Demand Google Stop Peddling Dangerous ‘Pray Away the Gay’ App Targeting LGBT Youth

Why is Google’s online store still offering an “ex-gay” app that targets LGBT youth for the dangerous and ineffective practice of conversion therapy? Tell Google to immediately remove this hate app that marginalizes and stigmatizes LGBT people. By any standard, the app is awful. It brazenly compares homosexuality to an addiction. It casually trashes LGBT people as living “destructive lifestyles.” Living Hope, the creator of the app, repeatedly belittles transgender people as suffering from “gender confusion.” The group refers to gay men as “sexually broken guys” who can “walk out of false identities” and claims, without evidence, that the “gay lifestyle” is “spiritually and physically harmful.” When Truth Wins Out previously brought the hate app to the attention of Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, the companies acted with responsibility and swiftly removed it from their online stores. The surprising silence from Google is in stark contrast with the corporation’s stated policies of inclusion, respect and diversity. So why hasn’t the company taken action? “Ex-gay” programs are a sham. They don’t work, they destroy lives and they are condemned by every respectable medical and mental health organization in the world. The American Psychiatric Association says that sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) can lead to “anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behavior”, including suicide. So, why is Google offering a platform for such a mean-spirited and dangerous product? Please sign our petition to demand that Google stop procrastinating and immediately remove Living Hope’s hateful app that deliberately singles out LGBT people for bigotry and ridicule. Every moment that this app remains at Google’s online store, vulnerable LGBT teenagers can download it, so time is of the essence.

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Starbucks, we know you can make a #BetterCup

Our names are Mya and Eve and we are 11-year old students in Grade 6 attending school in Calgary. A science project of ours on single-use disposable cups revealed shocking facts and we think it’s time to act. We surveyed 167 people from different backgrounds to know how many single-use cups they throw away. Our findings indicate that on average, 155 cups get thrown in the trash per person, per year. We also did some research and found that 430 billion single-use disposable cups are thrown in the trash each year around the world, this is about 140,000 each second. We also found that every year, Starbucks distributes over 4 billion single-use cups to customers, which means that 1 million trees are cut down to provide the paper. Most people think that these cups are recyclable, but that’s not always true. In Canada alone, over 1.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away each year. These numbers are extremely concerning to us. The waste adds to the landfill and much of it gets incinerated which contributes to climate change. We asked people to bring their own reusable mugs; however, when we look around, many people are still purchasing their coffees without bringing their own mugs. We urge Starbucks to lead the way towards a more sustainable future. We know you can do this! We join other organizations, including Stand Earth, and citizens from around the world, to ask you to: Recommit to 100% recyclable cups. In 2008, you had the goal to serve a recyclable cup by 2015. That did not happen and today, billions of your cups still go straight to the garbage. The plastic lining inside your cups makes it almost impossible to recycle with regular paper. We ask you to please develop a cup that can be recycled across North America and around the world with the existing technology in recycling facilities. Recommit to 25% reusable cups. Reusable cups are the most responsible approach, but currently, we have found that you serve less than 2% of your hot drinks in reusable mugs. Please create more incentives and engage more people in this project. Commit to 100% recycled. Currently, 90% of the paper in each Starbucks cup is made from trees that are cut, used once, and then thrown away. We know you can change this. On the path toward 100% recycled/tree-free cups, Starbucks has the opportunity to be a leader and shift toward more sustainable fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Please sign this petition to support our initiative.  For the sake of our forests, our climate, and the only planet we have, it’s time to #BreakFreeFromPlastic and make a #BetterCup. We love our earth, our home. Thank you!

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Interracial Couple Emoji

Interracial Couple Emoji Emojis are the universal language of the digital age. We use them to show our emotions, to give clarity and context to our conversations, and to represent the world around us. It may seem like there’s an emoji for everything, but that’s not the case. While emojis for people of color and emojis for same-sex couples both became a reality in 2015, one group of people is still excluded from emoji representation: interracial couples. Isn’t it time all love was represented? Why is Tinder involved? We believe all love deserves emoji representation. But that’s not all—research shows that online dating and interracial relationships go hand in hand. In fact, a recent study suggested that Tinder, and the resulting increased popularity of dating apps, may be responsible for an increase in interracial marriages. Let’s join hands, stand together and #RepresentLove. It’s time for an Interracial Couple Emoji. But keep in mind; it can take up to two years for a proposed emoji to complete the review, approval and standardization process. So sign the petition today!

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Change Cumberland Polytechnic High School Graduation Dress Code c/o 2019 and after

Graduating seniors and future seniors of Cumberland Polytechnic High School are faced with a biased and outdated dress code for their commencement ceremony. Female students, in particular, face what most would call a sexist dress code. Requiring females students only to wear a black dress, black sheer stockings, and black heels that all conform to the CPHS daily dress code. No shoulders, cleavage or more than one inch above the knee may be visible. Further, no sheer, lace, open shoulders, thin straps or otherwise revealing or see-through material may cover skin in any of these areas. The administration also notes, "Any other attire deemed inappropriate by the administration." In investigating this issue, we found reports from as far back as 2006 where female students in Cumberland County have been speaking out against the practices we are still seeing today. The administration cited timing as the reason for not changing the dress code for the female students. With that information in hand, we would like all students who would like to have the right to choose if they wear pants or a dress please make your voice known by signing this petition months in advance of our commencement ceremony. As a young woman in 2019, the students expect freedom of dress and choice for their body, but instead, their bodies are over-sexualized and objectified. It is time for Cumberland Polytechnic High School to step into this century and remove these patriarchal standards for their students.  Further, by discerning what only females and only males are permitted to wear for the 2019 commencement ceremony, and any event thereafter, this dress code and administration are in violation of Title IX as it specifically targets a person on the basis of sex, gender identity, and is cited by the ACLU  

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Stop Steam video game "Rape Day" from hitting the market

Steam is a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing video games.  The corporation recently announced it would “allow everything” on its Steam digital distribution service. A video game currently being reviewed is called "Rape Day". Here’s the description of this video game: "Rape Day is a game where you can rape and murder during a zombie apocalypse."   Video games have often been debated as good or bad. If played enough and by certain people, they can affect their mental health and physical health. Even if some think video games may not have a negative effect on the majority, is it worth the risk?  We need to let reviewers know that a game centered on raping and killing women is unacceptable and cannot hit the market.  Please sign and share my petition to say loud and clear that sexual violence and murder are not a game! More information on video game addiction:

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Grant Clemency to Alice Marie Johnson Serving a Life Sentence

My mother, Alice Marie Johnson is a 63-year-old grandmother serving life without parole for a first time nonviolent drug offense. She has been in prison 21 years and will die there unless President Trump grants her clemency.   My family’s life changed forever when my she was sentenced to life in federal prison. She was one of thousands of first time, nonviolent offenders who were given long mandatory prison terms. She had lost her job and became a telephone mule passing messages between her coconspirators. “I couldn’t find a job fast enough to take care of my family. I felt like a failure. I went to a complete panic and out of desperation I made one of the worst decisions of my life to make some quick money. I became involved in a drug conspiracy.” My mother has accepted full responsibility for her actions and used that experience to better her life and the lives of others. Since being incarcerated she has been a model prisoner who mentors women and has become an ordained minister.  She has also written, directed, and produced several plays and writings for conferences outside of prison walls, choreographed dance teams, and completed many classes and certifications. Her supporters include Congressman Steve Cohen (D) Tennessee, Congressman Bennie Thompson (D) Mississippi, Congressman Marc Veasey (D) Ft. Worth, Texas, retired Deputy Sheriff Randall Wade of Shelby County, Tennessee, Desoto County Mississippi NAACP President Mr. Thomas Plunkett, numerous prison advocacy groups, African American Mayors Association, and clergy in Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi. Recently, her case caught the attention of Kim Kardashian West who has been advocating to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner that President Trump consider her for clemency.  My mom's desire upon release is to assist the community with the needs of ex-offenders to help reduce recidivism. Alice is the mother of 4 children and has 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. It serves no purpose or benefit to society to have her locked up for life. Her large and loving immediate and extended family and friends would welcome her return. Please sign this petition and ask President Trump to grant clemency to a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend who wants to use her experience to assist others and give back to her community. Learn more about Alice Johnson here.

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Lowe’s: Stop selling deadly paint strippers

No family should have to lose a loved one because of deadly chemicals. Period. Our son Drew garnered attention with his quick wit, booming voice and incredible smile. When he loved something, he put his full heart into it and did so with focus. His establishment of a coffee business from the ground up with a friend is a perfect example. Drew loved every second of refining his craft and building his business. In October 2017, the lives of family and friends who knew and loved Drew took a dramatic turn. In a trip to Lowe’s to buy some paint stripper to re-finish a floor in his coffee plant, Drew purchased the chemical that killed him. The next day, he was found collapsed on the floor. The coroner’s autopsy report found that toxic methylene chloride fumes from the paint stripper were to blame.  To this day, you can walk into Lowe’s and buy the same product that killed Drew—plus numerous others containing the same chemical. So we’re partnering with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families to start a petition to get this dangerous chemical off store shelves. Drew isn’t alone. According to reports from OSHA and other sources, paint strippers containing methylene chloride have been linked to more than 50 deaths nationwide since 1980. Scientists have linked long-term exposure to this chemical to liver toxicity, liver cancer, and lung cancer. Last year, the EPA proposed banning methylene chloride and another chemical called NMP in paint strippers, but the agency has yet to act. In Europe methylene chloride was banned in paint strippers in 2012. The EU is also considering banning NMP, which is harmful to women of childbearing age. Lowe’s is still selling these dangerous products even though there are safer alternatives. How many more people have to die before retailers like Lowe’s take action?  If you agree that home improvement stores shouldn’t sell dangerous chemicals, please join us in calling on Lowe’s to END their sales of deadly paint strippers now.

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Protect Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse!

Our country listened in shock, anger and sadness as 156 young women shared their stories of abuse by Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor. How did he get away with abusing so many innocent children for so long? Because adults who knew made the conscious decision to ignore it.Sign our petition to demand that Congress require adults working in youth sports to report sexual abuse.The Protecting Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of – known as The Safe Sport Act – would make members of the Olympic movement and youth sports mandatory reporters, and require they implement standard protections to protect athletes and other children from abuse. USA Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics failed to forward countless sexual abuse reports to police and allowed coaches found guilty of criminal child molestation to continue working. Under this bill, they will no longer be allowed to prioritize their profits and success over the safety of their athletes.If the Safe Sport Act had been in place, we could have stopped Larry Nassar much sooner. Help us protect future athletes by signing our petition. This is a common sense piece of legislation, endorsed by athletes, coaches, national sport governing bodies, and experts in child protection. It has bipartisan support and has already passed the House and Senate. Now we need your help to get it signed into law. If Nassar’s victims had the courage to stand up to their abuser, it’s our responsibility to raise our voices for them. Join the movement to protect our Olympians.

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Massage Envy needs to support individuals sexually assaulted at their stores

Countless women have come forward to report being sexually assaulted at Massage Envy.  For me, it happened on a Sunday afternoon at a Massage Envy in Richmond, VA in a crowded family shopping center.  I endured a long, humiliating, and painful trial, and the massage therapist was convicted of a felony sexual assault. But equally traumatizing was the way that Massage Envy handled the situation.  I immediately reported the assault and told the manager on duty that we needed to call the police.  She told me that was not necessary because Massage Envy would handle it internally.  They refused to allow me to get on the phone with the supervisor.  That person did call the next day – to tell me that they understood that I was “unhappy with my massage experience”, so they would not charge me for the massage.     I never heard from anyone at Massage Envy ever again. Not through the 11 months of the trial and court proceedings. Not when their employee admitted to everything and was convicted of a felony sexual assault. Not one person from Massage Envy, not from the local franchise or the national Massage Envy corporation, ever checked in with me to see how I was doing, or to apologize for what happened to me when I was at their national establishment.  In fact, I continue to get advertisements in the mail for the local Massage Envy where I was assaulted. Only after my assault did I discover that this has happened before.  Countless times. The company has even released a boilerplate “Statement from Massage Envy on Sexual Assault in their Stores” ( in which they state “Our hearts go out to anyone who has been through this terrible act. We and our franchisees are firmly committed to delivering the therapeutic benefits of massage in a safe environment, and we applaud those who are bringing these issues to light.” But other than issuing a statement “applauding” those who bring these issues to light, my experience clearly indicates that Massage Envy has no practices in place to support individuals who are victimized in their stores.  The way they handled my assault was horrific.  Let's change that for others.  Let's send a message to Massage Envy that they need to change their corporate policy to put in place better procedures to protect their clients and to support individuals who are sexually assaulted at Massage Envy stores.  

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Squarespace: Stop Hosting White Supremacists

Squarespace, a popular web hosting service for businesses and creative professionals, is hosting white supremacist/neo-nazi groups: Identity Evropa, Radix Journal, and Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute. These groups helped to organize the deadly nazi rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11th-12th. Squarespace has been informed of this repeatedly by email, but has refused to take the websites down. Hate websites violate Squarespace's Acceptable Use Policy (section 6.2), forbidding users to “advocate bigotry or hatred against any person or group based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual preference, age or disability.” Identity Evropa is a white supremacist/neo-nazi “fraternity” for people of “European, non-Semitic heritage.” Identity Evropa’s founder, Nathan Damigo was a keynote speaker at the deadly Charlottesville rally. He has committed violent hate crimes against people of color and was videotaped at another protest punching a woman in the face. Identity Evropa’s website distributes propaganda on “white identity” and “race, evolution, and behavior,” promoting the notion that white people are superior and people of color are less intelligent and more violent. The National Policy Institute is led by Richard Spencer, another organizer of the Charlottesville rallies, and a documented neo-nazi. NPI's website distributes “research” on “understanding Jewish influence” and supposed “racial differences in intelligence, personality, and behavior.” Spencer describes immigration as a “proxy war” and argues that white America must “conquer or die.”  Radix Journal is a collection of white supremacist essays curated by Richard Spencer. Some speculate about “Eugenic” policies “to flush disloyalty from our gene pool.” Others complain of a “Jewish assault on Europeans” and the failure “to expel the freed slaves from the United States.” Squarespace’s continued hosting of these sites constitutes an in-kind contribution to neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the violence they promote -- in Charlottesville and elsewhere. WE MUST NOT STAND FOR THIS. Until Squarespace enforces its own Acceptable Use policy by REMOVING HATE SITES people of conscience must #BOYCOTTSQUARESPACE. Podcasts and other businesses with a social conscience should not accept Squarespace's ad buys. REJECT WHITE SUPREMACY. REJECT NAZISM.  #BOYCOTTSQUARESPACE

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