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Petition to South Carolina State House, South Carolina Department of Corrections
South Carolina Department of Corrections has inhumanly covered the windows of the South Carolina prisons preventing natural light from coming in.  We need these window covering taken immediately to let natural light in. This is inhumane and violates civil rights of the occupants of the prison facilities. We are petitioning to have these coverings down.  Read more

Teresa BebeauIrmo, SC, United States
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Created September 11, 2019
least like to see the city uncover the Rubber Bowl sign; it’s been a part of that hillside for over 80Read more

Aidan SCleveland, OH, United States
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Created June 30, 2023
Petition to Larry Krasner, Phil, Philadelphia District Attorney Office
We, citizens of Philadelphia, demand that the Philadelphia Police Wall Of Remembrance, be uncovered. We further request that Jane Roh, be removed from her job, she behaves unprofessionally and is obviously biased against Philadelphia’s police force.Read more

Susan PricePhiladelphia, PA, United States
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Created February 21, 2021
Graffiti Highway located in Centralia, PA off of Route 61 This 0.74mi long stretch of road was abandoned in 1993 after it had suffered substantial damage due to the underground coal mine fires that have been burning for at least the past 50 years. The Graffiti Highway was a very popular tourist attraction due to the graffiti (duh) and the nearby ghost-town of Centralia.However in April 2020, Pagnotti Enterprises (Land Owner) ordered 400 dump trucks full of dirt be dumped onto the Graffiti Highway, and later have seeds planted in the soil to grow trees. VIDEO: Graffiti Highway owners to cover Centralia road with dirt The reason why the Graffiti Highway was covered is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These dirt mounds were placed here to deter tourists permanently.I am devastated to see this beautiful attraction go to waste and never be restored. I really wish there was a less permanent solution to this issue. Our goal is to restore this historical monument to its previous glory.Read more

Jako RoonayPalmyra, VA, United States
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Created March 8, 2022
Petition to Andrew Friedson, Hans Riemer, Marc Elrich
Note: This petition is for residents of Montgomery County Maryland to sign. It is a local issue.  Otherwise, please read. There is an area off River Road (generally behind Westbard Towers) that was a burial ground for former slaves and a cemetery of the Moses African Methodist Church. The area has been divided into parcels of land for development but there is no consensus about which parcels may contain human remains.The MC Planning Department historian gathered comprehensive information about the cemetery and possible location of burials, but the report seems to have been suppressed and no solid plan to memorialize the cemetery sites has been proposed. For its part, the MC Council has failed to require developers of the area to search for and properly honor remains prior to development. We, as residents of Montgomery County, demand that no further development take place without searching for human remains in the area, regardless of which parcel is involved. Further, we demand that all remains that are found be handled in accordance with the wishes of the Pastor and congregation of the Methodist Church and Maryland State Law and that there be constructed, beside the Capital Crescent Trail at its intersection with the Willett Branch, a memorial to honor the memories of former enslaved African people who lived and died in that part of Montgomery County.Read more

Stephen TaylorBethesda, MD, United States
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Created November 10, 2020
Petition to Kennet centre Newbury, West Berkshire Council
and make Newbury a close community again that people can be proud of.  Help by signing to uncover all takes to uncover a piece of history. My petition is to uncover all 9 of the murals that hideRead more

Amelia PoulsonNewbury, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created August 30, 2019
Petition to Lee C. Bollinger, Columbia University, Columbia College, School of General Studies, SEAS , Barnard , Ira Katznelson
online classes, we would like to stress the need for the option to uncover grades. However, we understand 4'700 signatures. Yet, that same petition stressed the need to allow students to uncover their grades. However, if this system does not also allow students who need their grades to be able to uncover them, it and allowing those who need them to uncover them, no students will be stigmatized, and no studentsRead more

Aristotle VossosNew York, NY, United States
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Created March 20, 2020
Petition to Pete Ricketts, Tom Dozler, Steve Wellman, Aaron Hegraty@3newsnow​.​com, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), omaha world hearld
Stories about the pandemic and international demonstrations against racism have taken the world by storm. But no matter what’s going down, countless suffering animals need our help right now in our very own community. It is incumbent upon our local and state officials to be vigilant and enforce all applicable laws designed to protect animals from harm and punish those who hurt them. I ask that all law enforcement and local officials and state of Nebraska to start looking beyond their badge and titles and start working together to prevent animal abuse and protect our furry friends. That is not the case with Dodge County Humane Society located in Fremont Ne. The executive director Tamar Reed is the cities worst nightmare. Tamar has been the Director of DCHS since 2017. She was given that position from a bank co worker. Tamar background comes from serving on different boards, dispatch at Dodge County Sheriffs office, and served as an EMT for Arlington Ne prior to going into working at a local bank. Since taking her position many complaints by DCHS staff, volunteers, pet owners, and citizens have been logged to state and city officials. I will list a few complaints below Tamar does not let general public inside the facility. She does not let any new volunteers in. She does not provide the animals with any human contact. Animals endure extreme measures of boredom, distress, and aggression due to all of the above and suffer greatly as a result.  Animals endure outright cruel treatment by her and her workers who have become insensitive to the suffering of sentient beings in such an environment. She repeatedly refuses to provide sick, injured, and dying animals with veterinary care in order to “keep costs down” The conditions, filth, deprivation, neglect, cruelty, and prolonged, painful death. Complaints have been filed that she has euthanized health dogs on her own inside of the facility. This is against the law. She will only adopt dogs to people she knows, often them being in a dorm since they are Midland Students. Tamar is unable to establish community relationships with other local rescues, schools, or veterinary clinics. Tamar has let her position in corrections over power her new position in animal welfare. She runs the animal shelter like a jail. She feels she is above the law and lets it be known she has many friends in law enforcement.  Tamar has caused several families of this community despair and heartbreak. I filed an official complaint with the Department of Agriculture on May 4th even after being told that they have been notified several times and nothing has been done. I made contact with Rick Herchenbach. My complaint was in regards to two pit bulls. Keela and Gia. Tamar had kept these two pit bulls for 7 months. She claims Keela bit her and had to be put down. She would never provide any proof of this. I obtained reports that were given to the city by Tamar that would clearly show that either Tamar need to refresh her math skills or she was falsifying the intake records. One month would end lets say 50 dogs and the very next day a new month would begin with 40 dogs. Where did the other 10 dogs go? Her records were very off. I asked Mr Herchenbach to look into this.  A few days after making the complaint the state of Nebraska had not sent an inspector to the facility for an inspection. Citizens were watching the facility noticing that late at night Tamar, her husband, and board members were caring various items from the facility and loading them into their vehicles. I immediately called Mr Herchenbach and demanding an answer as to why state had not made contact with DCHS. He informed me that due to covid 19 he was unable to go to the facility. I was very upset since that very same day Tamar had over 10 people inside that facility. Mr Herchenbach informed me that once restrictions were lifted an inspection would be completed and I would be informed of the results. I asked him what he thought was happening in the late hours of Tamar being seen removing things from the facility. His response was again as soon as restrictions were lifted my complaint would be investigated however he could not speak with me any further. He stated that he had to go into the facility with neutral feelings. His job is not to choose sides between myself and Tamar. His job is to follow the inspection protocols and follow the facts. I told him I didn't want him to choose either my side or Tamar side but wanted him to choose the animals side. I was satisfied that an inspection would take place. I was not satisfied with not knowing when the inspection would take place. Time was of the essance. I did some research and found that Tom Dozler was over the inspections and Steve Wellman was the director for state of nebraska dept of ag. I placed multiple calls to both offices. I left messages at both offices requesting that someone call me back in reguards to DCHS. All calls went unanswered. I then reached out and filed a complaint with Carl Eskridge the obundamceman. This seemed to get the job done as soon the inspection was underway. A physical inspection as Tom Dozler originally wanted the inspection to take place over the phone. I patiently waited for the results.  I placed a call back to Rick Herchenbach asking for the results of the inspection. Inspections are supposed to be public record. Mr Herchenbach informs me of two findings. 1) DCHS was in violation of keeping the dogs and cats together in the intake room. 2) DCHS was also found in violation of not have an emergency pet plan in place. He stated Tamar had corrected the violations. I sat on the phone waiting for him to continue and finally give me the answers I have been looking for in regards to the two pit bulls Keela and Gia.  Mr Herchernbach informs me that Keela was at large on Aug 18th 2018 returned home then at large on Aug 25th and returned home. Oct 1st Both Keela and Gia are picked up and Keela was euthanized on Feb 18th 2019 by Arlington Vet and Gia is signed over to a rescue and released on April 16th 2019. I asked for a reason that Keela was euthanized after many months. I also wanted to know if DCHS spayed Keela during this time. I also wanted to know why Gia was picked up just one time by DCHS and law enforcement so why was she never able to go home to her family after 7 long months and why Gia was signed over to another rescue in Lincoln even though her family desperately wanted them to return home. I heard silence on the other end of the phone. I asked Mr Herchrnbach those same questions again. He could not provide me an answer. I asked him what i was supposed to tell this heart broken family that had confided in me to help search for these answers. His only reply was that he was unable to get further into the records of DCHS. My response was why? He is the state inspector after all and his job is to not only investigate complaints but he is to have access to these records. I had to push a little but ultimately I was directed to his supervisor Tom Dozler. When I asked for further details I was told that per Tom Dozler the inspection was to concluded and Mr Herchenbach was to have his findings to Mr Dozler the following day. I am out raged by this. I then asked Mr Herchenbach how long he had been in his position. He replied by telling me had been with the department for 38 years and in his position for 18 years. I asked him if this had ever happened before. He said no he had never been told before that he had to stop an investigation before he was completed. I stated to Mr Herchenbach that I appreciate him doing his job and preforming what he could of the inspection but I simply was not satisfied and I had full intentions of requesting a copy of the inspection as it is public record and I would also be in contact with Tom Dozler office and Steve Wellman office. Our phone call then ended.  I took a few moments to settle down and called public relations officer for the Department of Ag Christan Kamm and asked for a copy of the inspection. She very rudely told me that this was still under investigation and denied my request. I reached out to Steve Wellman and Tom Dozlers office yet again. To date I still have not heard back from either one. I also still do not have a copy of the inspection that is public records after requesting it for the past 15 days on a daily basis.  I did some research and after talking with several others and witnesses I discovered that the reason Mr Herchenbach was unable to complete his report was because Tamar Reed and Tom Dozler were previous jail employees together. They have history together and Tamar reported to her staff and board members that she was contacting here friend Tom at department of ag and he would stop the inspection. Tamar sent an email to Mr Dozler  with complaints about Mr Herchenbach. She made allegations that he was rude and had his mind made up that she was in the wrong. Mr Herchenbach is now at risk for disciplinary action due to Tamar and evilness. If she wasn't doing anything wrong with records why does she not allow state inspector to review them? How does a colleague of Tamar Tom Dozler control this inspection via email?  Everyone mentioned above all receives a paycheck because of animal welfare. Basically the animals are the reason they have a paycheck. The only one I have mentioned who has actually done their job is Mr Herchenbach. He has went as far as his superiors would let him. He has returned my phone calls, very polite during this entire process. I was told in the beginning of all of this I should not bother contacting Mr Herchenbach as it would not do me any good. Well as far as I am concerned Mr Herchenbach is the only one in DCHS and the department of Agriculture office that has done his job. He is the only one that has had an unbiased opinion, kept everything very professional, and that I can see truly has heart for animals. It would be a perfect world if everyone in that department was like Mr, Herhenbach. I have also spoken with several others who are licensed in the state of Nebraska that receives inspections by Mr Herchbach. I have yet to hear anyone voice a concern about him personally or professionally. I have seen many thank him for doing an inspection and that is exactly what it should be like.  Animal welfare should not be left in the hands of people that couldn't make the cut when applying for sheriff, maybe some previous corrections or dispatch staff shouldn't be left with any life in their hands and that includes animals.    Now you may be wondering why I am asking you to sign this petition. I received a notice telling me that despite Mr Herchenbach doing his job and following protocols like he has done for the past 18years but due to the complaint of Tamar to Tom Dozlers email Mr Herchenbach is facing a disciplinary action hearing on Wednesday 06/17/2020. He may get caught up in Tamar Reeds backlash and vendettas. I have filed a complaint with Carl Eskridge in regards to this matter. I also have reached out to several local and international news stations as well have filed a formal complaint with PETA whom is now investigating this matter. I ask you to sign this petition to show Mr Rick Herchenbach that his attempt to be the voice for our animals did not go un noticed. Please sign and support him during his hearing.  We still want an investigation that goes beyond the city contract with the advisory board. Please stand with me while displaying that Tamar Reed needs to be replaced and she does not need to cause someone who has not lost their self any disciplinary actions. Please speak out against these officials that don’t want to do their jobs, or have lost their love for animals if they even had any to begin with.  We now have others involved not only in Nebraska but throughout the united states. We won’t stop until she is removed and possibly charged criminally. She will not take people like Rick Herchenbach down with her.    Read more

Theresa MacranderFremont, NE, United States
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Created June 16, 2020
Petition to President Lee C. Bollinger
least, provide a way for students to uncover grades at the end of the semester. For more context, a stressed the need to allow students to uncover their grades. The main reason behind this is that many their grades to be able to uncover or even access them, it will end up hurting as many people as itRead more

Michelle YanNew York, NY, United States
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Created March 20, 2020
Petition to North Tyneside Council
Please sign this Petition and help us get the Victorian Drinking Well uncovered. It is currently buried beneath the sand on Tynemouth Longsands Beach. The forgotten Fountain dates back to the 1860's and was reclaimed by the sand after it fell out of use. Back in 2010 the Fountain was uncovered for the day to help raise funds for the Tynemouth Voluntary Lifebrigade but then had to be covered back up again as requested by the council. 6 years on and the Fountain has still not been permanently removed from the sand. This Fountain is part of Tynemouth's Hertiage yet nobody gets to see this beautiful artifact. How many more years is the Fountain going to stay buried underneath the sand. Let's put this petition to North Tyneside Council so that they can help with the uncovering of this Fountain.Read more

Danielle Anderson-WalkerWhitley Bay, ENG, United Kingdom
1,394 supporters
Created April 13, 2016
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