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Petition to Axel Lagercrantz, Gumtree, Preloved , Friday-Ad
Every year puppies, kittens, baby rabbits and other animals are bought as Christmas gifts, only to behaviour by allowing ads for pets in the runup to Christmas - and it has to stop. Every year around where pets are being sold as Christmas gifts. It’s time consuming, but I do it because the thought of in time for Christmas'. This is completely irresponsible. Pets4Homes, Gumtree and others like them before Christmas. Anyone serious about offering a loving home to an animal should adopt from aRead more

Isabelle RineauCanterbury, ENG, United Kingdom
128,236 supporters
Created Nov 18, 2018
Petition to ClearCast, Ofcom , Greenpeace UK
Iceland released a Christmas advert today highlighting the devastation caused by palm oil products overturned so that this ad can be on TV screens at Christmas. #NoPalmOilChristmas#SaveTheOrangutans://www.independent.co.uk/voices/iceland-christmas-advert-banned-tv-greenpeace-palm-oil-political-emma-christmas-ad-palm-oil-banned   The Mirror: https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/thousands-outraged-disgraceful-ban-iceland-13562573 This Insider: https://www.thisisinsider.com/icelands-christmas-advertRead more

Mark ToppsChelmsford, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 9, 2018
Petition to Tesco
Christmas wrapping paper non-recyclable ‘foil’ (plastic coated)? There are only a few varieties ofRead more

Joseph ShimminSnodland, ENG, United Kingdom
38,813 supporters
Created Nov 27, 2019
Petition to ClearCast , Theresa May MP
It’s the time of year where Christmas adverts have suddenly inundated our TVs and everyone isRead more

Lucy BristowNorwich, ENG, United Kingdom
15,706 supporters
Created Nov 9, 2018
Petition to Walgreens
are already closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it is time that Walgreens follows suit.Read more

Cassandra DeloachBryson City, NC, United States
67,429 supporters
Created Aug 23, 2022
Petition to David Simons, CEO and Randall Thomas, GM
Christmas tree in the center of the mall and Christmas tree lighting ceremony. We, the community of Charlotte, feel this is in poor taste and needs to be corrected. As the Christmas shopping season beginsRead more

JP AmickCharlotte, NC, United States
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Created Nov 6, 2015
Petition to Dr. Kenneth Chahine
Without a chromosome browser and access to shared DNA segment data, customers of Ancestry.com's autosomal DNA genealogy product, AncestryDNA, cannot positively identify the ancestors responsible for the DNA shared with each genetic relative. Without access to and analytic tools for shared DNA segment data, AncestryDNA customers routinely draw inaccurate conclusions about their pedigrees and how they relate to each of their reported DNA matches. In the absence of matching segment data, AncestryDNA's Shared Ancestor Hints, a feature that pinpoints a set of common ancestors in each match's family tree, can mislead and has misled countless Ancestry customers seeking to solve genealogical problems with genetic testing. Continuing to sell AncestryDNA without a chromosome browser and shared segment data, essential features of any autosomal DNA genealogy product, minimizes the product's accuracy, utility, and integrity as a resource for genealogists and does a disservice to a community of customers who have supported Ancestry.com for all of its 17 years.Read more

Shannon ChristmasWashington, DC, United States
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Created Mar 30, 2013
Petition to Advertising Standards Authority, Clearcast
You can watch Iceland's Christmas 2018 Advert here. "You won’t see our Christmas advert on TV this year, because it was banned. But we want to share Rang-tan’s story with you this Christmas. Will you are not aware of.Unban Iceland's Christmas 2018 advert so that people may make a decision for to use our Christmas advert to support a political campaign – rather to raise awareness and solidifyRead more

Adam SklarSandhurst, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 9, 2018
Petition to ClearCast, ClearCast
Iceland’s advert displays such an important message of saving the environment, in particular the orangutans. Clearcast have banned the advert for being ‘too political’ but the advert is not forcing anyone in to doing anything, just simply raising awareness of a matter that should not be kept in the dark. If messages like this continue to be banned, no change will be seen in the world and things can only get worse. Please sign and share to save the orangutans!Read more

Beth LanglandsDundee, United Kingdom
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Created Nov 9, 2018
Petition to Greg Abbott
 Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided for himself when a woman should be "allowed" to get an abortion, which is now set to 6 weeks. Most women dont even know they are pregnant by 6 weeks. The only women excluded from this new law is women who must have an abortion due to a medical emergency. What about the victims of sexual abuse? Rape? Incest? What about the overwhelming population of foster children the united states already has? Those numbers will severely increase. What about women having a choice in what they do with THEIR body? Women should be able to make that decision for themselves. And now planned parenthood and other health clinics that assist with abortions are going to be subject to lawsuits from INDIVIDUALS suing them if the individual even THINKS that that business assists in performing an abortion after the "allowed" 6 weeks. This can cause serious defunding and even business closures, causing companies like planned parenthood not being able to provide their patients with other services that are needed, I.e. Std testing, birth control etc. We, as women, have fought for our rights for too long and too hard to have a MAN bind us into a law where we have little to no chance of even knowing we are pregnant before the abortion isnt legal anymore. Governor Greg Abbott is oppressing our rights and making sure women cant get the help they need. He is making sure we, as women, dont have a say over our own bodies. Governor Greg Abbott needs to extend the abortion law to where our pregnancy clinics arent being sued for fun and he needs to extend the amount of time a woman is allowed to get an abortion at the VERY least and set it to where a woman at least has a CHANCE to make her own decision in the matter!Read more

Christy ChristmasHouston, TX, United States
6,054 supporters
Created May 20, 2021
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