Garland highschool memorial for Manuel

We have had this custodian forever and he was always there for the students and helped us through everything made us laugh and smile and made our days better.we want to make a memorial dedicated to Manuel for we will always remember him

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SHHS 2019-2020 Schedule

The proposed AB schedule for Spring Hill High School is inefficient and unwanted by the students, teachers, and parents here at SHHS. The student body has been unheard and ignored, and many teachers feel the same. While this schedule hasn't been completely approved, making a case for how strong the opposition is towards it would certainly make a statement.

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Replacing Algebra with Practical math in high schools.

To replace Algebra with useful practical math where students are prepared and fully understand the math used in our every day lives.

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Push Howard University Administration to keep the yard as a place for the students

The yard at Howard University is a historical and sacred place for students of The Mecca. New residents of D.C.’s Shaw area neighborhood have begun walking their dogs on the yard. Current students in the past have voiced their discontent with the practice, believing that the act is not mindful or respectful of the significance of the yard. However, their desires have been met with sentiments that the students should merely “move the campus” if they are offended by the actions of the new residents. The Administration of Howard University should step in, and with its authority ensure the voices of the students are being heard.  Tell the Administration of Howard University to stick up for the current students, listen to the wishes of the Alumni, and protect the yard by creating formal policy that gives authority to campus police to ensure that individuals walk their pets at the appropriate parks and continue to allow the yard to be a safe space for the students of Howard University. 

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Change the day to 25 hours instead of 24.

We need 25 hours in a day instead of 24 to make more time in a day.

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Protect First-Amendment Rights and Fight Linguistic Discrimination

     Currently, the United States does not have an official language. While English is the most widely spoken language in the U.S. and basic comprehension is required to become an American citizen, the government does not expect that all citizens and residents understand English as opposed to their native languages. It is presently mandated that the United States government provide documents and services in languages other than English for people who need them, allowing all US residents and citizens to be involved in American society, regardless of their language. This also permits the US to continue to be a place of cultural, ideological, ethnic, and linguistic diversity.       Groups advocating for English to become the official language of the United States have been around since the birth of the country, including movements such as the English Language Unity Act which was proposed in 2005, and has continued to be introduced with each Congressional Session. In the House of Representatives, this bill is introduced as H.R. 997, and in the Senate, it is called S. 678. Both bills were introduced earlier this year for the 116th Congress to vote on. If this act was to pass by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it would hurt the American people in by undermining their First Amendment Rights, preventing people from accessing the services and documents they need, and increasing discrimination based on language.      31 out of the 50 states have already adopted English as the official state language, even though there have been various lawsuits defending the rights of speakers of other languages. These court cases have determined that such an act is an infringement on the freedom of speech, which contradicts the First Amendment because it limits their ability to speak and be understood by others.      The current language status forces official and public institutions to provide documents, information, and even education in languages other than English. In the context of education, courses such as “English as a Second Language”, which are designed for non-native English speakers to catch up to their peers would be the victims of this law. If this policy was passed, programs like “ESL” would no longer be available. Other than documents regarding public safety or national security that require the public’s immediate understanding, official documents and information would be available only in English if this policy is enacted. The 20% of the American population that speaks a language other than English at home would be hurt. Local institutions would not be required to provide documents in any other language, inhibiting non-native English speakers from accessing the resources they need.       Furthermore, these bills would increase existing linguistic discrimination. People currently report their employers prevent them from speaking their native languages at work, including free time or breaks, with colleagues, customers, etc. Incidents of people being told their accent or use of a language other than English makes them “less of an American” occur regularly. If the government was to encourage these opinions by declaring English as the official language, discrimination on the basis of language would dramatically increase. People in both the public and private sectors of the country would create atmospheres where only English is allowed after the government deems this practice both legal and appropriate. People with non-American accents or who aren’t fluent in English would have an even more difficult time accessing the resources they need, finding jobs, and participating in American society. Affected groups would mostly consist of immigrants, families of immigrants, and Indigenous peoples.       It is our job to encourage our Representatives and Senators to act on behalf of all American people and reject H.R. 997 and S. 678. While English is the predominant language of the US, it is not necessary to establish it as the official language of the United States.

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The choice to pick squat only in USAPL meets

USAPL has bench only and deadlift only, so why not have squat only? Having this will allow squat specialists to really put there all out there in a meet and not have to worry about bench and deadlift.  

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Have Later School Times For The Noble District!

School times for the Noble School District are 7:40 for middle and high school, and 8:40 for Elementary.  These times are too early. Most jobs are later than that! I have to get up at 5 am every day in order to catch the bus. I get only 5-7 hours of sleep every night. The average teen needs 8 or more hours of sleep to stay healthy. We aren't getting enough sleep in order to function properly. It's been scientifically proven that sleep deprivation is linked to depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. Many students in the school are sleep deprived because of the extreme start times. Students can't answer tests correctly and do classwork without getting tired and not being able to focus on the questions. We aren't able to focus and learn if we aren't getting a sufficient amount of sleep. If school started just 2 hours later we would be getting enough sleep to actually focus. Every thursday is late start. I've noticed that I'm able to pay attention in class and focus more. Getting sleep is vital for learning. Without sleep, school loses its purpose.

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Have meteorologist Jeff Mathews from KOAA follow a nurse for a 12 hr shift

Many people do not understand what nurses do on a daily basis. Many times they mistake technology used by nurses (like hospital phones) as nurses not doing their job. Some say nursing is "cell phones, gossip, and cards", as was tweeted by meteorologist Jeff Mathews from KOAA. While people are entitled to their opinion, I cannot stand for public figures to say such nonsense in pure ignorance. It may seem innocent but when politicians and other public figures spout off things of this nature, it shapes public opinion and decreases trust and confidence in the healthcare setting. Jeff, I challenge you to see what a real full moon looks like by following a nurse for a standard shift. Bring your film crew. 

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Add More exits to BHHS parking lot

Students who don't take the bus at Bloomfield Hills High School have two options at the end of the day. Illegally trespass private property and most likely face legal retributions, or sit in traffic for times greater than 20 minutes just to leave school property. It is unreasonable that 500 cars must filter onto one narrow road at a given time every single day. Let's change this!

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