Petition to make Kobe Bryant the new NBA Logo

With the untimely and unexpected passing of the great Kobe Bryant please sign this petition in an attempt to immortalize him forever as the new NBA Logo. PICTURE CREDIT: @tysonbeck Due to fake accounts here are my social handles Twitter - ThatGuyN1CK IG - thetyvonfettuccine

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Justice for Harry Dunn - Extradite Anne Sacoolas

On August 27, 2019, a teenage boy named Harry Dunn from Charlton, Northamptonshire, England was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle on the B4031 Road near the exit to RAF Croughton when he was hit by a vehicle driven by an American, Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a United States Government official. Mrs. Sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road when her car collided with 19 year old Harry. Tragically, young Harry died of his injuries. Mrs. Sacoolas stayed at the scene of the collision and agreed to be interviewed the next day. However, whilst being interviewed, she claimed diplomatic immunity and the interview was suspended. The next day, the UK Government filed a request for an immunity waiver from the United States. A few weeks later, the UK Government learned that not only would the US Government decline the immunity waiver, but also that Mrs. Sacoolas had been quietly, secretly spirited away back to the United States with the aid of the US Government a few days prior. As the investigation into the collision progressed, it became clear that Mrs. Sacoolas does not, in fact, have diplomatic immunity. On December 20, 2019, the Crown Prosecution filed formal charges of causing death by dangerous driving against Mrs. Sacoolas and requested the US Government send her back to England. To this date, the request has been denied and Mrs. Sacoolas remains in the United States. Meanwhile, the family and friends of Harry Dunn have been left in a painful limbo. Due to the US Government’s refusal to return Mrs. Sacoolas, Harry and his family have been denied justice and closure. The months since August have been a waking nightmare for them as they wait for the United States to do the right thing and send her back. We, the American people, the citizens of the United Kingdom and people from around the world implore the United States Government to return Anne Sacoolas to the UK to face the charges against her if she will not willingly return herself. The American Government has never once denied an extradition to the UK and there is absolutely no reason to set that dangerous precedent now. To continue to deny the family of Harry Dunn the justice and closure to which they are entitled; to continue to disregard longstanding extradition agreements with one of our most beloved and loyal allies; to assist someone charged with a serious crime by helping them evade prosecution is an egregious mishandling of law that must be corrected immediately. Send Anne Sacoolas back to England.

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On July 1, 2019 my 15 year old son was beaten by four individuals with bats. This attack was planned by the four boys, they drove to the neighborhood my son was in, three of the boys were hiding in bushes while the fourth called my son and his friend over to the vehicle. The detective made it known to me that one of the boys looked up on his phone how long a person would get in prison for murder before they drove to where my son was at. A neighbor heard commotion outside and witnessed my son being hit repeatedly with metal baseball bats in his head and legs. He opened his door and decided at that moment he needed to help my son. When he opened his door the individuals dressed in all black with bandanas covering their face took off and got in their car. He brought my son in his house and called 911 after my son was vomiting blood and passing out on his kitchen floor. The 911 audio that i have from this night states the paramedics had to intubate my son. My son had to have a brain surgery upon arrival to the hospital and these four individuals are charged with child abuse causing great bodily harm. My son was hospitalized for 6 weeks and he may never be the same. I need the proper charges brought up for these boys taking my sons life.

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Maybelline Needs to Stop Animal Testing

Do you know the process of creating makeup products? Many makeup brands are using animal testing for their products. Maybelline is one of them. Makeup brands test on rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, and dogs. There’s nothing in it for the animals but a life of suffering. Some animals are killed after the tests are done. I want Maybelline to end all animal testing and become a brand that is cruelty-free.  Although L'Oreal has added a response to the petition indicating that they no longer animal test, they go on to contradict themselves in the last sentence. Allowing their products to be sold in China means that they have to allow for animal testing where the government deems it necessary. Being complicit in animal testing does not mean a company is cruelty-free. Maybelline continues to lack a cruelty-free rating by EthicalElephant.  Maybelline is one of the top brands in the makeup industry- known for their mascara. But, many are not aware that they test on animals. Is making your eyes appear more fluttery worth an animal's life? Many people think animals are wild creatures and do not rights. But they do. Animals can procreate and that makes as human as possible. They are beautiful living organisms that have lived on earth before us. For the makeup industry, dogs are one of the main animals that undergo testing. Experiments specifically use beagles because they are closer to humans. Dogs should not have to go through this process. As a dog-owner this is one of the main reasons why I have switched to cruelty-free mascara. Dogs are meant to be a human’s best-friend and are not meant to be used for cosmetic experiments. Animals should have the right to live a life to the fullest without fearing that they might die the next day. Animals should not go through pain to benefit only the consumers’ appearance. If it is illegal to harm animals, why isn't animal testnig banned? Why should humans have the right to harm an innocent animal for cosmetic benefits? You can stop makeup brands like Maybelline from testing on animals by signing this petition.

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Barbers Hill ISD STOP the gender discrimination against our boys

According to the Superintendent of Barbers Hill ISD, "this is how we have done it for the last 30 years, we hold our students to a higher standard and this is why we show a record of great excellence in the district." While we all strive for excellence in our daily lives, and we too hold our children to a high expectation, what does this have to do with the length of their hair, specifically our boys? DeAndre Arnold, an exceptional student with a bright future has been told by Barbers Hill ISD board members that he will have to finish out the remainder of the school year in In School Suspension, ISS, and he will not be able to walk in the graduation ceremony with his peers, if he does not cut his dreadlocks to the required length standards set by the school district in the handbook.   DeAndre has been growing his hair for the last 6 years, during those 6 years as a student in BHISD he was told his hair could not go past his collar, touch his ears or go below the eyes.  In order to be in compliance with the rules he put his hair in a ponytail.  Then he was told he could not wear hair accessories because he was a boy, so he could not wear a ponytail because he had nothing to secure it with.  Then they changed the rules saying boys could wear hair accessories but if the hair was not in compliance when let down then even when up in a ponytail it was still in violation.   So when up in a ponytail, the only manner he wears it to school, DeAndre's hair does not go past his collar, does not touch his ears and it isn't in his eyes.  But because WHEN LET DOWN it is not in compliance he is being told ponytail or not he has to cut 5-8 inches off to be in compliance with the rules.  CHANGE THAT SEXIST RULE BHISD IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY AND GENDER DISCRIMINATION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.   PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANGE AND SIGN THIS PETITION 

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FDA: Approve Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Ronovo

Pancreatic cancer has limited treatment options and minimal survival rates. If there is a new drug option that is helping people live longer, why is the FDA not approving it?  My mother-in-law Darlene was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer last year. Our whole family was stunned by the diagnosis. She has 3 children and she's married to her high school sweetheart – the thought of losing her is devastating for all of us. Fortunately, she qualified for a clinical trial of Renovo. She was given 8 doses of the Renovo treatment, but she is not eligible for more under the terms of the drug trials. Darlene was doing so great on this treatment. The side effects are minimal – that's why we want the FDA to approve this treatment for patients like her. There are patients dying everyday that have not had the chance for this drug. Chemotherapy, the standard treatment, is not enough. Standard chemo and its side effects take the quality of life we want our loved ones to have. Help us fight for more people to get the opportunity to try the Renovo drug treatment.

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QURAANIC AYAAT ON A FLOOR MAT. Petition to remove the rug from market.

After notifying and complaining to the seller and received two emails promising to remove this item from their website, no action has been gaken. Now I am filing my petition in reference to the item “Islamic HM020823M Rug,” being sold on line on the following URL:  It appears that the company manufacturing this item as a rug and those involved in marketing and selling this, are not aware of the extreme disrespect and sacrilege to Islamic religious scripture that this will cause. Muslims (followers of Islam – about 1.9 Billion people around the world) believe in One God – Allah, and his last messenger Prophet Muhammad – Peace be upon him, and the Holy Book, the Quran, that was revealed to mankind through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Quran is the direct Word of Allah and Muslims around the world respect it as such and show it the utmost reverence. The writing on the so-called rug is called Surah Al-Ikhlas and is in fact the 112th chapter of the Quran. While we appreciate it that the manufacturer was taken by the beauty of the Arabic calligraphy used to depict this text, it is highly disturbing to see it displayed on a rug which is designed to be walked upon. Muslims around the world will find it deeply disrespectful to God and His Last Scripture, His direct Word, the Quran if this picture or the knowledge that such a rug is being sold by your company.  We humbly request the seller to immediately withdraw this item from the market and issue a statement that you were not aware of the significance of this to the world’s Muslims. It is of paramount importance that this action is taken immediately without delay, as millions and millions of eyes are watching this right now as well as sharing it with each other via social media and instant messaging. Majority will assume this to be another attack on Islam and may make judgement calls or take decisions based on those judgement calls. Please understand the urgency of this matter and take action immediately. Thank you for your time.

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Child Protective Services should be held accountable for not protecting Thomas Valva

The death of Thomas Valva is due to the negligence of the system that was put in place to protect children. Child Protective services was notified by multiple sources including the schools, doctors and neighbors, several times throughout the years to no avail.  The workers handling the case and the agency within itself should all be held accountable. I believe the people that were in direct contact with the case  should be fired, loss of any fringe benefits and criminal charges for their neglect should be filed. The community is outraged and appalled. Far too many stories are being shared concerning suffolk countys child protective services neglecting to thoroughly investigate reports. This is a horrific example and should be the last of its kind.

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Change Superbowl 55 to Saturday

It will get more money.and get more vistors to game.NFl will get more telavison views because most goverment jobs have off. have to more children to enjoy there beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of your  playoff games are on saturday. Probably  have to prices becuse more vistors will go

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Sign if you believe this is animal abuse

For too long, Jeff Gellman, owner of Solid K9 Training in Rhode Island has been engaging in and teaching dog training techniques that are scientifically unproven and harmful to dogs - oftentimes using tools that are banned in other countries such as electric shock collars (banned in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, etc.) and choke collars (banned in New Zealand, Austria, Australia, Switzerland and more). He promotes a "technique" that includes hitting as punishment. In a recent video, Jeff can be seen hitting a dog causing it to cry. A clip can be found HERE.  (See the Pet Professional Guild's statement on the use of shock collars HERE. See the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's statement on the use of aversive training methods HERE.) Under Rhode Island state law, "Every owner, possessor, or person having the charge or custody of any animal, who...willfully, intentionally, maliciously, recklessly, and/or knowingly authorizes or permits that animal to be subjected to unnecessary torture, suffering, or cruelty of any kind; or who places, or causes to have placed, on any animal any substance that may produce irritation or pain...shall be punished for each offense in the manner provided in § 4-1-2." We are asking Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha to investigate Solid K9 Training and these abusive practices including hitting, choking, shocking dogs. Our dogs deserve better. They deserve HUMANE and scientifically backed training approaches.

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