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Support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the DEI officer in Carmel Clay Schools

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plays a fundamental role in our schools by helping to create a safe learning environment for all students. According to Terri Roberts-Leonard, DEI Officer at Carmel Clay Schools, Diversity includes both visible and invisible characteristics (age, culture, learning style, etc). Equity is about providing every student what they need in order to learn best. Inclusion is creating an environment that empowers people to fully participate in a community where they are respected and supported.   A small group of parents, funded by outside money, has come together to oppose DEI in our schools and has demanded the removal of the the DEI Officer position. This same group is also attacking Social Emotional Learning. The primary goals of Social Emotional Learning are to help students develop relationship skills, self awareness, self management and social awareness. We, as parents, students, teachers and community members SUPPORT Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Social Emotional Learning initiatives in our school. We agree with the fundamental basis of DEI, which is to provide all students with a safe learning environment.  Please sign this petition IN SUPPORT of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Carmel Clay Schools. 

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Cancel Culture has removed or “cancelled” a lot of our favorite stuff from our childhood. (e.g Captain Underpants, CallMeCarson, Dr. Seuss.) TheOdd1sOut almost got banned because a joke he made on Twitter was “offensive.” The joke was “I think that /s is a great way to show sarcasm! /s.” (It was pretty funny.) I love TheOdd1sOut, and I don’t want to see him fall off the grid, just yet. That incident with cancel culture almost bought me to tears. That’s why I think this madness needs to be stopped. Let’s give these egotists what they deserve! LET’S CANCEL CANCEL CULTURE!

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Remove the required mask mandate effective immediately for St. John’s County Schools

Richard Corcoran, the education commissioner for Florida writes, “Face coverings are a personal decision and certainly families and individuals should maintain their ability to make a decision that is unique to their circumstances. Broad sweeping mandatory face covering policies serve no remaining good at this point in our schools." He argues that mandatory face covering policies and I quote  "inhibit peer-to-peer learning in our classrooms.”  Florida governor Ron DeSantis on Tuesday May 11 the exact date of St. John’s county school board meeting stated at a news conference at Christ the King Catholic School in Jacksonville, "These kids do not need to be wearing these masks, OK? I'm sorry, they don't, we need to be able to let them be kids and let them act normally. And that's what should be the case in the fall throughout the school year." We as members of St. John’s county want our children to be able to follow these requests by our highest elected officials. The St. John's County School Board need to be more transparent about decisions being made for our children. Parents deserve the right to be in control of mask wearing. We want our schools to be mask optional! 

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Juniata and East Juniata Graduation held at the Speedway?

Us seniors at Juniata are graduation at the school on June 2nd. With that following, East Juniata is holding their graduation the same night at their school. What if parents have two children from both schools graduating? Not only that, but we want most of our family to be there. And with social distancing still existing, there’s a high chance of only a small amount of tickets per student. We should get to vote because we were told by an instructor at school that’d we’d vote because she thinks we deserve the choice. 

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Petition to change Charlie's name to "Not Charlie"

The theme for marching band is a song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Help me change my name to avoid the taunting that will insue.

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Freeze the County Car Tax

To the Chesterfield County, Virginia Board of Supervisors: This year (2021), the personal property taxes on vehicles increased. County officials explained that NADA (National Auto Dealers Assn) increased the value of pre-owned vehicles because of the pandemic, vehicle owners are keeping them longer. We believe this to be unfair to the owners who incurred this increase due to no fault of their own. The increases have been significant in many cases and has caused outrage as we dig out of this pandemic physically, mentally and economically. Just as the American Rescue Plan exempts $10,500 (per taxpayer) as taxable income on our 2020 returns, so should local governments find ways to economically assist its citizens to keep some needed money in our budgets for necessities. We, the citizens of Chesterfield County, Virginia are demanding that the vehicle personal property tax remain at levels prior to the pandemic and not be increased based on market research. We find this to be burdensome and unfair.

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Prohibit increased building heights in Downtown Mount Dora

The Planning and Zoning Advisory Board of Mount Dora is prepared to approve a proposed change in the Land Development Code to allow for maximum building heights to be increased to 55 feet (currently 35 feet) in Downtown Mount Dora. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to prevent increasing building heights in Downtown Mount Dora (with the exception of a parking garage). Preserve what makes us special. Our history is a non-renewable resource.

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CHSG-sixth form dress code 2021

Our head teacher Mr Devenney is going to change the sixth form dress code from casual to formal/smart professional. This is a petition made by Y12 sixth form students currently attending this state school against that change. We are petitioning against this because: A survey was sent to students earlier in the year questioning whether we think the dress code should be altered or not, our responses were not taken on board. All current year 12 students applied to this Sixth Form knowing that we would not have to wear smart clothes, it is unfair to change it during our time here. We would appreciate if this could be approached in the same way as the PE kit change in 2016 and the new bag change in 2020. The gradual integration of the new rules would take into account the fact that we are still in a global pandemic and many families cannot afford to buy new clothes to suit the new dress code for the students, especially after most students had to buy new clothes at the start of year 12. We will only be here for another 8 months and some of us will not wear these types of clothes in the future, so it won’t be a long-term investment in our appearances. Many feel that the new dress code will negatively affect our confidence and self esteem, as we will not be able to wear clothes we feel as comfortable in. Our current year can be considered somewhat of an example of how clothing choice can be used to positively impact the way we learn as many students feel more comfortable learning in clothes they have personally chosen. Having a more restrictive dress code will mean we cannot express our individual identities and appreciate differences. Students should have ownership of their own personal autonomy and the right to maintain the clothing freedoms they have had through year 12. There were no immediate problems with the current dress code and the majority of students appreciate the freedom of it. The teachers could have considered our opinions before making this decision and the fact they have clearly not informed us before we joined here in September 2020, demonstrates how little voice we have in our sixth form community.  This petition will show how strongly we feel about this change and that we would appreciate if our views on this matter could be acknowledged.

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