Pass Universal Background Checks for Gun Sales

This year, 3,044 students aren't going to graduate because they were killed by a gun. That's 3,044 kids who won't be walking across a stage to receive a diploma. 3,044 kids who won't go on to become doctors, teachers, lawyers, or artists. 3,044 kids who never got to pursue their dreams. They are The Lost Class.  Graduation season is meant to symbolize potential. But for so many families, graduation season is a reminder of all the lost potential. That's why we need to work together to make sure we don't continue to lose more graduates to guns. Join Change the Ref and the fight to pass universal background checks on all gun sales by signing this petition calling on the United States Congress to pass it into law. Let’s ensure that the futures of our students and our country remain bright and full of possibility.  

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Defend Roe

Right now the Supreme Court in the United States is debating Roe v. Wade. Roe is the only protection women have to control their own bodies in the USA.  If we lose Roe 3 things will happen: 1. Women will not have access to healthcare and will die and be permanently harmed from "back street" abortions.  Restricting or making abortion illegal doesn't stop them - it just stops safe ones. 2. Miscarriages will be investigated. When abortion is illegal that means that every pregnancy loss must be investigated to ensure the "crime" of abortion didn't happen. 3. The rich will still have access to abortion. 

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Secure Brittney Griner's Swift and Safe Return to the U​.​S.

On February 17, 2022, WNBA superstar Brittney Griner was detained upon her arrival in Moscow. As of April 29, 2022, Griner was officially classified as a Wrongful Detention by the U.S. State Department, which signals that the U.S. government will seek to negotiate her release.  Griner is a beloved global citizen who has used her platform since her entry into the WNBA to help others. She was detained while working in Russia, where she has starred for Russian EuroLeague Club UMMC Ekaterinburg since 2016 – helping the team win four EuroLeague Women’s championships and seven Russian League championships.  Like many athletes competing in the WNBA, Griner – a two-time Olympic gold medalist – plays abroad during the WNBA offseason for the love of the sport, but also in exchange for substantially bigger contracts, which are not available to women’s basketball players in the U.S. Professional athletes never know when their careers will come to an end. They must compete today with tomorrow's financial security in mind. For more than half of the athletes in the WNBA, that means moving abroad for several months of the year.  [PAY INEQUALITY LED BRITTNEY GRINER TO RUSSIA. WE MUST FIX IT] [WHY BRITTNEY GRINER AND OTHER WNBA PLAYERS COMPETE OVERSEAS] [BRITTNEY GRINER’S DETENTION IN RUSSIA AND THE ENDURING LEGACY OF SPORTS ACTIVISM]  [AS THE WNBA SEASON BEGINS, BRITTNEY GRINER’S ABSENCE SHOULD RATTLE THE COUNTRY] Pay inequity has led to Brittney Griner’s wrongful detention in Russia. Furthermore, as a decorated Olympian and member of an elite global sport community, Brittney’s detention must be resolved out of respect for the safety of all athletes traveling to compete internationally and the sanctity of sport. It is imperative that the U.S. government immediately address this human rights issue and do whatever is necessary to return Brittney home quickly and safely. The WNBPA and its members proudly join Tamryn Spruill, the creator of this petition, in demanding that lawmakers prioritize Griner’s return.  White House and Biden Administration, we ask that you take action today – doing whatever is necessary – to bring Brittney Griner home swiftly and safely. Sign the petition below and call or email the White House today! White House Email: White House Phone: (202) 456-1111 

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Help Save Starving Manatees

Florida manatees are dying at a record pace. More than 1,100 manatees died in 2021, and sadly hundreds more have died already in 2022.  These animals are starving to death due to loss of seagrass, and swimming through some of the worst pollution they've ever known.  Manatees are currently listed as "threatened," but it's clear they urgently need the full power of the Endangered Species Act.   Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to uplist Florida’s manatees to “endangered” to guarantee their survival.  The manatee die-off has already taken more than 12% of their total population — and it isn't stopping. We must act now to protect them.  Manatees are a keystone species. When they thrive, other plants and animals benefit, too. When they're in trouble, it's a powerful warning about the fate of Florida's aquatic ecosystems. The spike in manatee deaths is ecocide — it has to stop now.  Join the outcry: tell the Fish and Wildlife Service that manatees should be fully protected under the Endangered Species Act before it's too late. 

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Expose The Assaulter - Assault at Coppell ISD On Wednesday, May 11th, during lunch, a student was physically attacked and choked by another student Assaulter at his middle school. The school called victim’s parents and informed them that their son had been in an altercation with Assaulter. The school stated that the victim was at fault and received a 3-day ISS, while the aggressor Assaulter only received a 1-day ISS. Victim's friends shared the video of the assault with parents and reached out to inform them that victim wasn't at fault. Victim's parents reached out to school authorities, shared the evidence and requested a reassessment. The school informed the parents that they have seen the video and that there will be no change in the course of action. The Coppell ISD SRO officer refused to file a citation because school administration asked it not be written, as there have been too many bullying complaints lately.  The Coppell PD also dropped the ball. The parents tried in vain for over 2 hours to get a complaint filed against Assaulter, but were refused. Victim's aggressor Assaulter in the video is on the wrestling team and can be seen carrying out a very dangerous carotid restraint on Victim's neck. This technique restricts blood flow to a person's brain by compressing the sides of the neck where the carotid arteries are located. Victim appears to briefly lose consciousness at the end of the neck choke maneuver.  CALL TO ACTION: Due to lack of support from the Coppell ISD and Coppell PD to correctly handle this assault, we are demanding that the Assaulter be removed from my son's school immediately.  Victim should never have to take a class, interact, or pass the hallways with this aggressor Assaulter ever again.  Victim should be able to continue his school experience, friendships and extra-curricular activities with zero worry of ever having to cross paths with this aggressor Assaulter again.  Our goal is to bring awareness to the bullying and assault problems in schools everywhere. All children deserve to be safe at school. Serious repercussions need to be in place for all violence against our children. This type of aggression needs to stop!    

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End Forced Pelvic Exams in Connecticut

*Please note that this petition contains clarifications to the original text. Imagine needing surgery. You would worry about a lot of things. Finding the best doctor. Finding the best hospital. Having a complication. Not waking up from the anesthesia. The pain you will experience afterwards. The list goes on. Now imagine having one more worry. But this one isn’t to do with your health. Rather, it is to do with protecting yourself. Protecting yourself from the possibility of forced vaginal or rectal penetration for the purpose of practice/education while you are unconscious and unable to give - or withhold - consent. Would you have the surgery? Would you take that risk? Now you may have a choice to make. Do you protect your health, and indeed, your own life by undergoing the surgery? Or do you protect your body from the potential of an unwanted and unwarranted invasion by not having the surgery, but in doing so risk your health, and maybe even your life? The situation above probably sounds ridiculous to you. It probably sounds like something out of a dystopian novel. But the reality is, this is the situation facing the people of Connecticut right now. Because of language commonly found in medical consent forms, teaching hospitals can have a lot of leeway in the way they use their patients in their teaching practices. Language in consent forms is often written to be broad, particularly surrounding the role of students and trainees in the provision of healthcare, which in many cases consists of only one or two lines, and follows the following formula: “I understand that students and trainees may be involved in my care and consent to treatment by providers in the event of unforeseen events or complications.” Those one or two lines are typically buried in the middle or at the end of a form, which patients often report being rushed to sign by providers or administrators as they are “standard.”  Most patients assume “student involvement” - unless otherwise specified - is limited to observation. Unfortunately in Connecticut, it is not illegal for medical students to practice pelvic and prostate examinations on anesthetized patients without their direct and informed consent.   There is a bill before the Connecticut state legislature right now - HB-5278 (updated to reflect the 2022 assigned bill number) - that would ban the use of non-consensual pelvic and prostate examinations as a part of the medical education process. It will still allow students to practice their clinical skills - it poses no threat to their education or to their ability and opportunity to one day become competent, confident, and experienced clinicians. It simply prohibits students from practicing these invasive examinations on patients who have not given their specific consent. HB-5278 (updated to reflect the 2022 assigned bill number) is the latest iteration of this legislation, which was first introduced in the Connecticut state legislature in 2019 as SB 16. Unfortunately, while other states have acted quickly to enact similar laws, Connecticut’s bill did not even get a hearing during the 2021 legislative session.  The Yale University School of Medicine came out in opposition to the original iteration of this legislation (SB 16 - An Act Prohibiting an Unauthorized Pelvic Exam on a Woman Who is Under Deep Sedation or Anesthesia) in 2019, submitting public testimony to the state legislature stating, in part, that “all consent forms contain specific language explaining the involvement of trainees in the decision making and procedural process.” Please take a moment to judge that for yourself. Sample consent form language - in this case Yale's - reads as follows: “I understand that some of the system hospitals are teaching hospitals. Doctors or other health practitioners who are members of the care team and are in training may help my practitioner with the procedure. I understand the purpose and potential benefits of the procedure in relation to my goals. I give permission to my responsible practitioner to do whatever may be necessary if there is a complication or unforeseen condition during my procedure.” *Disclaimer - Yale's consent form language is provided as an example here as they refer to consent forms in their 2019 public testimony in opposition to SB 16 - An Act Prohibiting an Unauthorized Pelvic Exam on a Woman Who is Under Deep Sedation or Anesthesia cited in the above paragraph.* Tell me - would you define a student or trainee as a “responsible practitioner” in the event of a complication or unforeseen condition? Would any reasonable person? And how does a student’s need for practice - which is in no way unforeseen and can be established ahead of time - fall under that category? And when you sign any consent form, at any medical institution or provider, stating you understand the benefits of a procedure to your goals, would you even begin to imagine that  an intimate examination by a student who is unlicensed conducted for the purpose of them practicing their clinical skills could possibly be covered under that language?  Interestingly enough, medical students from various states have expressed discomfort conducting intimate examinations on patients for the purpose of practice without knowing whether that patient has given direct and informed consent, but did not feel at liberty to voice their discomfort or opt out.  We aren’t asking for much. We aren’t asking teaching institutions to sacrifice the educational opportunities they offer their students, or to take opportunities away from students. We are simply insisting that those opportunities only be offered with the consent of the patients whose bodies they are using. We are insisting that exploitation and abuse no longer play a role in the medical education of our state’s future doctors, and that they are taught the importance of consent early on. And we are insisting that our laws protect us from the dehumanization and indignity of being turned into living teaching tools without our consent. Hospitals exist to serve their patients - patients do not exist to serve hospitals, and we do not owe hospitals the use of our bodies in exchange for necessary healthcare. *Disclaimer - Yale is referred to in this petition due to their 2019 public testimony in opposition to SB 16. It is not the intent of this petition to accuse or in any way allege that the Yale School of Medicine or any of its affiliates or students have ever participated in or are currently participating in these practices.* If you are a Connecticut resident just becoming aware of this practice, please join us in standing up and saying enough by signing this petition and contacting your state representative and senator. If you live outside of Connecticut, please stand in solidarity with our state’s residents and in demanding justice and protection for us when we are at our most vulnerable. In addition to signing below, please consider reaching out to the Public Health Committee at ( or by phone at (860) 240‑0560. If you are a Connecticut resident, please consider reaching out to your state representative (if you unsure of who yours is, you can find out If you would like to learn more about this issue, please have a look at the following articles: Explicit Consent for Pelvic and Prostate Exams: A Case for CT House Bill 5067 Providers Are Sexually Assaulting Patients — and It’s Legal Medical Students Regularly Practice Pelvic Exams On Unconscious Patients.

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Declare "Eid Festivals"(Eid-Al-Fitr & Eid-Al- Adha) as a Federal Statutory Holidays

Dear Mr. President Joe Biden,  Hope you are doing well. Eid is a term denoting Holiday or Festival, and Muslims worldwide celebrate two major Holidays, Eid-Al-Fitr and Eid-Al-Adha. Eid-Al-Fitr it marks the end of the month-long (dawn-to-sunset) fasting of Ramadan. And Eid-Al-Adha it honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son Ismail (Ishmael) as an act of obedience to Allah's command. Before Ibrahim could sacrifice his son, however, God provided him with a lamb which he was supposed to kill in his son's place. The Muslim population here in America is about 3.4 million. It's really important for all Muslims to celebrate those Two days with their families and friends, without missing on school/work day because there is so much work to make up. We kindly request you to take the necessary steps to Declare these two Festivals as a  Federal Statutory Holidays.   Sincerely, Muslims in America.   Signed and created by Alaa Kamla Kergaye              

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Tell Congress to Keep Gas Prices Low

My name is Carrie Anne and I am a single mom of two living in Florida. Since the loss of the child tax credit at the beginning of this year I have made budget cuts, used coupons more, and held off on fun activities for my girls in order to make ends meet. However, all of that frugality goes out the window when I get to the gas pump. Every penny I managed to save elsewhere ends up going in the tank to get us where we need to go, school, work, Girl Scout meetings. As we come out of this pandemic, we cannot sit at home and do nothing. We have places to go, and so does the rest of America.  Oil companies have been making record profits over the last decade. Please join me in signing this petition to tell Congress to protect and support people, not big oil.  Please join me in signing the petition to tell Congress they must support everyday Americans immediately, by either reducing the price of gas, or getting extra cash to folks to cover these new added costs.  Send the message: Enough is Enough, Congress must support and prioritize everyday people, not big oil.

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Keep COVID-19 Testing Free For All

As of March 22nd the federal government ran out of funds for COVID-19 testing. Without immediate action this will result in millions of Americans loosing access to critically important testing.  The Federal decision to not fund COVID-19 testing thru the HRSA will adversely impact the access for uninsured to receive reliable testing. Phoenix, AZ: Embry Health has been providing COVID-19 services to different communities across Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, New Mexico, and Washington, when communities worldwide needed a test that could result in a life-or-death situation. We have offered over 4,000,000 tests and seen over 2,000,000 unique patients over these past two years. Unfortunately, with the recent announcement of the HRSA program losing funding, everyone will be impacted, from medical providers to patients. Embry Health has been forced to end free testing for uninsured patients, resulting in many of our patients being affected. "If people do not have free COVID-19 testing available, they will not get tested, putting families and loved ones at risk. Therefore, Embry Health continues to encourage Congress to authorize additional timely funding for COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccinations. This funding is critical to ensure the testing and vaccine infrastructure built by labs and providers across America remains available for all patients, regardless of insurance status," said Embry CEO Raymond Embry. To those who have been our supporters and community partners, we thank you, because of you, we made a difference together during this pandemic. We encourage you to sign this petition to ensure that those who are not covered by insurance can continue to rely on the HRSA fund to cover claims submited for uninsured patients who still need to be able to have access to free COVID-19 testing.

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AR | FR | IT | SPA FREE AHMAD MANASRA NOW The Palestinian-Global Mental Health Network asks all international colleagues in mental health and all persons of good will to sign below, demanding for the immediate release of the young Palestinian man Ahmad Manasra to his family after six years of profound systematic abuse in an Israeli prison. Ahmad Manasra, when 13 years of age, was accused of participating in an “attempted stabbing. A video from that time shows Ahmad on October 12, 2015 being thrown by the Israeli police and settlers onto the railway tracks of occupied Jerusalem—causing a skull fracture. Photos then reveal Ahmad wearing handcuffs while in an induced coma with a respirator the ICU. Subsequent interrogation was videotaped and leaked to local and international media, displaying Ahmad pleading, “I do not remember, by God Almighty! Get a doctor and let him open my head to show how I do not remember,” as the interrogator insulted him and tortured him for hours with an electronic bracelet pressing on his hands. The case of Ahmad speaks for many. The DCI report describes the fate each year of “approximately 500-700 Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years old, who are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The most common charge is stone-throwing.” Join us by signing this petition and by initiating global campaigns to free Ahmad Manasra and others like him from the devastating physical and psychological intimidation to which he has been subjected in his own homeland. 

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