Eliminate obstacles to CA FTA grant certification.
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Eliminate obstacles to CA FTA grant certification.

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      ASUCSB Office of the External Vice President for Local Affairs

September 2013



Governor Brown's office is currently in negotiations with the Department of Labor to get certification for billions of dollars in Federal Transit Administration grants. If the Department of Labor and the Governor's office cannot come to an agreement - Santa Barbara MTD will be forced to cut 30% of its bus service. That bus service is critical to thousands of transit dependent UCSB students! Don't let it be cut!

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      We secured our first 10 signatures on our way to 1000! Please include a comment and share these with your friends so we can send a message to the Department of Labor and the Governor's office.

      Petition to Ann Comer at the Department of Labor can be found here: http://ow.ly/omkA4

      In addition this is a reminder that there will be an additional transit talk style meeting with the SB MTD Board of Directors present (they are the ones who finalize the decisions of what to cut!) on September 10th 2013 @ 6:00 PM at 550 Olive Street in Santa Barbara.

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    • Adeel Lakhani GOLETA, CA
      • 7 months ago

      When I arrived at UCSB I found a well planned, well supported, and very convenient public bus system that made everyday life much easier. The high costs of owning and maintaining cars leave many students and workers relying on the bus system to get to classes, jobs, the grocery store, and entertainment.

      These cuts would be devastating to many cross-sections of our community, in areas that are already in need of additional service. Trying to save money in a way that prevents local agencies from receiving crucial federal funds makes no sense, and is unacceptable.

      The harm is much greater than any benefit. Increased reliance on automobiles will increase traffic congestion and air pollution. Leaving for work an hour earlier and arriving an hour later keeps working parents away from their families, requiring additional childcare arrangements. Decreased mobility might prevent people from getting to their second or third jobs. Many students, especially graduate teaching and research assistants, live quite far from campus. Please prioritize and resolve this issue quickly.

    • Alyssa Lubey ISLA VISTA, CA
      • 8 months ago

      Living in isla vista, college students barely make it by when it comes to cash. We pay too much to live in crummy houses just because it's near our school. Property managers do everything they can to cheat u out of money, and they can do a lot because once we sign their lease, were pretty powerless. We get less and less financial aid every year, meaning more and more debt. That means things like having a car often are impossible to afford. There's also the fact that street parking is ridiculous, and leaves your car in danger of damage, because partiers (especially freshman and those from out of town) like to punch out side view mirrors for fun. In my apartment building, parking in a lot costs 80$ a month! Students at Ucsb rely on the bus system for transportation. We want to keep isla vista livable and costs down and we need an efficient an reliable bus system to keep our town thriving. Thank you for listening to our concerns and keeping our bus system as great as I've come to know it to be!!

    • Christie Russak GOLETA, CA
      • 8 months ago

      This is important to me and my family since we have 1 car and ride the bus to travel to and from work and school.

    • Terance Hinson SANTA BARBARA, CA
      • 8 months ago

      Because I could lose my job

    • Kristen Gibson SANTA BARBARA, CA
      • 8 months ago

      I commute by bus to/from work daily. While I could afford a car if I have to, I prefer public transportation as the better option for the environment. Many others in town don't have the ability to keep a car; these cuts would hurt the poor. Invariably, these sorts of cuts do most harm to those most vulnerable.


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