Pornhub Rewind

Why do we care, we use this website every single day and we search for hours on end looking, preparing and finding the best quality videos, why does this time go to waste you ask we don’t know we ask the same question, help make a change and grant us our rights to pornhub rewind, thank you -Pornhub Users

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Give Perris a Tiny Cowboy Hat

Perris is a Queensland heeler and border collie mix. She is 5 years old and has gone her whole life without the pleasure of a tiny cowboy hat on her perfect head. She requires a tiny cowboy hat. Her breed makes her a farm dog thus a cowboy. However without a tiny cowboy hat she cannot be the proper cowboy she was always meant to be. By signing this petition you will prove to all (mainly my mom) that Perris deserves a tiny cowboy hat. 

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no school for pittston area on December 9

sign it

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Getting Hedgehogs Legal �

     Overall, there is no real reason for hedgehogs to be banned as pets in the state of California. California is a warm state, with the perfect climate for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs aren’t high-maintenance, friendly, and there is no reason to have them banned as pets when there are animals of the exact opposite and still legal as pets in California.      The fact that hedgehogs are banned in California have made many people sad, as a lot of people would love to have a hedgehog as a pet. A lot of other small animals are legal in California, so why are hedgehogs illegal? Simply because they are not on the list of legal pets to have in California.      "California banned the owning of hedgehogs because of they have a law that makes all animals not listed as ‘legal’ under State law as ‘illegal’ by default not until the Department of Fish and Game of California is willing to consider them as legal in status. Until then, they will be confiscated and banned as pets". (          Please consider signing this petition to make hedgehogs legal in California for the people who would love to have hedgehogs as a pet! � ❤️

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Putting an End to Climate Injustice!!!

Many low-income families and minorities are more likely to be targetted by the negative effects of climate change, they are commonly neglected when their community may highly suffer. Environmental Racism is also a part of the problem which is racial discrimination in environmental policymaking. In a 1987 report from the Environmental Justice Movement verified a disproportionate amount of these facilities in minority and poor communities, 3 out of every 5 Hispanic and African American lived in places with uncontrollable toxic waste sites. Even less than 40% of Americans have enough savings for environmental evacuations and often must rely on the government. It is unfair to treat these communities as if they are nothing, as a society, it is important that we don't look past those who are more likely to get looked past in an event of climate disasters. If this problem is solved more communities would have cleaner air and water. But also with this petition, we hope to end Environmental Racism which means that we will be holding the government/companies more accountable for any injustice environmental policymaking against race. 

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Get rid of Murray

Ms. Murray cannot properly teach students and she places endless pressure and u fair working situations on her students. Getting rid of her would improve mental health in students and raise a lot of people’s grades as well.

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Removal of swastika from Federal Cemetery in Utah

The United States maintains 21 German POW WWII cemetaries.  In a section of one in Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City, Utah, there exists a tombstone for a German POW with a Knights Cross, Oak Leaves and Swastika, all Nazi imagery of hate.  Yes, in a United States' cemetary, in a United States military installation, there exists a swastika, not only Nazi imagery of hate, but in a testament to an enemy combatant who by virtue of his high military decoration, committed crimes against humanity.  For more information:  Here is an article to read: solution, simply, is to remove the tombstone.  And I am more than willing to do so myself.  I am more than willing to accept whatever punishment the US government deems appropriate.  Removal of this tombstone is worth whatever "crime" I would be convicted of.However, the satisfaction that I would feel in righting this wrong would be selfish, that's why I am actively searching out people in government to step up and fix this.  Let's see if they really care about doing the right thing.  Here is their opportunity.

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devlin hodges to change his instagram handle to duck

Well I think that half the Steelers fans have forgotten his real name at this point from calling him “Duck” so much. That’s his name now. Devlin who? So I want him to change his Instagram name to that. Just like how Antonio Brown changed it to “ab”. Also, his nickname sparked from being a world champion duck caller. 

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Keep Michael Vick as Pro Bowl Captain. Human lives matter too!

Michael Vick is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. 4 time ProBowler, 22,464 passing yards with a passing rating of 80.5, 6,109 rushing yards and 36 rushing touchdowns in his professional career. He was the first African American QB to be taken as #1 draft pick. The choice to have him as part of the probowl is not because of one incident in 2007 that he has already paid the price for, it is based on his years of professional services given and respected by the NFL. This is not to dismiss his mistake in 2007 but to do as we all should and that is see the good in people and move on. I would hate to think that if one of my children made a mistake and was punished for it and has moved away from that behavior that the people would hold that over his head and ignore his efforts to right his wrong and live his life. Please do not remove Mr. Michael Vick from ProBowl Captain because of people who want to shine a spotlight on one dark moment in a person's life. Please do as you have been doing and celebrate the good that was given to NFL. Michael Vick was and is a gift to football. Please sign this petition to keep Michael Vick as ProBowl Captain. Thank you

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Terrell Davis, Darrell Green and Bruce Smith - REFUSE TO BE CO-CAPTAINS WITH MICHAEL VICK!

There are some crimes that are so horrific you do not regain a place of honor in the universe. Instead, for the rest of your life you try to make amends. Michael Vick has made no amends. He volunteered briefly at a Humane Society (also a kill shelter) to get his court restitution credit. Making amends means acknowledging your behavior and taking responsibility for it. This takes courage, humility, and a sincere desire to change. It requires, letting go of pride and ego. Michael VIck has not even tried. He has no remorse. He is not a person who should be honored or held out as a role model or a leader. YOU 3 on the other hand DO NOT NEED TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS LOSER!   TAKE A STAND!  BOYCOT THE PRO BOWL!  Become famous for being a good human...AND a great leader and football player.   Michael Vick won't back down....but YOU can.   What kind of "honor" is there in being associated with a guy who violated the NFL behavior policy, cheated on his wife, committed cruel and unimaginable crimes against dogs, tested positive for illegal drug use and was convicted in federal court for horrible acts of animal cruelty.  Take a stand and tell them...if VICK is in....I AM OUT!

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