Ryan Breaks Up With Yeily

yeily is toxic towards ryan but he refuses to break up with her bc he's in love with her.

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Allow KY Military kids to play sports

If you are a parent of a DoDEA Kentucky Schools student and your student is involved in sports or extra curricular activities - are you wondering why a blanket decision was made by DoDEA rather than letting the decision to continue fall activities be local? KHSAA has been proactive in keeping inline with the Governor’s guidelines and is still making decisions on how fall sports will move forward; private leagues around the state are still able to hold practices. As of now, KHSAA is still allowing fall sports to move forward - football, soccer, volleyball, cheer, band, etc. Since DoDEA made a blanket decision that affects all the kids involved at Fort Knox and Fort Campbell- it’s imperative that we as parents stand up for our students. The decision needs to be a local decision rather than one made in Virginia at DoDEA HDQ based on Virginia numbers. If KHSAA continues with all fall activities, why are kids on post being penalized when kids off post are allowed to still participate? We, as parents, need to reach out to DoDEA and ask for a different solution. We need to request that they let the decision be left up to local decision makers - like KHSAA and the Kentucky Schools Superintendent. Please help us share the message that this decision should be made at the local level and with the Kentucky High School Athletic Association guidance as a factor.

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Cancel non directioners

People who don’t like 1D are a danger to society and should be locked up because there’s something severely wrong with them. 

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Love Is Not Tourism - Allow Couples To Reunite In a Safe Way in Sweden!

The travel ban between Sweden and countries outside of Europe for couples has gone on far too long. The ban was created in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 and stopping non-essential travel, but long distance relationships and family connections have been hurting since March. We watch idly as more and more countries open up around us. While the ban was and still is important, it is clear that with proper testing and/or mandatory quarantine, essential travel is possible. Denmark, Norway, Austria, Iceland, Netherlands, Czechia, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Finland have all allowed relationship exceptions and have not had covid spikes because of it. Please follow their example and let us reunite!

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No more racism because I said so �

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Facebook to stop removing #SaveOurChildren post

Facebook is removing post related to the opposition of sex trafficking and pedophilia as a sexual orientation. If they believe information to be incorrect, fact check it like they do other post but stop removing #SaveOurChildren and other hashtags like it alone. We are calling for the media to provide coverage of this important and grave situation. It must stop. So FACEBOOK:  STOP REMOVING OUR POST!

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Fully Legalize Public Nudity

In most places in the U.S.A. it is illegal to walk around in public naked. There is no good reason for this either. Being naked is totally natural and many people honestly feel more comfortable when naked. It allows people to feel more comfortable with their body as well. I think it's time that all people who practice nudism in private should be allowed to do so in their daily lives without fear of arrest or prejudice. Everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable with their own body, everyone deserves to be happy. In many parts of The United States of America public nudity will get you either fined or jailed for public indecency as well as potentially put on a sex offender registry. But this is wrong and unjust. There is nothing indecent about the naked human form. We were all born naked. We all have those body parts and as long as we're not doing anything sexual with them there isn't anything indecent about it. Nobody has ever been harmed by simply just seeing someone naked in a public area. So why is it against the law to just go for a morning or afternoon jog naked, or go skinny dipping in a public lake, or even just grab a pretzel at a gas station in the nude. If simply seeing someone naked doesn't hurt anyone or do any harm, then why is it illegal? What exactly makes it so wrong? The most damage it'll do is it would make people mildly uncomfortable but as it becomes common place that discomfort would go away entirely. Even in the states that have few laws against public nudity you still can't just go shopping at the mall naked, go out to eat like that, attend your college classes like that, hang out with friends nude, or even just go for a bike ride or catch a movie sans clothing.  It's unfair as there is nothing wrong about nudity. Plus simply being naked does not make it sexual either. Nudity by itself isn't a sexual thing. Even with states that have a lot of nudist resorts and beaches many states barely have any if they have any at all. Plus you still feel confined and like you have to hide this whole aspect of your life from the world. It's as if you lead a double life because some people just aren't all that accepting. If it was made fully legal nobody would have to hide it, and everyone could just be themselves 100% of thr time. Nobody would be forced to be naked, but if it was known you had an option it would become more common and slowly eliminate the negative attitude against nudism. I think I need to dispel some common worries about this sort of thing while I'm at it. Some people are against public nudity because it would lead to rape. Fortunately this isn't true, most people who practice nudism are just ordinary individuals like you or me. They have control over their hormones and don't feel the need to jump every naked body they see. Nudity doesn't cause rape at all. The amount of rape will always remain at the same amount regardless.  Some people are opposed to public nudity because they claim it's unsanitary, however it's easy to ensure that things are sanitary. You could make a law requesting people bring a towel if they are going to be naked for them to sit on. Plus if either the rape or sanitary issue were a problem you could require if it was absolutely necessary that you sign up on a registry that records any issues that you can be taken off of not allowing you to be naked anymore. Lastly some people just don't want to see someone's jiggly bits or worry about bullying. In all fairness there are plenty of things that are really gross or hard to look at that people do in public that I don't want to see yet I can't call the cops because it's legal. But any discomfort will go away with time anyway. As for the bullying the modern generation has way too high expectations of what a body should look like. If they see more naked bodies and get a good idea of what a body actually should look like rather than what their shown in porn and in magazines then eventually over time bullying will stop and people can just be themselves. Plus bullying is still a modern day issue as it is. The best part about making nudism legal is that it's optional. You don't have to participate in the public nudity so if you don't like your body then nobody has to see it. It's time that we get over this dumb societal norm that demands that we wear clothes. It's time we move past the false belief that all nudity is sexual. Do the right thing and please sign this petition. I'm begging you, it's really important to me and many others that this happens. I have faith in america. Especially after this pandemic, I'm sure plenty of you have hung around the house naked and quite enjoyed it and wanted to be naked more. Please sign the petition.

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Get Christopher a Nintendo Switch

Chris is kind of a good person and really wants Animal Crossing.

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Unban Wagon from Chris' server.

Wagon, an Outlast speedrunner, was banned from Chris' server as well as every other Mrbeast related discord with the typing of a few keys, all of his grinding for mee6 levels had gone to waste and would never come back. Although several attempts have been made to bring Wagon back, nothing has worked. I, Sipover, believe everyone is born with the basic human rights and believe Wagon's rights have been violated. "This is not right, this is not cool." -Tfue   

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Say 'No' to Apartments on East St.

Predix Properties has filed an application "requesting a variance of Section 400-16 to allow for the conversion of an existing building that would result in an increased number of dwelling units."  The property is located at 50 N East St. - currently home to our Community Center. We realize that it is a financial burden for the Boro to keep this building, however,  with at least 4 apartment buildings already in our town, do we really need another one?!  The site should be used for something more constructive that all current Boro residents can benefit from, for example, maybe a parking lot to help with our current lack of parking spaces.  Especially when there is a Snow Emergency. Some will also claim that this is an investment for our town.  However, according to a study done by realtor.com, "ZIP codes with a higher-than-average concentration of renters have lower property values compared to the county they are located in—by 14%. The data are from the American Community Survey." (https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/things-that-affect-your-property-value/  We should be investing in our current residents and their properties! Show our council and Zoning Board that you care about our town and want to keep it's small-town feel by signing the petition today! Thanks for your support!

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