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Congress: Protect our Right to Choose!

UPDATE 6/24/2022: This morning, the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade, despite the fact that 61% of Americans support the right to safe abortion. A majority of our Senators and Representatives – even some moderate Republicans – say they believe in keeping abortion legal and safe. It’s time for them to live up to their word. Congress must act NOW and agree on legislation that offers federal protection for access to abortion – regardless of where a pregnant person lives. Click here to email your elected officials and demand they pass legislation that protects our right to choose. My name is Kate and I was once faced with one of the toughest decisions a woman could ever make. During my first trimester, I found out my pregnancy was no longer progressing. Overwhelmed with grief and anxiety, my doctor recommended D&C, a procedure that allowed me to choose the best route for my physical health. This procedure further permitted me to skip pain I would have otherwise had to endure, mentally and physically. D&C is a form of abortion and such a procedure allowed me to choose what was best for me and my family.  Back then, I had options. Those options will be wiped away for other women in my home state of Indiana and all across the country when Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court next month – as indicated by the leaked draft of Justice Samuel Alito. Other women deserve to have the same choice I had. My experience does not include those who are sexually abused and, as a result, become pregnant. The standard which the Supreme Court is setting would hinder a victim’s right to abortion after rape or incest as well. No girl or woman should be forced to give birth – especially after becoming pregnant under despicable circumstances. I refuse to allow our generation to be the first in U.S. history where daughters have fewer rights and less freedom than their mothers. As a mother myself, such a regression of protections and rights is frankly appalling.  Further, a right to necessary healthcare based on geographic location is abhorrent and against common decency. I refuse to live in an America where a woman's ability to live out her destiny is limited by her zip code. Forced births are un-American and the time to end this assault on the dignity of pregnant people is now. National legislation is vital in this moment. The majority of our Senators and Representatives – even some moderate Republicans – say they believe in access to safe abortion. Congress must draft and agree on legislation that offers federal protection for access to abortion – regardless of where a pregnant person lives.  Our elected officials represent the people of this country. The majority of us want access to safe and legal abortions. It is their duty to act in our best interest. Lives are on the line. Sign this petition, then call your Senator and representatives and demand they pass legislation that protects our right to choose.

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Help Cancel Shark Killing Tournament In Jupiter, Florida!

Urgent action is needed to stop a shark fishing tournament scheduled for July 9, 2022, in Jupiter, Florida. WarBird Tournaments LLC, owned and operated by Jason Barquin, is hosting a shark-killing tournament in Jupiter, Florida. He is charging a $100 entry fee per boat. Upon learning about this event, our organization reached out to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). We sent documentation of shark fishers in a private Facebook group stating they would shoot as many sharks in the head as possible and only take the most significant shark carcasses back to weigh-in stations to win a prize for the largest fish caught. State law allows the legal "harvest" of one shark per person and two sharks per boat. The FWC responded, stating they were aware of an advertised shark-fishing tournament and that fishing tournaments do not require approval by the FWC; however, they must comply with state and federal fishing regulations. It is appalling that the FWC and NOAA, two agencies charged with protecting sharks, allow fishing tournaments that promote an absolute disregard for life. This tournament is not about sustenance. It is about the thrill of the kill and fosters a lack of respect for sharks and their essential role in keeping our underwater ecosystems healthy and balanced. This lack of respect breeds poaching and other egregious acts. It also sends a message that it is okay to kill for "fun." Killing is not conservation. Over 100 million sharks are killed yearly; shark populations have declined by 70% over the past 50 years and continue to decline worldwide. They face numerous threats such as overfishing, being caught as bycatch, finning, habitat loss, and more. Sharks reproduce slowly, and tournaments such as this one often target the biggest sharks, which happen to be the females, and it is not uncommon for pregnant sharks to be killed.  As apex predators, sharks shift their prey’s spatial habitat, which alters the feeding behavior and diets of other species, impacting predatory fish and herbivorous fish, which in turn affects coral reefs and sea grass beds. In the absence of sharks, underwater ecosystems collapse. You can help stop this tournament and save sharks by contacting those listed below and telling them that you DO NOT support shark fishing tournaments or killing for amusement. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Janet Coit of NOAA FisheriesPhone: (301) 427-8000 x8000Email: We, the undersigned, request that you indefinitely cancel the shark fishing tournament conducted by WarBird Tournaments LLC that is scheduled for July 9, 2022, and any shark fishing tournament after that.

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Impeach The Supreme Court Justices Who Lied

Justices Alito, Gorsuch, Thomas, and Kavanaugh all proclaimed that Roe V Wade was settled law and precedence and said they would not overturn it. Coney-Barett was shoved through at the last minute and should also be removed from the court. The overturning of Roe has done immeasurable damage and will cost women their lives.  This is just the beginning. They won't stop at Roe. Many other rights now have a target on them. We cannot allow them to take Constitutionally protected rights away from the American people. These justices lied under oath to get on the court. We call for their immediate impeachment and removal from the Supreme Court.

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Protect Abortion Access in Texas

I have many friends who have needed an abortion at some time in their life. Nearly 1 in 4 US women have an abortion in their lifetime, so pretty much everyone has a friend who has had one too. People need abortions for a variety of reasons, from financial inability to care for another child after already having one, to the fetus’ death in the womb, and even threat to their life if they were to continue the pregnancy. I would never want to be in a situation where I could not get an abortion if I needed one. What would happen to you tomorrow if you needed to get an abortion in Texas? In Texas, there are mandatory waiting periods and requirements to listen to fetal heartbeat — not to mention that you have to be within 6 weeks of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP), which is a huge issue when some people have irregular, or nonexistent cycles due to health reasons or birth control. What’s happening in Texas right now? Because of Texas’ 6 week abortion ban, we know that: Women already do not have access to healthcare. Many will die and be permanently harmed from "back street" abortions.  Restricting or making abortion illegal doesn't stop them - it just stops safe ones. Miscarriages will be investigated. When abortion is illegal that means that every pregnancy loss must be investigated to ensure the "crime" of abortion didn't happen. In Texas, this threat can come from anyone at any time. The rich will still have access to abortion. However, Texas has trigger laws in place that will take effect 30 days after the ruling. This will SEVERELY limit any accessibility for abortion. We know Gov. Abbott is anti-choice. But not all lawmakers throughout the state are. ABORTION IS STILL LEGAL FOR NOW. In order to restore access to safe abortion services across Texas: State Senators and Representatives must repeal SB 8. We must elect a Governor and Attorney General who will commit to not prosecuting people who need abortions under the current Texas law. Finally, we call on medical professionals and centers to expand abortion and affordable reproductive access to more Texans.

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Award William Love, 1SG (Ret) the Presidential Citizens Medal for Bravery

Retired First Sergeant William Love was killed on  June 1, 2022 at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He died bravely, facing evil in the eye, as he held the clinic door closed against a rampaging gunman. His courageousness allowed his wife and others to run to safety and surely saved many lives from the threat. Mr. Love served as an Army First Sergeant for 27 years, including a tour in Vietnam. He was married to his beloved wife Deborah for almost 55 years. Mr. Love espouses the tenets of the Presidential Citizens Medal by his selflessness, fearlessness, and utmost concern for those around him. 

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FDA: Lift Restrictions on Abortion Medication Now!

To the FDA: End the unnecessary restrictions on access to abortion medication! More than 20 years ago, the FDA approved the abortion pill, mifepristone, as safe for use in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, at the same time, it placed the medication in the most restricted category (called REMS for risk, evaluation, mitigation strategy) making it unnecessarily difficult for pregnant people to access. There is no medical reason for these restrictions. These restrictions were created for political reasons to appease a small segment of extremists. It is long past time to get rid of them! REMS is for the most dangerous drugs in the U.S., a category that includes restricted drugs like fentanyl and thalidomide. In every state, doctors and pharmacies need to be certified by the manufacturer before being able to prescribe and dispense these drugs.   Five years ago, a group of expert doctors wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine that the FDA’s restrictions on mifepristone “no longer make[] clinical sense” and should be “expeditiously withdrawn” “given the very low rate of adverse events associated with its use.” There have been many medical studies over the past 20 years that show that the drug has a 98% success rate and is safer than taking Tylenol. The restrictions are entirely political in nature.   President Biden has said that he wants to protect women’s access to contraception and abortion medication. Great! Joe end the restrictions on mifepristone today! We call on the FDA to immediately lift the political, oppressive and unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone.

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“Technoblade never dies!” splash text to be added into Minecraft

A beloved community figure by all and a great example of sportsmanship, respect and grace despite his dry sarcasm and his highly competitive nature, Technoblade is without a doubt one of the most influential players in the long history of Minecraft and someone whose content has brightened the days of tens of millions of people for years. Now, after the news of his extremely unfortunate passing has been released, I think it’s only right that Mojang does something to pay their respects to one of the most incredible people the Minecraft community has ever seen. This petition is for Mojang to add the splash text “Technoblade never dies!” to Minecraft in honor of one of Techno, as it was one of his most well-known catchphrases.  

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Close down XTC: Bartenders & security harass and kills mother of 3

On June 25th around 5 a.m, Shalonda Lofton & her friends were leaving  the strip club called Xtc(located in Dallas,Tx). While leaving Shalonda filmed herself on live getting harassed & tormented by the bartenders and security. She was pushed, racially violated & had water also thrown on her. Approaching her car, the security were still following them. The security surrounded the vehicle. Moments later as she was approaching the exit of the parking lot, security opened fired on her car more than 4 shots. Pronouncing her dead on the scene. She leaves behind 3 loving children, family & close friends. If you were to look up the cabaret,you will find multiple fatal incidents has happened at this establishment before. Please help us raise awareness & sign the petition to get this club shut down. The owner refuse to close & told bystanders he has a business to run & it will be right back up & running tonight! 

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Protest This Human Rights Violation!

Hi, my name is Janecia Hill and my family needs your help. My brother, Tevin Hill has been incarcerated for 1,757 days with NO TRIAL DATE in sight. He was arrested for a crime he is innocent of and unfortunately there is a crime still unsolved today due to the lack of police work on behalf of the Dougherty County Police Department. My brother is one of hundreds if not, thousands of men and women across the country who have been arrested and have their human rights stripped away. There is a HUGE injustice on both sides from policing to judiciary action. There is absolutely no reason it should take a case this long to make it to trial.  The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, the Due Process Clause, to describe a legal obligation of all states.due process of law. n. a fundamental principle of fairness in all legal matters, both civil and criminal, especially in the courts. All legal procedures set by statute and court practice, including notice of rights, must be followed for each individual so that no prejudicial or unequal treatment will result.( Throughout the course of this case there has been extreme bias towards the justice department in processing, scheduling and overall following due process of the law.  My brother has 3 small kids who NEED him. We have been patient, we have been more than fair with allowing the law to do their part, now it’s time for us to USE OUR VOICES! I cannot sit quietly while my brother wastes away in jail cell. Please sign this petition to share your support for human and civil rights for all. My goal is to receive 5,000 signatures by August 1st. Change starts here, now!

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Protect Early Farmland in BC

A single 300-acre parcel is at the core of the local early fresh field vegetable supply in British Columbia.   If you've tasted fresh BC field vegetables (think nugget potatoes, carrots, cabbage) in the summer - between May-Long and Canada Day - there's a good chance they were produced on this farmland parcel.  This farmland is located on 192nd Street in Campbell Heights, Surrey BC. With its beach-like sandy soil upon a level hill-top, it never floods, it can be planted or harvested on nearly any day of the year and has a special a micro-climate suited for early production. Western Canada's potato harvest starts on this farmland each year. Thereafter, an estimated 30-50 million servings of potatoes, carrots, cabbage, parsnips and squash are produced from the land annually. That's enough fresh food to put a vegetable serving on every Metro-Vancouverite's dinnerplate for 2-3 weeks. As harvest begins  before other vegetable fields in BC, this land reduces BC's reliance on imported vegetables.   Sadly, this exact parcel of farmland is slated to be sold and developed into industrial buildings. Unlike other farmland in BC, this parcel is not protected by BC's world-renowned Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Not only is the land not in the ALR, the landowner - the Federal Government - is not bound by the ALR's farmland protection system.  A coalition of farmers, residents, farmland advocates and others are calling on:  1) The Federal Government to keep all 300 acres of this parcel in agriculture, forests and streams - by granting a long-term lease to a local farmer and applying to the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission to include it in the ALR; and, (2) The City of Surrey to amend its Official Community Plan to prevent the land from conversion to any use other than farming and forest.  To sum up, productive farmland is disappearing at an alarming rate all over the world. We all feel food prices rising quickly (due to war in the Ukraine, droughts across the globe including in California and constrained supply chains). Its no surprise then that local food security is a top-of-mind topic in BC. In this context, BC's earliest, most reliable farmland should not be sold to be developed into industrial buildings. Join the call to protect the unique 300-acre parcel of prime farmland for current and future generations. 

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