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Petition to New Mexico Governor
On the 29th of April, 2014, my beautiful son Cooper Beacom took his own life by jumping off the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. He was 23. My 16 year old son Keaun, Cooper's best friend Bowdy, and I were there trying to rescue him. The three of us witnessed him jump over an inadequate railing. Cooper genuinely loved his family and friends, he was generous and caring, and not the type of person that anyone could have imagined would do this. He was having a bad moment, and the bridge made the momentary thought of ending his life become a horrible reality, because there are not safety barriers and it was too easy to jump.  A split second bad decision ended his life. Words cannot explain the pain left behind from this tragedy.  The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is one of America’s highest and most famous bridges, the route 64 crossing of the Rio Grande near Taos, New Mexico was completed in 1965. It is 565 feet from road deck level to the normal surface level of the river. It is a popular scenic destination spot for tourists visiting the area, and unfortunately because the rails on the bridge are so low (only 47 inches high), it sadly has also become a popular destination for suicides.  It is unclear exactly how many suicides there have actually been. Firefighters have had enough, and stopped counting. Nothing has been done to make the bridge safer or to deter future suicides since it was built almost 50 years ago. We have formed the Gorge Bridge Safety Network in Cooper’s memory with hopes that we can make sure that better safety barriers are installed, to prevent more tragedies continuing on into our future. Attempts have been made in the past to get safety barriers added, but unfortunately none have succeeded. Please help us by signing the petition so that safety barriers can finally be installed on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.Read more

Curly O'ConnorSanta Fe, NM, United States
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Created Jul 16, 2014
Petition to S. Suresh Kumar, Ministry of Primary and Secondary education, Government Of Karnataka
Dear All, Most of the schools in Karnataka have decided to collect full fees for Academic Year 2020-21 and they will provide online classes which have been banned by the Government of Karnataka off late. We believe that limited exposure to kids for onscreen timings still okay as teachers are taking a lot of efforts to give our kids a beautiful environment of knowledge through virtual media. Our kids eagerly wait to attend the class and they are enjoying these sessions with the teachers. As per the current situation of Covid-19 in Karnataka there are no guidelines yet on re-opening of the schools in the current (2020-2021) academic year. The schools are collecting the entire tuition fees including overheads fees as well (eg: teaching materials, annual day fees, development charges etc) which cannot be justified with just few online videos and works sheets per day with school being fully non-functional. It is also difficult times for the parents as well, as some of them are having to arrange the fees with job losses and pay cuts and Government has already mentioned that schools cannot force all the parents to pay full fees. The schools can always charge their fees when it is fully functional and we as parents will do so without fail. We are fine to pay 50% tuition fee provided they carry on online classes to have a WIN-WIN situation for both parents and school authorities. Request everyone to please sign this online petition and support this cause on how they should take forward the online classes along with the reasonable fees structure. *We are not against paying fees* but we request the *Government, Karnataka Education Minister, School Management, School Trustee* to understand the plight of parents also who are under a lot of financial pressure and hence reduce the fees to 50% and support everyone at this pandemic situation. Regards, Concerned ParentsRead more

Numerous IssuesIndia
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Created Jun 12, 2020
Petition to Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez
In the course of 2 years, one officer of the East Lansing Police Dept. has received 42% of all complaints.  This officer’s name is Andrew Stephenson, and he is white.  Of the 5 complaints made against him,  ALL were from Black or Hispanic men.  (Most ELPD officers have no complaints against them.)  Two of the incidents involved excessive force against Black men, and they were made within 6 weeks of each other.  Both cases involved Officer Andrew Stephenson using a “technique” that resulted in both men sustaining injuries to their face, after being taken face-down to the cement by the officer.  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior:  does someone have to die before ELPD strips this officer of his authority to use excessive force against men of color?  Michigan State Police did an investigation and exonerated  Officer Stephenson, saying  “the use of ‘physical controls’ by police were justified because of verbal and physical resistance and the ‘totality of circumstances’” .  We do not accept this.  (Members of the community are pushing EL City Council to create an Independed Police Oversight Commission. )  In one of the cases of excessive force, charges were dropped on the complainant.  In another, the case was transferred to Ingham County, and the City Attorney Tom Yeardon said he doesn’t know the status of that case.    We are fortunate these men are still with us.  Help prevent future harm to Black and Brown men in this community by signing to terminate Officer Stephenson from East Lansing Police Depeartment.   Read more

Fiona GallacherCrystal Beach, MO, Canada
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Created May 15, 2020
suggest a quick, easy boost for numerous economic problems. It seems to me there is one simple way toRead more

Gill GibsonRickmansworth, United Kingdom
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Created Oct 29, 2022
Petition to City of Ottawa, Tarion , Jim Watson, Ashcroft
On July 6, Ashcroft Homes notified numerous families in Ottawa's Eastboro project that it was the expense of numerous families in Ottawa.  We ask that you sign and share this petition to (1Read more

Ottawa ResidentCanada
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Created Jul 15, 2020
Petition to Angus Council
felling of the woodland destroyed the habitat of red squirrels, hedgehogs, badgers, bats and numerousRead more

Angela WilsonFowlis, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Jul 30, 2020
Petition to 1000
information they have on the numerous sexual allegations that have been made against top officers. They cannot continue to hide behind their uniforms. Read more

Jose RamirezUnited Kingdom
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Created Jun 4, 2020
Petition to Local and surrounding government officials, Department of Treasury, Local and surrounding congressmen, IRS
There has been many citizens; including myself all across the United States that have been patiently waiting for an update on when we will receive our stimulus payments. Majority of us have been stuck on eligible for payment and and have a date issued since the stimulus payment started in March 2021. We have not updated at all, and one can give us any answers as to why this is happening . We’ve seen individuals who received SSI and Veterans to name a few get their payments swiftly, while we are still sitting and waiting for just simply an update on the “Get My Payment “ tool on the IRS website about the status of our payment. Majority of us has gotten the first two stimulus payments without any issues or had to wait to receive a date for a deposit , or card. This system has failed to acknowledge those of us who are still stuck on “ Eligible For The Payment “ with the correct account information since the beginning , and still on going as of today April 15,2021. Majority of us has filed our 2020 taxes in February and received them without delay at the beginning of March way before President Biden signed the stimulus payments into law, so why are we waiting for our payment to arrive whether it’s by direct deposit , EIP card , or check? We need answers and deserve for someone to speak up for us like they’ve done for  other recipients who received government benefits, so they could get their stimulus payment immediately. I think that we have been put on the back burner , and honestly forgotten about . It’s frustrating to know that results were done for a selected citizens such as those who received government benefits (Social Security, Veterans ) get their payments without delay and even getting the Up Plus payments . How is that remotely fair and possible for this to happen , when those of us who are still stuck in the “Eligible “ process without so much of a update on a date , or what’s going on with the system? We really need help from our Congressmen, and State Officials locally and around the United States in each city to speak up for the majority of us still waiting to receive some form of answers as to why we have not received any information on when we will eventually see out stimulus payments.  We have bills that need to be paid such as rent, car , utilities , and so fourth . A lot of us desperately need that payment just like everyone else who’s already received their payment plus more . Why can’t we have the same results as them? Why do we have to constantly hear from the IRS just kept checking on the “Get My Payment “ website and not give us a direct solid answer as to what’s going on or what’s going to happen for those of us who are still waiting for an update for a payment? We can’t do this alone without the help of the government officials ! Speak up for us too! The IRS and the Department Of Treasury needs to let us know something too!Read more

Nada ScottIndianapolis, IN, United States
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Created Apr 15, 2021
Petition to Judson School Board
Judson ISD's newest high school is near completion. We ask that you Reconsider the naming of this school from your choice of Mackey High School to someone else more deserving in our community. Hear the voice of those tax payers, employees, students, and alumni in the community.Read more

Judson TaxpayerSan Antonio, TX, United States
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Created Sep 17, 2015
Petition to Micheal Creed., Dermot Murphy
Following on from the recent expose documentary, broadcast by RTE*, it has been brought to our attention that there are and were severe cases of animal NEGLECT and ABUSE, along with a MASS BURIAL SITE of horses and dogs underneath the sand arena within AHAR. There are now a number of independent witnesses to this, who are willing to testify in a court of law. We have also been made aware that a member within the department of Agriculture has been tipping off the manager of AHAR, in relation to pending or planned inspections, thus giving AHAR the time needed to hide animals. We are petitioning for the department to fully and thoroughly INVESTIGATE these findings and demand that the sand arena is excavated, along with post mortem to be carried out on the carcasses buried there. We have no doubt that you The Minister of Agriculture will SUPPORT us on bringing an end to the ongoing cruelty and mass burials of animals at AHAR. EDITED to add links:- *Animal Farm https://www.rte.ie/news/investigations-unit/2017/0116/845377-animal-farm/ Update - https://www.rte.ie/news/investigations-unit/2017/0314/859742-ahar-update/ Following AHAR's complaints about the above programmes, RTÉ was cleared of any wrongdoing by the independent Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). Full report and findings here - http://www.bai.ie/en/latest-broadcasting-complaints-decisions-published-30/  Read more

Siobhan GarrahyGlasgow, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Feb 1, 2017
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