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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
appears tobe browned blood and the fluid from his entrails sat in the corner of the kitchen. A womanRead more

X_D_B_X .United States
990 supporters
Created Feb 10, 2020
Petition to Mayor Alex Morse
that could have been avoided. In this case, Engine 2 is the topic. It has been "browned-out" for far too long.  According to Chief Pond and Mayor Morse, engine 2 being "browned out" or out of serviceRead more

Brittany RobertHolyoke, MA, United States
70 supporters
Created Jan 9, 2017
Petition to Zebedee
The Oxford Dictionary defines toast as 'sliced bread that has been browned on both sides by browned and has a crisp texture is toast. Regardless of the appliance used to achieve this stateRead more

Catria Lawnorthampton, ENG, United Kingdom
9 supporters
Created Jul 1, 2022
defined as bread that has been browned by exposure to radiant heat, and graham crackers areRead more

Nicholas GoldenUnited States
6 supporters
Created Feb 25, 2023
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