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Petition to Netflix
talented cast, and a talented group of writers, all of whom would have liked to continue to tell thisRead more

Patricia Coates(city not disclosed), United Kingdom
32,045 supporters
Created May 13, 2016
Petition to Lucasfilm Ltd
potential for wonderful new content and features. The fans would like to see this franchise continue in theRead more

Christen AdlerGreeley, CO, United States
123,715 supporters
Created April 29, 2020
Petition to CIAC Executive Director Glenn Lungarini and Governer Ned Lamont
To the CIAC, you have broken the hearts of all players, families, and coaches involved in this years winter sports tournament competition. Most notably those seniors who have dedicated their entire lives to their respective sports, many of whom will never play again after this year. This meant everything to them. These tournaments are something they cannot get back. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools, universities, and sports teams are taking precaution to prevent the spread of the disease. However, cancelling the entirety of the CIAC Winter State Tournament is absolutely unprecedented and unacceptable. CIAC Exec. Director Glenn Lungarini remarked "We feel [cancelling the tournaments] should give [the schools] the opportunity to focus on the educational needs of our students." These tournaments are an educational need.  Not only do these sports provide an environment for kids to compete on stage in front of their friends and family, but they also provide a space for kids to form inseparable bonds with their teammates, and memories like these tournaments are the things they will cherish for life and will never be able to get back. Therefore, just as many schools' classes are moving to an online format, signers of this petition would like to come to a compromise with the CIAC, to allow the continuation of the state tournament with a restricted spectator audience, with the condition that games are live streamed on the internet. We understand that the tournaments are unable to carry on as normal in previous years, and postponing would be a scheduling nightmare, and for that reason we would like to compromise with the committee.  Even though the atmosphere of each game will not be what the kids hoped for, at least they will be given the chance to finish what they have invested their time, heart and soul into for their entire lives. Please reconsider your decision. Sincerely, Winter Sports Athletes & Friends Note: Amid this massive distraction, any tournament games taking place today or tomorrow should be postponed until Thursday.   - Jake Walker, Fairfield Prep 2019 Questions: jakederekwalker@gmail.comRead more

Jake WalkerFairfield, CT, United States
114,666 supporters
Created March 10, 2020
Petition to yenimedya@aa.com.tr , kurumsaliletisim@aa.com.tr , info@haykod.org , bilgi@kadikoyunkopekleri.org , bilgi@haykonfed.org , newyork@aa.com.tr , washington@aa.com.tr , bm@aa.com.tr , pekin@aa.com.tr
için imza atmaya devam edin !!! Attention to interested people !!! Continue signing to continue treatment! Continue signing to continue treatment !!! İlgililerin dikkatine !!! "Bu hayvana çare olalımRead more

Bora Alperistanbul, Türkiye
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Created April 2, 2017
Petition to Goa Government
Dear CM of Goa Just came across this news. Please rollback this decision immediately. We need a complete lockdown. All essential commodities can be home delivered by proper planning. Let's protect our small state. 'GOA365 SHORTS:_ Due to public pressure, I've agreed to open grocery shops, milk & vegetables, don't hold Govt responsible if Corona spreads, says CM. Appeals not to gather in crowd, keep safe distance and cooperate with police. We wanted 100% shutdown, now leave it to people.'  Read more

Akshay Prabhu GaonkarCanacona, India
85,952 supporters
Created March 26, 2020
Petition to Educación
Hello, I was accepted in the university, but I do not have enough resources to pay the registration that is next week, your donation no matter how small it would help me to fulfill my dream, thank you. Hola, fui aceptado en la universidad, pero no cuento con los recursos suficientes para pagar la inscripcion que es la proxima semana, tu donativo por mas minimo que fuera me ayudaria a cumplir mi sueño, gracias.Read more

Analy ValdesMexicali, México
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Created December 6, 2019
Petition to Netflix
science that kids don't normally see and it would be a real disappointment if they didn’t continue toRead more

Samantha FurrerManassas, VA, United States
92,397 supporters
Created June 28, 2021
Petition to Mount Rainier, National Park Service, Mount Rainier National Park Service
AN APPEAL TO MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK SERVICE TO CONTINUE AGGRESSIVE SEARCH FOR AN ALIVE SAM FOR operation for an alive Sam. But we implore them to continue the rigorous search for an alive Sam, just for clearer weather on the horizon, Mount Rainier is offering a prime opportunity to continue the search has gear, and we are just at search Day 11. We, again implore the National Park Service to continueRead more

Aziza AhmedBoston, MA, United States
53,514 supporters
Created October 22, 2020
Petition to Govenor Pat Quinn, Illinois
chance to live, heal and continue to grow into the amazing man he is destined to be.Read more

Mary Jo HarteNorthfield, IL, United States
104,420 supporters
Created June 19, 2013
Petition to National Government of South Africa
us return to our sites to continue our work with skeleton staff & safety measures in place! This way we can save our businesses & continue to provide jobs to those most in need. Thank you.Read more

Chrismari LoubserCape Town, South Africa
91,798 supporters
Created April 14, 2020
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