Don't let EQUIFAX escape liability!

Everyone has heard about the egregious breach of security at Equifax wherein roughly half the US population had elements of their credit bureau data stolen. Similarly, the FTC recently promoted their $500+ million dollar settlement with Equifax as a huge benefit to the public, touting that each affected consumer could receive up to $125. Factually, this settlement is so riddled with holes that consumers applying for "their share" will never see a penny, let alone $125. With only $31 million actually allocated to fund this portion of the settlement, less than ONE PERCENT (roughly 248 thousand out of over 148 million) could receive this money. So many consumers applied within the first week that the FTC is now pleading with the American Public to chose worthless credit monitoring (from Equifax - the same company who leaked our data!) instead of cash because at this rate, there won't be enough money in the fund to mail a check for ONE PENNY to as few as HALF the affected consumers. HOW IS THIS A GOOD DEAL FOR THE AMERICAN PUBLIC? The FTC should be embarrassed to even suggest that such an offer is acceptable. But they've publicly admitted they are more concerned about keeping Equifax 'alive' than protecting the American Public or for that matter, sending a strong message to ALL companies who process our data (often without our knowledge or permission) that maintaining the sanctity of that data is of paramount importance. Equifax was repeatedly warned before the leak that they needed to update their security but consistently chose not to do so in order to increase bonuses to their top executives. Once again, corporate greed at the highest levels is a higher priority than protecting the very consumers whose data makes the existence of these companies possible. It's time WE send a clear and powerful message - to Equifax, the FTC and Washington in general: DO YOUR JOB. PROTECT US and not corporate executives. We bailed out other companies who were 'too big to fail', and look what it got us. Let's not allow this mistake again. Force Equifax to pay for their greed, even if it drives them into dissolution. Only THAT will send the necessary message to all. Unlike Facebook who faced a $5 BILLION fine for disclosing our personal non-financial information, we have no capability to opt out of or stop Equifax from collecting, sharing (and abusing) our private financial data (social security, credit, address, license, etc...) This petition will be sent not only to FTC officials and the White House, but to the Federal Judge in charge of the case - the ONE PERSON who can quickly and easily deny this settlement and force them to create a more equitable deal that best serves justice in this situation. Ensure the Judge views this issue in the light of its true scope - affecting half the entire US population - and not just the convenience of a few lawyers and overpaid executives!

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Petition for Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết)/Mrs. Snow to be relinquished of ownership rights to Mina

If Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / Ms. Snow does not voluntarily give up custody of Mina, it is a matter of public opinion that we the People support any legal actions taken by Mina’s rescuers, to fight for the custody of Mina. We are petitioning to declare that Mina stay in the care of and that ownership be granted to any one of Mina’s rescuers; Members of the Phu Quoc Animals Rescue, Duong Hieu, Joey T, or Cứu Trợ Chó Mèo Kiên Giang (Kien Giang Cat Dog Rescue) Background on Mina: Video clips were shared via social media from locals showing a dog lying on the floor, surrounded by blood. Clips included scenes of a woman cutting off the dog’s right front paw. The incident was recorded on 9/19/17 in Phu Quoc Vietnam, and the clip was reported to have been recorded by a neighbor. In an interview video, the owner stated that Mina chased her ducks and bit others. In anger, the owner cut off Mina’s front right paw. Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / translated to English is Mrs. Snow, is reportedly be the owner of the dog. In negotiations, Mina was taken away for medical treatment by a group of rescuers and an Association. It took 3 days for the people of the Association to be able to take Mina into Rach Gia (mainland) and because Mina’s leg was still strapped with a wire, his leg ended up necrosis and infected. To ensure the life of Mina, the Association initially agreed to do minor surgery to remove the infected part of the leg infection on 9/22/17 and provided follow-up care of injections; drug infection + infusion + drug Increases resistance. After seeing his health stabilized, on 9/24/17 Mina was moved to a Sasaki Veterinary Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. Mina was provided with a week of wound healing by foreign experts and by the veterinarian medical team using the best medicine. Every option was to retain the rest of his leg. Unfortunately, all the efforts of the medical staff could not save Mina's leg. The necrotic wound in the skin had spread, which forced foreign experts to consult and it was decided that Mina would have to undergo a major surgery. They decided to remove Mina's wounded leg (his shoulder joint is also removed). On 10/23/17 a video footage showed Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / Ms. Snow had come to see Mina and possibly take him home. Mina fled away on his 3 legs from the owner in terror. Mina is traumatized at the very sight of his owner who had inflicted merciless cruelty onto him. It is in Mina's best interest for Mina to stay in the care of his rescuers in order to receive the best quality of life. We are petitioning that ownership rights for Mina, be revoked from Ms. Tuyet (bà Tuyết) / Ms. Snow and for ownership rights to be granted to any one of Mina’s rescuers; Members of the Phu Quoc Animals Rescue, Duong Hieu, Joey T, or Cứu Trợ Chó Mèo Kiên Giang (Kien Giang Cat Dog Rescue)

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FWC: Change Your Bear Killing Policy - Don't Kill Longwood Bear

Stop the FWC from killing a mother bear who was protecting her cubs. A woman in Longwood, FL, let her dog outside off-leash at night. The dog spotted a mother bear with cubs and started barking at the bears. The woman tried to run back to her house, which caused the bear to chase after her. She tripped and fell and hit her head. The bear bit her ankle. The mother bear perceived the dog and woman as a threat and as a warning bit the woman and retreated. This incident could have been prevented had the Longwood community been properly storing their trash the main culprit in almost all bear-human conflicts. Also, dogs should be leashed, and if you live in bear country you must canvass the area before taking your dog out and never run from a bear. We need to hold the FWC accountable for enforcing the standards and laws put into place to protect both humans and bears. In cases where bear attacks occur due to human negligence. A new policy must be implemented that holds humans accountable for their actions. A bear should not be killed for defending her cubs. Contact the FWC Commissioners and ask that a policy change be made that protects bears from being killed as a result of human error or carelessness.…/fwc-staff/senior-staff/commissioners/

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Demand a Fair Trial for Jonathan Irons, Wrongfully Convicted Since Age 16

Jonathan Irons has been incarcerated since 1997 for a crime that he did not commit. He was just 16 years old at the time and arrested for the non-fatal shooting of a homeowner during a burglary -- even though no DNA evidence, fingerprints, physical evidence, or footprint evidence collected ever linked Jonathan to the crime.  I’ve known Jonathan for over a decade, and I’m fighting to make sure his case gets a fair review and calling attention to the prosecutorial misconduct that I believe resulted in Jonathan being wrongfully sent to prison for 50 years as a teenager. Will you stand with me and demand new evidence be considered? Jonathan’s conviction was based solely on unreliable eyewitness testimony. Credible witnesses who could have provided testimony to Jonathan’s whereabouts during the time of the crime were never brought to court to testify, and Jonathan was interrogated by authorities without a guardian or attorney present, even though he was a minor. Moreover, when the shooting victim indicated that he couldn’t identify his shooter, police officers told him to give his “best guess” which led to his guess of Jonathan. Jonathan has now been in prison for 22 years, for a crime I know and thousands of others know he didn’t commit. I met Jonathan through a family member’s prison ministry program when I was 18. I was shocked and horrified to discover that this was happening to someone who was only a couple years younger than I was at the time of his arrest. I was even more shocked to learn that over 10,000 people may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year and that prosecutorial misconduct is rampant in communities across the United States. I’m dedicating my life to freeing Jonathan the same way I dedicated myself to each game in the WNBA. And it’s why I need your help today. I urge you to join me in asking Judge Daniel Green and Missouri Assistant Attorney General Patrick J. Logang, the Office of the Missouri State Attorney General and the Office of the District Attorney of Saint Charles County to take into account the undeniable facts of Jonathan’s case, and provide justice for Jonathan Irons once and for all.

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Make 9/11 a Federal Holiday

In the years following September 11, 2001, the grieving process for the families affected by that day has not become any easier. It is a day of mourning from such tragedies that the United States will forever remember and be affected by. The families of the workers and First Responders should be able to take that day for mourning. September 11th should be a mental health day, to give our nation a break to remember their loved ones that they lost. We have memorial day for fallen soldiers, but what about the fallen civilians and responders?  This is important to me because I went to school to be a EMT and Firefighter. During my time in the class we went to visit Ground Zero and the Flight 93 memorial. Although I personally did not have family in those terrorist attacks, those memorials were so emotional. Just thinking about the innocent people who lost their lives breaks my heart. 

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Dismiss Charges Against Timothy Getz

There comes a point in each of our lives when we are called to stand for something. Stand for our beliefs. Stand for our family. Stand for our friends. Stand for our rights. Whatever that defining moment in your life is, our character and morality is shaped by its existence and how we handle ourselves within that moment. On the night of September 4, 2019, one of our community members and friends found himself in the thick of that moment, alongside his family members, as they fought to save their life’s work, their heritage, but more importantly a herd that has become like family to them. With his brother and father in the barn working to free animals, this young man was attempting to assist in the rescue. Working to save something they love from the tragedy of fire, they did what any parent, loved one, or compassionate person would do. They went into a structure to release their animals from the confines of a burning barn. While in focused determination, that effort was interrupted by an officer. The officer’s intentions at this point may have been pure, but his focus was clearly different than that of the family trying to save their herd. A moment in the life of a family that was already tragic became far worse through the actions of an officer interfering with the efforts of a farm family trying to save their herd from certain death within a burning building. As the situation escalated, the course of action could have proceeded in several ways: (1) Assist the family in freeing the herd before the barn was engulfed in flames; (2) Have the officer vacate the building and allow the farmers to work diligently before the fire moved farther through the barn or (3) Arrest the farmer for resisting an attempted forceful removal from the building by someone he later found out was a police officer. Sadly, the path chosen was the latter. It may be difficult for those without an agricultural experience to understand the depth of connection between a farmer and his livestock. So imagine for a moment that you find yourself standing on the threshold of your home faced with the decision of running into a burning building to save your child or standing in the front yard while you listen to them scream for your help, scared and alone. Do you risk your own life to save the life of someone you love? For me, this isn’t even a question. It’s a natural response to save and care for those we love. This example is neither harsh nor far-fetched. It speaks to the heart of a farmer. Could more of the herd have been saved without this interruption? We may never know. Certainly, the efforts would have continued and an agricultural family would be allowed the ability to work together through this tragic event without the additional legal ramifications of a hasty arrest. Now it is our turn as a community to stand for something. To make known the intent and will of the people of this community. To stand strong in supporting our agricultural neighbors and friends. We, the community, petition the judicial system, the Pennsylvania State Police, and the County of Lebanon courts to dismiss these charges and clear them from the record of Timothy Getz and allow him to freely work alongside his family as they work to recover from this tragedy and the unnecessary escalation of the situation.

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Get LA Beast on Hot Ones

I want LA Beast to appear on the  Hot Ones YouTube series 

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Paid Personal Time should be guaranteed

No state or city in America guarantees paid personal time for workers, including nearly a million New Yorkers. It pains me to think about all the birthdays, first days of school, graduations and other special moments I’ve missed because I couldn’t afford to lose my job – or even a single paycheck – by taking a day off work. My name is Yanelia and I’m a mother of five from the Bronx. To make ends meet and put food on the table, I’m employed at a nail salon where I haven’t had a single work day off to rest or spend with my children in 10 years. Stand with me in urging the New York City Council to pass legislation RIGHT NOW that would guarantee the right to 10 days of Paid Personal Time. New York would be the first city to make this change, inspiring a wave of change across the country. No job should cause anyone to miss all the important moments that make life special for everyone. And what we really can’t afford is to keep working so hard that life just passes us by. Nail salon workers, cooks, cleaners, servers, childcare providers, and domestic workers, and all other working New Yorkers and Americans should be treated with dignity and respect. We deserve a break to take care of ourselves and those we love. We don’t deserve to be treated like batteries that are thrown away and replaced once drained. SIGN NOW to make a life-changing difference for working families like mine. Tell the New York City Council: Pass Paid Personal Time legislation today!

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Go #AllinforClimateAction NOW - #Climate Emergency

Time is running out for our planet. And as the Amazon “the lungs of our planet” burn before our eyes, we must act now to fight climate change or doom this and future generations into an age of extinction.  The next generation may never see the Amazon rainforest, coral reefs, or a polar bear.  But the spectacular biodiversity existing on our planet, our home, is more than just beautiful, it is what keeps us alive. Our destruction of ecological life support systems will literally kill us all. My name is Cynthia Leung and I am a high school student from Brooklyn. I first started getting involved with the movement during the UN's High-Level Political Forum when I learned about the linkages that climate change can have with multiple important topics. Having the Climate Change Summit in the New York UN Headquarters is extremely important for the American climate action movement. In fact, since the summit will be in New York, we need to utilize our voices to make sure our message is heard loud and clear by world leaders in September. Being one of many youth climate activists proves that young people will continue to advocate and protest until we have definite plans for climate change because our futures are at risk.  My generation and millions of young people from all over the world, are skipping school, university or work, taking to the streets and protesting your inaction on climate change. The time to act is now and we have one month to add our voices to call for strong, unified climate action from our government.   Add your voice today if you want to hear our world leaders’ plans to mitigate emissions by 2020, and dramatically reduce emissions to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century! This September, world leaders will unite in NYC for the UN Climate Change Summit. And young climate leaders from around the globe will be there to deliver the world’s biggest call-to-action! We demand that they come up with bold, ambitious, definite and effective climate and environmental action plans. Great-Britain and Ireland have already headed our call and declared a climate emergency. We urgently need more countries to stand up to protect their people, animals, and OUR planet.   Let’s face the truth. Radical transformational change is imperative in safeguarding our future and future generations. IPCC’s 2018 report emphasizes that we need major transformation, especially since we are now off track in limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees celsius. And global political and business leaders hold the key to the transformational change we urgently need. We, the youth of today, are holding them accountable through direct action and we expect the powerful to take responsibility to deliver a sustainable future for all. World leaders should no longer ignore tens of thousands on the streets. In the moments leading up to September and the meeting of the powerful, we’ll mobilize internationally to get world leaders to take climate action! When leaders of the world unite in New York City in September, we will be there and we will deliver, the world’s most signed call-to-action! Until then, we are watching them carefully. We will not go down without a fight. We will keep rising until governments will act. And when September comes, we will be there! This petition is part of an international campaign. You find all petitions here: Please support our campaign and join us!  Sign this, if you are also #AllinforClimateAction! Please follow us on  Facebook: Instagram:

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The Barbaric Yulin Dog Meat Festival Must Come to an End Once and For All

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is fast approaching.  We must put pressure on Chinese officials to enact effective changes in procedure and law enforcement to stop this horrific event from taking place once and for all. The United States’ position on the dog and cat meat trade, and the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in particular, is clear and unequivocal: dogs and cats should not be killed for the consumption of their meat. In December 2018, the United States banned the dog and cat meat trade.  Inroads into the banning of this cruel and senseless commerce have also been made in parts Asia. Taiwan recently took the monumental step of banning both the consumption of dog and cat meat and the overall trade in such meat.  Significantly, Taiwan is also home to an international alliance that is championing the push to ensure all Asian countries outlaw these senseless and cruel practices in the region. Indeed, Hanoi, Vietnam is also taking action, progressively banning the trade of dog and cat meat in its central districts. Although these measures and efforts are important, we must continue to press China to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. We proudly stand with the millions of people across the globe and in China, who wish to see this festival come to an end.  The Chinese government would be wise to join our efforts and institute a complete ban of the dog and cat meat trade. The Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China dates back to 2009-2010, when it was launched by dog meat traders as a commercial enterprise to boost flagging sales. We find it completely outrageous that even though the Yulin city government withdrew as a sponsor of the Dog Meat Festival, Yulin authorities and the Chinese government failed to take any meaningful action to bring an end to this festival. The event celebrates the wholesale torture of dogs and is an abhorrent display of animal cruelty. During this barbaric festival, dogs are burnt, skinned, or boiled alive, have their paws cleaved off while conscious, and are staked to the ground and beaten to death. No one can see these images and walk away unaffected. Based on the work of animal activist groups, the number of dogs slaughtered at the festival has be reduced, but still far too many are suffering barbaric torture and death. In fact, even with the decrease of dogs slaughtered at the Yulin festival, there are still about 10 million dogs killed annually in China for the dog meat trade.  It is absolutely shameful that this festival and others like it still continue. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the countless activists who continue their tireless fight every single day in order to save and protect the voiceless and powerless animals across the globe. The Vanderpump Dog Foundation is on the ground 365 days a year with our two shelters and almost 500 dogs saved from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. We see first hand the progress and are hopeful that we will be able to end the celebration of consuming our best friends. We must continue to shed light on the horrific treatment of the many animals that fall prey to China’s dog meat trade. Our efforts transcend cultural differences, party lines, state borders, and political stances. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, this cause must be everyone’s cause. With the might of the American government behind us, we can continue to put pressure on Chinese officials to enact much needed changes. Many humane courses of action are already available throughout China. With regular monitoring and enforcement, we hope that one day soon will finally see the elimination of the cruel Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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