    Read more

Spencer KayWorthing, West Sussex, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created December 3, 2017
Petition to Joe Biden
process to achieve herd immunity, protect the citizens and reactivate the Costa Rican economyRead more

AmCham Cámara Costarricense Norteamericana de ComercioSan José, Costa Rica
86,669 supporters
Created May 10, 2021
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