Require East Pittsburgh Police to wear body cameras #AntwonRose

Antwon Rose was an honor student and senior this year who was shot in the back and killed by a police officer who was only sworn in less than 24 hours before the incident happened. According to NBC News, the Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough says that the East Pittsburgh Police Department doesn't have to wear body cameras or have police car cameras.  Body cameras have been adopted by many police departments around the country and they have been shown to reduce the number of complaints filed against officers and also the use of force by officers. Please sign my petition requiring the East Side Police Department to wear body cameras at all times.

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Stop covering up sexual assaults

On a recent international trip with friends, I decided to go on an outdoor excursion. I never would have imagined that our tour guide, who came with stellar reviews on TripAdvisor, would ultimately rape me, and that TripAdvisor would do next to nothing to prevent him from doing it again. I’m just one of countless women who’ve been ignored or mistreated by TripAdvisor after reporting a sexual assault at a business on their site. In the era of #MeToo, this company is not taking violence against women seriously. My assault was deeply traumatic and probably one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. But the humiliation I was put through when I turned to TripAdvisor for help was almost worse. When I asked for help warning other tourists about my attacker, the company simply suggested I leave a review. Not only was this solution woefully inadequate to warn other tourists – my one star review would quickly get lost among minor complaints about the guide – but it required me to relive the painful details of my assault and out myself publicly in a place where my assailant could likely find me. TripAdvisor is the largest travel site in the world. Join me in demanding that it act as a leader within the industry, by taking action to protect its users and demand safety from the businesses it promotes. The company has already bent to public pressure on this issue by implementing a system to warn users about businesses with “health, safety, and discrimination issues.” But the system is proving ineffective and insufficient. Now is the moment to demand policies which actually protect customers from sexual assault and incentivize travel businesses to do the same. If enough of us speak out now, the poor publicity TripAdvisor is receiving compounded by our pressure will force the company to do something. Join us.

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Allow a students name to be called at graduation who passed away from cancer

Ryan Howey was 18 years old and a senior at Liberty High School when he passed away from stage 4 brain cancer. Ryan always knew how to make everyone laugh and never let anything bring him down. Before he passed away he earned all of his credits he needed to graduate. Ryan worked hard and fought to earn his diploma and now the school Isn't going to call his name at graduation. All through Ryans years at Liberty even after he passed away his parents have been so involved with the class of 2019. Please help us get Ryans name called at graduation!

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Get baby Wyatt into the cancer drug trial before its too late

Wyatt Sargent is an 18-month-old Superhero. He was diagnosed with ATRT, a rare aggressive childhood CNS tumor at 1 month old. At 15 months old, he relapsed after enduring almost a year of high dose aggressive chemotherapy. He is currently waiting on a trial to be re-opened for Tazemetostat, an EZH2 inhibitor drug known to target SMARCB1 deletion tumors, such as ATRT. He is waiting on ONE signature from the FDA. It has been 2 months since the FDA has had the paperwork. He has endured life-threatening complications because his body is tired and weak from the chemotherapy last year. This drug could save his life.

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Arts Education for Whittier Tech

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Arts. Save. Lives. The administration of Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School in Haverhill, MA is working to cut down or eliminate the Art and Music electives, as well as related after school programs such as Art Club, Chorus, and Drama Club. This would also effect the jobs and pay of Celine Soucy (Art Teacher) and Linda Urban (Music Teacher). This is the result of “budget cuts”. The school is pouring tons of money into a sign for the school, a new football field with high-quality turf, a new track, and a jumbotron instead of paying for arts education. This is an outrage. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Sign our petition. Help us. The arts are a HOME for teenagers across the world. QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Email me at  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! -Zach DePaolo, Class of 2020   Attached is my letter to administration regarding the arts slash: Dear Whittier Tech Administration, My name is Zach DePaolo. I am a junior at Whittier Tech, and arts have created the foundation for my entire life. When I was little, I would spend hours upon hours alone in my room writing little plays and performing them for family members. It was my childhood. Every kid loves superheroes or monsters or dinosaurs. I’d beg my parents to let me watch movies like The Sound of Music or Little Shop of Horrors every single night. It brought me joy. As I grew up, the arts served as a home for me, surrounding me with a loving support system when I came out as gay, and allowing me a place to survive and thrive, expressing myself in every form of creativity I could get my hands on. They have shaped my very person and everything I do. Since freshman year at Whittier Tech, I have spent every minute I can with Linda Urban in her music room- in our music room. That room is my second home, a place to go when everything else is falling apart. This year, I served as the Vice President of Drama and Chorus, Assistant Choreographer, Dance Captain, and Set Designer. I spent countless hours in the art room with Celine Soucy, building and decorating set pieces for the musical production of Curtains that I poured all of my energy and time into. Linda Urban has changed my life. I trust her and love her like a mother and she has done nothing but support me- support all of us- and give us what we need to fly and flourish and create. I never got to take Ms Soucy’s class, but I spent time with her on set decorating for the musical and I can say she is one of the best teachers at this school. Her heart is always open to help you be the best you can be- and it disgusts me that she has to also pour out dollars upon dollars to purchase art supplies for her class. When I graduate next year, I plan to head to college and major in Theatrical Direction and Design- thanks to the push and love from teachers like Linda Urban. So many students at our school can only make it through the day knowing that after class they can find refuge and happiness in Chorus, in the Drama Club, or in Art Club. Art changes lives. Art is the best way to communicate and without art we would have nothing. A high school education is pointless without arts education. By cutting back the roles of Linda Urban, Celine Soucy, and the arts at Whittier Tech, you are cutting out the heart and soul of our school. There will be no more beautiful art on the walls, no more music floating down the hall. Students that are depressed and anxious will lose their chance to express themselves and reason to continue trying. Arts saves lives. This slash of our livelihoods is nothing but 100% personal. To me. To my friends. To the lives of two teachers that do nothing but love and support and care and create. Please take a moment to listen. To consider what I’ve said- what all of us have said. I am hurt.       We are hurt.

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Don't Mute DC's Go-Go Music and Culture

The record store and cell phone carrier at the corner of Georgia and Florida Avenue NW (U Street) has been playing D.C's indigenous Go-Go Music since the late 1990s. Neighbors in newly constructed condos across the street pressured the city and then T-mobile, to force the owners to stop playing the music. Tell T-mobile, the city, and residents who don't understand the cultural significance and history of go-go music in Washington, D.C. that this is unacceptable. Bring back the music! I started this petition because...Ronald Moten is a longtime peace activist, go-go promoter and a DC Native. Dr. Natalie Hopkinson is the author of "Go-Go Live" a book published in 2012 by Duke University Press that chronicles the history of Black Washington DC through its music. Go-go is the soul and heartbeat of Washington, and we refuse to be silent as gentrifiers malign, assault and attempt to erase this culture. #DontMuteDC

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Help NYC Teachers Fight for Paid Maternity Leave

New York City Department of Education currently offers their teachers who have just become mothers NO PAID maternity leave. These are women who devote their lives to helping raise other people's children. After getting pregnant in 2012, I went to a maternity workshop to help understand my maternity benefits. It began as a room full of bubbly, pregnant women, and ended with many of us in tears. Here is what we learned: In order to get paid for up to SIX WEEKS (you read that right-not months, weeks) we would have to use our own small number of saved sick days. If we had none, or few (which was the case for most of us, being around children all day long) we learned that we could borrow up to 20 days that we would eventually have to repay or rebuy.   Most women never make it out of their negative balance. If you have more than one child, forget it! You have likely borrowed all you can for the first.  When I had my second daughter, even after two years of excellent attendance, I only was able to get paid for seven days after I gave birth. This is completely common among teaching mothers.  For all our union fights for, I'm asking Michael Mulgrew, our Union President: When will the fight begin for our teaching mothers? As an education system, we are well aware of the importance a parent's presence has on his/her child. Yet why don't we value that? Why do women who spend day in and day out educating, nurturing, and supporting other people's children, continue to suffer for having a family of their own? We are the teachers and the mothers of this city-- a city that prides itself on being one of the most progressive and socially conscious cities in the world- and we deserve to be fought for.      *                         *                                 *                           *                       * Click below to watch an amazing documentary done by Broadly where the terrible state of maternity leave in our country is explored and exposed How America Is Failing Its Mothers

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Insulin Costs $500 a Month. A Bill in Colorado Wants to Change That.

Ten percent of the American population has diabetes. And yet, insulin, the medication needed for those with diabetes to stay alive, has skyrocketed to unaffordable levels over the last few years. Because of this, 25 percent of patients with diabetes "self-ration" their insulin because the costs are too high.  An exciting bill in Colorado's legislature, HB19-1216, hopes to change this. This law would place the responsibility on carriers to pass along rebates to consumers. There would be a $100 cap on cost to consumers for each monthly supply of insulin drugs, which will provide immediate relief to families and consumers who are hurting. Self-rationing of insulin can result in life-threatening conditions, such as blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs, and even death. But sadly, this practice is becoming even more common as insulin prices increasingly rise, reaching $500 a month this year. This piece of legislation is so important for the hundreds of thousands of Coloradans with diabetes. But we need your support to make sure it gets through the final hurdle. The United States has the highest prescription drug costs in the world. These overwhelming prices are forcing Coloradans to choose between taking the necessary medicine need, and putting food on the table. This is not just or humane, and needs to stop. Join us in urging our legislators to fight the incredibly high insulin costs by supporting HB19-1216, a bipartisan bill that will give support to patients who sorely need it. We need your help: share this petition so we can let our legislators know Coloradans demand they support this crucial piece of legislation.

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My Dad just died. Can you help Mommy attend the funeral?

Hello,   My name is Veranda Valentin. I want to share with you a story hoping someone could help my family and I bring my mother, Maria Laura Ciriaco Lazaro back from Mexico, so she can be present at my father’s funeral service. My father, Jeffery Hamby passed away on April 26th, 2019. He was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. His last wish was for my mother to return from Mexico. My mother and father got married in 2007, and ever since, my father’s top priority was to make sure that my mother, my brother and sister could get the proper documentation so they could be in this country legally. Back in 2017 my mother finally received an interview in Mexico for her green card.  With high hopes and overwhelmed with joy knowing that their hard work had paid off both of my parents departed to Mexico. Unfortunately, only my fathered returned because mother’s visa was denied based on grounds of inadmissibility. We filed a different form back in June 2018, but unfortunately nothing has been resolved. The U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services was able to expedite her case and give her another interview but that is going to take some time and we need it to be resolved now.    My father’s funeral is next Saturday, May 4th, 2019 and it would be a miracle if she could be present.  If there is anyone that is willing to sign my petition for her return or make a small donation, I would really appreciate it. My family is devastated.  Our daddy just died, and our Mom is stuck in Mexico because of black and white legislation that does not take into account our extreme situation.  With your help, my mother could make it to his funeral service and we could be re-united. Thank you for your help and time.  We have a gofundme page posted Here Sincerely, Veranda Valentin Mom: Maria Laura Ciriaco Lazaro Dad: Jeffery Dean Hamby I797 Form Submitted: MSC1790383922 Applicant: A214 337 056    

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Demand Google Stop Peddling Dangerous ‘Pray Away the Gay’ App Targeting LGBT Youth

Why is Google’s online store still offering an “ex-gay” app that targets LGBT youth for the dangerous and ineffective practice of conversion therapy? Tell Google to immediately remove this hate app that marginalizes and stigmatizes LGBT people. By any standard, the app is awful. It brazenly compares homosexuality to an addiction. It casually trashes LGBT people as living “destructive lifestyles.” Living Hope, the creator of the app, repeatedly belittles transgender people as suffering from “gender confusion.” The group refers to gay men as “sexually broken guys” who can “walk out of false identities” and claims, without evidence, that the “gay lifestyle” is “spiritually and physically harmful.” When Truth Wins Out previously brought the hate app to the attention of Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, the companies acted with responsibility and swiftly removed it from their online stores. The surprising silence from Google is in stark contrast with the corporation’s stated policies of inclusion, respect and diversity. So why hasn’t the company taken action? “Ex-gay” programs are a sham. They don’t work, they destroy lives and they are condemned by every respectable medical and mental health organization in the world. The American Psychiatric Association says that sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) can lead to “anxiety, depression, and self-destructive behavior”, including suicide. So, why is Google offering a platform for such a mean-spirited and dangerous product? Please sign our petition to demand that Google stop procrastinating and immediately remove Living Hope’s hateful app that deliberately singles out LGBT people for bigotry and ridicule. Every moment that this app remains at Google’s online store, vulnerable LGBT teenagers can download it, so time is of the essence.

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