Students for Better Transportation

Currently it is not allowed to skateboard or long board on BYU campus at any time during the day. This rule ties back to the times where skateboarding and delinquent adolescents were synonymous. Today that correlation has died down and skateboarding and long boarding are primarily used as transportation. Also, BYU police wastes too much time on a rule that doesn't directly hurt anyone. The time that the BYU police have to go through to interview the skaters takes away form time they could use on more important matters associated with their job. Skateboards and long boards should have the same rules as bikes currently do. Where in they can be ridden on campus for transportation during any time except class breaks. Skateboard tricks should not be allowed on campus though because it can destroy property and students can injure themselves. We as students simply ask to be able transport ourselves on campus easier and more efficiently and to be able to take an unneeded burden off of BYU Police's hands. 

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Help kids find a cure for type 1 DIABETES

Well because myself I have Type 1 diabetes and for us kids and families that have type 1 there is no cure for us to control it but insulin and honestly poking yourself everyday hurts and sucks and it really gets annoying and I know for a fact some young kids hate poking them self’s and start crying and I don’t like seeing that. And me I had gotten diabetes when I was 10 years old and it sucks and I hate that type 2 can be controlled then type one why because scientist or doctors still haven’t found a cure for us to stop using insulin or to find a better way to stop poking our selves 5 times a day.. and I hope until this day I pray and pray that we will find something easier and better for us to handle then poking ourselves. I honestly hate having diabetes because you can’t eat all the things you ate before your basically on a diet and it sucks but look no matter what your still yourself and you be you don’t let anyone stop you by telling you that your the sick little girl You can’t eat that but remember once they tell you stand up and be like look I’m still normal and myself all I gotta do is take insulin and u be proud to poke yourself in front of people because when I got it I was shy and so scared because people wonder and see what is that person doing you get me but look I hope and pray there is a cure for all these young kids and families that have Type 1 diabetes I hope we all fine a way to stop insulin and all the poking that hurts us the most. 

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Move Nick back to vegas �

My mom forced me away from my friends and family to be with her boyfriend so this is a plan to convince her how many people i care for and how many care for me �

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Keep our Fire identity!

Since the Fire was founded in 1997 it has had an original and distinctive brand with a creative logo and great colors. The brand, loved by supporters, has been ever present over the last twenty plus years even as the team has played at three different stadiums and gone through many personnel changes.  In early 2019, rumors arose of a possible rebrand. In November, a possible new logo was leaked, one which has proven to be extremely unpopular amongst supporters. The creative, original Fire logo was to be replaced with an oval with a set of triangles in the middle. This massive change in identity will certainly prove to have a negative impact in the Club’s brand and supporters, many of whom have already become disillusioned with the club in recent years.

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Rename Chester Chad Thunderloins (this is a joke for my friends)

For the meme

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The Kids at Rio Norte JHS don't want to do Mathia anymore

I've talked with a few of my friends, and one thing we all agree on: we don't like Mathia. It glitches a bunch, it's super hard, and counts for way too much of our grade. We want to see a change.

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Bring back Pixie Hollow Online!

I remember playing Pixie Hollow online and it used to be one of my favorite pass times whenever I would come home from school. When I found out the game was closing I was extremely sad and disappointed. I want to bring this game back so our new generations can experience the joy of playing as a fairy and having a talent and hanging out with Tinkerbell and her friends in Pixie Hollow.  It's really a shame that Disney has not produced a new Tinkerbell movie since 2014 and it's even more so a shame that the only other Tinkerbell related option was the Pixie Hollow online. For Disney to remove such a fantastic online game is really such a dishonor to Tinkerbell and all she's provided to Disney's iconic legacy. I understand they want to focus on the mobile apps and the newer games, but I think Tinkerbell deserves better than to be just Peter Pan's right hand fairy. Please Disney for the sake of one of your biggest supporters, I ask of you to bring back this iconic game for the new generation. You've brought back so many classic movies and shows with Disney+ and now I think it's high time you bring back some iconic games too, such as Pixie Hollow Online. You can even make a Disney+ but a version for games such as ToonTown or my beloved Pixie Hollow online. 

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Blake never does his job. He hasn't even started the pledge video. Get him out of here and replace him with someone who can do something- AKA Sergio.

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Petition to make Mr.Maz the new SHS G TENNIS coach

Gladstone needs to be impeached. Give Mr.Maz the crown. 

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Have Alpine School district unblock Cool math games, Club Penguin, and Minecraft

Alpine school district has blocked too many websites. I often struggle to find a single unblocked website. So I’ve decided to make a protest and convince alpine school district to unblock the og games we all know and love. Cool math games, club penguin, and Minecraft. Even if just one of the few gets unblocked it would make a huge difference to us elementary students, junior high students, and high schoolers! Not only will it make us smarter, it’ll make us much happier individuals too! Our goal is 5,000 signatures. More would be pretty Gucci too. Join me to get our childhood games unblocked!

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