Bring the Peanuts specials back to broadcast TV!

For over 50 years, we have celebrated the holidays with the airings of the Peanuts holiday specials on TV - first on CBS, then on ABC. To our shock and dismay, last night it was announced that Apple had swiped the football from us and claimed the specials for their Apple TV platform, leaving us devoted fans who have grown up with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang in the dark, unable to watch. Obviously we can't let this stand. We can not let Apple take the football away from us like Lucy always does to Charlie Brown! It's time for us Peanuts fans to stand up to Apple and Wildbrain Studios (current owners of Peanuts) and show them they're making a mistake. With this petition, we are making a statement - the statement that #AppleHatesTradition and that the tradition of watching the Peanuts holiday specials should be renewed as soon as possible! All we have to do is sign this, send it off and and share it. Win or lose, we are telling Apple and Wildbrain Studios that we will not fall for their corporate greed. But our goal is to get our Peanuts back on television and bring back the tradition! The time for saying 'Good Grief' is over. Now's the time to take action. Now's the time to fight back! Do it for Charlie Brown and for Peanuts fans everywhere, young and old!

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An Appeal to Continue the Search for Sam Dubal

AN APPEAL TO MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK SERVICE TO CONTINUE AGGRESSIVE SEARCH FOR AN ALIVE SAM FOR ANOTHER 72H; ITS SEARCH DAY 11Sam is a humble guy, a lover of nature, and someone who seeks to find goodness in everyone. He is a physician, a scholar, a teacher, and a devoted family man, thrilled to be able to be a faculty member at the University of Washington. He is a very fit and skilled hiker with tremendous experience including in the Himalayas. He was recently going thru a hiking book of the Seattle area and a few weeks ago completed a hike even harder than this one. He is experienced. Sam has with him overnight gear, rain gear, and snow gear as well as a cell phone and a charger. The National Park Service has been running a rigorous and thorough search and rescue for him. We have deep respect for them and their amazing skills — they have shared with us daily updates from search Day 1 thru Day 9, including that weather has not been on our side with seriously treacherous conditions that have limited these efforts Sam’s family friends and colleagues have so much ongoing gratitude for the NPS, the brave searchers, the FBI and so many others who have had Sam in their thoughts and prayers. And we have a very specific plea to the National Park Service who leads this search in collaboration with the FBI and military. They are currently phasing out of a search and rescue operation for an alive Sam. But we implore them to continue the rigorous search for an alive Sam, just for a few more days, even 72 hours, for three compelling reasons. 1. There is a very high chance that Sam is alive. He is still in a window of survivability, even with hunger and hypothermia, which many medical experts estimate between 2–3 weeks with the type of gear he was carrying. 2. With a high level of fitness and experience and gear including tent, sleeping bag, raincoat and more, there is a reasonable chance that he is currently surviving beyond missing Day 12, today. 3. Finally, there have been gaps in the search. The search and rescue teams were prevented from areas and had to scale back because of severe weather and then were unable to go back into those areas. With better and even clearer weather on the horizon, Mount Rainier is offering a prime opportunity to continue the search and we hope to take advantage of this in one last effort to return our brother, son, and friend. A hiker was just found in Mt Zion at Day 19 — we are only at search Day 11. There is HOPE. Sam is fit, he has gear, and we are just at search Day 11. We, again implore the National Park Service to continue their aggressive search for just a few days — — even 72 — — -hours to find a wonderful soul who has a real chance of survival. Other resources: 1. Initial report of the missing hiker Sam Dubal in Mount Rainiere. 2. The University of Washington : Sincerely, Dena Dubal (Sister). ( ; Twitter @Denadubal) Veena Dubal (Sister) Bharat and Saroj Dubal (Parents) Friends, Family, Colleagues of Sam Dubal

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Make Native American History part of School Curriculum

As this year's Indigenous Peoples Day (Formally Columbus Day) passed by, I realized that in my 10 and half years of education the only topics of Native American history that I learned about were the Lost Colony of Roanoke (because I'm from North Carolina) and a very brief lesson on the Trail of Tears. And even the lesson on the lost colony was very eurocentric and painted the natives as "savage" for supposedly killing the colonizers. I know, as a Junior in high school, its probably too late for me to learn about Native American history but if this succeeds, Future generations can learn about the tribe's whose land their schools sit on and how the last Hawaiian queen was imprisoned in her own palace and forced to annex Hawai'i to the US. Please sign this petition so the future of our country can learn about the past of their country.

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Support the #ENDSARS Protest

End Special Anti-Robbery Squad(ENDSARS) is social movement against police brutality in Nigeria. The move my calls for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), it had has a long record of abuse in nigerians specially it’s youths. this movement has begun since 2017 when nigerians started a twitter campaign using #ENDSARS to demand the Nigerian Government ends SARS and the abuse the cause to citizens. Videos and pictures of SARS officers kidnapping, murdering, theft, rape, torture, unlawful arrests, humiliation, unlawful detention and extortion of nigerians surfaced twitter, they have been known to allegedly profile youths based on how they dress, rape women, arrest and search without warrant and extort young Nigerians for driving or having an iphone. Right now over 30 people having been killed and exactly on Tuesday October 20, 2020 shootings occurred live at lekki toll gate with 2 dead and many injured, and yet the Nigerian army are holding the ambulances preventing them for treating the injured. right now what nigeria need is change we need to start over see need a Government that will support us, protect us and provide us light, good road, working jobs and food. So please kindly share and sign this petition and also donate to help.

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Marriage Equality - Love is Love - SAVE Obergefell V. Hodges

Let’s start off with some history.... June 26th, 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. 644 (2015) (/ˈoʊbərɡəfɛl/ OH-bər-gə-fel), is a landmark civil rights case in which the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples by both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The 5–4 ruling requires all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and the Insular Areas to perform and recognize the marriages of same-sex couples on the same terms and conditions as the marriages of opposite-sex couples, with all the accompanying rights and responsibilities.[2][3] The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex, and to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-State. United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed. Baker v. Nelson overturned. Who has the right to tell someone who they can love? Who has the right to tell someone who they can marry? In today’s current situation of economical failure and the morale of the United States being at an all time low, is stripping the right to love and marry the right thing to do? It is never the right thing to do! There is never a time or a place to take away someone’s right to love and be loved.  Pushing and enforcing religious beliefs in governmental decision making is also something that should never be happening. Decisions on uniting a family, a marriage, or a bond between two should not be discriminated against by religious or hateful individuals. It’s kind of like a surgeon or an airplane pilot going to work drunk, on purpose. There will never be a good outcome.  Look at Justice Thomas. His marriage was illegal back in the 1960s. Should we go back and overturn his right to love and marry? The answer is no. We shouldn’t overturn his right to marry, just like Marriage Equality should not be overturned. Two people loving and marrying each other does not affect anyone but the ones that are loving and saying “I do.”  The power hungry anti-marriage equality crowd cannot get control of the situation, so they want to end the situation. We cannot let that happen!!!  Please sign this petition & tell SCOTUS: MARRIAGE EQUALITY MUST STAY AND THEY CANNOT OVERTURN OBERGEFELL V. HODGES! 

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Justice For Gloria Bambo

It hasn’t even been months since the last time an African American has been found dead by the action of hanging. Yet another African American has lost her life by being lynched in her roommates basement. This isn’t coincidental nor is it suicide. We’re calling for a deeper and through investigation into the death of Gloria Bambo.

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Innocent Bears being Baited Trapped Tormented, Separated from their Family, & Killed

Stop another helpless, innocent, passive, naturally afraid, California Black Bear from being tortured, and from being Killed! Please sign this petition. Please sign to stop this cruelty and help protect other bears from the same inhumane cruel and unusual abuse and killings. These innocent bears are being baited, trapped, tormented, horrifically separated from their family, needlessly removed from their home, and then merciless killed if deemed "appropriate" to murder them. 1 bear (at least) was already baited and trapped Thursday night (Sept 17, 2020) crying out in fear all night, scared, as she was caged in a metal box on wheels after she crawled in through the large opening while simply following the scent of food - it was then when the large heavy metal door slammed closed from above behind her with its big frightening bang - now in terrible fear, sadness, confusion, she was confined, separated from her family, and to then be faced with more fear by being hooked up to a truck and unnaturally driven away from her home in Agate Bay, California, only to find herself alone, away from where and what she knows, away from her family with no family, isolated, scared... This poor bear was the "lucky" one because she wasn't the "right" bear according to California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The "right" bear according to CDFW is going to be killed. Needless torture and displacement for this innocent bear, other bears that are simply attracted by the scent of food/not hurting a soul, and for the "right" bear that's to also be killed. Pure cruelty. You see, right now, 3 traps sit baited by the CDFW in Agate Bay, California, because a man in Lake Tahoe reportedly approached, aggravated (perhaps by blocking the bear from escape, trying to get a selfie with the bear, harassing the bear), and provoked the bear in very close proximity to the bear making the bear fearful and forcing the bear to protect itself by possibly biting or scratching this man/assailant. The man is well and good, yet, he is demanding the bear be KILLED. Though this man is fine, and, moreover, caused the bear to act in fear, in self defense, CDFW is yet again succumbing to the human's demands. They are not protecting our family of bears. They are literally and deliberately terrorizing them, dismantling them, and killing them by coercing them, and doing so using extreme measures and force.  For instance, as mentioned, not just 1 but 3 traps were set and baited to inhumanely capture, confine, isolate, and terrorize bears for the "right"  bear to then be unmercifully killed. At least 1 bear has been trapped - now possibly 2. Which, at the very least, tortures and displaces that bear. And, at the very worst, tortures, displaces and kills that bear.  These bears are California Black Bears. They are NOT aggressive. They are passive in nature. They will defend themselves and their cubs if threatened - just as you would. They are NOT grizzly bears. They are naturally afraid and can be scarred off without harm to them or yourself - simple loud noises in fact. They are also very smart, learn where food is available, and return to eat available food - just like you would if your food source was scarce. However, they are still non-violent and can be scarred away from food too - unlike some of us humans who get violent over toilet paper (among many things). Be Bear Aware: CDFW even states on their website, "Black bear attacks are rare in California and typically are defensive in nature because the bear is surprised or defending cubs;... Female black bears will often send cubs up a tree and leave the area in response to a perceived threat. Do not remain in the area – when you leave, she will come back for her cubs." Around this time last year, another innocent bear was purposely lured time and time again by a Tahoe Vista full-time-generational resident. He didn't like that the bear kept showing up after he was done getting his kicks - though he attracted, created and caused the bears behavior of repeat visits. He didn't accept accountability or responsibility. Instead, he demanded that the bear be killed, obtained a "depredation permit" from CDFW (yes the same agency), had a trap placed - and did so quietly to prevent opposition. Plus, the CDFW did not properly investigate the man's claims, the man's actions, or the bear that the baited, trapped, tormented and killed. No. Instead, an innocent bear was sadly trapped, separated from her/his family, confined, scared, and tortured the last day of her/his life to then be brutally murdered. Turned out, that bear wasn't the bear that man maliciously lured and then complained about it. Yet he still had that bear terrorized and killed out of his own heinous malicious actions. Lets not let this happen again. But its about to unless we stop it. Worse yet is that this baiting, trapping, torture, killing of bears is "normal" for the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. 6 to 8 bears have already suffered such torture and murder so far - during this early season alone. Despicable. Shameful. Disgusting. Lets not allow this any longer. Lets STOP this cruelty, together. No bear, no one, deserves such a tragic torturous terrible abuse and end of life killing. This is utterly unacceptable. This goes beyond giving and showing mercy. This is a bears right, at the very least. These bears are only trying to survive. We encroached on them and their territory. We adversely impacted their homes, shelter, food and water sources, migration, family. This is their country. This is Bear Country. We chose to live here. They have no choices. They already suffer because of our choices. We degrade and deplete what they vitally need to survive -their lives (literally). We have a duty to support them instead, not kill them - at the very least. People that visit and live in bear county have a responsibility to understand these truths, be compassionate, and be bear aware. Not make it worse, harder, or unlivable for the bears. Not to be bear killers. Please support our bears by signing this petition to stop the heinous malicious torture on them. And, contact: CDFW, Bear Trapping Program, Jordan Traverso 916-654-9937, CDFW North Central Region 916-358-2900,  916-445-0380 1416 9th Street, 12th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814Mailing: P.O. Box 944209, Sacramento, CA 94244-2090 (916) 445-0411 California Governor Gavin Newsom1303 10th Street, Suite 1173Sacramento, CA 95814Phone: (916) 445-2841Fax: (916) 558-3160 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, State Capitol Building101 N. Carson StreetCarson City, NV 89701Phone: (775) 684-5670Fax: (775) 684-5683 Nevada Department of Wildlife6980 Sierra Center Pkwy #120Reno, NV 89511Phone: (775) 688-1500Fax: (775) 688-1495 Email: Please also report any concerns, sittings of traps, gun shots used to scare bears away, etc, to our local admirable Bear League that watches over our bears, fights to stop this cruelty, and supports, advocates and teaches living in harmony with bears Lets speak for those without a voice. Lets be the bears' voice before its too late. Thank You!

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End the life of the Devore Animal Slaughter Shelter in San Bernardino County, CA

Sheba is a beloved 11 year old German Shepherd who is currently imprisoned at the Devore animal shelter. For over a year Sheba has been kept in a small, 5x5 dark concrete cell where she has no bed or blanket to shield her from the cold hard floor, no toys to stimulate her and no interaction to help her cope with the isolation. Sheba has never been out of the cell and is deprived of any exercise. Her 81 year old owner, Jose “Pepe” Sanchez travels 40 miles three days a week to see Sheba, is allowed only 5 minutes for each visit and is denied physical contact with Sheba. The severity of these restrictions are causing unnecessary mental anguish resulting in physical harm to Mr. Sanchez and Sheba. Sheba was erroneously labeled a “vicious” dog by San Bernardino County (SBC) because of a single incident with another dog, who is fine and doing well. The owners of the other dog agree that Sheba should not be killed and have written a letter to the County asking them to refrain from killing Sheba. Several months after that single incident, Sheba wandered from Mr. Sanchez’s property. Sheba was not involved in any trouble while away, nonetheless, authorities confiscated Sheba and ordered that she be killed. Sheba’s behavior was not “vicious,” does not warrant a death sentence, and does not justify being kept in a small cell under such terrible conditions. Justice dictates that Sheba be returned to the only family she has known and the man who has raised her and loved her since she was an eight - week old puppy. Since Sheba’s removal, Mr. Sanchez has erected a fenced in enclosure on his property to secure Sheba and prevent her from leaving. Additional reasonable restrictions can be imposed as conditions for Sheba’s return. There are several qualified dog rescue groups who are available and prepared to take Sheba and provide her with the rehabilitation and training she will need following the months of confinement and abuse she has been subjected to at Devore animal shelter. Relocation plans to another county are also in place should personnel at Devore insist that Sheba be sent to another county. While returning Sheba to Mr. Sanchez is our preferred relief, releasing Sheba to a sanctuary or rescue group is an alternative to save Sheba’s life and eliminate a tremendous cost to taxpayers. Transferring Sheba to a rescue group is in keeping with SBC Animal Control’s own policy which states that it is a goal of SBC Animal Care and Control to reduce the number of companion animals euthanized in animal shelters. As such, SBC Animal Care and Control cooperatively releases animals to both partner and non-partner non-profit animal rescue groups in an attempt to achieve this goal. Sheba deserves the same consideration and benefit as other dogs that have been confiscated (for far worse reasons) and that are allowed to be pulled by a non-profit rescue for rehabilitation and rehoming. SBC Animal Care and Control should release Sheba to a qualified rescue. Sheba is a senior dog with only a short time to live. She does not pose a threat to public safety. She deserves to spend her final months with her loving owner, Mr. Sanchez, who also deserves to be with his beloved Sheba in his final years. Keeping them apart serves no legitimate purpose. Please help us bring Sheba home! Thank you. Please email Matthew Marnell and tell him to stop unrealistic demands and conditions required as part of Sheba's Or call him @909-387-5455 Will you help sheba? Please sign and share. Thank you The Devote shelter has a reputation as a high kill shelter, uncaring staff members and incompetent supervisors.

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Sanctions against the Nigerian government for the extra judicial killing of unarmed people

The young people of Lagos were exercising the constitutional rights to protest the unlawful killings by police and demanding an end to police brutality. The government of Nigeria ordered the removal of cctv cameras at at the location of the protest and authorized the shooting of unarmed civilians. This led to the injury and death of innocent protesters. At the moment the bodies of those killed are being carted away by the government. The protesters posed no threat to the security of the country. Rather the government and its agents tried to infiltrate the peaceful protest with thugs. Officially the death toll from the peaceful #endsars protest is approximately 10, without counting the number of people killed tonight who were sitting in peaceful protest before the government ordered the soldiers to shoot live bullets on the peaceful protesters. At the moment it is believed that countless number of innocent people have been taken into custody with no access to lawyers or family. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria allows for peaceful protest. The young people killed and arrested today were only exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights. There was no need for the blood shed

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Federally replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day

Every year on Monday, October 12th, Columbus Day is observed by entities across America. Columbus Day should be removed for SEVERAL reasons: 1. He never stepped foot on U.S. soil.  2. Instead, he landed in the Bahamas. Subsequently, he raped, enslaved, infected, and murdered Native Caribbeans, leaving the Native Indian population nearly extinct.  3. As a result, he introduced European exploration and a culture of slavery and genocide that has killed countless Native Americans as well as African American slaves.  4. Columbus Day is a commercialized Federal holiday and as we continue to allow it to exist and be celebrated, we raise subsequent generations of Americans to believe Christopher Columbus falsely ‘discovered’ America.  Not only should Columbus Day be REMOVED as a Federal Holiday but it should be REPLACED to observe Indigenous People’s Day so our younger generations can be taught in school how to RESPECT native groups of people and preserve their history and lands. Please sign the petition!

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