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Remove Islamic Republic of Iran from the UN's Commission of Status on Women

The UN voted to remove Iran from the commission because of their treatment of women in their country. The US ambassador said this sends "a strong message from the United Nations that we will support the women of Iran."

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Secure Brittney Griner's Swift and Safe Return to the U​.​S.

After 294 days and 405,000 signatures, Brittney Griner is coming home from prison. Tamryn started her petition after news broke that Brittney was detained in Russia, and has been working tirelessly to bring her home since.

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Rescind Kanye West's Honorary Doctorate

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago gave Kanye West an honorary degree in 2015. After West's continued antisemitic comments, students, alumni, and the general public spoke up and his degree was rescinded.

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Pass the United Nations Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Resolution

Thanks to the incredible advocacy of Amanda and her team, the UN unanimously adopted a resolution condemning sexual violence. Now 1.3 billion survivors of sexual violence worldwide have access to justice.

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Demand Justice for Danny Santulli and Support The Anti Hazing Laws in Missouri

Danny Santulli stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest as a result of hazing in his fraternity. He became permanently blind. 100,000+ people demanded justice, and several fraternity members were charged with felony hazing.

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Give Mr. Fred D. Gray the Presidential Medal of Freedom!

NJISJ launched a petition to give Fred Gray the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Mr. Gray contributed to consequential cases of the civil rights movement. At 91-years-old he received his medal from President Biden.

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Vote for Emily’s Senior Year

Before her senior year, Emily’s school told her she wouldn’t be able to return due to health concerns that delayed her graduation. Emily and her supporters fought back, and all students will have the opportunity to stay in school until age 19.

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End Forced Pelvic Exams in Connecticut

Livia's petition to protect people in Connecticut from forced pelvic and rectal exams without consent just won. She and her 110K petition signers helped pass a law that will now be a model for other states.

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Help Jacob be able to Walk across the stage for Graduation with his LOCS!

A few months ago, Jacob Rush—who is a straight-A honor student—was informed that he would not be able to walk at graduation unless he cut his locs. 101,324 signers joined Jacob's family in fighting against this discriminatory hair policy at Abeka Christian Academy, and won.

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Free Michael Wadsworth

In 2006, Michael was sentenced to 100 years in prison because of a law that was written and then removed in less than a year. After 15 years, his family started a petition to get him parole. More than 11,000 people helped convince the parole board to grant Michael his freedom.

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