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Petition to Facebook
(ENGLISH BELOW) Desde hace tiempo Facebook permite traducir las publicaciones que vemos en otros podemos traducir. Ya que Facebook contribuye de forma tan importante a facilitar la comunicación entre you know, Facebook allows any user to translate publications to their own languages with just a Tibetan cause, find many interesting publications that we cannot understand. Since Facebook isRead more

Carlos J. de Pedro JiménezGetafe, España
98,425 supporters
Created September 28, 2016
Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
  Wir fordern Mark Zuckerberg und Facebook dazu auf Seiten und Gruppen, die den Holocaust leugnen nicht auf Facebook zu dulden. Diese Seiten und Gruppen verbreiten Lügen und Unwahrheiten, die Hass fordern wir Facebook auf, die Verbreitung von Hass sofort zu stoppen. Erstellt vom Holocaust LearningRead more

Anne Frank Center For Mutual RespectNew York, United States
402,822 supporters
Created August 13, 2018
Petition to Facebook
Facebook as a means to keep his son’s memory alive through daily pictures and journaling.  Facebook speech as well as causing further suffering to a grieving parent.  We petition Facebook to reverseRead more

Meghan RoseUnited States
53,223 supporters
Created February 27, 2020
Petition to Mark Zuckerburg
Facebook was used to sway the US elections in 2016. Cambridge Analytica’s use of this data without permission or knowledge has dominated the headlines. I’m a big fan of Facebook, I use it everyday to at me for ‘completing the Facebook game’, having maxed out the number of connections allowed! I do not doubt the huge value Facebook has given the world. That’s why I’m so worried - we ARE Facebook suspended; Facebook investors have sued the company, and; the platform has lost US$60bn in marketRead more

Alvin CarpioLondon, United Kingdom
183,057 supporters
Created March 21, 2018
Petition to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg
On behalf of the Thai people both in Thailand and around the world, we would like Facebook team and and Mr.Mark Zuckerberg to review the Facebook accounts:  Pavin Chachavalpongpun He created a group Royal family images as well as creating fake news. We would like facebook team to ban this person/IPRead more

ชาวไทย รักชาติ ศาสนา พระมหากษัตริย์Bangkok, NY, Thailand
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Created May 18, 2014
Petition to Facebook
Disrupting and Agitating the online Facebook and Youtube community, which is commonly known as " Trolling online Audience, As well some of her previously uploaded rants on her Facebook page in relation to dramatic hash-tags which raises further outrage amongst us. Facebook has enough drama to inflict us with from the Facebook community, so she cannot agitate the community any longer. Sign and share this Cassidy from Facebook on Change.org that haven't yet succeeded, lets do our best to make this one legitimate!Read more

Dale RobinsonAustralia
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Created November 15, 2015
Petition to Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook and Instagram are currently being used to facilitate sales and trades of firearms between that there’s no way to stop a Facebook or Instagram user from potentially selling a gun to a felon, a. I think of Facebook and Instagram as places to share photos of my kids & family -- not as an Facebook loud and clear that allowing gun sales and trades -- which could easily put firearms inRead more

Shannon WattsZionsville, IN, United States
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Created February 13, 2014
Petition to Facebook
Facebook have decided to discontinue the much loved Messenger emojis, instead opting to switch the Android and Web clients to the Facebook emoji font, and iOS to the standard Apple Emoji font. These the newer Facebook emoji font feels like a flat version of the Apple emojis. The Messenger emojis were instead of the Facebook ones. The Messenger emoji font is the better font of the two, and the better of all the fonts. Source: https://blog.emojipedia.org/facebook-discontinues-messenger-emojis/Read more

Andrew TitmussSydney, Australia
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Created October 2, 2017
Petition to Facebook
his phone. He is a terrorist and Facebook was his tool to send his message to the world. Social media that made it on to the platform. I’ve started this petition calling on Facebook to increase its, Facebook says. It allowed it to be viewed thousands of times and reposted to filesharing websites not good enough. Please help us to stop this by signing this petition and by letting Facebook seeRead more

Fiyaz MughalUnited Kingdom
118,609 supporters
Created March 19, 2019
Petition to Mark Zuckerberg
We call on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to cease hosting Holocaust Denial pages on their site. When the Holocaust causes harm. These sites foster hatred, division and racism. We call on Facebook toRead more

Anne Frank Center For Mutual RespectNew York, United States
402,822 supporters
Created August 3, 2018
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