Beauty pageants should not be allowed for children.The results of these competitions are negative for girls, who are taught that they are not good enough without "improvements". Beauty pageants promote the hyper sexualization of girls. We need to push to abolish beauty pageants under the age of 15 just like France have done. Children are a special group that must be protected. There must be a law prohibiting such events in our country.

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Reinstate Bernard Mathis To The Rank Of Captain

My name is Bernard Mathis and I am currently a Correction officer at George R. Vierno Center. On July 12th 2019 I was demoted from my position as Captain within the Manhattan Detention Complex due to a violation/misdemeanor arrest that occurred on April 6th 2019. While I understand the severity and importance of said incident I am humbly asking you to assist me in restoring my title as Captain. Throughout my career I have shown exemplary work ethic as well as done my best to learn and perfect my craft to the best of my ability. As a captain I always did my best to lead by example, teach, support, and protect both staff and inmates within my facility. It is disheartening for me to have let down myself, my family and friends, as well as the department and for that I am truly sorry. After a tremendous amount of reflection and prayer I feel that I have grown and learned a great amount about myself and life as a whole. I am hoping that you can consider and assist me with this matter.Sincerely,Bernard Mathis

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لا نريد كرة القدم

كم سمعنا وما زلنا عن الأموال الطائلة التي تصرف لتطوير كرة القدم المغربية على مر الأعوام لكن بدون جدوى. لا ألقاب تذكر ولا تحسن للاعبينا يلاحظ، ما تحسن وتطور    حقا هي مداخيل المدربين التي أثقلت بالملايين في حين مازال حال بلدنا المغرب على ما هو عليه، فقر و بطالة وجوع وظلم وهضم للحقوق. ما يريد الدعم حقا هي مستشفياتنا و مدارسنا و جامعاتنا وطرقاتنا و ييئتنا و إعلامنا. أخيرا تعالو بنا ننادي بصوت واحد  لعلنا نجد ضمائر حية تستجيب لنا  :الشعب لا يريد كرة القدم، الشعب يريد حقه في التعليم الجيد، الشعب يريد المتشفيات، الشعب يريد الشغل، الشعب يريد الحياة الهنيئة كباقي شعوب العالم  

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Opposition to Bishop Kelly's new mass dress code

Bishop Kelly High School's Board of Directors have decided to change the mass dress code. Instead of learning how to dress ourselves according to the occasion they have decided to create a uniform. The uniform consists of the young women and men dressing alike wearing button up Oxford shirts and khakis or black pants. The board has given the girls a choice to wear khaki or black Maxi skirts, which are very hard to find. The effect of this dress code will not only affect the physical appearance but also the mental state. Many girls already struggle with body confidence and making them wear things that are uncomfortable, unflattering, and bothersome will distract from learning and take more of a toll on their mental health than what high school already takes.  In addition, adding a uniform could cause resentment on the day that we should be happiest (mass day).  Bishop Kelly is known for preparing their students for the future. Making them wear the same things as their peers won't help them learn how to dress professionally for work or events because their clothes will have been picked out for them. By signing this you're preparing our next generation for the future and making many high schoolers life a little bit better. This is another step in helping teens to like school,  to like mass and keeping them excited to go to both.  Please join me in opposing this change in dress code.

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Barriers on the overpass walls

My fiancé lost his life February 15th 2019 due to a fall off the I-4 overpass resulting from a motorcycle accident. I was 6 months pregnant with our now 2 month old son. This has changed and affected my entire life. I would like to start this petition to save a life. Those walls are low enough for even a car to go over. It would mean a lot to see this take place so that another family isn’t the victim of such a horrific accident. 

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Jeff Lewis needs to be on 5 days a week!

We the fans of Jeff Lewis ( The Little Jeffries) demand SiriusXM allow him to be on air 5 days a week. 

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Telling Indiegogo to not allow R.A.W

R.A.W is a new sandbox open-world hardcore MMORPG with a unique approach to social structure and high attention to gameplay details or so we thought, After "shroud" Stated how this game is the biggest scam and how these other companies haven't made a game like this it wouldn't be possible for them to make something like this but we all still had our hopes up, Throughout the month of June RAW have released a somewhat "Gameplay Footage" Of them driving a truck and driving a "bought assets" (Now I'm not here to be upset of a bought assets as all games have to start somewhere) But they then stated that they would release "Proper Gameplay" And would have to program them in for it to work, Nearly Three Weeks later the Kickstarter campaign was suspended and for the reason why is they broke TOS Which stated "Creators raise the amount of money needed to bring a project to completion and fulfill all pledged rewards. which on their campaign it stated "After the Kickstarter campaign, We will start an IndieGoGo campaign" which was not allowed (This was the first-ever time anyone has heard of this rule) but the truth why I'm making this petition is to stop R.A.W From going on IndieGoGo time after time after time developers have scammed players from their money just to make a slobby very undeveloped game over time R.A.W Has pushed back there release date on "Proper Gameplay Footage" and have stated "We are going to release gameplay video as we promised no matter what. It will take us 2 more days, but we will share it with our community here on Discord as soon as we possibly can." but on the next day, R.A.W then stated "Let's talk about rumors that the gameplay will be released tomorrow. We didn't set an exact release date because we had to decide what to do next. We are going to launch the IndieGoGo campaign, we need to prepare everything for this and our gameplay including new additional material about RAW will be placed right there when the campaign starts. We consider an option that our gameplay will be released one day before IndieLaunch, but we can’t tell you the exact date. Kickstarter confused us a little, but we'll start our IndieGoGo campaign and try to do everything to make it happen. We will inform you about IndieLaunch here on Discord." So the truth out of all of this is gameplay footage will never come and R.A.W is only looking for profit, Us as players are just tired of paying for something that isn't truly game content I'm tired of these game developers scamming players like you... So please help me stop them from going to Indiegogo...

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Change the Area 51 Raid date to September 21st So September By E W & F Is Related

We would like to change the Area 51 Raid date to September 21st so that the song "September" By Earth, Wind & Fire becomes the theme song for the raid because of how it will correlate.  

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Change valley view high school to Gunter high

Remember one of the best teachers who taught at the school

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Make cheating on your significant other illegal!

I am making this petition to make cheating illegal. I am sick and tired of not finding someone who won’t cheat. We need to stop this. We need to make it illegal.  Another reason I am making this petition is because a lot of physical harm to one self is from a cheating significant other, some even take it as far as killing them selves. We need to change this world by making these type of things illegal. A lot of teenagers and adults go through a lot of mental issues due to these people cheating on them. We need to stop this and be the change. It is 2019, we need to change the world before teen suicides go up in rate. 

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