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Tell the ASPCA to Stop Hoarding Money Instead of Helping Local Shelters

One of the biggest national animal charities, the ASPCA, is hoarding hundreds of millions of dollars while shelter pets are euthanized.The ASPCA is not affiliated with your local SPCA and only gives 2% of its budget to pet shelters. Translation: For every dollar donated to the ASPCA, only roughly two cents actually go to local shelters. Meanwhile, the ASPCA is sitting on over $300 million in investments—including $11 million in offshore Caribbean accounts—and pays its CEO nearly $1 million per year. Can you imagine how many animal lives we could save with that money? CharityWatch gives the ASPCA a "C-" grade. Animals deserve better. With over 1 million shelter pets euthanized every year, vulnerable pets need your help TODAY. Please sign our petition telling the ASPCA to immediately donate its $300 million in investments to local shelters and cut itsCEO's salary in half. The ASPCA needs to hear from animal lovers like YOU that animals are more important than money. Thank you for taking action to help save vulnerable pets in need! To learn more about how the ASPCA is misleading donors and shortchanging pets, check out these news stories: A new bombshell report on the ASPCA (“ASPCA gives 2% of budget to pet shelters while 'hoarding' millions”) A CBS News investigation into the ASPCA (“ASPCA spending may not be what donors expect”)

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Demand Bud Light Stands Up for the LGBTQ+ Community

As an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, I was so thrilled and encouraged to see Bud Lights' recent campaign with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer who has used her platform to spread kindness, light, and advocacy. Unfortunately, after this campaign, conservative drinkers boycotting the beer company has left them back-tracking - and they are currently putting the top executives involved with this campaign on leaves of absence.   This decision has been made at the expense of the LGBTQ+ community. To punish those trying to support and uplift human beings trying to live their life authentically, beautifully, and proudly, is an enormous step backwards.  We stand in support of the executives who worked on the campaign for Bud Light with Dylan and call for their reinstatement. We believe that their efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry should be commended, not punished. The personalized pack of beer that was sent to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney as part of an ad for the company's March Madness contest and to celebrate a year since Mulvaney began identifying as a woman was a positive step towards promoting inclusivity. It is disappointing & disheartening to see that Bud Light has since backtracked on its support for the LGBTQ+ community. As consumers, we believe that it is important to support companies that stand up for what is right. We call on Bud Light to take a stand for the LGBTQ+ community and to continue its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in its advertising campaigns. Sign this petition to ask Bud Light to reinstate executives Alissa Heinerscheid and Daniel Blake and make a public statement that they support the LGBTQ+ community.

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Prosecute the person who choked Jordan Neely to death.

Status: Mr. Penny has been charged.  Mr. Penny is due in court on July 17th. See various updates for additional content (most of it, at this point). ***** Edit: I gave an interview with and some of the context didn't make it through the editing process.  I do not now, nor have I ever, had any issue with the MCMAP curriculum, the appropriate use of force, or anything the USMC trains on in boot camp or the fleet. I am specifically concerning myself here with the inappropriate use of one of those techniques in what I believe is an unjustifiable manner. As I say below: "These actions are not how I was trained, not how my command expected me to act, and do not meet the level of professionalism that is incumbent on servicemembers." This petition has also attracted the attention of some drive-by racists who spam up the comments every few hours.  I'll clear out the hate speech as I'm able. Finally, I want to reaffirm that I'm calling for an indictment and trial (in other words, due process), not some kind of mob rule. This whole petition is my argument for why Mr. Penny should be brought before a judge and jury, not some kind of appeal to just skip that part. ***** A man named Jordan Neely died after being placed in a choke by an unnamed individual who has been identified as a former United States Marine.  The individual knew, or should have known, that their actions would reasonably cause the death of Mr. Neely and should be prosecuted for murder. I am a former USMC infantryman and combat veteran, which I include in this petition because this country has a great deal of respect for, and deference to, the military.  I have already seen that respect and deference begin to be misapplied in this case.  These actions are not how I was trained, not how my command expected me to act, and do not meet the level of professionalism that is incumbent on servicemembers.  The individual who choked Mr. Neely to death should be prosecuted for murder, and I hope that the military community joins me in disavowing the actions of this individual. The individual is identified as a former Marine. All Marines are trained to the tan belt level in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) during basic training. MCMAP is governed by USMC publication MCRP 3-02B, which includes the techniques taught at each level of the program. The MCMAP tan belt includes training on rear chokes, including an explicit admonition that rear chokes can be lethal and that an effective choke should take 8-13 seconds. The descriptions and video available indicate that the choke was maintained for much longer than 13 seconds and continued after Mr. Neely ceased to offer resistance. Based on the available video and descriptions, it appears that the individual who choked Mr. Neely chose to initiate a potentially lethal technique in a tense but nonviolent situation.  It is probable that he received formal instruction on the technique including the fact that it was potentially lethal if held for more than several seconds. He chose to continue for several minutes, which caused the death of Mr. Neely. Image credit: Andrew Savulich/New York Daily News/Tribune News Service

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End AAPI Hate and Discrimination in Florida

It is time to end the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate and discrimination in Florida. While we recognize the importance of protecting national security interests, we strongly oppose the passing of SB 264 and HB 1355, which target property owners in Florida from countries like China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, and North Korea. These bills have the potential to further fuel xenophobia and anti-AAPI sentiments, especially during a time when hate crimes against the AAPI community have risen significantly. Protecting national security should not come at the expense of racial and ethnic discrimination. The AAPI community has already faced unjustified blame and harassment during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this legislation risks perpetuating harmful stereotypes and increasing the marginalization of AAPI individuals. We urge you to reject SB 264 and HB 1355 and focus on efforts to combat hate and discrimination. We call on you to take action to: Publicly denounce anti-AAPI hate and discrimination and support initiatives to counteract it. Increase funding for AAPI community organizations that work to combat hate and support victims of hate crimes. Provide resources for AAPI language access and cultural competency training for law enforcement and other public officials. Encourage diversity and inclusion in all aspects of government and public life. We come from all walks of life. We are students, small business owners, entrepreneurs, workers, and professionals. We see Florida as our home. We raise our children here and we consider ourselves an integral part of our larger community. We respect everyone’s basic human rights and fight for everyone’s equal opportunity. Please sign this petition and fight alongside us against unjust laws such as SB 264 and HB 1355!

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Di seguito è disponibile il testo in italiano Der deutsche Text ist unten verfügbar Le texte français est disponible ci-dessous متن فارسی در ادامه   To the EU Member Countries, Canada, and European Human Rights Organizations We, the signatories of this petition, express our deepest concern about the health condition of Zanyar, a teenage Kurdish-Iranian protester injured by the security forces and who is being kept in the Muğla Removal Centre camp in Turkey. Zanyar Tondro was born on March 21st, 2005. On October 12th, 2022, during a peaceful demonstration against the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan Province, he was injured by the security forces (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) by firing about 30 pellet bullets on his leg and back. For the second time, on October 27th, 2022, he was hit by 11 pellet bullets in the head and eye. Zanyar has been receiving treatment for his medical condition at multiple medical centers in Iran. However, the treatment measures administered so far have been deemed temporary and inadequate. Zanyar has lost his right eye, and his left eye's vision is only 40%. According to the medical documents, a bullet hit his brain, causing him to suffer hearing loss, and the bullet's movement severely threatened his physical well-being. Due to the danger and threats they faced, Zanyar's Family was forced to flee Iran and seek asylum in Turkey. To avoid deportation to Iran by Turkish authorities, Zanyar's father decided to travel with his family to Italy via Greece on March 26th, 2023. Unfortunately, their boat was intercepted by Greek authorities along with 59 other passengers before they could reach Italy. As a result, the authorities confiscated and impounded the passengers and their belongings. Zanyar and his family have been deported to Turkey and are currently residing in the Muğla camp. However, Zanyar requires urgent medical attention and treatment, which is unavailable at the camp. Without prompt medical intervention, he may suffer irreversible damage to his vision. Therefore, we urgently request that you issue a humanitarian visa for Zanyar Tondro and his family so that they can seek the necessary medical care in another country.     Ai Paesi membri dell'UE, al Canada e alle organizzazioni per i diritti umani: Noi, firmatari di questa petizione, esprimiamo la nostra più profonda preoccupazione per le condizioni di salute di Zanyar Tondro, un giovane manifestante curdo-iraniano ferito dalle forze di sicurezza iraniane e detenuto nel campo profughi per il rimpatrio dei richiedenti asilo di Muğla in Turchia. Zanyar Tondro è nato il 21 marzo 2005. Il 12 ottobre 2022, durante una manifestazione pacifica contro il regime della Repubblica islamica dell'Iran a Piranshahr, provincia dell'Azerbaijan occidentale, è stato ferito dalle forze di sicurezza (Corpo delle Guardie rivoluzionarie iraniane) con circa 30 pallini di metallo alle gamba e alla schiena. Successivamente, il 27 ottobre 2022, è stato colpito da 11 pallini alla testa e all'occhio destro. Zanyar ha ricevuto cure mediche in diversi centri medici in Iran. Tuttavia, le misure terapeutiche somministrate finora sono state ritenute temporanee e inadeguate. Attualmente Zanyar ha perso l’uso dell'occhio destro e la funzionalità dell’occhio sinistro è ridotta a circa 40%. Secondo i referti medici, un pallino ha colpito il suo cervello, causandogli seri problemi di udito. Inoltre esiste il rischio che il pallino muovendosi possa costituire una grave minaccia per la sua salute. A seguito delle minacce che hanno dovuto affrontare in Iran, la famiglia di Zanyar è stata costretta a fuggire dall'Iran e recarsi in Turchia. Il 26 marzo 2023, per evitare la deportazione in Iran da parte delle autorità turche, il padre di Zanyar - insieme alla famiglia - ha deciso di tentare un viaggio per mare verso l'Italia via Grecia, ma la barca su cui viaggiavano insieme ad altri 59 richiedenti asilo, è stata intercettata dalle autorità greche prima di raggiungere l'Italia. Conseguentemente tutti i passeggeri sono stati arrestati dalle autorità e i loro effetti personali sono stati confiscati. Zanyar e la sua famiglia sono stati riportati in Turchia e attualmente risiedono nel campo di Muğla in pessime condizioni igienico-sanitarie. Zanyar ha bisogno di cure mediche urgenti, che non sono disponibili nel campo. Senza un tempestivo intervento medico, potrebbe subire danni irreversibili alla vista e in generale alla sua salute. Pertanto, chiediamo urgentemente alle autorità competenti di rilasciare un visto umanitario per cure mediche urgenti per Zanyar Tondro e la sua famiglia in modo che possano cercare le cure mediche necessarie in un altro paese.     An die EU-Mitgliedsländer, Kanada und europäische Menschenrechtsorganisationen Wir, die Unterzeichner dieser Petition, bringen unsere tiefe Besorgnis über den Gesundheitszustand von Zanyar Tondro zum Ausdruck, einem jungen kurdisch-iranischen Demonstranten, der von den Sicherheitskräften verletzt wurde und im einem Flüchtlingslager des Muğla Removal Centre in der Türkei festgehalten wird. Zanyar Tondro wurde am 21. März 2005 geboren. Am 12. Oktober 2022 wurde er während einer friedlichen Demonstration gegen das Regime der Islamischen Republik Iran in Piranshahr, Provinz West-Aserbaidschan, von den Sicherheitskräften (Teil der Iranischen Revolutionsgarde) durch den Beschuss mit etwa 30 Plastikkugeln an Bein und Rücken verletzt. Am 27. Oktober 2022 wurde er zum zweiten Mal von 11 Pelletkugeln in Kopf und Auge getroffen. Zanyar wurde in mehreren medizinischen Zentren im Iran behandelt. Die bisherigen Behandlungsmaßnahmen werden jedoch als vorübergehend und unzureichend angesehen. Zanyar hat sein rechtes Auge verloren, und die Sehkraft des linken Auges beträgt nur noch 40 %. Den medizinischen Unterlagen zufolge wurde sein Gehirn von einer Kugel getroffen, wodurch er einen Hörverlust erlitt, und die Bewegung der Kugel im Körper bedroht sein körperliches Wohlbefinden erheblich. Aufgrund der politischen Verfolgung im Iran, war Zanyars Familie gezwungen, aus dem Iran zu fliehen und in der Türkei um politisches Asyl anzusuchen. Um der Abschiebung in den Iran durch die türkischen Behörden zu entgehen, beschloss Zanyars Vater, am 26. März 2023 mit seiner Familie über Griechenland nach Italien zu reisen. Leider wurde ihr Boot zusammen mit 59 anderen Passagieren von den griechischen Behörden abgefangen, bevor sie die italienischen Gewässer erreichen konnten. Die griechischen Behörden haben alle persönlichen Gegenstände der Passagiere konfisziert. Die Medikamente von Zanyar wurden ins Meer geworfen. Zanyar und seine Familie wurden in die Türkei abgeschoben und sind derzeit in einem Flüchtlingslager in Muğla untergebracht. Zanyar benötigt jedoch dringend ärztliche Hilfe und Behandlung, die im Lager nicht vorhanden ist. Ohne rasche medizinische Hilfe könnte er die Sehkraft seines linken Auges komplett verlieren. Wir bitten Sie daher dringend, ein humanitäres Visum für Zanyar Tondro und seine Familie auszustellen, damit  die notwendige medizinische Versorgung in einem anderen Land in Anspruch genommen werden kann.     Aux États membres de l'UE, au Canada et aux organisations européennes de défense des droits de l'homme Nous, signataires de cette pétition, exprimons notre profonde inquiétude quant à l'état de santé de Zaniar, un jeune manifestant kurde iranien qui a été blessé par les forces de sécurité et qui est détenu dans le camp de Muğla (centre d'expulsion) en Turquie. Zaniar Tondru est né le 21 mars 2005. Le 12 octobre 2022, lors d'une manifestation contre le régime de la République islamique d'Iran à Piranshahr, dans la province de l'Azerbaïdjan occidental, il a été attaqué par les forces de sécurité qui lui ont tiré une trentaine de balles de fusil de chasse dans la jambe et le dos. Pour la deuxième fois, le 27 octobre 2022, il a été touché par 11 balles de fusil de chasse à la tête et dans la région des yeux. Dans plusieurs centres médicaux en Iran, des mesures de traitement temporaires et insuffisantes ont été prises pour soigner Zaniar. A l'heure actuelle, Zaniar Tondru a malheureusement perdu son œil droit et sa vision de l'œil gauche est d'environ 40%. Selon les rapports médicaux, une balle de fusil de chasse a touché son cerveau, ce qui lui a causé une perte d'audition. En raison de la possibilité de déplacement de la balle, il est aujourd'hui en grand danger. Zaniar est recherché depuis longtemps, mais finalement, lui et sa famille ont été contraints de fuir en Turquie. Comme le père de Zaniar craignait d'être expulsé vers l'Iran par les autorités turques, il a décidé de se rendre en Italie avec Zaniar et sa famille en passant par la Grèce le 26 mars 2023. Cependant, avant qu'ils n'atteignent l'Italie, leur bateau, ainsi que 59 autres passagers, a été arrêté  par les autorités grecques. Par conséquent, tous les passagers ont été arrêtés et leurs biens ont été saisis. Après avoir été expulsé en Turquie, Zaniar et sa famille se trouvent désormais dans le camp de Muğla. En raison de la nécessité de soins et de traitements urgents pour Zaniar Tondru, qui ne sont pas disponibles dans le camp de Muğla, il doit se faire soigner et opérer dans un autre pays avant de subir des dommages irréparables et de perdre définitivement la vue. Par conséquent, compte tenu de l'urgence médicale, nous vous demandons de faire tout ce qui est en votre pouvoir pour délivrer un visa humanitaire à Zaniar Tondru et à sa famille.     به کشورهای عضو اتحادیه اروپا، کانادا و سازمان‌های حقوق بشر اروپا ما امضا کنندگان این پتیشن، نگرانی عمیق خود را از وضعیت جسمانی زانیار تندرو نوجوان معترض کرد ایرانی که توسط نیرو‌های امنیتی مجروح شده و در کمپ موغلای ترکیه (مرکز دیپورت) به سر می‌برد، اعلام می‌داریم. زانیار تندرو متولد ۲۱ مارس ۲۰۰۵ است. در تاریخ ۱۲ اکتبر ۲۰۲۲ در تظاهرات مسالمت‌آمیز علیه رژیم جمهوری اسلامی در شهر پیرانشهر، استان آذربایجان غربی، توسط نیروهای امنیتی با شلیک حدود ۳۰ گلوله‌ ساچمه‌ای به پا و پشت، زخمی شد. سپس او در تاریخ  ۲۷ اکتبر ۲۰۲۲ مجدداً مورد اصابت ۱۱ گلوله‌ ساچمه‌ای در ناحیه سر و چشم قرار گرفت. در مراکز درمانی متعدد در ایران اقدامات درمانی موقت و ناکافی برای درمان زانیار صورت‌ گرفته است. متأسفانه در حال حاضر زانیار تندرو چشم راستش را از دست‌ داده و قدرت دید چشم‌ چپ او حدود ۴۰ درصد است. بر اساس مستندات پزشکی، یک گلوله ساچمه‌ای نیز به مغز او اصابت کرده که باعث کم‌شنوایی او شده و با توجه ‌به امکان حرکت ساچمه، در معرض خطر جدی قرار دارد. زانیار مدت زیادی تحت تعقیب بوده؛ اما سرانجام به همراه خانواده‌اش ناچار می‌شوند به ترکیه فرار کنند. در تاریخ ۲۶ مارس ۲۰۲۳ پدر زانیار، به دلیل نگرانی از دیپورت شدن به ایران توسط مقامات ترک، تصمیم می‌گیرد که با زانیار و خانواده‌اش از طریق یونان به ایتالیا بروند. اما قبل از اینکه به ایتالیا برسند قایق آنها و ۵۹ سرنشین دیگر، توسط مأموران یونانی توقیف و تمام وسایل سرنشینان ضبط می‌شود. پس از دیپورت به ترکیه، زانیار به همراه خانواده‌اش هم اکنون در کمپ موغلا به سر می‌برند.  به دلیل نیاز به مراقبت و معالجه فوری زانیار تندرو که در کمپ موغلا میسر نیست، لازم است پیش از واردشدن آسیب‌های جبران‌ناپذیر و از دست‌دادن کامل بینایی‌اش، در یک کشور امن تحت درمان و عمل جراحی قرار گیرد. ازاین‌رو از شما تقاضا می‌کنیم از هیچ تلاشی برای صدور ویزای بشردوستانه با فوریت پزشکی برای زانیار تندرو و همراهان او فروگذار نکنید.    

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Save Our Community Mural

Los Angeles as always been a promoter of expressing art it is a big reason why so many of us love living here. At Speedy Auto Tint we are proud of our mural because we are a Latino/ family-owned small business, and we believe this mural represents the city of Los Angeles and the culture it embodies. When we reached out to the artist., Sloe, on Instagram we thought he would lust leave us unread. For those that don't know the artist that completed our mural in Bell flower is the same artist that was featured during the Super-bowl with Vanessa Byrant in front of his art. Sloe created the beautiful iconic mural of Kobe and GiGi in the clouds wearing their wings in Downtown LA (this is why we thought we were going to stay unread). We are very thankful that Sloe answered, and we believe this mural is just as iconic as the Kobe and GiGi one. We also feel it will attract new business for us as well as the city. This mural has already attracted a lot of people and it just finished this past week. With the mural attracting so many people to Bellflower it not only helps our business but the local business in the city as well. It helps bring people into the local businesses and boosts the economy in the city, making it a win for everyone. The City of Bellflower wants us to take down this beautiful artwork because it is facing a main street instead of being located on a wall facing a side street. Why keep art to be only seen from the side instead of where everyone can see and enjoy its beauty. The month and half it took for this mural to come to life we had a constant flow of admirers that would be yelling from the street in their car, pulling into our parking lot, or walking by and feeling the need to stop and express how much they enjoy and appreciate the mural being done in their community. The artist Sloe and his apprentice Ariel did an amazing job and if you can believe it entirely with spray paint. Yes, that beautiful artwork and amazing detail is done by spray paint, they are incredibly talented, and it would be a shame if we had to take down such a beautiful piece of art. **UPDATE** We’re actively working with the Mayor and Bellflower City Council to reach an agreement. They have been collaborating well with us and while we are confident we will reach an agreement that will suit us both, we still need your support to make it happen! Please continue to sign and share the petition So, if you love this mural as much as we do and want to help save our community mural please sign this petition. We have started a GoFundMe for the legal fees the city is asking from us to fight for the mural to stay. Anything helps if you could please donate To see the full mural feel free to visit or instragram page speedyautotint or come down and check it out 17149 Woodruff Ave Bellflower CA 90706

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Shame on CopperPoint Insurance - Justice For Gilbert!

Our brother Gilbert Aguirre of United Goodyear Firefighters L4005 has been battling cancer (as well as CooperPoint Insurance) since being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia 8 years ago. Leukemia is considered a presumptive work-related cancer and has been stated so in Arizona law for years, but CopperPoint Insurance has denied his claims because they state "chronic" leukemia is different than leukemia. Insurance companies should NOT be able to parse words of legislation to deny coverage in order to protect their bottom line! Gilbert and his family have been battling CopperPoint Insurance in court. It's one thing to have to battle cancer you received while serving the public, it's yet another to have to fight for healthcare at the same time. Please add your name if you believe CopperPoint Insurance is in the wrong! Shame on CopperPoint Insurance!!! #JusticeForGilbert #AnAttackOnOnelsAnAttackOnAll #UnionStrong #CopperPointinsuranceCompanies #IAFF #internationalassociationoffirefighters #pffaz #team10th

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Stop the Cruel Export of Endangered Macaque Monkeys from Sri Lanka to China

I am writing to raise awareness about the proposed export of up to 100,000 endangered toque macaque monkeys from Sri Lanka to China. This action raises concerns among conservationists and animal rights activists due to the potential for severe animal abuse and cruelty during transportation and captivity. Toque macaque monkeys are endemic to Sri Lanka and are classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list. The mistreatment of animals in China is widely known, and exporting these endangered monkeys to China could lead to unimaginable suffering for them. China is known for keeping animals in cramped cages, subjecting them to brutal conditions, and using them for various purposes, including medical research and entertainment. Moreover, Sri Lanka bans almost all live animal exports, and the proposed sale would go against the country's conservation efforts. The Environmental Foundation, a Sri Lankan animal rights group, has criticized the proposed sale, saying there has been no nationwide survey of the macaques for more than 40 years, and a proper population study should be carried out first. As concerned individuals, we must prevent unnecessary suffering and abuse of highly intelligent animals like the toque macaque monkeys. Therefore, I urge you to take immediate action to prevent the proposed export of endangered toque macaque monkeys from Sri Lanka to China. We must find alternative solutions to address Sri Lanka's economic crisis without resorting to animal cruelty. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, References:  

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Stop Trinseo PLC from poisoning our drinking water

The people of Philadelphia and Bucks County deserve access to safe and clean drinking water. The Trinseo PLC chemical plant—also known as DOW Chemical plant or Rohm and Haas—in Bristol, PA, has repeatedly put our community's health and wellbeing at risk through their negligent actions. This past weekend, Trinseo released nearly 10,000 gallons of dangerous chemicals (methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, and butyl acrylate) into our waterways. This incident has not only affected our local water supply but has also jeopardized the health of the entire city of Philadelphia. We cannot allow this kind of reckless behavior to continue. As a homeowner in the community and someone who works in Philadelphia, I experienced firsthand the impact of their latest negligence. Like many of my neighbors, I found out about the spill on Sunday, 3/26/23, even though it occurred on Friday night. The lack of timely notification and clear communication from city officials led to panic and fear. Unsure of next steps, many people rushed to purchase bottled water in bulk which inherently led to a supply shortage at grocery stores.  Trinseo has been operating in our community for a long time, and we have already seen concerning incidents in the past. As this NBC report notes, in 2012 a three-alarm chemical fire took place at Trinseo and exposed the community to dangerous toxins. Unfortunately, a first responder was also killed as a result of the fire. From contaminating our air, to our land, and now our waters, Trinseo must be stopped! We urge the City of Philadelphia and Bucks County to shut down Trinseo PLC chemical plant permanently. If Trinseo cannot operate without putting our drinking water at risk, then they should not be allowed to continue their operation.  The health and safety of our community must come before profits. Please sign this petition now to make your voice heard and help protect our water supply.

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Protect Safe and Accessible Abortion

The overturning of Roe V Wade was just the beginning of the battle to protect reproductive rights. Most abortions are done through Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications and new lawsuits threaten access to those approved medications to millions of women. Health and reproductive rights advocates fear many will turn to unsafe, self-induced abortions if access to these medications are banned. If you believe access to these medications should be protected, add your voice to the petition calling on Congress to act to enshrine access no matter where you live.  As reported by the Guttmacher Institute, over 90% of abortion patients in the US obtain their procedure in the first trimester, with the majority of them opting for medication abortion. Medication abortion, using the FDA approved combination of mifepristone and misoprostol for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. If you believe access to safe and legal abortion is fundamental to reproductive health and freedom by calling on Congress to act to make mifepristone accessible to all individuals seeking safe and effective medication abortion regardless of their location or financial status.  My name is Star and in 2021, I had an abortion. I went to a clinic in Knoxville, Tennessee where they gave me the abortion pills (mifepristone and misopristol) to end my pregnancy, but due to me being almost 12 weeks pregnant, the pills didn't work. I then headed to Charlotte to get a surgical abortion. I was scared both times but I was more relieved than anything because I was able to get the help I needed. Even though I was able to get the healthcare I sought, others in my position will not be able to if Congress bans mifepristone. Mifepristone is safe and should be accessible to all who seek it. I stand with any and all people who seek abortions and you should too. If you believe that people deserve safe and legal abortion care, please sign this petition. Banning abortions only bans safe abortions. 

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