Make MatPat The Next Jeopardy Host!

For a decade, MatPat has brought entertainment and education to viewers as the creator/host of Game Theory. Along with Film Theory, Food Theory, and his gaming talk show GTLive, he's assembled a worldwide community of over 30 million Theorists all united in their love for overthinking the world around them. His drive to help people learn through their favorite games, movies, and food has inspired viewers of all ages to more closely examine the world around them and think more critically about the media they consume. Together with the Theorist community, he's helped raise over 5 million dollars for charity and is committed to making the world a kinder, smarter place. This petition is to show the team behind Jeopardy that MatPat has the support of the trivia-loving community and that they want to see him as a guest host on Jeopardy. It's time to let new media help bring in a new age for this iconic show!

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Get Assumption University to Remove a Sexual Predator from Campus

My name is Sofia Dawson. I am a sophomore at Assumption University in Worcester, Massachusetts. On October 11, 2020, the fall semester of my Freshman year, I was roofied at a party by another Assumption student. His name is Ibrahim Soree Kaba (legally) but goes by Soree Kaba. At the time he was a member of the men's soccer team. I reported the incident to campus police but due to the fact that it occurred off-campus, it was out of their jurisdiction. The school's Title IX coordinator dismissed my case and gave it to one of the male misconduct administrators to handle. In having meetings to discuss the matter, I fought for months for the school to take action. I was told by the administrator that they "did not believe this happened," although I presented an overwhelming amount of proof of harassment, as well as evidence to corroborate my story. Due to this event, I was diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. It took months for me to recover and become a functioning individual again. I did not leave my house for 3 months and rarely got out of bed. Through all of this, I worked on myself and maintained a 3.7 GPA. In May of 2021, I received a call from a member of the men's soccer team at Assumption University, stating that the team took a vote to remove him from the team because they did not want someone of that ill character to represent their team. This is now again relevant because Assumption University has now allowed Soree Kaba back at Assumption, and lives on campus with the other students, whereas before he was forced to commute. My goal is to protect the students of the Assumption community from this sexual predator. It is time for Assumption to stop normalizing rape culture and provide the justice that not only me but other girls deserve as well.

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AS SEEN ON ELLEN: Increase federal funding for pediatric cancer research by Lilly Bumpus

As seen on ELLEN on September 17! We the People of the United States of America demand a federal funding increase toward pediatric cancer research. One in 285 American children will be diagnosed with cancer before their 19th birthday. Out of the billions of dollars of federal funding provided for cancer research, a mere 3.8% is reserved for the study and advancement of treatment for childhood cancers. We believe our future is worth more than 3.8%. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of disease-related death in children in the United States, and every two minutes a family receives the devastating news of a new diagnosis. Childhood cancer is not rare, however, it is unique in the sense that it presents a fundamentally different set of challenges than adult-onset disease. Without proper research funding, the young, developing bodies of our children are often exposed to the recycled adult treatment protocol. These life-saving measures of treatment wreak havoc on the developing systems, leaving children with unanticipated and long-term physical, emotional, and cognitive complications. TODAY IN THE UNITED STATES: 80% of childhood cancer survivors do not live past the age of 45. More than 95% of childhood cancer survivors have significant health-related issues caused by treatment, usually another form of cancer. There is no form of extended cell replicated therapies - meaning it takes 1 million active cancer cells to be detected for a child to be accurately diagnosed. Because of the protocol and medication being outdated, most children are diagnosed in the late stages of cancer with little to no survival rate. Female childhood cancer survivors who were treated with chemotherapy— even if they did not receive radiation treatments to their chest — are six times more likely than the general population to be diagnosed with breast cancer later in life. For those who did receive chest radiation, that chance increases exponentially and is on par with those who have the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations. There are forms of childhood cancer (DIPG) that have a 0% survival rate because they have 0% funding for research, despite the diagnosis rate steadily doubling for the last 15 years. We the People, lead by Lilly Bumpus, a nine-year-old cancer survivor and international activist, call upon the Biden Administration to enact immediate resolution for the following: We demand the White House and the National Cancer Research Funding Board to reevaluate the research funding amount for childhood cancer, as it currently receives less than 4% of annual funding and continues to be the country's number one lowest funded form of cancer research. We demand additional childhood cancer research to ensure our children who are diagnosed have a better chance of surviving treatment. One in four children diagnosed with cancer does not survive past five years. We demand research for childhood cancer to have the same robust toolset adults have to fight this disease, with matched resources to provide comprehensive screening, preventative care, and treatment options. We demand federal recognition that more children are dying from outdated adult form cancer treatment than cancer itself. We demand the prioritization of pediatric drug research. Hundreds of cancer drugs have been developed and approved for adult use by the FDA. As of 2020, a mere 34 drugs for use in the treatment of childhood cancers is approved. 28 of those drugs were originally approved only for adult use. Today, we have only six drugs that were approved in the first instance for use in cancer treatment for children. It is estimated that there will be 13.7 million cases of childhood cancer between 2020-2050. Unless there are major improvements surrounding the priorities of cancer research in America, of this, 45% will go undiagnosed and 11.1 million Americans will die as a result of childhood cancer. American children in the land of the free are being silenced, not due to lack of awareness, but budgetary decisions made at the federal level. It is beyond time to move past awareness campaigns and glossy projections of hope, but instead it is time to enact change and invest in the health of our nation's future. President Biden, Vice President Harris - will you stand alongside us and save 11 million children?

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Owlets for every mother regardless of income or status

Hello, My name is Samantha Flannery and on 8/27/2021 my life forever changed. I woke up about 4am to feed my 7wk old granddaughter. She was a happy, healthy baby. But when I tried to wake her she was unresponsive, my husband called 911 while I did CPR, SHE WAS PRONOUNCED DEAD in the ambulance...Everything they told us is that it was a SIDS death...I have talked to several women who have been thru this exact scenario. But in reality these deaths shouldn't be happening. We have the technology to stop SIDS NOW! There is a device called the "OWLET BABY MONITOR" this small device fits on your babies foot just like a sock, it monitors your babies heart rate, breathing and even tracks your babies sleep pattern and if anything changes it sends out a very loud alarm. But there is a big problem. This device is $300 a pop. With all the bills and Drs. Cost and everything you need for baby very  few can afford this expense. I know that my family just recently found out about this product and yes we wanted it for our baby but we were going to have to save up for this item for several months and by then it was already to late. I miss my beautiful Grandbaby every single day. That's why I am doing this so countless others won't have to suffer the tragedy that my family just went thru...So when baby leaves the hospital all hospitals send baby home with a care package which even includes a breast pump. I want to see an OWLET go home with every new mother and child. I am myself am working to start a FOUNDATION that will offer Owlets to those less fortunate. But together we can save thousands of babies please help. Sincerely, Samantha & Robert Flannery II

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New York State Against the 9/27 Mandate!

New York State Against the 9/27 Mandate!!! United we stand!  We need EVERYONE whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated to stand up. Everyone that is against this mandate, ALL New York State employees, officers, teachers, sanitation etc. We are asking that you sign this petition.  We are not anti-vaccine but we are anti-mandate. *We should have the right to choose what goes in our bodies. *We should have the right to make our own medical decisions. We cannot be afraid, this should be a CHOICE not a mandate.  We live in a country where freedom is supposed to exist. We must stand up for our freedoms before we are stripped of more and more. What will be next? *States are starting to ban mandates because WE THE PEOPLE are speaking out. Let’s stand TOGETHER let’s come TOGETHER New York ❤️

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Replace Current Administration at ACCT Philly

          In light of recent events, we, the volunteers and Love Local Partners of ACCT Philly, demand the immediate termination of: Aurora Velazquez, Executive Director Summer Dolder, Director Strategic Initiatives      Kate Kelley, Medical Manager   - Not only are animals being mistreated in the care of ACCT Philly, volunteers and rescue partners are being pushed away, banned for actions that do not adversely affect the welfare of the dogs and cats and losing priority over adopters who are not properly screened or vetted. This has caused improper placement of dogs, dogs not getting spayed/neutered and rescues desiring to work with other shelters. There has also been a significant decrease in volunteer activity, many of which would agree that is directly related to the current administration.    - A dog named Saint who was severely injured while in Animal Controls Care, who was denied lifesaving treatment so he could be reunited with an owner who very much wanted him back.    - A parvo positive dog was adopted out the public, which puts the animal community, as a whole, at risk.    - A dog who was adopted out in the summer of 2020 was being promoted for breeding on social media by the adopter. Animal Control did not resolve the situation, nor did they claim the dog back. Another dog, Daisy, who was adopted out despite rescue interest, who’s owners had to be tracked down to bring her in for a spay appointment.   A cat, who was left in a trap, on a shelf not a kennel, for SIX days before being found by a volunteer. After complaints and social media outrage, the cat was finally fixed and released back into his colony. The entire TNR program for ACCT has, essentially, been dismantled, which directly and adversely affects the stray cat population, as well as the welfare of the stray cats in our city. Even though PennVet is supposed to be designated for TNR, the TNR appointments are often canceled for other surgeries.    - A recent kennel inspection report (July 2021) in which the dog warden has suggested that Animal Care and Control Team be investigated for cruelty by the PSPCA. It was also demanded by the dog warden that dogs in the care of ACCT receive immediate medical care.    The current management’s sole purpose has been to execute a marketing campaign to mislead the city, board and the public of the state of affairs at ACCT.  Volunteers and rescues have walked away due to a lack of transparency and for being reprimanded for speaking up when they see wrong doing.  There has been a mass resignation of staff due to a hostile work environment and this has immensely impacted the welfare of the animals at ACCT (documented in the latest warden report). We are ALL aware that the current warehouse cannot accommodate the demand of the city and were all hopeful that the hiring of Aurora would allow for new initiatives to better the shelter and perhaps for the board to finally concentrate on fundraising for a better space.  This was not the case. There have been documented cases of animals being placed unaltered, infectious, terminal and now with an owned animal being brutally injured and murdered, the board needs to make a decision.  The animal community of Philadelphia can be the best advocate for ACCT and help this board survive a transition  – we are asking you to terminate this reign of abuse and start the healing for all.       Being tax paying citizens, rescue partners and hard working volunteers, we demand that the animals in care of ACCT Philly be treated in humane and ethical ways that align with the values of everyone else in the rescue community. The standards for ACCT Philly are incredibly low and there have been no repercussions for continuously failed kennel inspections and the mishandling of animals. The issues have all worsened or have originated under the leadership of Aurora Velazquez and that is why we demand she step down and be replaced with an experienced, compassionate leader who will ensure that the cities discarded animals are maintained in healthy, clean and respected state. 

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Suspend/Disband Theta Chi Fraternity (Umass)

Theta Chi has been involved in several sexual assault allegations and still has not been shut down or even suspended. Multiple brothers have drugged vulnerable college-aged girls and have been involved in many violent acts towards men. SIGN TO SHUT THEM DOWN OR EVEN GET THEM SUSPENDED!! 

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Dear Texas A&M Administration, We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about your handling of COVID-19 and are grieving in response to the first confirmed student death of COVID. We understand the legal and logistical challenges involved in protecting students, faculty, and staff, however, we believe there is more to be done. We do not feel safe in our classes and extracurriculars and wish you would prioritize our health and safety. We respectfully ask for: 1. Improved contact tracing and notification - Classroom members should be notified when a student in their class tests positive so that they can take appropriate action. 2. Online options for those testing positive - Students are being left behind when they are not able to come to class. Professors should implement solutions such as synchronous zooms, recorded lectures, and/or extended office hours to help these students.3. Online options for those at higher risk - Students who do not feel comfortable coming to class in person should not be required to. Even while wearing a mask and fully vaccinated, the chance to contract COVID-19 in a full capacity classroom is above some people’s risk tolerance.4. Treatment of on-campus students - Requiring students who live on campus to find their own housing when they test positive is a negligent public health risk, as it is sending them to places where they may infect others. If a temporary room is not available for the student on campus, the university should provide hotel or other accommodations.5. Increased testing - With over 1600 active cases on campus (as of 9/13), testing is a necessity. Increasing the availability of testing sites on campus as well as the frequency of mandatory testing would help minimize community spread.6. Better quarantine - Implementing sanctions for students who do not comply with quarantine would prevent them from infecting others. In addition, vaccinated students should have the option to receive excused absences and quarantine when they are exposed, as they can still contract and transmit the virus.7. Stronger and consistent university messaging - We understand that you are not legally allowed to mandate masks or ask about vaccination status. Publicizing and modeling responsible behavior and creating a culture where masking and vaccination is expected starts from the top. In addition to this letter, we have an addendum where people who have consented to their responses being shared can tell their stories and experiences. The thoughts in there represent statements by individuals, not necessarily the views of those here undersigned. We also have a data sheet where the types of concerns raised by each individual have been logged if you would like a deeper look at where we got these policy suggestions. We thank you for your time in considering our concerns and hope to continue the conversation about COVID-19 policies in the best interest of all campus members.  Sincerely, Concerned A&M members   For more information or to donate to our preferred charity, please visit our linktree at

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Respecting Transgender Student’s Names and Pronouns at River Bluff High School

An email was sent out to teachers early this week (August 30th, 2021) that stated that teachers may not respect a students preferred name or pronouns unless a counselor or parent was notified/asked. There are a number of students personally affected by this, primarily transgender students at River Bluff. This is blatant transphobia within our school that markets itself as a safe and inclusive space. Every student should feel comfortable coming to school and be happy to express themselves to their peers.  This implementation creates a double standard when it comes to preferred names. Students have always been allowed to go by nicknames in schools and limiting transgender students from this is inconsistent and unacceptable. Our school district is actively moving away from progress when they enforce this. While our GSA is working towards gender neutral bathrooms, our administration continues to make their goals harder to achieve. River Bluff High School has a relatively larger transgender population than most schools in the area. With these new rules, an entire marginalized group is affected and disrespected. We, as a school, need to be aware of the social and political status of our surroundings. Most of the transgender/lgbt students may not be accepted in their home. Making it a priority to ask parents or a counselor before respecting a student’s name/pronouns promotes transphobia in our schools.

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Save the Al Capone Mansion in Miami Beach!

The Al Capone house was built in 1922 and has sat gracefully on the waterfront of Palm Island for nearly 100 years. But now, the home is at risk of demolition and replacement with a brand new McMansion. Developers and real estate investors Todd Glaser and Nelson Gonzalez are proposing a total demolition of the historical property for the purpose of redevelopment and resale. This property recently had a multi-million dollar renovation and it is in pristine condition according to the property marketing. Miami Beach risks losing an important part of not just our local history, but of US history if this demolition is allowed to proceed. The loss of this landmark structure and its replacement with a new oversized home will have a long-term negative impact on the community. The City of Miami Beach, Historic Preservation Board, Design Review Board, and the current owners should do EVERYTHING in its power to stop the demolition of this structure and designate this home as historic in order to save it for future generations.

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