Do NOT impeach President Trump!

The Democrats are wasting valuable resources with an impeachment effort instead of doing the jobs for which they have been elected by The People.  They need to stop the impeachment process and get to work on helping Americans! Let them know we want them to stop their hateful witch hunting and get back on the job! Let your voice be heard. There are petitions to continue the impeachment process so speak up now and let Congress know you do NOT support this action! Tell them to focus on their jobs, not on their hate for their boss. Tell them to put their efforts into helping our country, not continuously working to divide it. Let President  Trump LEAD by focusing on his job, by the Democrats focusing on theirs, stop wasting our tax dollars, and stop wasting time, by stopping the impeachment process!

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Rodney Reed is innocent. Exonerate, don't execute!

Dear Governor Greg Abbott: 1. Rodney Reed is innocent. 2. The State relied on expert testimony to convict Rodney Reed that has since been recanted BY THE EXPERTS who put forth the testimony. Three renown medical examiners have concluded it is "medically impossible" for Stacey Stites to have been killed at the time the state says she died. This alone exonerates Rodney Reed. Reed was convicted based on forensic expert testimony that has now been recanted by the scientists and agencies that offered the evidence on behalf of the State. In fact, leading forensic pathologists have concluded that it would be "medically and scientifically impossible" for Reed to have murdered Stites. This new forensic evidence (which the State hasn't contradicted) indicates that Stites was murdered at a time that her fiance, local police officer Jimmy Fennell, testified that he was alone with Stites in their apartment. Fennell recently completed a ten-year prison sentence after he plead guilty to felony charges arising out of the kidnapping and sexual assault of a women he encountered while on patrol as a Georgetown, Texas police officer. Rodney Reed is innocent and should be exonerated, not executed. 3. We hate to say it, but, Rodney Reed is the victim of racism and was framed for a crime he didn't commit. 4. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE implicates *somebody else* was the real killer. And that somebody else failed two polygraph exams about his role in the murder, and he has continued to be a violent offender and assaulted others in the same way - kidnapping, sexual assault and choking with a belt. 5. Rodney Reed, and the Reed family, have suffered enough. 6. Sometimes our court system makes mistakes, and this case is a prime example of those injustices of what happens when the system fails. 7. Due to these mistakes, there's been no justice for the victim, Stacey Stites, and the real killer has continued to be a serial violent offender. 8. We need you to hear us, review this case, and find it in your heart to do what's right. 9. You promised Texas wouldn't ever kill an innocent person. You're the only person who can keep this promise by stopping the execution of Rodney Reed. 10. If prosecutors followed the evidence, and the evidence only, Rodney Reed wouldn't even be a suspect in this case, let alone become indicted. There's absolutely no evidence that indicts Rodney Reed. Please exonerate Rodney Reed.

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Congress: Impeach Donald J. Trump

PETITION: IMPEACH DONALD J. TRUMP The Constitution of the United States, Art. 2, S. 4, provides that the president, vice-president, and civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of treason, bribery, and/or other high crimes and misdemeanors. We, the undersigned, lobby for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump suspected of treason, in violation of THE USA PATRIOT ACT for conspiring with Russia in tampering with the results of the 2016 election, and asking a foreign government to investigate one of his political opponents. He and his administration are an immediate threat to national security and his use of intimidation as president presents undeniable challenges in this investigation. Ergo, we petition his immediate removal from office as well as the removal of Vice President Mike Pence and all civil officers appointed under his rule, pending the results of his administration's investigation. Donald J. Trump has violated the Federal law under civil and criminal ordinances with his documented use of libelous and insulting hate speech referencing citizens of color, immigrants, and those of the Muslim faith. His promotion and acceptance of violence towards the above stated has incited violence, discrimination and increased tensions throughout this nation.Furthermore, Donald J. Trump is in violation of state law in the following 34 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois,Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. He is guilty of multiple counts of cyber bullying, before, during and following his election campaign; the most egregious being his statements regarding Mexicans, Muslims, the black community and his continuous taunting of China. Unlawful conduct of any kind, be it past, present or future is unacceptable of any person holding the office of President of the United States of America. He has caused international conflict with our allies and is dangerously close to destroying peaceful foreign relations. Donald J. Trump’s leadership poses a threat to the peace and safety of our nation on both national and international levels. His immoral reputation and misconduct are an embarrassment and threat to the freedoms this country stands for and will not be tolerated by United States citizens. ---- ANTI TRUMP T-SHIRTS - click here Promo Code: CHANGE 

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Stop the Execution of Rodney Reed!

The State of Texas wants to execute an innocent man on November 20, 2019. Rodney Reed was wrongfully convicted in 1998 of the rape and murder of Stacey Stites. He has sat on Texas’ Death Row for 2 decades. Despite mounting evidence of his innocence, the State has repeatedly denied a new trial, refused to allow existing evidence into court, and even refused to review new evidence. Although Innocence Project attorneys secured a stay of execution in February 2015, Rodney is now back on the schedule to be killed on November 20, 2019. Existing Evidence and Facts A) PICKUP & APARTMENT. Stacey lived with her fiancé (Jimmy Fennell, Jr.) in an apartment in Giddings and supposedly drove to work in Bastrop using his pickup truck on the morning of her death. Forensic examination of the pickup discovered DNA belonging to only Fennell and Stacey. Nothing associated with Rodney was ever found in the pickup. Furthermore, local authorities (prosecutors and law enforcement) did not search the Giddings apartment—the last known location for Stacey before her disappearance and death. B) BEER CANS. Stacey’s body was discovered out in the middle of nowhere, about 5 yards off a dirt road under some scrub oak. Two empty beer cans were found nearby. Two different kinds of the same brand, one can crushed and the other was not. That indicated 2 different drinking behaviors and likely 2 different people. Rodney and Stacey? Not this time! DNA analysis came back indicating that they belonged to 2 local police officers with whom Fennell worked as a cop. This evidence was withheld from the defense during the trial. So much for due process. This alone should require a new trial. C) THE BELT. The prosecutor’s theory is that Stacey was murdered as a result of ligature strangulation. Choking someone to death manually (by hand or arm-bar) or with a ligature (a rope, electrical cord, wire, or belt) requires physical strength and causes substantial injuries to the victim. Segments of a woven leather belt was recovered on the ground near the body and near the pickup. Tests demonstrated that the belt had not been cut. It had been torn in two. That would have required an incredible amount of force; force that would have caused significant physical injuries to Stacey had it been used in strangulation. However, Stacey did not show any of the typical signs of strangulation upon examination at the time of her autopsy: no injuries to her neck strap muscles, intact hyoid bone, intact cricoid cartilage, and no petechiae. Regardless, the belt remains a crucial piece of evidence that has never been tested for DNA. D) SEMEN. Semen was recovered from the victim and analyzed for DNA. It was determined to belong to Rodney. The description of the semen given by the medical examiner who performed the autopsy indicated that they were falling apart and older than 24 hours – that is, before Stacey disappeared. The medical examiner has since recanted his testimony regarding the validity of the DNA. Rodney and Stacey were involved in a consensual sexual relationship that had not been broken off even though she was engaged to Jimmy Fennell, Jr.. Testimony from numerous witnesses confirming this affair was never heard in court. Rodney and Stacey had been together the night before her disappearance. E) VIOLENT HISTORY. Jimmy Fennell, Jr., had a history of sexual violence and threats. Fennell failed a polygraph test twice about Stacey’s murder. The question he failed both times was his response to “did you kill Stacey?” He answered no! Fennell was released from prison in 2018, after serving a 10-year sentence for raping a woman in 2007 while she was in his custody as a police sergeant in Georgetown, Texas. That victim stated that Fennell had told her that if she reported him, then he would hunt her down and kill her after he got out of prison. Past Appeals and Denials The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (Tx-CCA) and the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals have both denied Rodney the chance to present any of this existing evidence in open court. Why not? Rodney Reed (a black man) was convicted by an all-white jury of killing Stacey Stites (a white woman), who was the fiancé of Jimmy Fennell, Jr. (a white police officer), indicating that race played a major role in Rodney’s conviction. Yet, the truth remains that over the years, Rodney’s defense attorneys have uncovered a mountain of evidence that points to his innocence and that corroborates the defense team’s theory that Jimmy Fennell, Jr., was involved in Stacey’s murder. Yet, the courts continue to deny Rodney’s attorneys the opportunity to present any of this evidence in court. New Evidence and Appeal During the filming of an A&E television special about Rodney's case (2014, Dead Again: Dead Man Talking), a retired NYPD homicide investigator came to the conclusion that Stacey was murdered before midnight. This was several hours earlier than the time proposed by the original medical examiner and the prosecuting attorney at trial. The physical evidence has since been shown to world renowned forensic pathologists Drs. Michael M. Baden, Werner U. Spitz, and Cyril H. Wecht. All three agreed that Stacey must have died before midnight, which places her back in the apartment during the time that her fiancé, Jimmy Fennell, stated he was present with her. Furthermore, new witnesses (including a law enforcement officer) have come forward regarding statements made by Fennell about what would happen to Stacey if she cheated on him. This evidence, as well as the DNA testing and new forensics evidence, needs to be heard in open court by a jury. We, the undersigned, believe it is a travesty of justice to deny Rodney Reed the chance to present the above evidence to a jury. We demand that Reed death warrant be rescinded, that he be granted a new trial where the evidence of his innocence and Fennell’s possible guilt can be presented, and that the execution of Rodney Reed not go forward under any circumstances.

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BAN abuser Stacie Laine Soape from participating in equine sport events!!

On the evening of Tuesday, November 5th, so-called equine professional trainer Stacie Laine Soape of Soape Performance Horses, was video recorded at a church-based barrel racing event held in Tatum, TX. In the video, it is very clear that the rider (Stacie Soape) of the horse is using a shocking device under the back of her saddle pad, to REPEATEDLY electrocute the horse. She continues to do this for SEVERAL MINUTES while bystanders scream and plea with her to get off the horse. As the video clearly shows, not only is Stacie Soape blatantly abusing the horse but she is putting all other animals in the arena, as well as bystanders in AND outside the arena, in danger. Again, you can clearly see her ignoring all pleas for dismount, and even cussing back at her “audience” from time to time. Witnesses at the event confirm that the local  authorities were called, and Stacie was finally forced to dismount the horse by police. As far as any official “charges” go, there are no records of her being charged with anything since the incident, although there is an investigation ongoing. Stacie Soape is not new to criminal charges or even prison time, as she already has a history of serious offenses that includes conviction for her participation in a Texas cattle-theft ring with a sentence of 12 years.    I truly hope that criminal “abuse” charges come to fruition in this case, however this will probably not stop Stacie Soape from continuing to participate in equine events in Texas and elsewhere. Allowing this woman to participate in future equine sport events, will only encourage her to continue her “work” with horses. The mission of this petition is to raise awareness among the horse community, to the abuse and torture of horses at the hand of Stacie Soape, and to prevent her from participating in future events, especially barrel racing. My hope is that by gaining as many signatures as possible on this petition, the word will travel to equine event organizers all over the USA who wish to protect the integrity of their events by BANNING Stacie Soape and Soape Performance Horses from any and all participation!! Perhaps by doing so, we can prevent another incidence such as the one occurring on November 5th, from ever happening again.

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Chick-Fil-A: No more styrofoam!

As someone who cares deeply about our environment, I'm writing to ask Chick-Fil-A to STOP using styrofoam cups. The particles created from disposal of these cups are being eaten by wildlife and endangering their lives. Polystyrene is also dangerous to humans, and its chemicals easily leech into our drinks. If we continue to destroy our ecosystem through the irresponsible use of nonbiodegradable materials, our planet will not be able to continue supporting us.Other food industry giants have stepped up their game and ditched styrofoam for more sustainable packaging. It's time you came on board. Millions of cups get thrown away without a second thought. Even still, you cannot recycle these cups into more cups, and so the production continues along with the destruction of our environment.Do the right thing, and switch over to paper. It's more eco-friendly, more sustainable, more recyclable, and overall the better choice for your company and the planet. Thank you for your time and your advocacy for us allSwitch to a more eco friendly paper cup

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Santa Anita: Stop killing racehorses

This year 41 racehorses, including former Breeders’ Cup winner Battle of Midway, have died at California’s world-famous Santa Anita Park. And the number of horses dying goes up every few days.  Still, what’s happening there is no anomaly. Over the past 11 years, Santa Anita has averaged 50 dead racehorses annually; every 12-month period but one (when “only” 37 died) saw at least 40 corpses. What’s more, Santa Anita can’t even claim it’s heading in the right direction as two of the three worst years were ‘15-’16 and ‘16-’17. Sign and share today to urge Santa Anita to stop the senseless death of racehorses by closing down its track. Nationally, through our seminal FOIA reporting, Horseracing Wrongs has documented over 5,000 confirmed kills on U.S. tracks just since 2014; we estimate that over 2,000 horses are killed racing or training across America every year. Over 2,000. Imagine that. But there's more: Each year, hundreds more die back in their stalls from things like colic and laminitis, or are simply "found dead" in the morning. And perhaps worst of all, the vast majority of has-been (or never-were) equine "athletes" are brutally and violently bled-out and butchered at Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses - some 12,000-15,000 Thoroughbreds alone each year. In short, the American horseracing industry is engaged in wholesale carnage - not hyperbole, carnage. “Horseracing is animal exploitation. Horseracing is animal cruelty. Horseracing kills horses. And for nothing more than $2 bets, idle entertainment. We live in 21st Century America; we can - and should - be better than this.” - Patrick Battuello, Founder/President, Horseracing Wrongs More horses will die if Santa Anita is not closed down. Sign today to tell the owners to save lives by immediately shutting down the track.

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Pass the Preventing Animal Cruelty (PACT) Act

Ask Congress to pass the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, the first-ever general federal Animal Cruelty law in history. This is a bill with broad bipartisan support. Even prior to swearing in the new members of Congress, this bill had 36 Co-Sponsors in the Senate and 283 Co-Sponsors in the House. It was previously blocked from a vote by a single congressman. Now that the House of Representatives has changed, this bill needs to be brought to the floor of Congress for a vote. We should not go another day without protecting the animals from cruelty, bestiality, and torture. Why is this law important? This law will allow the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to crack down on malicious cruelty and the sexual exploitation of innocent animals. The legislation will build on the federal “animal crush” video law that was enacted in 2010, which banned the creation, sale, and distribution of obscene videos that show animals being crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, impaled, or subjected to other forms of heinous cruelty. The PACT Act will prohibit those same extreme acts of animal cruelty when they occur in interstate or foreign commerce, regardless of whether a video is produced. The PACT Act will also enable the federal government to prosecute malicious acts of animal cruelty on federal property such as military bases, federal prisons, airports, and national parks. Additionally, it will enable federal authorities to crack down on the practice of bestiality which often involves a subculture where animals are moved across state lines and where information is exchanged on websites that enable the exploitation to happen. Who supports this bill? This legislation is endorsed by more than 200 law enforcement agencies across the country. This bill was previously passed in the Senate by a UNANIMOUS bipartisan vote. This bill had 283 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and 36 Co-Sponsors in the Senate even prior to the swearing in of the current members of congress. History In December 2017 the Senate UNANIMOUSLY passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, S. 654.  This bipartisan legislation protecting animals against cruelty and torture was led in the U.S. Senate by Senators Pat Toomey, R-Pa, Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and was joined by 34 cosponsors. Despite the overwhelming bipartisan support we still do not have this important federal law. The bill was blocked by a single member of Congress despite the valiant efforts of Reps. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, and Ted Deutch, D-Fla. to help pass this bill (H.R. 1494). Reps. Lamar Smith and Ted Deutch previously secured an unbelievable 283 cosponsors and broad bipartisan support by ⅔ of Congress. Now, with the change of leadership in Congress, there is a new and fresh opportunity for congress to pass this important law with vast bipartisan support. Why should we sign this now? There is a new and fresh opportunity for congress to pass the overwhelmingly bipartisan Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act that was previously blocked by a single member of congress. The shift of power in Congress has removed this one congressman as an obstacle. Now this bill has a real opportunity to pass if the public demands that Congress makes it a legislative priority, and brings it to a vote. Passage will bring the first federal animal cruelty bill that protects against bestiality, animal cruelty, and animal torture. Your signature will help demonstrate the public outcry to make this a legislative priority.   The animals cannot speak for themselves. Please consider being the voice for the voiceless and sign the petition. Your support will speak volumes to lawmakers! "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." ~Margaret Mead What you can you do to help RIGHT NOW in addition to signing the petition? (IMPORTANT) (Total Time: 5-7 minutes) 1.  Share this Petition on social media, and ask your friends, co-workers, and family to sign the petition and consider sharing it as well. 2.  Contact your congressional representative's office, and politely inform them that you are calling to ask your representative to support H.R.724 - The PACT Act which will make animal cruelty a federal crime. (The process is simple. Just call the Capitol Switchboard. (202) 224-3121. Give them your zip code, and they will provide you with the telephone number for your congressional representative. Call that number, and express your support.) This will make a big difference. 3. Follow the progress of this petition on our Facebook page, and find ways that you can have a positive impact on the lives of animals: Animal Welfard Center Facebook Page

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Violent offenders are not allowed a bond

First and foremost, my name is Amy Crum, I am not from Alabama, I am from Kentucky. this story powered me to want to make a change in how judges handle violent offenders. I was not asked to make this petition,  I did this in hopes of making a change  and this is why,    In the Aniah Blanchard missing persons case, the person of interest/ suspect has previous charges as in, attempt of murder of a police officer two counts; as well a lot of different charges following that , in 2019 the same offender struck again, where he was arrested and charged with kidnapping, and another attempt of murder charge, where this offender nearly killed his victims! this man was released out on bond afterwards, in which He is now a current suspect in the missing persons  case and disappearance of Aniah Blanchard, whose condition is yet to be known, officers have evidence however that suggest foul play.  Aniah’s family filed a missing person report on October 24th 2019, in the state of Alabama in United States.  Aniah is a 19 year female, who had stopped at a gas station near her house  on her way home to grab a snack, law enforcement believe the crime that has  Aniah missing, and a victim happened shortly after Aniah had let  the gas station. Her SUV was found in a completely different town then the one Aniah lives in, as well as the one she attends college in.  Police  discovered Aniah's missing SUV , during that discovery of her vehicle, police found damage to the SUV that was not there prior to Aniah going missing. Inside of her SUV police found evidence in which like I said above, that suggested foul play , or that Aniah had been harmed.  This man should of never been released on bond, or even walking the streets after he attempted to murder an officer in 2012, and continued his violent path after being released from those charges , went on to victimize more people, including but not limited to, Aniah Blanchard.   Something MUST be done!!! We need more stricter programs for violent offenders, we cannot allow this to happen!   A repeat  violent  offender should not have an option for bond,  a first time  violent offender must serve at least 85 percent of their sentence before giving a bond, or being released. and a repeat violent offender must serve  100 percent of their sentence!! And should not, and cannot be eligible for parole , or probation Until they have done so.  The sentence served should be mandatory, and an offender with a violent offense should not be released on “good time“. i also think if someone is a suspect in a violent case, and has been arrested for a charge that deals with a violent case , the suspect  should remain in custody until a verdict is read on the case, to protect society. And they should have no bond available especially if the suspect has put the victim at a grave risk.  if you would like to read more on the Aniah Blanchard case I have posted a link for you.  ttps://  If this moves forward, and is made a law, I would like for the name of the law to be  named “The Aniah  Blanchard law” so when a judge even thinks about releasing a violent offender they will be reminded of what happened to Aniah , and why releasing a violent offender is a threat to society, and our children.  Thank you, please sign and share this. god bless, Sincerely, Amy Crum

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Establish a State-Level Electoral College for Fair Representation

Every election cycle in the state of Virginia, among other states, we see a map of a largely Red state somehow ending up Blue. This is due largely to the densely populated areas of Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Hampton. Democrats gain control due to these few areas and get to legislate the very vast majority of the rest of the state. This is simply poor, disproportionate, and lopsided representation. In order to fix this problem, I am proposing an electoral college at the state level so that there is fair and equal representation for the citizens of every state, not just on the Federal level. The idea that very few Democrat controlled areas get to control and legislate a much larger Republican area is just not feasible or logical. A state level electoral college can be enacted either by Federal mandate or amendment to state constitutions. This is a much needed and long overdue change. 

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