Changing the Virginia Law Against Hazing

On February 27th, at a "Big/Little" hazing event held by the Delta Chi fraternity at Virginia Commonwealth University my cousin, Adam Oakes, lost his life to alcohol poisoning.  Being told to drink an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time as an initiation rite of passage shows a lack of empathy and a complete disregard for human life.  After hazing him, they let him tragically die on the ground alone without getting him help.  Our lives will never be the same due to one group of boys, one night, and one fraternity.  Unfortunately, Adam's death is not the first in the state of Virginia.  There have been at least 9 deaths in Virginia due to hazing!  How many more lives must we lose before action is taken?  Hazing is a criminal act.  However, in the state of Virginia, if you haze someone to the point of bodily harm or death, it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor.  The maximum punishment for causing injury or death is 12 months in jail and a $2500 fine.  We need your help to change the current law against Hazing from a misdemeanor to a felony.  Please sign our petition against hazing so people who haze are held accountable for their actions.

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Fight the FDA-Keep the Owlet Smart Sock on the market. Use your voice!

The Owlet Smart Sock is a monitoring device for babies so that parents can track their heart rate and oxygen saturation while they sleep. Millions of babies die suddenly due to illness and disease, while all of those deaths cannot be prevented, this device is a way to keep an eye on your babies vitals during those early newborn days when they’re so fragile. Keeping this product on the market would ensure peace of mind for millions of parents and quite literally save lives by alerting parents to an issue before it’s too late. The FDA has come after the Owlet company and forced them to stop sales of the Smart Sock in the United States. I am one mom who’s life has been greatly impacted by this product. When my one year old was a newborn I fell asleep on my side nursing her one night as countless other mothers have. Thankfully she was wearing her Smart Sock. It went off alerting me to a problem and when I woke up she was pressed up against my side and under my breast. I can’t say for sure what would have happened had the monitor not gone off but I’m thankful it did. This is a product that has given peace of mind to millions of parents. There are other products and substances on the market the FDA could be targeting rather than a baby monitor that’s sole job is to provide peace of mind and help us keep an eye on our little ones. There are also other products on the market with these same capabilities. Please use you voice to help the FDA hear from the parents they’re actually affecting. 

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Julius Jones is innocent. Don't let him be executed by the state of Oklahoma.

When Julius Jones was 19-years-old, he was convicted of a murder he says he did not commit. I need your help to save his life. Julius has lived on death row for almost 20 years, and is held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. He is allowed one hour of sunlight a day, and three showers a week. Every minute we wait to take action, Julius is suffering. Every second that goes by brings Julius closer to being executed for a crime he didn’t commit.  At the time of the crime for which he was convicted, Julius was a 19-year-old student athlete with a promising future, attending the University of Oklahoma on an academic scholarship. It is clear that Julius’ lawyer did not adequately defend him, and that explicit racial bias played a significant role in the process.. For example: Eyewitnesses place Mr. Jones at his parents’ home at the time of the murder, miles away from the crime scene.  Mr. Jones’ co-defendant admitted to being involved in the crime and is now free after testifying against Julius. He was heard bragging that he “set Julius up.” Mr. Jones’ co-defendant matches the only eyewitness description of the shooter based on the length of his hair. Newly-discovered evidence shows that at least one juror harbored racial prejudice that influenced his vote to convict and sentence Mr. Jones to death. One juror reported telling the judge about another juror who said the trial was a waste of time and “they should just take the n***** out and shoot him behind the jail.”  I learned about Julius’ story through Viola Davis’ docuseries “The Last Defense.” As a person of color and a person of faith, I knew that I couldn’t stand by while an innocent man was killed. I am an Oklahoma taxpayer and the idea that my money will be used to kill Julius makes me sick.  Every day an innocent man is forced to sit in solitary confinement, awaiting his death.  Recently, a grassroots movement successfully pressured Texas to stay the execution of Rodney Reed, another black man sentenced to death for a crime he says he didn’t commit. If we can save Rodney, then Julius has a chance. Please join me and demand justice for Julius.

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Support Reese’s Law (H​.​R. 5313 and S​.​3278): Pass Button Battery Legislation Now

I remember being on the floor begging God. ‘Please don’t take her. Not my baby.’ This time she was lifeless, she was blue, and she was no longer with us. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of losing a child or the pain we live with every day… As a mom, I cannot tell you the cost to add safer closures to products with button batteries. ​I can, however, confidently speak to the cost of not having these safety measures in place. My daughter, Reese, swallowed a button battery in October 2020; she endured countless surgeries and scopes and was intubated under sedation for 40 days.  Reese lost her fight on December 17, 2020, at just 18 months old. Every day we are reminded of just how much our family lost - through countless tears when we find something of Reese’s when least expected and sleepless nights seeing her face in our dreams. The greatest cost of all, though, is missing the brightest light in our lives and the immense pain that no family should have to endure.  There were 4000 button battery ingestions reported in the U.S. in 2020.  It is estimated that only 11% of all cases are reported, meaning this is happening to 36,000 children annually. This can be prevented. Australia recently passed National standards related to button battery safety in consumer products. The US should have the same  mandatory safe industry standards.  I am asking for your support of a bill to protect all of our children from injury and death related to button cell battery ingestion. Legislation will call for national standards related to consumer products with button batteries, specifically:  ● Button cell battery compartments of all consumer products to be secured, to the greatest extent practicable, in a manner that reduces access to button cell batteries by children that are 3 years of age or younger. ● Warning labels that clearly identify the hazard of ingestion, instructs consumers to keep new and used batteries out of the reach of children and to seek immediate medical attention if a battery is ingested on all consumer products with button batteries and on the batteries themselves.  What happened to Reese can be prevented from happening to others. Help us change the standards to keep all children safe from the dangers of button battery ingestion.

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Petition for Afghan Families to claim Political/Refugee Asylum in the U​.​S.

My name is Saher and I'm currently working to evacuate family members from Afghanistan. I need your help to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of every family in Afghanistan seeking asylum. We call upon the Biden Administration to re-open the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and provide sanctuary for those fleeing the Taliban. In doing so, this would allow families to seek asylum (Refugee/Political). We the people urge you to speedily implement a real-life plan for those greatly affected by the despicable fashion the United States of America with drawled from Afghanistan.   Please help us in making a difference... every signature counts...

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Stop Texas representatives from removing minority history from the K-12 curriculum

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other people of color) histories are under attack in Texas. On July 9th, Bryan Hughes, a Republican member of the Texas State Senate, introduced bill 87(1) SB 3 for committee consideration in the state legislature. The bill effectively seeks to erase marginalized histories from "the social studies curriculum for each grade level from kindergarten through grade 12." On July 16, the bill was passed in the Senate. Just take a look at one of the parts of the bill that removes from the curriculum "the history of white supremacy, including but not limited to the institution of slavery, the eugenics movement, and the Ku Klux Klan, and the ways in which it is morally wrong." Among the other provisions is the removal of "the history of Native Americans" and elimination of "historical documents related to the civic accomplishments of marginalized populations," including those related to "the Chicano movement," "women's suffrage and equal rights," and "the American labor movement" from the curriculum.  If Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 3 into law, "Martin Luther King Jr.'s... 'I Have a Dream speech," "the Emancipation Proclamation," "the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth," Amendments to the United States Constitution," and "The United States Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education," would all be eviscerated from classrooms. Names like Frederick Douglass, Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, and Héctor P. García would disappear from curricula. What would remain would be a condensed, whitened version of the history of Texas and the United States that ignores BIPOC struggles and triumphs. How can students be equipped to reckon with the racial realities of today without knowledge of our racist past? As a first-generation Asian-American, I am deeply concerned by Hughes' crusade against diverse narratives within Texan and American history. Racism is an infection. By ignoring it, we only allow it to clench its fist more tightly around our society and systems. Only by having frank conversations and uplifting BIPOC narratives from the very beginning, starting with our K-12 classrooms, can we spark meaningful change. Join me in showing Hughes and the Texas House of Representatives that legislation stifling marginalized stories and voices in our classrooms is regressive and unacceptable. Act now against SB 3 by sharing this petition and taking a stand. Want to take more direct, personal action? Go to the Action Center: Full text of the bill:

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Free Austin Tice, a journalist detained in Syria since 2012

I call upon the Biden Administration to prioritize the release and safe return of journalist and Marine veteran Austin Tice. Austin was reporting on the conflict in Syria when he was arrested in 2012. Since then he has been detained in secret and in silence.  This month Austin turns 40. He has spent most of his 30s in prison. It is well past time for him to come home. Austin traveled to Syria to document the conditions that were leading to the greatest refugee crisis since WWII. At the time very few journalists were working in Syria because of the danger involved. The world was not getting the story of what was happening on the ground. Austin worked for McClatchy Newspapers, The Washington Post and CBS News as a freelancer. He was arrested and detained because he was a journalist. If Austin is allowed to be held it shows that journalism can be stopped by throwing journalists in prison. His detention serves to intimidate journalists from covering events in the Middle East. Austin has been detained longer than any other U.S. Journalist. The United States must show it is committed to protect American journalists from hostage taking and committed to bringing hostages home.  In September 2020, representatives from the US government met with representatives of the Syria government to discuss the framework of a deal to free Austin. The ball is now in the court of the United States and they must respond and continue the discussion. The Biden Administration must prioritize Austin's release. He must come home! May it be soon.  

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Free Horace Peterson! Michigan man serves life in prison for murder he didn't commit

While 2020 was tough on America, it was particularly tough on Horace Peterson. For 48 years, Peterson has been wrongly incarcerated after being convicted of felony first-degree murder for a crime he didn’t commit. In 1973, a judge sentenced Peterson to life without parole. He robbed a record store in Flint, Michigan. However, during the robbery, his accomplice shot and killed the clerk without him knowing what was going to happen or with him being in the same room of the shooting. He had no idea what was about to happen and his accomplice has recently admitted that to the family. Seven years later, the Michigan Supreme Court reinterpreted the law, ruling prosecutors needed to prove "malice" for felony murder convictions. But that ruling wasn't retroactive. Peterson's family argues that he has been locked up too long. He is now in his late 60s with a daughter, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren. He also has six siblings, a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends, who consider him a missing link to the family. They are fighting for his life. Also, in late 2020, he beat COVID-19 and overcame a stroke in addition to losing both parents, David and Ollie V. Peterson, a month apart. It was heartbreaking and he’s ready to come home. If Peterson is released, he will come home to employment, speaking engagements and can use his story as a cautionary tale to save the lives of young men and women. He has been an inspiration to many while mentoring numerous prisoners over the years. Watch as one of the last wishes from his parents was to see him come home.  Please support us as we are fighting to free Mr. Horace Peterson! #136503 Learn more about Peterson's case here. 

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INNOCENT MAN SENTENCED TO LIFE PLUS 20 YEARS, STILL IN PRISON AFTER 18 YEARS.     Peter Adams was arrested on November 21, 2001, charged with first-degree murder and gun charges esteeming from the murder of a white man in Baltimore City on December 16, 1998. Three years after the murder took place, Leon Wilkerson, who was from the same neighborhood as Peter, which is where the victim was killed, was arrested for drugs. To secure bail, Wilkerson gave a statement to homicide detectives indicating Peter as the person who killed the victim.    Although Wilkerson wrote a letter to his attorney one month prior to Peter's trial, informing him that he did not really eyewitness Peter do anything, he would still testify, the state still chose to try Peter for the murder. There wasn't any physical evidence linking Peter to the murder. In fact, none of the fingerprints taken from the crime scene matched Peter's, and despite this, along with (3) alibi witnesses testifying that Peter was in the house with them at the time of the murder, Peter was convicted of first-degree murder, gun charges, and sentenced to LIFE plus 20 years.    During the trial, Peter's attorney asked the detective on the stand if anyone else came forward with information regarding this murder, to which the detective testified "NO". However, 8 years after the trial, Peter filed a petition to receive a copy of his homicide file, where he came across several notes taken by the detective who testified that no one else came forward with information. These notes not only contradicted the State's theory at trial, but they also cleared Peter as the person who killed the victim. These notes were never turned over to the defense prior to trial.     Peter has maintained his innocence since day one! He even declined the opportunity to plead guilty and receive 10 years, because he did not want to plead guilty to a crime that he did not commit! He has been robbed of 18 years with his children and family. We are asking for your signature in support of justice as we ask the courts to overturn the conviction of this innocent man Peter Adams and release him from prison. Please like and follow his "Free Peter Adams" page on Facebook and Twitter "@FreePeterAdams" for more details on this case. Thank you for your support!  Sincerely, The Family of Peter Adams #FreePeterAdams FACEBOOK: TWITTER: CASE INFORMATION:

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Justice for Daunte Wright

20 year old man Daunte Wright was murdered by Minneapolis-area police.  He was pulled over for having an air freshener obstructing the view of his rear view mirror.  The officers refused to tell him why he got pulled over, so he got back in his car to drive away, and they shot him. The car traveled several blocks before crashing into another vehicle. He died at the scene of the crash. His body was left on the street for hours by the police.  He was a father to a two year old.  Help get Daunte Wright and his family justice. 

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