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I have been enlightened! And no, not by sitting under a tree so much I no longer feared death, but rather by talking to a styrofoam pineapple named Patrick. I feel that you too, can achieve enlightenment at the hands of the holy one!

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No School For Belleville High School Students On The Day After Halloween

Belleville High School student body, after a long day of trick or treating, hanging out with friends, going to parties, and dressing up on Halloween who really wants to wake up at 6am and go to school? Sitting in class exhausted and no having no motivation to do anything would not be a successful school day. We deserve a day off. Sign this petition, share it to your friends, and repost it so we can have a chance of having no school November 1st.

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Save the Wetlands behind Tacoma Community College

Tacoma Parks and Recreation is pursuing a plan to convert the TCC wilderness area to be part of the multi-field Heidelberg Sports Village Complex. If you care about these beautiful woods, wetlands, and trails, please read, sign and share this petition.  Why should we preserve this area for the community and future generations? The woods, trails, and wetlands behind Tacoma Community College are the home to many wild animals and bird species. Not to mention to frogs, snakes, rabbits and a host of other species. This ecosystem gives us clean air, clean water, pollinator habitat, and wildlife habitat.  At a time when our earth is experiencing increased global warming, it is crucial that we preserve areas such as the woods behind TCC and not let it be turned into Astroturf and asphalt.  Tacoma Community College already has a soccer field and a baseball field. We, the residents and community members of this area, also need access to nature for mental and physical health. Many of us walk these woods on a daily or weekly basis with our dogs who also enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings.  Besides, instructors in biology and science take their students back there for ecology labs and to teach them to revere the natural environment. Then there’s also the community of Ukranian gardeners who grow food & flowers, supplying beauty and food to the community through “Harvest” of Pierce County. They volunteer their bodies and hands, laboring many hours to supply this service. Although their gardens will not be destroyed, they will be surrounded by asphalt and Astroturf. How can all this possibly be measured into dollars and cents? We strongly feel that the cost of this project and the ecological damage that it will cause for generations to come cannot be measured in dollars. The disappearance of these natural woods & wilderness, amid an already paved over a large area, will be a huge loss to the community, the people and their four-legged animals, but even more so to the wildlife and bird species who think of this area as their home. Where will they all go? As a community, we are not that heartless that we are willing to bulldoze over and destroy someone else’s natural environment and home.  We can live without eight sports fields in an area that already has several sports fields, but not a unique wilderness such as the one behind Tacoma Community College.  Also, it should be noted that we are not against soccer and sports fields.  The good news is that there is an alternate location, in their proposal, at the Tacoma landfill where up to 15 soccer fields could be built. This area can’t be used for anything else, so why not put it there instead? It would also offer many more parking spots and much less crowding. This I believe: the Tacoma that I fell in love with 22 years ago and have since then called my home has heart and soul. This is why I have confidence and a belief that we will preserve this amazing area of Tacoma, which holds such exquisite beauty and soul!  Thank you for signing and sharing this petition!  If you want to get more involved, do communicate with TCC Leadership and attend the November 20th TCC Board of Trustee meeting at 4 pm TCC Campus, Building 12, Room 120. Email: Board of Trustees The feasibility study for The Heidelberg Sports Village (see page 164 about plans for TCC):

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No school after halloween

We don't want to have to worry about being tired the morning after halloween! It is always stressful trying to get to bed early after having a long day of school AND the festivities! Please consider a day off after Halloween for Holly schools.

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No school for dps the day after halloween

Denver public school district to cancel school the day after halloween (November 1st)

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No school the day after halloween for Lakota Local School District.

The students and parents of Lakota Local Schools are in preparation for halloween, which is coming up in 10 days, next Thursday. Halloween is a time for Trick or Treating, handing out candy, having get togethers with friends, or fun costume parties. Halloween is one of the students favorites holidays, as it is always a night of fun. Not to mention the sweet candies. Halloween is also a night where students can stay up late with friends and/or family, eating candy, hanging out, or simply just sitting around a fire and conversing.         Lakota Schools are all scheduled to have school on Friday, November 1st, the day after Halloween. This is what I am petitioning to change. The students and an abundance of parents will be quite tired after Halloween night. Not having school on Nov. 1 would be quite appreciated by the student body. It would also reap benefits for both students and staff. Some of the reasons/benefits for cancelling school on this day include the following: • Better productivity from students - No one is ever productive when they are tired. Having all the students come in after a long and busy night would just be illogical.  • Homework completion - This extra day off would allow students to complete all the homework they would receive on Thursday. A lot of students will barely be home on Thursday, with school in the morning and afternoon, and then the preparation for the long night to come, and of course then going out, which sometimes lasts into the AMs. • Allowing teachers to prepare/get organized for Monday - Teachers have a difficult job, having to keep up everyday with new lessons and projects. This day could allow the teachers to prepare great lessons for the new school week. They could also use this time to make assignments, grade tests, or simply get organized too. • Simply allow people to rest - Sleep. It is a beautiful thing. And taking away the precious hours of sleep that the students need to be productive with their days seems very counterproductive. This day would allow students to simply refuel their own bodies in preparation for Monday.    Thank you for taking the time to look over this petition. We would greatly appreciate your involvement in this, it takes just seconds to sign. And thank you to the administrative team at the Lakota Local Schools, we all greatly appreciate what you do for us.                   

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No school on the day after Halloween

No school on the 1st of November. Children stay up late for trick-or-treating, and they aretired the next morning. Who wouldn't love to sleep in after a fun night of trick-or-treating?

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No school the day after Halloween

we want to stay out or go to parties and we don’t want to have school the next day because we will be tired and want to hangout with friends 

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No School for Princeton, MN Kids The Day After Halloween, Nov. 1st

Let’s be honest here. Nobody wants to go to school the day after halloween. People have halloween parties, kids are out late collecting candy, and then hanging out with their friends as well. Its an overall fun night, but having to go to school the next day just isn’t fun. Halloween this year is on a Thursday. If we took Friday off, we wouldn’t have hungover high school students (let’s face it, they’re going to be) or kids falling asleep in class. They wouldn’t be sneaking candy into class. So just make it a long weekend.  In addition to the previous statement, students don’t learn as well without getting enough sleep. Why would you put that on them when some of them will only get around 3 hours the night of Halloween? Add on an extra day at the end of the year if you must. Make us come to school on a cold day. But this is important to us, think it over. Sincerely, The students of Princeton Schools

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Help Reduce Carbon Emissions

If I were to tell you how harmful the air is you wouldn't believe me. It's true the air isn't pure nor is our way of going about things to fix this. Carbon emissions that we produce are causing the effect of global warming, which doesn't sound good. Yearly you can produce 4.6 metric tons of carbon emissions just by driving your car. To ensure that this would not longer be a problem, I propose that the U.S. should raise the federal fuel tax gradually to lesson the use of gas driven cars to encourage the use of hybrid and electric vehicles. By signing this petition you'll bring a notice to several reps to consider this idea.

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