Help Jacob be able to Walk across the stage for Graduation with his LOCS!

A few months ago, Jacob Rush—who is a straight-A honor student—was informed that he would not be able to walk at graduation unless he cut his locs. 101,324 signers joined Jacob's family in fighting against this discriminatory hair policy at Abeka Christian Academy, and won.

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101,320 signed of 150,000 goal

Save the Mexican Pizza

When Krish's favorite Mexican Pizza left Taco Bell's menu, he started a petition. Hundreds of thousands signed, Doja Cat wrote a song, and Taco Bell listened.

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171,718 signed of 200,000 goal

Free Michael Wadsworth

In 2006, Michael was sentenced to 100 years in prison because of a law that was written and then removed in less than a year. After 15 years, his family started a petition to get him parole. More than 11,000 people helped convince the parole board to grant Michael his freedom.

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11,076 signed of 15,000 goal

Open PayPal for Ukraine

After the conflict in Ukraine struck, OIena knew that access to PayPal, a global payment system, could save thousands of Ukrainian lives. 118,000 petition signers successfully pushed PayPal to open their services to Ukraine.

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118,541 signed of 150,000 goal

Disney - denounce the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and vow not to fund the sponsors again

When news broke that Disney funded Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill sponsors, Jasmine called on them to denounce the bill. CEO Bob Chapek apologized for not being a stronger ally and for the company’s silence on the issue.

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4,449 signed of 5,000 goal

Stop Walmart From Promoting Fake Service Dogs

Dominique started her petition when Walmart began selling fake service dog jackets & IDs. Selling these items puts people who rely on service dogs at risk. 55,000 signed and Walmart removed these items from their store!

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55,670 signed of 75,000 goal

Offer commutation as time served, or grant clemency to Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, 23

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was given 110 years in prison for a fatal accident when his brakes failed. 5 million people signed Heather’s petition to commute his sentence, which became part of a national movement for sentencing reform.

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5,117,733 signed of 6,000,000 goal

Name TOI-1338 b in honor of SOPHIE

SOPHIE passed away after an accident while attempting to see the moon. More than 95,000 people signed Christian’s petition to name a planet after her. The campaign pivoted and an asteroid has been named after her.

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95,208 signed of 150,000 goal

Replace Betty White’s Broken Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Cindy started her petition after learning Betty White’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was broken. She asked the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to replace Betty’s star. 27,000 signed, and it was replaced on her birthday!

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27,690 signed of 35,000 goal

Demand UW Allow Trans Student Chosen First Names on Diplomas

Vern started a petition after learning UW wouldn't allow trans and nonbinary students to have their chosen name on their diploma. With 30,000 signatures, UW announced that students can list their chosen names on diplomas.

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31,720 signed of 35,000 goal