help keep our autistic kids safe
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help keep our autistic kids safe

    1. Antoinette Jones
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      Antoinette Jones

      New York, NY

Do you have a child or adult in your life whom you care for that has AUTISM or ALZHEIMERS ? have they ever wonderd off from you ? or left your home unattended an you had to frantically search for them ( while praying that they werent hert or dead)to bring them back? well i have an so have countless other parents of autistic people as well as adult children who's parents suffer from is a horrifiying ordeal when you discoverd that your child/parent has wonderd off from places like your home ,the mall ,the park ,or a family outing or even while your in your home maybe cooking,cleaning,or sleeping (at night). an you have no idea where they went .this has happen to me an my family on more than one occasion .And i can tell you each time he wonderd off was more terrifying than the last.
So what i would like to do is one of 2 things: (1.) the first is to ask our government to supply grants or vouchers to the autistic an alzheimers care givers so that they can pay for G.P.S devices such as watches,braceltes & necklaces.that the autistic & alzheimers patients would if they wonderd off the care giver's could find them and bring them home safely.these G.P.S devices have the capability of pin pointing exactley were your child or parent has wonerd off to .which would make it easy for you or the police to find them & bring them home safely.these devices unfortunatley can cost anywhere from $200. & better and have a mothly charge of $40. to help track your loved one an notify the proper authorities to help in their safe return home.Most of these parents are low income families who cannot afford to pay for thses devices .and have to rely on their own resources to help them keep track of their loved ones & most times thats not enuff. and cant result in serious consequences like being investigated by A.C.S on neglect charges.for something that is beyound your control.with these G.P.S DEVICES we could keep track of their where abouts.and their saftey would be intact.

which leads me to the 2nd part of my petition .which is to stop socials services from being able to birng child neglect charges against parents of Autistic/adhd children who wonder off .because them wondering off is part of their disability and us as parents do every thing humanly possible to prevent this from happening.we put alarms on the doors & windows of are Apartments/houses we get locks installed higher up on the doors so that the kids or parents cant reach them and be able to exit the home .we even loose sleep at night by staying up /an even sleeping in front of the door to prevnt them from leaving .and still sometimes they find away to what iam asking is for our law makers to tell social services that an Autistic child wondering off is not a reason to put a parent or care giver under investigation.or even bring charges of neglect against their care giver/parent for something that is simply beyound our total control.As parents we do the very best we can to protect our disabled children from all kinds of dangers that can harm them Especially them wondering away from us.
So please join me in asking our government /law makers to help protect our children who suffer from Autism & our parents who suffer from alzheimers .by giving us the funds we need to obtain the neccessary G.P.S devices to help keep track of them .in the event that they wonder off.
And also ask the law makers to change the law regarding bringing charges against the care givers/parents of AUTISTIC children who do everything in their physical & financial power to keep them safe .because its simply unfair to call us neglectful parents for the wondering off.when that is a part of their disability on behalf of Autistic parents every where. i would like to thank you in advance for reading my petiton and helping to make a change in the minds an hearts of those who have no idea what we as parents /care givers go through every day .GODBLESS YOU

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    1. time is running out/please help

      Antoinette Jones
      Petition Organizer

      time is running out please help me get more signatures this is a life saving cause your help is desperately needed the more signatures the better .please help me save our special needs children.the first one to get 150 signatures will receive $40. cash or $40 gift card please help

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    • Genevieve Lamothe SANTA CLARA, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      I have an autistic child.

    • Shirin Daya PLANO, TX
      • almost 2 years ago

      I totally agree because I have a 10 yr old and he has wondered off and it's a very scary feeling to go through

    • Deanna Leone HONEOYE FALLS, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I have a wanderer in my house too so I totally agree!

    • sanaa kassem FAYTTEVILLE, NC
      • almost 2 years ago

      no parent should go through this experience if we can help it and very parent and child deserve peace of mind.

    • Ashlee Maroney WESLEY CHAPEL, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      My son is ASD


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